5 Personal Finance Tips for Doctors

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Here are some simple yet powerful personal finance tips curated with you in mind: 1. … The post 5 Personal Finance Tips for Doctors appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO. Finance doctors personal finance

Debt Financing Vs Equity Financing: Getting Your Business Off the Ground

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Unless your business has a massive balance sheet, you will need financing at some point. For small businesses, you might have to choose between different financing options, keeping in mind that each of these options has its own advantages and disadvantages. Debt Financing.

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5 Important Tips on Sharing Finances in Marriage

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If you’re currently in the same situation and looking to keep your marriage, take a look at these five tips on sharing finances in marriage. Work together and start sharing finances in marriage to achieve your goals and dreams in life. The post 5 Important Tips on Sharing Finances in Marriage appeared first on Dumb Little Man. Since we’re kids, we’ve been told that men are breadwinners.

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The Difference Between a Finance Degree and an Accounting Degree

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If you have an analytic mind and enjoy working with numbers, you might want to consider a finance or accounting degree. Finance and accounting are both math-focused careers that are integral to the success of all types of institutions.

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Eight Ways Entrepreneurs Can Finance their Business Ideas

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Every entrepreneur or startup owner faces the biggest concern of financing their business. Before digging deep into the topic, it is necessary to go through two ways of financing your business — Equity and Debt. The post Eight Ways Entrepreneurs Can Finance their Business Ideas appeared first on Dumb Little Man. With minimal experience and no business background, entrepreneurs find it very hard to get the money at the initial level.

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This is Why your Business Should Consider Invoice Financing

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Invoice financing is something that can make a huge difference to your cash flow issues, but it’s also something that many business owners don’t know much about. … The post This is Why your Business Should Consider Invoice Financing appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO.

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How to Finance A Startup Business

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Yes, you have a wonderful business idea that will surely take off, but she brought up a very important point: How are you going to finance it? Don’t fret as we share with you the best tips on financing your business. Remember to be realistic about this financing option. Companies such as Amazon, Starbucks, and Uber have taken advantage of VC financing in the past, too. The post How to Finance A Startup Business appeared first on Dumb Little Man.

9. Finance for Recruitment Entrepreneurs

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Many new entrepreneurs who are not basically finance professionals, struggle with the jargons used in finance and accounts. The objective of this piece is to acquaint recruitment entrepreneurs with the basic structure of finance and accounts required for a small business to start with. Legal Structure of Business As already […] Source. Blogs

Six Ways Brexit Could Affect Global Finances

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Although the direction Brexit is taking is still uncertain, there is no denying that it is going to influence more than the UK or the EU’s finances. The post Six Ways Brexit Could Affect Global Finances appeared first on Dumb Little Man. With the UK still locked in negotiations with the 27 member states of the EU following the country’s decision to leave the Union, a great deal of uncertainty still remains about what form a post-Brexit world will take.

Bootstrapping Your Business: One Founder’s Journey to Self-Financing

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While I can only speak for myself, I wanted to bring you an honest, uncut, and (mostly) uncensored view of one founder’s journey with no external finance. The post Bootstrapping Your Business: One Founder’s Journey to Self-Financing appeared first on Dumb Little Man. Being a founder of a business is never easy, but when you are bootstrapping along the way, eventual success can feel impossible.

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Behavioral Finance Lessons for Entrepreneurs

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  The academic fields of behavioral finance and behavioral economics have changed this by including social, psychological and emotional factors in the analysis of economic and financial issues.  This is part of a broader - and very interesting - special section on behavioral finance. Finance trends

Where a Career in Finance Can Take You

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If you are looking for the perfect career option, you might be thinking about majoring in finance. These are some of the potential careers in finance you can look into. Some people need a lot of help with their personal finances. After majoring in finance, you can choose to help people with their personal finances by becoming a financial planner. You’ll need a broad and varied view of finances and be able to advise on a variety of financial topics.

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10 Easy Money Hacks to Improve Your Finances

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Personal finance doesn’t have to complicated. The following are 10 easy money hacks that can take your personal finance management to the next level: Online Shopping. Your credit score will play a huge role in your life as far as the finances are concerned. The best personal finance apps in the market are capable of reading your emails and SMS for automated tracking, creating detailed reports, suggesting payment methods and credit cards that offer discounts, etc.

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Finances made easy

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Read the full article here:… Read the full article here: Finances made easy on: THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG. Check out these great tutorial videos for the WinWeb Accounting App that have been featured over at GetApp. Watching them is a great way for you to get familiar with the app before purchasing it, or for current users to learn tips and tricks that they might not know about!

What to Do When Pandemic Affects Your Finances

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It’s essential to anticipate such situations and take steps that will enable you to manage your finances in the event of a pandemic.… … The post What to Do When Pandemic Affects Your Finances appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO. Finance budgeting pandemic

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Factors to Consider When Selecting the Appropriate Financing Option

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You have to pick between debt and equity financing? Under debt financing, you will borrow money from a lender at an interest and you will be expected to repay the money after an agreed duration. On the other hand, equity financing is where you trade the ownership of your company for investment funds. As a result of the disparity associated with these business financing options, you cannot get funds from either source blindly. All forms of equity financing require time.

