Five restaurants to recommend in the City of London

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As Personal Assistant’s we book hundreds of restaurants every year for our colleagues, our executives and let’s not forget ourselves. I am Paula Gibson, a Personal Assistant and Founder of JLT’s Global PA Network for over 100 PA’s.

Digital Transformation Leading to Ghost Restaurants

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Ghost restaurants are delivery only, online restaurants that skip storefronts and deliver food straight to the customer. Think Amazon for restaurants. Ghosts are much cheaper to operate than traditional restaurants.

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How to Keep Your Restaurant Running at the Highest Standard

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The restaurant business has been in existence for centuries. However, for restaurant owners, this space is more than just a place where people come to fill their bellies. While cooking and serving food may look simple to an outsider, running a restaurant is more complicated.

Go Green at the Restaurant

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As a local restaurant owner, you’ve got a lot on your plate (pun intended). Of course, with all the hustle and bustle that comes with restaurant ownership, it’s easy to glance over your establishment’s environmental footprint. People love your restaurant for what it is.

Day in the life: Brenda Rogers, EA to the CEO, Del Frisco’s Restaurant Group

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Enjoy today’s day in the life: Brenda Rogers, EA to the CEO, Del Frisco’s Restaurant Group What are the main aspects of your role? The main aspects of my role are to manage the CEO and CFO’s active calendar of meetings and travel.

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Modern Restaurant and Bar Trends That Are Attracting Patrons

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With the emergence of food delivery apps, restaurants and bars everywhere have been experiencing a significant decrease in physical patronage. … The post Modern Restaurant and Bar Trends That Are Attracting Patrons appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO.

Tips In Choosing A Restaurant For A Romantic Date

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Are you needing tips in choosing a restaurant for a date ? You invite your partner to meet you at a hot new restaurant in town for a romantic date after work. You shell out $50 to park the car and then sprint to the restaurant which is 2 km away — uphill.

Don’t Eat That! 10 of the Worst Restaurant Meals

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In these lean economic times, many of us have cut back on eating out, and when we do treat ourselves to a meal in a restaurant, it’s likely to be in one of the “casual dining” chains.

Need Tech to Boost Your Restaurant? Use Employee Scheduling Software

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Breaking into the restaurant industry is notoriously difficult. The dire statistic everybody knows is that one of every two new restaurants close after only being open for a year or two. Read on to see how employee scheduling software can give your restaurant a major advantage.

A Quick Guide To Opening A Successful Restaurant

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So you want to open a restaurant. You should know that according to Alleywatch , almost 60 percent of all restaurants fail within the first five years of opening. … Entrepreneurs opening a restaurant restaurant business

5 Accounting Tips for New Restaurant Owners

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One thing’s for sure: you’re getting into the restaurant business because you love it. For many people just like you, opening a restaurant the ultimate dream — combining a love of food, hospitality, people and entrepreneurship.

Las Vegas Restaurants and Attractions to Visit While Attending Our Conference for Administrative Assistants

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Various restaurants such as Hugo’s Cellar, Second Street Grill, American Coney Island, Red Sushi, Chicago Brewing Co., This restaurant sits next to a large outdoor patio that overlooks a beautiful waterfall with an amazing array of foliage. It features restaurants, bars, and shops.

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Negative Restaurant Reviews: Best Ways to Respond

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A common misconception among many local restaurant owners is that it’s best to take the high road and ignore negative reviews. … Management negative reviews online reviews restaurant reviews

How Can Upgrading Technology Help Restaurants Increase Sales?

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When most people think about opening a restaurant, they dream of all the delicious concoctions they’ll whip up for their guests. While that’s certainly one part of it, there is one major, yet often overlooked way that restaurants can increase sales: upgrading technology.

How to Pick the Best Wine at a Restaurant (Without Overpaying)

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The post How to Pick the Best Wine at a Restaurant (Without Overpaying) appeared first on Dumb Little Man. We’ve all been there… You engage in a few minutes of small talk with the rest of the table. A couple of bread baskets later, it’s time to get this party started.

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Time-saving Techniques for Restaurant Owners

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For people who appreciate great food served in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, owning a restaurant means living the dream. … Management productivity restaurant business time-saving techniques

Four Ways to Increase Your Chances of Success with Your Restaurant

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Opening a restaurant can be a great experience and lucrative as well, but like any other business, there is risk involved. If you are contemplating starting a restaurant, there are a great many things you can do to improve your chances of success.

How to Buy a Franchise Restaurant

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The restaurant industry has attracted entrepreneurs from all walks of life to try their hand at restaurant management and ownership. Research shows that one in every three restaurants closes its doors for good within the first three years of business.

60 Words for Types of Restaurants

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This post lists dozens of words, many adopted from foreign languages that describe a specific type of restaurant. Restaurant itself stems from a Latin verb meaning “restore.”). beanery: slang for an informal restaurant. café (French, “coffee”): a small, informal restaurant.

Small Business Advice: Keeping Your Restaurant or Cafe Competitive

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But particularly when it comes to trying to start up a restaurant or café, there is even more competition that you have to work against. … Management business advice restaurant businessWhenever anyone tries to start a small business, it’s an uphill battle.

Columbus Recommended Restaurant for Business Travelers

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Just a few steps from the new Hilton is Downtown Columbus is a fantastic little restaurant, Martini Modern Italian. Relaxing, warm ambiance with excellent service and delectable foods.

