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What are The Fastest Growing Industries for 2017 and Why?

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Here are three of the biggest growth industries to get into in 2017: Cosmetic procedures & plastic surgery.

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2014 MBO Partners State of Independence Report Released

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million 15+ hour independent workers by 2019.  The 4th annual MBO Partners State of Independence study was released yesterday.

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The Under Educated Male

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      Even more alarming, the gap is forecast to grow with 60% of all college students being women in 2019 (up from 57% in 2011). 

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Wage Versus Education Gap

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Their are two really interesting male/female gaps in the U.S. Also getting little attention is the fact that these two gaps are linked. than men.

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Is “Dystopic” a Word?

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of Ridley Scott’s film was a dreary, dark, dystopic nightmare set in 2019.— For example: The L.A. Laist , Los Angeles website.

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More Data Showing Women Outperforming Men in College

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Currently about 57% of all college students are women and this percentage is expected to grow to 60% by 2019. The BLS recently released a report showing that the college education gap between women and men continues to widen. Also, about the same percentage of women (14%) and men (13%) are enrolled in college at age 25.   women

Chart Shows Why You Should Go To College

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 Women currently comprise about 58% of college students and this is expected to grow to 60% by 2019. women