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The Admin’s Guide to Organizing Digital Files

Office Dynamics

The Admin’s Guide to Organizing Digital Files By Julie Perrine. However, wasted time is still wasted time if you’re hunting for files.

Three Levels of Prevention for Safe File Sharing

Small Business CEO

Understanding the Dangers of File Sharing. The popularity of file sharing is easy to understand.

2014 28

How I Use Evernote as a Spark File


Writer Steven Johnson has written an excellent piece over at Medium about what he calls The Spark File. I call it The Spark File.”. He goes on to mention different ways The Spark File has helped him, but the most beneficial thing he does with The Spark File is revisit it regularly. Getting Ideas into The Spark File.

Quick Tip… Tidy Up Your PC Files

Office Organization Success

Here’s the steps I took: In Windows Explorer… Go to File -> New Folder. This means that your files are now sorted with the oldest one being at the top. Simply scan through this list selecting all the folders that are older than a certain date (in my case I selected all my 2009 files). Click on Date Modified.

Quick Filing System Tip

Office Organization Success

When creating your filing system, follow the same system for both your paper & computer filing systems, as well as for organizing your emails – it makes it easier to find everything. Quick Biz Tip

2012 22

7 Reasons to Free Your Business from File Cabinets & 5 Tips to Help You Do It

Tips From T. Marie

One of the most popular excuses many businesses give for needing ‘in office’ personnel is access to files. Some businesses have whole rooms full of metal filing cabinets. Within those metal behemoths are file folders stuffed with paperwork that may or may not be needed in the daily running of the business. It’s not. Snow day?

How to Create a Simple Action System Using the SMEAD Stadium File Organizer

Productive & Organized

Call, write, pay, scan, enter data, read, file and write are all examples of the verbs you might have.   That is no good! That's it!

Filing for Computer Productivity

Simple Productivity Blog

But when I went to look for my files, I couldn’t find them. It took about two hours to shuffle, file and purge. Yikes!

2011 11

How To Move Files Off Blocked Computers

Simple Productivity Blog

Things you can try to get around a company''s restrictions to move files off blocked computers. Simplification

Swipe File: Winning Confirmation, Thank You, and Welcome Messages

Denise Aday

The post Swipe File: Winning Confirmation, Thank You, and Welcome Messages appeared first on denise aday. Typically include instructions about….

Dealing with Email and Filing

Simple Productivity Blog

Let’s just point out here that the whole point to filing email is so that you can find it later. Automating Filing. File To Find.

Thinking of Filing Business Cards Away Forever? Think Twice Before Making This Decision.

Small Business CEO

Business cards. These two words are constantly debated on social media, news sites and in everyday conversation. Identity.

2014 23

File System Preparation Is An Essential Step In Getting Things Done

Productivity Bits

After purging the unnecessary stuff that mounted in your desk and anywhere else, it’s now time to prepare your filing system. Chaos can easily break anywhere in your living space if no filing system is set up to hold the different materials that you accumulate as you work. Physical File System. Digital File System.

5 Fast and Easy Ways to Create a PDF File

Productive & Organized

  Creating a PDF file (one that can be read easily regardless of the computer it is being opened on) used to be cumbersome. You either needed to purchase expensive software or have a graphics person create the file for you. The other day my client asked me how to create a PDF file. "  ~Meggin McIntosh. Easy."

I hate filing

Clutter Coach

by I always recommend that my clients be as ruthless as possible when filing paper. Another agenda I have reflects my attitude toward filing: I hate it. So it naturally follows that the less one needs to file , the better. Yes, I hate filing. If you file with current items in front, the oldest stuff will be in back.

Copying Files On, To, or Onto

Daily Writing Tips

In this post I will focus on incorrect—or at least ambiguous—uses of on , to , and onto in the context of electronic file transfer. Expression

File Sharing

Practically Perfect PA

I have five different types of filing systems that I use everyday. My email filing system. Online file sharing. Project files.

Spring cleaning the home office

Ian's Messy Desk

File and organize: Once you’ve decided on what papers you will keep, set up a filing system that will be easy for you to follow.

Filing Is Easier When It's Cute!

Clutter Coach

by My little secret: I hate filing. Even pretty, patterned file folders from Staples aren't enough to inspire me. I rely upon Cute Overload to make Mondays, and filing, fun. Republished by Blog Post Promoter The post Filing Is Easier When It's Cute! Humor Paper filing kittens

Filing Rules

Laughing all the Way to Work

I found this great site with basic filing rules for names. I found it very useful so I thought I''d share: [link] I''ve also added it to my sidebar under Filing for your future reference. Patricia

Eight Ways to Keep Your Office Clutter-Free

Ian's Messy Desk

Instead of filing the PDF on the network, the document was printed and placed in a filing cabinet , where it will sit until doomsday. Keeping your desk and files clutter–free in a paper–filled environment isn’t easy, but a little planning and a little technology can help. File it in a Reminder file or in your file cabinet.

