Digital Transformation Leading to Ghost Restaurants

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Ghost restaurants are delivery only, online restaurants that skip storefronts and deliver food straight to the customer. Think Amazon for restaurants. Ghosts are much cheaper to operate than traditional restaurants.

How to Buy a Franchise Restaurant

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The restaurant industry has attracted entrepreneurs from all walks of life to try their hand at restaurant management and ownership. Research shows that one in every three restaurants closes its doors for good within the first three years of business.

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Time-saving Techniques for Restaurant Owners

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For people who appreciate great food served in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, owning a restaurant means living the dream. … Management productivity restaurant business time-saving techniques

Four Ways to Increase Your Chances of Success with Your Restaurant

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Opening a restaurant can be a great experience and lucrative as well, but like any other business, there is risk involved. If you are contemplating starting a restaurant, there are a great many things you can do to improve your chances of success.

5 Accounting Tips for New Restaurant Owners

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One thing’s for sure: you’re getting into the restaurant business because you love it. For many people just like you, opening a restaurant the ultimate dream — combining a love of food, hospitality, people and entrepreneurship.

Tips In Choosing A Restaurant For A Romantic Date

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Are you needing tips in choosing a restaurant for a date ? You invite your partner to meet you at a hot new restaurant in town for a romantic date after work. You shell out $50 to park the car and then sprint to the restaurant which is 2 km away — uphill.

Something to Add to Restaurant Training Manuals

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Standing in line at a famous fast-food restaurant the other day, I overheard the person in front of me asking the counter clerk for advice. She wanted to know which was the best salad. The first clerk said she had.

Crying Baby – Fancy Restaurant – Piece of Pie

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Now here is a dilema for you to chew on. Friends of mine just went out for a fancy dinner. They don’t normally go out, married over 30 years, both busy in their careers, they are lucky if they have time for a quick spin through the local drive through. But last weekend they decided [.]. Customer Moments Resolving Conflict

What Is the Best Flooring Option for Your Commercial Kitchen?

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Guest Blog commercial kitchens flooring restaurants The flooring in a commercial kitchen needs to withstand far more punishment than in a domestic setting.

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Go Green at the Restaurant

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As a local restaurant owner, you’ve got a lot on your plate (pun intended). Of course, with all the hustle and bustle that comes with restaurant ownership, it’s easy to glance over your establishment’s environmental footprint. People love your restaurant for what it is.

Afternoon tea at The Crosby Street Hotel

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Brasserie Jo, Boston

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Luckily my hotel, The Colonnade, probably noticing all of the left over Subway wrappers invited me to sample the menu at their in-house restaurant, Brasserie Jo. for the first time, in a French restaurant in Boston. The atmosphere in the restaurant was pretty relaxed.

Qualities of a Great Restaurant CEO And Why This Industry Is Different

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However, being a restaurant CEO is a little more specific than other executive management positions in other companies. Being a great restaurant CEO takes specific skills along with dedication. Top 5 Qualities Needed in a Restaurant CEO. Are you a restaurant CEO?

Columbus Recommended Restaurant for Business Travelers

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Just a few steps from the new Hilton is Downtown Columbus is a fantastic little restaurant, Martini Modern Italian. Relaxing, warm ambiance with excellent service and delectable foods.

Boost Your Business with a Bespoke Veranda

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Guest Blog canopies carports restaurants veranda verandas As summer draws to a close, many businesses are tightening their belts in anticipation of lower profits this autumn.

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Restaurant Reservations - Find An Open Table Online!

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Home About Me Advertise Restaurant Reservations - Find An Open Table Online! By The Professional Assistant on Monday, September 22, 2008 Filed Under: Organize , Productivity A re you asked to make reservations for your manager(s) at particular restaurants? T here is a great site called , which allows you to book reservations online with particular restaurants all over the world.

Crying Baby – Fancy Restaurant – Piece of Pie

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Now here is a dilema for you to chew on. Friends of mine just went out for a fancy dinner. They don’t normally go out, married over 30 years, both busy in their careers, they are lucky if they have … Continue reading → Customer Moments Resolving Conflict

Phoenix views from restaurant last night (day 1) – #IVAA10

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The views from our restaurant were spectacular. Phoenix views from restaurant last night (day 1) – #IVAA10 Rating 3.00

Don't Chip Away at Your Credibility

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The other day I had lunch with an old friend at a restaurant. We both ordered tea, and our tea came in ceramic teapots. My friend''s teapot had a noticeable chip on its lid. She commented to me, "They should. Grammar and Usage Proofreading Teaching Business Writing

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The owner of a restaurant where I worked in a Mother’s Day eve, appeared with raw material to make a thousand lunches. ” The restaurant owner justified the attitude: “Be positive thinking that tomorrow will sell […].

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The Interview: Why Wasn’t I Chosen

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For instance, isn’t it interesting that when a group of people dine together in a restaurant, some of them make their menu decisions within a few seconds, [.]. From the interviewer’s vantage point, the selection process is about availability and choices.

