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These women were known as the ‘gossips’, for they spread the word to all the women in the community when another went into labour. Vocabulary

What is the best way to handle and minimize office gossip?

Office Dynamics

I have stopped socializing after work hours, especially when alcohol is involved, because of the rampant gossip of co-workers. What is the best way to handle—and minimize—office gossip?” —Not Not a gossip by ALICE BUMGARNER, MODERATOR on NOVEMBER 11, 2011 11:48AM. in ADMIN PRO FORUM.

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Gossip Girl!

Practically Perfect PA

Office Gossip. It can be difficult not to get involved in gossip and general office banter, it is fun and it makes the day go quickly.

Why People Gossip At The Office

Professional Assistant Blog

Home About Me Advertise Why People Gossip At The Office By The Professional Assistant on Wednesday, March 26, 2008 Filed Under: Meetings , Office Gossip , Productivity D o you gossip at the office? Do you get sucked into the gossip of others? Gossip has never been a positive matter. Send me your comments!

What References are Really Saying About You

On The Job

job references job recommendation bad reputation getting a recommendation gossip career advice Anita BruzzeseIt was glowing. It was wonderful.

Gossiping in the Workplace: A Poem by Lynn Crosbie

Laughing all the Way to Work

If your workplace buddies are "gossip friends" Are they really someone you can trust in the end? People who gossip like to dig for "dirt" They may go too far and someone gets hurt They bring up rumours and hearsay too But do you really care, even if it were true? Tags: chatter hate gossip

7 Awesome Things that Very Inspiring Bosses Do

Dumb Little Man

Have you had a boss you stood up for when your colleagues were gossiping lame stuff about him / her? Congratulations! Happiness Success

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4 Steps to decluttering your mind and think more clearly

Dumb Little Man

If my head were a house, neighbors would gossip about the dodgy compulsive hoarder who lives inside and never greets anybody.

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Can instant messaging help you regain control of your inbox?

Dumb Little Man

Its abilities as a powerful enterprise collaboration tool have largely been underestimated, with email owning the workplace. Lifehacks IM

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The 10 Biggest Goofs Made By New Workers

On The Job

Even if you think it’s harmless gossip such as, “Did you see what Kim Kardashian wore the other day? Saying “I know” too much. Dishing the dirt.

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5 Things to Remember in a New Job

On The Job

Gossip about your old job in the first week and you may be seen as immature. Never badmouth a former employer. Listen, listen, listen.

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Research Finds Stressed Employees More Likely to Misbehave

On The Job

The U.S. election process has clearly demonstrated one thing: People are upset, mad and worried. Among the suggestions: Listen.

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The water cooler is leaking.

Laughing all the Way to Work

but what about when the conversation turns to gossip? Gossip can be vicious and in some cases even lead to disciplinary action or getting fired if you are the one doing it. Have you ever been the brunt of office gossip? Because you don't have all the details, your reactions might further fuel the gossip and on and on it goes.

How to Positively Slay Your Office Dragons

Office Dynamics

Co-workers can be dragons when they: gossip. Avoid gossiping. It is a favorite topic in my Star Achievement Series® training program.

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How to Choose the Best Trade Show Booth for Your Business

Small Business CEO

They’d instantly become the laughing stock of all their friends, and celebrity gossip columnists would have a field day, right? Of course not.

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Does Your Boss Have an Entourage?

On The Job

Let's say it's just been announced that you're getting a new boss because of a recent merger or downsizing. This you can live with! Help her out.

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Fighting Co-Worker Dragons (2 of 3 part series)

Office Dynamics

Here are the common responses I hear: Gossip. Avoid gossiping. Image Designed by Freepik. Hopefully, you read part 1, Fighting Manager Dragons , where I introduced and explained the topic of office dragons. Today, I want to address co-worker dragons. Convey a bad mood at the office. Bring personal problems to the office. Complain.

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A PA’s guide to confidentiality

Practically Perfect PA

You’ll also hear all manner of gossip directed right across the business. Confidential emails and digital files. Confidential documents.

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Working with the executive team

Practically Perfect PA

Don’t gossip, even if the gossip is really good! Your manager may well be part of the Executive team.

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Staying in the loop

Practically Perfect PA

How do you work out what is important information and what is really just office gossip? The say goes that information is King.