How to Get More Millennials Coming to Your Restaurant

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… Marketing marketing strategy millennial market restaurant marketingMillennials rank dining out as one of their top guilty pleasures. Ranking this activity even higher than buying electronics, apparel, beauty products and accessories.

Restaurant Reservations - Find An Open Table Online!

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Home About Me Advertise Restaurant Reservations - Find An Open Table Online! By The Professional Assistant on Monday, September 22, 2008 Filed Under: Organize , Productivity A re you asked to make reservations for your manager(s) at particular restaurants? T here is a great site called , which allows you to book reservations online with particular restaurants all over the world.

Crying Baby – Fancy Restaurant – Piece of Pie

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Now here is a dilema for you to chew on. Friends of mine just went out for a fancy dinner. They don’t normally go out, married over 30 years, both busy in their careers, they are lucky if they have time for a quick spin through the local drive through. But last weekend they decided [.]. Customer Moments Resolving Conflict

Crying Baby – Fancy Restaurant – Piece of Pie

Make or Break Moments

Now here is a dilema for you to chew on. Friends of mine just went out for a fancy dinner. They don’t normally go out, married over 30 years, both busy in their careers, they are lucky if they have … Continue reading → Customer Moments Resolving Conflict

Phoenix views from restaurant last night (day 1) – #IVAA10

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The views from our restaurant were spectacular. Phoenix views from restaurant last night (day 1) – #IVAA10 Rating 3.00

Qualities of a Great Restaurant CEO And Why This Industry Is Different

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However, being a restaurant CEO is a little more specific than other executive management positions in other companies. Being a great restaurant CEO takes specific skills along with dedication. Top 5 Qualities Needed in a Restaurant CEO. Are you a restaurant CEO?

Afternoon tea at The Crosby Street Hotel

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Practically Perfect PA eats admin administrators Afternoon Tea assistants business travel EA Executive Assistant Hotel Office manager PA Personal Assistant Restaurant Virtual Assistant

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Innovative Ways to Be Greener in Any Industry

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Business owners, whether they are part of the restaurant, hospitality or retail industries, are always looking for ways to save money, especially during tough economic times. Restaurants: Organic Growing, Composting to Follow.

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What Is the Best Flooring Option for Your Commercial Kitchen?

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Guest Blog commercial kitchens flooring restaurants The flooring in a commercial kitchen needs to withstand far more punishment than in a domestic setting.

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Boost Your Business with a Bespoke Veranda

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Guest Blog canopies carports restaurants veranda verandas As summer draws to a close, many businesses are tightening their belts in anticipation of lower profits this autumn.

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Brasserie Jo, Boston

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Luckily my hotel, The Colonnade, probably noticing all of the left over Subway wrappers invited me to sample the menu at their in-house restaurant, Brasserie Jo. for the first time, in a French restaurant in Boston. The atmosphere in the restaurant was pretty relaxed.

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Linchpin Meet Ups Connect the Globe in One Evening

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Technology of the week: Foursquare City Guides

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I think most of you would have heard of Foursquare but, if not, it is a website and app that brings together restaurant recommendations, hotel picks, must-see places and loads of other useful advice for people travelling […]. Today’s technology of the week: Foursquare city guides.

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Marcelita's – The Reunion Band and Readers

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"Everything, it seems, is a shared office these days"

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This Restaurant Is a Co-Working Space Now. The article covers Spacious , a startup that transforms unused space - especially restaurants outside of meal times - into shared workspaces. And now restaurants — but only before dinnertime."

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Will the Pandemic Destroy Small Businesses?

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Perhaps your local restaurant will not only provide curbside pickup of meals but will develop ‘cook at home’ boxes much like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh. Or maybe they can team up with that local restaurant to become part of the cook at home boxes.

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Academic Study Measures the Pandemic's Impact on Small Businesses

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Not surprisingly, the largest drops in hours worked were in firms in the leisure and entertainment, beauty and personal care, and bars and restaurant industries.

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Interested in Building a Food Delivery App?

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People nowadays prefer food being delivered at the doorstep rather than visiting their favorite restaurant. These apps have also boosted the business of restaurant owners as they are now able to reach out to a more extensive customer base through these applications.

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Can knowing which fork to use help you in your career?

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Here are some etiquette articles I found on how to pass the salt and pepper , is it OK to ask for a doggy bag at a business lunch, how to entertain guests at a restaurant and even something on dining posture while eating. Tags: restaurant etiquette sharing the table with co-workers professional assistant what do I do first? Do people pay attention to our table etiquette when we are entertaining a client, having a lunch interview or when we are at a work function?

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Service Untitled» Blog Archive » Good service valued over good food?

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and Canadian consumers about the value of good service over the quality of food they are given at restaurants. A 55% majority of Americans think restaurant service is getting worse, while 32% think service is improving.

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Marco Pierre White Steakhouse Bar & Grill, Glasgow

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There’s no finer pleasure than visiting a restaurant during its opening week. It’s never the hustle and bustle of TV restaurant opening night; it’s only on the fantasy Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares that you would launch or relaunch a restaurant and decide to pack the place.

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Eating Healthy: When you absolutely must eat fast food are there any healthy options?

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Many of us find it fairly easy to eat healthy when we’re at home and can cook, but what about when you’re traveling by plane or car and all you can find is one fast food restaurant after another? Summer is the time for traveling and enjoying the great outdoors.

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