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Create the ultimate home office working environment in 5 easy steps

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However, with most… Read the full article here: Create the ultimate home office working environment in 5 easy steps on: THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG. Guest Blog home office kit working environment

Maximize Your Mind in the Work Environment

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With various exercises, relaxation techniques and super-foods it is possible to boost brain power, improve perspective and increase focus, all of which can be extremely beneficial in the work environment.

6 Elements of a Perfect Work Environment

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Here’s the kicker: It is more important for people to work in a good work environment than love what they do. A perfect work environment is not just about getting salary on time. … Human Resources Management employee happiness employee morale work environment

Tips For a Productive Working Environment

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Your workspace environment can have a major impact on your overall productivity and motivation. Just a few simple changes can give your office an overhaul and create a warm and welcoming environment. … Management office space productivity working environment

How to Cope with a Difficult Work Environment

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So you probably do everything that you possibly can to keep your job, even if the work environment is miserable. Most employees have to deal with a difficult work environment at one point or another but some individuals seem to be able to cope with the situation better than others.

8 Tips For Establishing The Most Productive Office Environment

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The environment we work in has a considerable impact on both our level of wellbeing and our productivity. With the above in mind here are 8 practical tips to follow to establish a productive office environment; Go Open Plan.

The Importance of Good Office Design In Creating a Productive Working Environment

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Post from: Eco-Office Gals The Importance of Good Office Design In Creating a Productive Working Environment.

Hacking Corporate: How to Create the Work Environment You Want


Yet, what is critically neglected in corporate is how an office environment can either foster or destroy the amount of value an employee contributes. . Which environment creates more value: one where employees have autonomy to pursue a challenging, purpose-driven career, or one where he or she is constrained to a cubicle, micro-managed, and challenged with unnecessary meetings?

Saving Money As Well As The Environment

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Saving the environment is enough of a pleasure to keep us switching lights off and putting less water in the kettle, but there is another great reason that many people seem to either miss or ignore: money. Post from: Eco-Office Gals Saving Money As Well As The Environment.

Detrimental Desk Design: How the Office Environment is Affecting the Human Body

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… Management desk design office design office environmentAre you someone that works in an office job? Chances are you do, or you have at some point.

Casual Dress, How to look nice in a casual environment

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J Newman asks. Joan: I work in an out of the way area in my company where many dress very casually. I'm trying to project a more professional image. You are so put together and well groomed which makes you seem very professional. Do you have any suggestions for me? I enjoy your Webinar series very much. Yes, I do have some ideas for you.

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Using Recognition Items To Improve Your Work Environment

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In ever-larger workplaces, it can be very easy for employees to feel lost in the shuffle and unappreciated for their contributions to the organization’s goals. Managers first realized long ago that people want to be treated as more than just a number when they are at work.

Green Energy: Simple Ways to Save Money and Protect the Environment

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That’s right, even the smallest changes like arranging boiler maintenance or fixing leaking taps can save you money and protect the environment, so there’s no need to shop for wind turbines or solar panels just yet. Related posts: Saving Money As Well As The Environment.

How to make for a greener office environment

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Many businesses are keen to do their bit for the environment and run a greener operation. Recycling within the office can reduce the costs of… Read the full article here: How to make for a greener office environment on: THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG.

Please Consider the Environment Before Printing This Post

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The other day in a business writing course an employee complained about the common directive at the bottom of many emails he receives: Please consider the environment before printing this email. He is tired of being told to do something. Email Etiquette

How Wastewater Recycling is Changing to Save the Environment!

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The first is to extract it from the environment, such as drawing it from wells, storing and using rainwater, or by directly treating seawater to remove the salt. The post How Wastewater Recycling is Changing to Save the Environment! Clean water is crucial for human survival and health.

The Million Dollar Dog: Pet Industry Gold Mines

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… Economy & Environment dog business pet industryMoney has gone to the dogs – but in a good way. According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), Americans spent about $62.75 billion on their furry, feathered or finned friends, including dogs. The APPA note that 54.4

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The Baby Boomer Business Continues to Grow

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… Economy & Environment baby boomer baby boomer businessConventional wisdom has long held that when it comes to making money on a product, it pays to market it to young people. In our youth-obsessed society, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

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Inspiring Business Leaders: 5 of the Most Influential Women

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One of the recommended drivers in truncating this gap is to acknowledge the success that women have had in the global business environment. These 5 influential women are inspiring business leaders.

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Money: Increasing The Value Of Your Home

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… Economy & Environment personal finance real estate selling selling houseCEOs – are you going to sell your home sometime in the near future? If so, you need to take the necessary steps to increase the value of your home. One way to do that is by renovating your home.