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4 Things You Must Know Before a Job Search

On The Job

Do you have personal accountability, such as always telling the truth and avoiding gossip? You just need a new job. Right. Or was it three?)

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First Day at Work? How to Make a Good Impression

Dumb Little Man

Avoid Gossiping. You might notice that some of your coworkers spend a lot of time gossiping, browsing the web or simply chatting non-stop. While some gossipers might consider you a nerd, your managers will appreciate your focus on your job. Every minute of gossiping and chatting will make your results look poorer.

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HR How-To: Tips to Handle Common Workplace Controversies

Office Dynamics

Often people within the work environment will gossip or joke about the vaguely sexual misbehavior of their coworker, rather than report it.

4 Fun Ways to Improve Your Productivity

Dumb Little Man

What better way to live than having fun and being productive at the same time? These 4 are the exceptions, though. Not so. – Eating a snack.

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Helping Your Executive Maintain A Competitive Edge

Office Dynamics

Resist the temptation to gossip or complain. Know your competition. Know as much about your company as possible. Be a source of events and news.

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How to Repair Bad Relationships at Work

On The Job

It's especially important that you not gossip about the situation -- the colleague will more than likely find out and any progress will be lost. Even the nicest, most even-tempered person has difficulties getting along with everyone at work. (If If someone tells you they love everyone, they're either lying or taking some really nice meds.)

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One Simple Way to Be Happier and More At Peace

Dumb Little Man

For example, I would go to work and think - "This Mr X next to me, this co-worker, he talks too much and is always interested in gossip."

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Workers Behaving Badly: Why Our Stress May be Bringing Out the Worst in Us

On The Job

Gossiping, backbiting and negative campaigning dominate the airwaves, and we seem to mimic that behavior at work.

Christmas gifts for assistants!

Practically Perfect PA

You can not only cancel out other people’s noise you can also avoid overhearing gossip that is best not to know about! Happy holidays everyone!

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How to handle the office drama queen

Practically Perfect PA

They tend to have a widespread knowledge of the office gossip, can be found sharing this knowledge in the office toilets or during after work drinks.

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Now That The Election is Over, What Will You Talk About at Work?

On The Job

Tags: Thriller office gossip boss talk at work election over Dick Cheney workplace Michael Jackson Anita Bruzzese

Top 5 Habits of The Best World Leaders in History

Small Business CEO

Instead of gossiping with people, successful world leaders tend to invest heavily on learning new concepts or grooming a new skill.…

5 Easy Steps To De-Stress At Work & Home

Professional Assistant Blog

Tags: Productivity Office Gossip

When You Make a Fool of Yourself in Front of Colleagues

On The Job

Or, you think you remember gossiping about your boss near a colleague you know hates gossip. Why did you gossip about your boss?

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A staff away day that worked

Practically Perfect PA

Many of us will have no doubt at some level been involved in the Staff Away. Love it or loath it, they are events that we need to support.

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Dispelling the Personal Assistant myth

Practically Perfect PA

We do have to remain silent even if we know intimate details about our boss that might be brilliant gossip. The 1960′s… Mad Men.

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12 Proven Ways to Make Friends at Work (Without Emptying Your Wallet)

Dumb Little Man

Perhaps they are gossiping about how poor you are because you don't eat out like they do. You're stuck eating lunch by yourself again.

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How to Deal With Annoying People at Work

On The Job

Or, you gossip about the person via email with your colleagues at work. At worst, it makes you immature and a gossip. If you love your job but find some people at work have gotten on your last nerve, you're not alone. There is the guy with the bad breath. The woman who is so negative she makes Debbie Downer look like an optimist.

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75 Synonyms for “Talk”

Daily Writing Tips

Backchat : see back talk , badinage , and gossip. Dish : see gossip. Flibbertigibbet : see gossip. Gossip : see chat , with an additional connotation of talk or talking about the personal lives of one or more other people (also, someone who engages in such talk). Talk, talk, talk — it’s all the same. Or is it?

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Dignity and Privacy in the Workplace

On The Job

Most of us have been guilty of it a time or two: Trying to get a peek at the confidential files on the boss’s desk, or perhaps gossiping with a trusted co-worker about another employee’s performance problems. Workers have been fired for everything from discussing salaries to gossiping about romantic relationships.