Coworking Forecast - 26,000 Spaces and 3.8 Million Members by 2020

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  As the chart below shows, we expect the number of global coworking spaces will grow from a bit over 11,000 this year to just over 26,000 in 2020. million in 2020.  The number of spaces are forecast to grow 18% in 2020, down from a 41% growth rate in 2016.

2020 124

UK: Austerity might last until 2020

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Worrying news for anyone in the UK as two influential think tanks believe that austerity will be still be a big issue, not just for the elections in 2015, but all the way through until 2020. Business News 2020 austerity UK Economy

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The Aging U.S. Workforce: Baby Boomers in 2020

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In 2020 the youngest baby boomers will be 55, the oldest 74.   As the chart below shows, by 2020  one quarter  of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects 43% of those 55+ to be in the labor force in 2020.

2020 25

Intuit 2020 Report: The Future of Financial Services

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Intuit 2020: The Future of Financial Services builds on the data, trends and forecasts in the Intuit 2020 report , which identifies 20 emerging trends and shifts that will shape business and society over the next decade. Intuit recently released a new report on The Future of Financial Services.    Intuit and Emergent Research partnered on this research, which included interviews and workshops with a mix of financial services industry participants, analysts and academics.

2020 31

Crossborder Ecommerce GMV Expected to Grow at 25 Percent Through 2020, per DHL

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Among the key findings of the report, cross-border ecommerce gross merchandise volume is expected to grow at the rate of 25 percent through 2020. This represents an increase from $300 billion in 2015 to $900 billion by 2020.

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Small Businesses Want Tech Help From Accountants

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  Finance Intuit 2020Excellent article over on The Sleeter Group's site summarizing research on what small businesses think about their external accountants and what they want from them. Emergent Research (that's us) assisted the Sleeter Group with this research.

2013 30

The Intuit 2020 Report - 20 Trends for the Next Decade

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Reports and Resources Intuit 2020 Research Report Todays Hobbyists are Tomorrows Hobbypreneurs Homepreneurs: A Vital Economic Force Research Brief - Small Business Credit Outlook The Economic Stimulus Package: Whats in it for Growing Businesses?

My Health Care Risk Shift Mistake

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  We cover the Risk Shift and what it means for financial institutions in a article on , and it's one of the 20 key trends in the Intuit 2020 Report.    government policy Intuit 2020 Trends Report trendsI recently personally experienced one of the trends we follow - The Risk Shift.   The    The bottom line: I spent over $800 for x-rays that should have cost me $37.    Let me explain.

Smartwatches Forecast to Drive Wearable Computing Market

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BI Intelligence has released their wearable computing forecast to 2020 and they are very bullish on smartwatches. Smartwatchs will drive a big chunk of this growth and will make up 52% of total wearable computing shipments in 2020.

2020 21

Contingent Labor Comprises 38% of Corporate Workforces

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  Ardent is also suggesting it could be as high as 50% by 2020. But it also seems likely it will be at least in the low to mid 40% range by 2020. Ardent Partners recently released their 2016-2017 State of Contingent Workforce Management report. 

2016 64

Gartner's Top Trends for 2017

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These include: By 2020, 100 million consumers will shop in augmented reality. By 2020, 30% of web browsing sessions will be done without a screen, mostly due to voice interactivity. It's that time of year again. We're not referring to the holidays.

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How Small Businesses Save With Cowork Solutions

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million people will use coworking spaces by 2020 and many small businesses are turning to this way of working.

2020 23

Assistants as information managers

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Back in 2013 HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki, Finland released the Management Assistant 2020 report , which detailed how the role of an Assistant will change by 2020.

2017 75

Are You Ready to Be a Predator?

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By 2020, businesses that learn to master digital will become the predator, while those that make minor changes or don’t do anything at all will become digital prey , says Forrester’s Nigel Fenwick. “To This group risks extinction by 2020. Four years.

2016 46

3D Printing Moving Past Prototyping to Large Batch Manufacturing

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BCG expects this market to triple by 2020. After literally several decades of hype and hope, it appears 3D printing may finally be starting to deliver on its promise to change manufacturing.

2017 58

Tips for Hiring Freelancers for your Small Business

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By 2020, forecasters predict there’ll be more freelancers in the United States than full-time employees. Freelancers are a growing and essential part of the American workforce, with 53 million independent professionals currently living in the United States, up from 10.3

2015 47

3 Top Tips to Help Contractors and Freelancers Succeed

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By 2020 it’s expected that one in two UK and US citizens will be working on a freelance basis. The competition for work among freelancers and startups is increasing by the day.

2020 31

Intuit Future of Small Business Report

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  A growing pool of on-demand talent: Driven by the growth of contingent workers, projected to represent 43 percent of the workforce by 2020, small businesses have access to the right people at the right time in a flexible way, without the responsibility of hiring traditional employees. 

2016 76

The Decline of Employee Training & The Rise of Side Gigs

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For more on this trend see the  Intuit 2020 report  or the excellent book  The Great Risk Shift. The chart below, which shows a decline in employer-provided and on-the-job training in recent decades, has been making the rounds in the economic blogs.

2015 71

Flexibility is Why Companies Hire Contingent Workers

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private workforce will be contingent by 2020. Staffing firm Allegis and the Human Capital Institute teamed up on a study on how corporate procurement and HR departments view the growing contingent workforce.

