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Connecting Artisan Makers With Retailers and Customers a Rapidly Growing Industry

Small Business Labs

Two companies that connect artisan makers with retailers and customers announced large funding rounds last week. The wholesale marketplace Faire raised $100 million while the wholesale and licensing business Minted said they raised $208 million.

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Six Ways to Stay Motivated during Hideously Boring Tasks

Dumb Little Man

Staying motivated is difficult. Finding motivation to do something you don’t really like is even harder. And when the task is boring, it gets more challenging.

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Do You Need Fast Internet? The Answer May Surprise You

Eco-Office Gals

When it comes to speed, internet users are divided into 3 major camps: people who think they need the fastest internet, people who don’t think they need much internet speed, and people who have no idea what they need.

2018 130

Key skills roundup for 2018

Practically Perfect PA

I hope you enjoy our key skills roundup for 2018. We focussed really heavily this year on increasing our content around the key skills Assistants need to develop in their role this year.

2018 130

How Texting Can Ruin Your Career -- and What to Do About It

On The Job

Everyone knows you shouldn't text and drive, and several cities (such an Honolulu) make it illegal to text and walk. The reason is clear: people driving or walking distracted are not only a danger to others, but to themselves.

2018 130

5 Ways to Stop Millennials From Killing the Workplace

Dumb Little Man

Millennials are accused of killing banks, breakfast cereals, and bars of soap. As they take on leadership roles in companies, how can they keep the workplace humming and thriving in the new gig economy? Short History of Generations at Work.

2018 201

Deliberate Task Management: Responsibility

Simple Productivity Blog

One of the things about living a more deliberate life is that it means I have to take full responsibility for my decisions. It has been brought home to me that what I do is a choice, which requires a decision, and this has led me to consider more of what I am doing - and not doing - at any time.

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Gig Workers and Economic Anxiety

Small Business Labs

Marketplace and Edison research recently released Americans and the Gig Economy, a survey of gig workers.    The survey covered a lot of ground, including finding about 24% of American 18 and older are gig workers. This works out to a bit more than 60 million. 

2018 162

If Your Goals Don’t Scare You, You’re Setting Them Wrong

Dumb Little Man

“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short, but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.” – Michelangelo. When I was six years old, my alcoholic mother forced me to drink saltwater, then laughed in my face as I vomited into the sink.

2018 185

11 Writing Exercises to Inspire You and Strengthen Your Writing

Daily Writing Tips

Whether you’re writing just for fun, for school, or with professional goals in mind, these exercises can all help you to improve your writing. Some will give you inspiration, others will help you avoid editing as you write, and many of them will help you pay closer attention to your word choices.

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Career development round up for 2018

Practically Perfect PA

Welcome to the career development round up for 2018. This year we have written a lot of blog posts dedicated to the career development of our Practically Perfect PA readers!

2018 130

The Secret to Exhibition Success

Small Business CEO

Having a successful exhibition is all about being organized and knowing the steps you should take. However, doing so isn’t as easy as it sounds because there’s a lot to consider. What do you need to do before the exhibit? Who will oversee the brochures and booklets printing ?

2018 68

Alien Landscapes: Places on Earth You Should Totally See

Dumb Little Man

Planet Earth has more than its share of magnificent spectacles, many of which tourists queue to see.

2018 171

On Being Steadily Fluid

Brilliantly Better

Bruce Lee famously said once: “Be like water my friend, be like water. If you pour water in a bottle, water becomes the bottle.” ” I thought a lot about stability versus fluidity lately. If you look at these two concepts… The post On Being Steadily Fluid appeared first on Dragos Roua. Blogging

2018 40

7 Actionable Hacks for Creating a High Converting Website Homepage

Dumb Little Man

Ask any E-commerce business and they will say that their biggest concern is driving traffic to their website. However, what many businesses don’t do is look at the big picture. They don’t take into account what happens when that traffic actually reaches their website.

2018 164

How to Tell Someone You’re a Recovering Addict

Dumb Little Man

Many recovering addicts view getting sober as a chance to start over and re-invent themselves. The process is challenging, but the benefits are worth the work. Unfortunately, telling people you’re in recovery can be just as daunting.

2018 161

DumbLittleMan’s Wellness and Productivity Gift Guide 2018

Dumb Little Man

Buying gifts this Christmas season isn’t as easy as you might think. With all the choices, you can easily end up spending hours and hours thinking about the perfect gift. And who has such free time?

2018 169

5 Tips for Finding a Fitness Program That You’ll Never Want to Quit

Dumb Little Man

It’s happened again. You gave up on another workout plan. You’ve gone through at least half a dozen and haven’t stuck to one. You vowed that this time would different, that you would push yourself and see this through to the end.

2018 158

Choosing the Right Shipping Partner for Your Business

Small Business CEO

If you are a starting a business or you are simply fed up with your current shipping partner and are looking for options in the market, this article is for you. The following points are important factors you should evaluate before choosing the right shipping partner for your business: Price.

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