Podcast 001: Make filing easier

Clutter Coach

In this episode, I’ll talk about what you need to file, and the many things you don’t need to keep at all. The post Podcast 001: Make filing easier appeared first on Clutter Coach. Here are some highlights: But I might need it! How do I know if it’s important? What if I’m afraid to get rid of it? Podcast

How to Open a DAT File

Dumb Little Man

A DAT file is simply an abbreviation for a data file, and it can entail a simple help file, an email attachment or a video file downloaded onto a system without a program to open it automatically. The post How to Open a DAT File appeared first on Dumb Little Man. In this case, you’ll usually be […].

Have a Hard Time Reading Your File Labels? Try This Tool.

Productive & Organized

Today I'm sharing a super quick tip about a filing tool that you may like.      It is called the Super Tab by SMEAD.

How to Organize Your Files With Cross Referencing

Ian's Messy Desk

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of cross-referenced file systems. It is important to be consistent in deciding where to file records.

How to Set Up Your Personal File System

Ian's Messy Desk

However, if that’s not workable for you right now, make sure you have a good filing system in place. You may find the these five to be adequate: Projects - files with information related to different projects you are working on. Colour code you files. Schedule a regular filing time. How do you deal with it? Purge!

My Top 3 BlackBerry Productivity Tools

Productivity Bits

The phone comes with 2GB microSD (capacity is up to 32GB) which makes it a decent storage device for documents and other files. myTasks.

Filing tip.

Laughing all the Way to Work

One day I was particularly frustrated because of my overwhelming pile of filing. I had recently changed jobs and in this new position I worked for two busy lawyers and I was used to only working for one, so the filing had doubled. In the short term she would put individual filing in alphabetical order in the appropriate tab.

Applying One Box filing to Warranties

Simple Productivity Blog

My Filing Heresy of putting things in one box rather than in nice neat folders has expanded. You may want to subscribe to my RSS feed.

Stylish Way to Carry File Folders

Clutter Coach

Plus, when you lay it on its side, the file contents are likely to make their ways into other parts of your bag. Republished by Blog Post Promoter The post Stylish Way to Carry File Folders appeared first on Clutter Coach. by Of course, you could use a ho-hum briefcase but those are boring. I got one in lime green! Cool Stuff Tools

Simplify File Transfers With Dropbox

Simple Productivity Blog

All of us who work at multiple computers need to move files around. We needed a writeable format in order to keep files up to date, with portability that would work between computers. Simplifying file transfers with Dropbox solved this problem for me. I face this problem daily because of the nature of my job. Productivity

Rules for Filing Alphabetically

Laughing all the Way to Work

I was taught that when you file the general rule is nothing comes before something. The phone book is filed alphabetically and you can always use that as a reference. 1 INFORM Records Management News, Alphabetic Filing Rules, p. For example - Robb, P. comes before Robb, Patricia. 5,6, [link] , (accessed October 3, 2007).

Can Creditors Come After Your Inheritance After You File Bankruptcy?

Dumb Little Man

180-Day Rule If you are entitled to receive an inheritance within 180 days of your bankruptcy filing […]. The post Can Creditors Come After Your Inheritance After You File Bankruptcy? When you declare bankruptcy, your current assets become the property of your bankruptcy estate subject to certain state and federal exemptions.

8 Time-Saving Tips

Ian's Messy Desk

Find urgent computer files faster by starting file names with numbers. That ensures that they will be at the top of your list of files.

2010 39

Note to Self: Do my Filing

Laughing all the Way to Work

Keeping up with your filing is one of the most important things you can do to keep yourself organized. Having a good workable filing system and an organized and uncluttered desk is critical to keeping and staying organized. Maintaining an up-to-date file list is also a necessary tool to keep everything in order.

Productivity With Shared Files

Professional Assistant Blog

Home About Me Advertise Productivity With Shared Files By The Professional Assistant on Tuesday, April 01, 2008 Filed Under: MS-Word , Organize , Productivity D o you share your files with others in your firm? Do you find that you are being bombarded with updates to the same files time and time again? Leave a comment!

What's the story on your file?

Laughing all the Way to Work

Think of a file as a story about what has happened from beginning to end on a matter. It is very important if you get phone calls and make decisions on a file to document that by writing a note and putting it on the file by date. When someone new looks through the file they will see a chronological record of incidents.

Opening Microsoft Office 2007 Files in Microsoft Office XP

Professional Assistant Blog

Home About Me Advertise Opening Microsoft Office 2007 Files in Microsoft Office XP By The Professional Assistant on Wednesday, January 09, 2008 Filed Under: Client Service , MS-Access , MS-Excel , MS-Outlook , MS-PowerPoint , MS-Word , Productivity I recently had a vendor send us an Excel spreadsheet that he created in Microsoft Word 2007 format.

Retrieve Your Files With Ease

Professional Assistant Blog

Home About Me Advertise Retrieve Your Files With Ease By The Professional Assistant on Wednesday, November 05, 2008 Filed Under: MS-Access , MS-Excel , Organize , Productivity D o you have quite a bit of filing to do? B eing able to retrieve the data is more important than an organized alphabetized file drawer.

Using DOS to Find “Missing” Files

Simple Productivity Blog

Have you ever saved a file on your hard drive only to discover it isn’t where you thought it was? Or saved a file as the wrong type?