Renewable Energy to Pass Coal for U.S. Electricity Generation in 2021

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electricity generation in 2021. As their chart below shows, each of the sources will produce around 800 billion kilowatts of electricity in 2021. According to the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) , renewable energy sources will pass coal in terms of U.S.

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Each Year a Lot of Americans Start and Stop Being Freelancers

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  We also expect the number of exits to continue to decline and drop below 1 million per year by 2021.  range and 2021 in the 2% range), but doesn't all into a recession. 

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Living Your Best Life With The Sharing Economy

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By 2021, 86.5 When was the last time you took a taxi? Chances are you’ve used a ride hailing service instead of a traditional taxi. Ridesharing is just one of the many ways the sharing economy has made luxury items available to just about anyone.

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1 in 5 Humans Got a New Smartphone in 2015

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billion in 2021. This means over 80% of the world's population will have a smartphone in 2021.  Everyone knows mobile computing has gotten big. But every so often a number comes along that still amazes us.

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The New Multinationals: Small, Micro and Solo Businesses Driving the Next Wave of Globalization

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 The global middle class reached 3 billion in 2015 and could surpass 4 billion by 2021 ,  And as we recently pointed out , this surging middle class is happening mostly in Asia and other developing regions of the world.

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Led by Uber and Airbnb, the Sharing Economy Continues Rapid Growth

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million US adult Internet users will use a sharing economy service in 2021. According to eMarketer : " over a quarter (26.0%) of US adult internet users—or 56.5 million people—will use a sharing economy service at least once in 2017.

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Retail And Consumer Goods: The Next AI Frontier

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By 2021, AI will handle more and more customer interactions, growing by an estimated 400% from today’s levels. When was the last time you walked into a store and they were out of what you needed?

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The Self-Driving Car Race

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  Ford announced plans to mass produce driverless cars and have them in commercial operation in a ride-hailing service by 2021. Lots of recent news and announcements on autonomous vehicles: 1.

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Challenges To The Business Of Hemp

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By 2021, the legal cannabis industry will be worth over $40 billion in the United States alone. In 2017, $820 million worth of legal hemp products were sold in the United States. Yes, you read that right – legal hemp.

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The On-Demand Workforce Continues to Expand

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million by 2021. About 3.9 million Americans are working in the on-demand economy, up from 3.2 million this time last year. The number is forecast to grow to 9.2 This is about a 23% compounded annual growth rate. 

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3 Of The Best European Football Grounds

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Under a sponsorship deal, it will continue to be known as Signal Iduna until 2021.

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How Do Smartphones Help Business Succeed

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Wired connections took up approximately 38% of Internet access in 2016 and this figure is predicted to drop to 27% by 2021. Back then, going on vacation means being away from work. If you travel, you’ll miss important calls and messages and you won’t be able to get any work done. Today, thanks to the Internet, almost everything is possible and getting work done while on the go is easier than ever.

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Using Zero Trust Network Segmentation To Protect Your Business From Hackers

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Cybersecurity is a major concern no matter what size or type of business you are running, but most people just aren’t doing enough. We don’t tend to think about information security until it is too late – after a breach has already occurred. And those breaches can be costly, often putting small businesses completely out of business within a few months in some instances.

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5 Ways To Tell If Your Mobile Strategy Is Effective

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A recently released report claims that by 2021, enterprise mobility and BYOD market size will reach $73.30 “Adopting a mobile strategy is no longer an option for any enterprise, it has become a need.”. According to a mobility trends report , on an average, an employee uses more than 3 devices to help him with his work and tasks. Enterprises, in general, experienced an increase of 72% in their number of managed devices between the years 2014 and 2015.

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