Apps to help with client entertainment in London

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You shake your phone and the app will suggest a restaurant in the area, you can also make a reservation using the app. This app allows me collect the address of all of those great restaurants in one place. When I read a good review I will add the restaurant to the app for future use.

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Company Cafeterias Foster Healthy Eating Habits

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Picture the typical lunch break for the typical office worker: it most likely involves someone ducking out for an hour and stopping at any number of fast food restaurants or microwaving a frozen meal for a quick, cheap, and satisfying bite. You are what you eat.

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A day in the life: Claudia Ferreres, PA to Albert Adrià

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As the Personal Assistant to a quite renowned chef, my tasks might vary from the ones of a regular PA, like calendar and email management, to most specific tasks such as taking care of the journalists that come visit the restaurants and to interview Albert.

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How to be Green When Dining Out

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Well, with these tips it is easy to enjoy a meal at a restaurant while saving the planet at the same time. Carefully choose a restaurant. Check online to see if you have any certified green restaurants in your neighborhood. Restaurants using their own local ingredients.

How to Let Go of Little Things

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A restaurant serves you the wrong entree. Ah, the little things. Your husband loses his keys for the 37th time. A driver cuts you off. A nasty neighbor complains about your disruptive children. And it’s cold. Things happen. Things that make us angry, upset and annoyed.

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How to Choose The Best Type of Ice Machine for Your Business?

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Are you looking for the best type of ice machine for your restaurant, bar , hotel , smoothie bar, or coffee shop? With different types, styles, and sizes of ice makers on the market—it’s hard to know if you are choosing the right one.

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Doing This One Thing Will Make Your Boss Happy

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I went to a restaurant, and a friendly server named "Matt" came to take our order. I don't want to trash-talk restaurant servers. It happened again yesterday, so I guess I need to write about this AGAIN. He smiled pleasantly as the six people at the table gave their order.

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Marco Pierre White Steakhouse Bar & Grill, Glasgow

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There’s no finer pleasure than visiting a restaurant during its opening week. It’s never the hustle and bustle of TV restaurant opening night; it’s only on the fantasy Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares that you would launch or relaunch a restaurant and decide to pack the place.

Eating Healthy: When you absolutely must eat fast food are there any healthy options?

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Many of us find it fairly easy to eat healthy when we’re at home and can cook, but what about when you’re traveling by plane or car and all you can find is one fast food restaurant after another? Summer is the time for traveling and enjoying the great outdoors.

Customer Experience Food for Thought

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It was on the wall of a restaurant, Max’s Cafe, at the San Francisco Airport. Here is what it says, “We run the restaurant for the ENJOYMENT AND PLEASURE of our customers, not the convenience of the staff or the owners.” I want to eat there!

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Innovative Ways to Be Greener in Any Industry

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Business owners, whether they are part of the restaurant, hospitality or retail industries, are always looking for ways to save money, especially during tough economic times. Restaurants: Organic Growing, Composting to Follow.

How to Deal With a Jealous Friend (7 Things You Desperately Need to Know)

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One night, while me and my wife were dining in a restaurant, a friend dropped by our table. A friend ruined my date night with my wife! Let me show you the picture I was in. Little did I know that he came to sabotage our evening.

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Will your business insurance cover you in the event of a riot?

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Approximately 48,404 shops, restaurants pubs and clubs have been directly or indirectly affected over the past four days. The recent riots, looting and arson attacks have badly affected one in ten retail businesses across England. Many have been looted, destroyed and some even burnt to the ground. Nick Starling, director of general insurance and health,…

Back to Basics – How Talking to Customers is Making a Comeback

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You may have seen the pop up in its various, often trendy, guises – an unused shop front temporarily taken over by a restaurant , a corner of a public space dedicated to an art installation.

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5 Women Entrepreneurs Who Failed Before Becoming Millionaires

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With a tight budget and without any know-how about food business, Ruth Fertel bought a local restaurant named Chris’s Steakhouse after seeing an advertisement of it in the newspaper. After buying the restaurant, it experienced a huge loss due to frequent power outages.

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Five Reasons to Ask Loved Ones for an Autobiography This Valentine’s Day

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Of course, traditional Valentine gifts—costly trinkets that end up tucked away in a jewelry box, impersonal sweets, or an overpriced meal in a crowded restaurant—are counted a success if they make the recipient happy for a day or two.

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What are you selling is not always as clear as it may seem?

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As part of the complex, there was a bar and restaurant run by a young entrepreneur Sam and his wife Kat. I was in Spain last week with Hana, my fiancée, and we were staying at an apartment complex near Estepona in Andalucia. On our last night, we got talking and he was telling me…

Arrive To vs. Arrive At

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As soon we arrived to the restaurant she made sure she was secretive about my daughters [sic] B’day surprise!!! One travels to a restaurant, but arrives at a restaurant. As soon as we arrived at the restaurant, they brought out the cake.

The ultimate app guide for assistants

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Tipping in restaurants around the world can be very confusing. You shake your phone and the app will suggest a restaurant in the area, you can also make a reservation using the app. This app allows me collect the address of all of those great restaurants in one place.

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