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Reducing Information Overload (Part 3 of 4 Part Series)

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To continue my series on better managing your day and work, today I am focusing on information overload. I’m sure you can relate. If you missed the prior parts of this series, you can read part 1 here and part 2 here. There’s just too much information out there! In fact, information processing accounts for half the gross national product—and most of it ends up on paper that someone has to read. You don’t have to fall prey to information overload.

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Best Business Books: The First-Time Entrepreneur’s Reading List

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Many of recent history’s well-renowned entrepreneurs are well-read. Take, for example, Elon Musk and Richard Branson. They have an extensive list, ranging from science fiction and fantasy to historical and business books. While reading is just one factor that may contribute to success, it is a habit that heavily influences the mind. So, for someone who’s starting out in the business world, you should choose which ideas inhabit and influence your plans, goals, and strategies.

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VCs Investing Heavily in AI and Machine Learning

Small Business Labs

VC investments in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning more than doubled in 2016, according to the National Venture Capital Association.

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3 Times When an SMB Needs a Lawyer

Small Business CEO

Small business owners should build a relationship with a local attorney and have someone they can call if a legal problem arises. The problem that a lot of small businesses face is that they don’t have the finances to hire a lawyer for all of their needs.

Vague, Vagrant, and Vagabond

Daily Writing Tips

The three words in the title above, and others that share a derivation alluding to a lack of certainty or direction, are defined and discussed in this post. The Latin adjective vagus literally means “wandering” and figuratively refers to uncertainty.

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Abundant Productivity with Damion Lupo


On this episode of the podcast, I am joined by Damion Lupo, a financial mentor and co-author of Reinvented Life. Wherever you are right now, I think this discussion will offer you some helpful advice and practical tips you can use today. Some of the takeaways from our conversation include: The importance of triggers. The questions to ask to find blind spots. How frameworks and structure foster creativity. Why we have a need for stillness and simplicity. Relevant Links: Total Financial Control.


The Hidden Advantages Of Using Nofollow Links For Your SEO Strategy

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What is the ultimate goal of your marketing strategy? For most companies, it is to increase their brand presence. In digital marketing, it is all about getting in the first few ranks of Google search results. You should push your brand towards popularity to increase your ROI. According to the leading SEO companies, it is all about getting the right kind of links. Getting outbound links and inbound links is the perfect way to encourage new customers. This improves search result ranks as well.

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Staying Out Of Debt: 3 Money Habits You Should Be Doing

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Falling into debt is easy. Repaying that debt is much harder. A recent study found that more than a third of all Americans have personal debt that’s at least 180 days past due. While occasional overspending is common, most of these people see debt as a part of their lifestyle. Debt can pile up for a number of reasons, but it’s particularly problematic when people make major purchases without concern for the consequences.

Dream Big: How Small Businesses Become Global Players

Small Business CEO

In today’s vast world, small businesses are a bridge between the local and the global. They may employ far less employees than multinational corporations but that doesn’t mean that they don’t dream big – or that their potential and activities do not have equal reach.

To Maximize Productivity, Trust Experts In Fluid Power

Small Business CEO

When work is occurring on the floor or on site, at varying levels of difficulty, and relies on several different types of machinery to get done, it’s important be confident that the equipment your employees are using is functioning optimally.

When Your Business Should Consider Switching to a VPS

Small Business CEO

There comes a time when a successful small business must look honestly and objectively at whether certain aspects of their infrastructure are indeed helping them to grow.

How to Create the Right Working Environment for Employees

Small Business CEO

When it comes to running a business, it is vital that you take steps to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your employees. First off, failure to do this could result in the breach of health and safety regulations, which could result in big issues for your business.