2013 78

SME VOICE: Making Tax Digital (MTD) – How Your Business Can Prepare

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Their belief is that by 2020 paper tax forms will be virtually extinct.… It’s official. By January 2018, the majority of individuals and businesses will be on a digital tax reporting system.

2018 16

How the Internet and Smartphone Revolution are Changing Long-Established Industries

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This number is expected to increase well beyond 2020. There is no doubt that the Information Revolution has had an indelible impact upon our daily lives. This observation is even more true in regards to business operations.

2020 14

Health Grows to 17.6% of U.S. Economy

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  In the Intuit 2020 Report we forecast that U.S. GDP by 2020.    Health care could reach 21-22% of GDP by 2020.  If like us you're worried about health care spending, there's some good news and some bad news.    The good news is U.S. health spending grew just 4% in 2009 , the lowest growth rate in the 50 years the government has tracked this data. 

2020 31

7 Surprising Benefits of Coworking Spaces

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By 2020, four out of every 10 professionals in the U.S. A co-working space can change a business in profound and positive ways. If you’ve never seen one, it’s a shared office environment that your employees can use for however long is necessary.

2016 95

China's Rising Cities

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  By 2020 there will be more than 20 global megacities, each teeming with more than 10 million residents.    Urbanization is changing how the world lives and works, and is covered in more detail in the Intuit 2020 Report. 

2020 40

Fascinating Findings from the 2010 Census

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  It's likely that over half of all children under 18 will be ethnic minorities before the next Census in 2020.   8 additional states will likely join this club by 2020.  I know "fascinating" and "demographic data" aren't words that often appear together.    But as much as I hate to admit it, I couldn't put down the Population Reference Bureau's report on the findings of the 2010 Census until I finished it.

2010 38

Gig Economy Consensus: It's Big and Growing

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They say by 2020 at least 31 million Americans will be gig workers.  Based on a review of a variety of recent studies, a consensus has formed that the gig economy is large and growing. Recent studies include, but aren't limited to: Pew Research's Gig Work, Online Selling and Home Sharing found that 24% of adult Americans - that about 59 million people - report earning money from the digital ‘platform economy’ in the past year.

2016 59

Part-Time Women Out Earn Part-Time Men

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Back in 2010 we forecast that women would reach earnings parity with men around 2020. In Part-Time Jobs, Women Outearn Men  covers the interesting fact that women who work 35 hours or less per week earn about 110% of what men working similar hours earn.

2020 18

Global Middle Class Booming; Poverty Declining

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  Last year in the Intuit 2020 report we forecast that 1 billion middle class consumers would join the global economy by 2020.  The Christian Science Monitor's Surging BRIC middle classes are eclipsing global poverty  does a great job describing the surging number of people entering the middle class around the world. 

2022 27

The Future of Business Travel and the Millennial Traveller

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The Millennials, the generation of tech savvy digital natives currently in their twenties and early thirties, will account for nearly half of the workforce by 2020.

Merging Machines and Analytics with the Internet of Things

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in 2020. GE, the large industrial conglomerate, is re-positioning itself as a digital company. Their recent ads describe GE as an "indugital" and "digidustrial" company. And yes, I agree these marketing efforts are still a work in progress.

2020 25

How Trumpcare Will Impact Self-Employment

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This kicks in after 2020 and will be vary by state, so it's too early to understand the extent to which it will impact self-employment.

2017 73

Low Wage Workers Not Who You Think They Are

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The EPI and the National Employment Law Project have teamed up to produce a fact sheet on their proposal to increase the national minimum wage to $12 by 2020

2016 31

The Rise of Smart Objects

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Cisco is forecasting that by 2020 there will be 50 billion "things" attached to the Internet. Good article from JWT Intelligence on smart objects. These are objects that have been enhanced by the addition of computers of some kind.

2020 18

The Return of Guilds

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  We first got interested in guilds way back in 2007 when we were doing research for the Intuit 2020 New Artisan Economy report. The New Yorker's The New Guilded Age  provides an excellent historical overview of guilds and their potential return.

2015 45

Education Driving the She-conomy

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It's a She-conomy is one of my favorite  Intuit 2020 Report trends.  Tags: Intuit 2020 Trends Report trends women   Intuit's Michael Runzler came up with this clever term to describe the growing role women are playing in the global economy.    I want to focus on one of the key drivers of the She-conomy in the U.S. education.  Over

Bain's Trillion Dollar Growth Trends

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The Great Eight: Billion Dollar Growth Trends to 2020 is a fascinating look at macro trends from the elite consulting firm Bain and Company.   For those interested in trends, you can also download the Intuit 2020 Report. 

2020 40

HealthyWage - Lose Weight, Make Money

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  Intuit 2020 Trends Report trendsHealthyWage is fascinating company that provides financial incentives to people to lose weight.    They have such an interesting "about the company" paragraph, we're printing it:    HealthyWage is America's leading provider of consumer, corporate and government health incentive and wellness programs, and wellness marketing opportunities. 

Why You Should Consider Using AI in Your Marketing Strategy

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billion revenue by 2020 , and is a factor that will dominate the marketing industry in 2017. Are you struggling to communicate with your customers at all times? Fortunately, artificial intelligence (AI) can help you to improve your marketing strategy.

Mastercard on the Sharing Economy

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  China’s state information sector recently announced  that by 2020, it could account for over 10% of domestic GDP, and that the ratio will continue to grow to roughly 20% by 2025. Mastercard believes the sharing economy is large. growing rapidly and here to stay.

2025 25