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Managing your boss’s schedule like a mega star

Practically Perfect PA

In my mind, the single most important aspect of our role is to save our Executive’s time. Create a routine for your Executive. Email Management.

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Psychographic Profiles and Working Yourself to Death in the Gig Economy

Small Business Labs

A recent ad campaign by Fiverr  attracted a lot of attention, most of which was negative. and those who aren't. 

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Guide For The Millennial (And Everyone) Who Plans To Be Big

Dumb Little Man

Most millennials are probably on the verge of looking for their purpose in life. Despite the wide range of goals they have, one thing is sure. A lot of them don’t want to follow the ‘work to live’ kind of mentality. If you are one of these people, knowing how to start your business properly is essential. Build connections.

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Choosing The Right Outsourcing Partner

Small Business CEO

As businesses look to scale their efficiency the global market for nearshore and offshore outsourcing continues to grow.

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If Your Office is Still Using These Two Things, Stop. Now.

Tips From T. Marie

Once upon a time small and medium sized businesses prided themselves on being at the cutting edge of office technology. They were the first to adopt things like electric typewriters, fax machines and yes, even computers. And then they weren’t. In fact, an amazingly embarrassing amount of these same sized businesses are still using ancient.

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3 “Not Only. but Also” Errors with a Choice of Solutions

Daily Writing Tips

One of the most persistent and pernicious types of syntactical errors is the misuse of the point-counterpoint “not only. but also” construction. Styl

2017 14

Career Success A to Z: Q is for Quit

Eat Your Career

This article is part of a series. Learn more about it and access links to other articles in the series here. Today’s topic is a deserving one.

2017 11

Perceptions Matter on the Job

On The Job

Several years ago, I was in a meeting and had just given my report. Are you mad at someone?" he asked. "No, No, why?" I said. Not good. It's not.

2017 11

Evergreen Content Marketing Strategies That Still Work in 2017

Small Business CEO

A lot of posts online define evergreen content marketing, but they don’t really offer any real strategies to use.

2017 14

5 Top Jobs to Pursue Under Trump-onomics

Dumb Little Man

If you’re in the arts or the Environmental Protection Agency, you might be feeling apprehensive about your future. Donald Trump’s recent Federal Budget had some bad news for you. But if one door closes, you should expect another one to open. Oil and Natural Gas Engineers. It’s no secret that Republicans love their hydrocarbons. Military. Lawyers.

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In box zero: yea or nay?

Clutter Coach

by If you’re new to the productivity game, you may not know about Merlin Mann, who invented the game. Well, not exactly. But he did coin “in box zero,” which went viral. His idea was that instead of idly perusing your email in box, you do it with intent. Answer what needs to be answered. File what needs to be filed. Act on what needs to be acted on.

5 Types of Conciseness Solutions

Daily Writing Tips

Various syntactical constructions signal the potential for verbal economy. The agency is analyzing the different types of alternative data available.

How Modern Tech Innovations Reduce Operational Time Losses

Small Business CEO

Increasing Your Research Palette. Oftentimes it can be difficult to find information about a given organization or corporation.

Drop In SEO Rankings: A Guide To Complete Recovery

Dumb Little Man

Say, one fine morning you wake up from sleep, get your quintessential cup of morning coffee and sit down at your workstation, only to find that the ranking of a huge chunk of your website has dropped. Now, before you freak out, make sure it’s actually an SEO ranking drop. Is there an SEO ranking drop at all? Search Engine Watch.

Spring Video Seasonal Message to Clients

Andrea Kalli

Want to wish your clients a Happy Spring? Send them a simple seasonal video greeting and put a smile on their face! Video Marketing

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Why Going Green is Good for Your Furniture

Eco-Office Gals

Many businesses have adopted recycling programs for office paper, inks and toner, plastics, and aluminum as a matter of course. Green Furniture. and 1.6

How to Buy a Franchise Restaurant

Small Business CEO

The restaurant industry has attracted entrepreneurs from all walks of life to try their hand at restaurant management and ownership.

7 Mentally Damaging Habits You Need To Let Go

Dumb Little Man

When we were toddlers, we didn’t understand much of this world. Our minds were too young to understand the way things worked. Because of our fragile age, we were often told how to think, behave, and even how to perceive our lives. The media, our environment, and social system taught us how to live our lives so we can fit in. Being Online Too Often.

2017 11

4 Critical Questions That Help Clarify Your Priorities


This guest post is by Kent Sanders. Kent is an author, college professor, and host of the Born to Create podcast. He writes about mindset and productivity for creatives at You can click here to download a free resource to help you be more productive and creative. You can also connect with Kent on Facebook and Twitter.

How To Conquer The Fear Of Success (Or Failure)

Dumb Little Man

The fear of success is a counter intuitive mindset. It’s one of those things in life that keeps us stuck in a rut or in a downward spiral. Part of us wants to do something and another part says we shouldn’t. So, how can we break the cycle? In this article, I’m going to share with you some theories in overcoming fear of success.

2017 11

Business Blogging: Why Should You Narrow Your Blog Niche

Small Business CEO

In business niche, most people when starting a blog write about lots of stuff. Here is a couple of reasons why. It’s Easier to Write.

2017 7

Tension And Resolution: How To Make Success Effortless

Dumb Little Man

Success has a different meaning for everyone, but, fundamentally, it means achieving the results that you want. It can involve finances, relationships and other personal goals. Almost everyone struggles to be successful and most people associate the struggles they experience as as essential to their success. SIMPLE! But, why is that? Imagination.

The Productivityist Podcast: Zen and The Art of Work with Kourosh Dini


My guest for this episode is Kourosh Dini – a psychiatrist, writer, musician, and author. Some of his works include Zen & The Art of Work, Creating Flow with OmniFocus, and Workflow Mastery. I’ve met Kourosh a couple of years ago when we worked together for the OmniFocus set-up. Relevant Links: Kourosh Dini | Mind, Music, and Technology.