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Top 5 Tips for Being Kinder to the Environment

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Top 5 Tips posts from the SME Blog are always full of hints and tips for small, home & micro business owners. Even small businesses should be doing all they can to try and reduce their energy emissions. Try to re-think your working practices and decide where savings can be made, such as switching…

Company Cafeterias Foster Healthy Eating Habits

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… Economy & Environment company cafetaria employee wellbeingYou are what you eat. Unfortunately, a sizable portion of today’s workforce is going about their lunch breaks all the wrong ways and paying the price through lethargy, stress, and overspending.

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HR How-To: Tips to Handle Common Workplace Controversies

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It is important to know how to effectively handle controversy so that the work environment can remain pleasant and productive. Often people within the work environment will gossip or joke about the vaguely sexual misbehavior of their coworker, rather than report it.

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Create the Marketplace – Own the Marketplace

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… Economy & Environment niche business niche marketPeople want something unique and different, so don’t compete—create your own.

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Creating a Green Work Environment That Will Boost Office Morale

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However, on top of the basic practices of reduced use and reduced waste, try these three green practices to better your employees work environment and boost company morale. As a company, create a carpool schedule that works for every individual and makes sense for helping the environment.

The Environmental Cloud

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If you are concerned with the impact your business has on the environment, you could do a lot worse than switching to the Cloud. WinWeb business cloud environment environmentally-friendly WinWeb Business Cloud

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Spring Cleaning For Office Professionals

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Admin Assistant Training Creativity Motivators Organizational Skills Productivity Stress Management Time Management Work EnvironmentI thought I’d keep this bonus blog on the lighter side. With the onset of spring, now would be a good time to do a little cleanup. Here are a few ideas. S pruce up your work area with fresh flowers. P urge files; clean up computer files. R earrange furniture. I nform your team or new concepts. N egotiate your workload.

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The Use of Sustainable Materials in Promotional Products

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Although prosperity and growth are usually the main focal points of any company, it’s also vital to ensure business practices adhere to basic moral principles, such as caring for the environment and doing as much as possible to avoid adding excess amounts of waste into the fragile ecosystem.

3 Proven Ways Collaboration Helps Businesses to Grow

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They are formalised environments, with individual workstations and dividing lines.… … Economy & Environment Management business collaboration virtual officeNo matter where we come from or what we do, most of us are taught the same thing as children – sharing is valuable.

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The Gig Economy isn’t Quite as Rock n’ Roll as You’d Think

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… Economy & Environment freelancing gig economyThe number of flexibly- and self-employed workers has increased significantly in recent decades. At the end of 2016, nearly five million UK workers were classified as self-employed , which marks a 45% rise since 2000.

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Four Ways to Improve your Business’ Eco-friendliness

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In order to make positive changes to the environment, it’s imperative that businesses start taking eco-friendliness more seriously. Reducing your carbon emissions won’t just help the environment, it will also reflect positively on your finances.

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5 Green Ways to Travel to Work

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Eco-friendliness isn’t only saving the environment, it’s also saving many office workers money.

10 Ways to Create a Work Environment That Drags You Down - by Dumb.

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The Only Trade Show Marketing Checklist you Need (Infographic)

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… Economy & EnvironmentDid you know that 59 percent of trade show attendees buy after the show is over? This is the reason why many businesses do trade shows wrong. Let me explain. photo credit: iAVM WHQ / Flickr.

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Disruptive Marketing Trends Every CEO and CMO Should Follow

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… Economy & Environment Running your own small business is no easy task. Not only do you need to know how a business works, but how to market and brand your business successfully.

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5 Reasons Why Pop-up Shops May Be The Future of Retail

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… Economy & Environment pop up shop retailingPop up shops stormed on to our high streets a few years ago. What some people thought would be a flash in the pan, a temporary answer to the temporary glitch in the economy, have stayed.

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Smart Tax Strategies for Audit-Proofing Your Small Business

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… Economy & Environment Legal small business taxes tax audit tax strategiesGoing through an audit can be nerve-wracking and time-consuming. Most business owners would rather pull their own teeth out than deal with the IRS.

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Collaborative Cooperative Environments

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You've got big dreams. Perhaps they're recent, or perhaps they've been simmering away at the back of your mind for years. Maybe you haven't started yet, or maybe you've already made a lot of progress. The problem is, you've got a day job.

Three Workplace Safety Essentials

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… Economy & Environment workplace safety As an employer, you have a duty to keep your employees safe while they’re working for you.

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Let’s Talk: What is Conversational Marketing and Why it Matters

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… Economy & EnvironmentTwo-way communication is necessary for building any healthy relationship. For business owners, open conversation is vital to understand customer needs and provide services and recommendations that solidify trust and confidence.

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