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Why Most People Fail At Trying To Grow Their Personal Finances

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Every person must have a good handle on his or her finances to be able to navigate life easily and with a positive outlook. It’s equally important to have a strategy that causes those finances to grow. Finance personal finance

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More Small Businesses Turning to Online Lenders for Financing

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Small businesses seeking financing were approved at higher rates by online lenders than traditional lenders. Finance Small Business EconomyThe Federal Reserve recently released its 2019 Small Business Credit Survey.    A key finding is the use of online lending sources by small businesses is rapidly expanding.    As the study chart below shows (click to enlarge), in 2018 32% of small businesses seeking credit applied to an online lender.

Financial Management Tips: Properly Managing Your Finances During A Divorce

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While feeling overwhelmed over a divorce, it is easy to get side tracked on things that need to have your attention, such as personal finances. When it comes to having to deal with important finances such as your assets, your best bet is to contact a lawyer, tax advisor, and a home loan expert. It is not recommended that you deal with these types of finances on your own, and they should be left to the professionals.

Future Finances: How to Ready Yourself for the Retirement Years

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The post Future Finances: How to Ready Yourself for the Retirement Years appeared first on Dumb Little Man. One day you will awake and it will be the first day of your retirement. At that moment, a lifetime of habits dealing with money will become crystal clear. Your financial future as a retiree depends on honestly assessing your retirement planning now. It is crucial you calculate how much you must save to be ready for retirement.

Top 4 Tips for Getting Your Finances Ready for Retirement

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In addition to mentally preparing yourself, you will also need to get your finances ready for the next few decades. The post Top 4 Tips for Getting Your Finances Ready for Retirement appeared first on Dumb Little Man. After working for decades, getting ready to become a retiree often feels overwhelming. Taking the time to make plans now will give you peace of mind knowing that you will be financially stable for many years to come. Aggressively Settle Your Debts.

5 Financing Options for Businesses to access Quick Cash

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Many factors have been linked to startup failure, but financing has proved to be the main challenge. This guide explains five of the best financing options you can use to kick start your business if you’re not sure about how to finance your ideas. Option #1: Personal Finance. Personal finance is probably the easiest way to finance your business.… Entrepreneurs Finance business financing

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Why Liquid Net Worth Matters So Much To Your Finances

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Finances are a multifaceted, fickle subject for many. Whatever situation you find yourself in, there is no denying that your finances can cut across various aspects of your life and sometimes sneak up on you and knock the literal breath out of you. Finance financial liquidity net wort

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3 Things You Should Keep In Mind About Fiancés and Finances

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And yet, finances is another variable that couples must consider seriously before they pledge to a lifelong commitment. If you are thinking of going into a longterm relationship or are already in the middle of one, here is a must-read list of tips about couples and finances. If you’re not feeling convinced, consider that finances are the number one cause of relationships stress. See Also: 5 Ground Rules to Keep Finances from Killing Your Relationship.

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Greening Up Your Business Finances

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And you might be surprised to learn that there are even ways to do so when it comes to your business finances. For example, many people have already switched to online banking and bill pay when it comes to their personal finances. In addition, some institutions will happily give you a minor discount for going this route, meaning you could save money in addition to the other benefits of adopting a digital policy for your finances.

CFO's Top Corporate Finance Trends for 2013

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Key quote for SMBs from this trend is "With the price of predictive analytics and Big Data tools falling, the finance folks at SMBs seem likely to pull open their firms’ purse strings." Interesting 2013 trends list from CFO Magazine.  Their six trends are: 1.    The pressure on CFOs to unlock corporate cash hordes will grow. Billions and billions are sitting corporate balance sheets basically earning bupkis due to low interest rates.

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4 Steps to Prepare Your Personal Finances for Starting a Business

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It might surprise you, but part of planning for your business success includes some attention to your personal finances. How Your Personal Finances Affect Your Business. It seems like your personal and your business finances would be two separate things, right?

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Confidentiality in Invoice Finance

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What’s your business’ most valuable asset? Throwing this question at several entrepreneurs, you would expect to get responses such as equipment, plant & machinery and freehold premises. However, the largest asset for many businesses, especially SMEs, is often their unpaid sales ledger invoices. In this economic climate, your sales ledger is a financial resource that…

The Top 5 Unique Ways To Finance Your Small Business

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But other “outside the box” options are available for companies who need financing. … The post The Top 5 Unique Ways To Finance Your Small Business appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO. Finance small business financingMost small businesses will face the challenge of raising capital for their day to day operations. We know it’s difficult to convince a bank or traditional lender that your business will be successful.

4 Ways to Spend Less Time On Your Personal Finances

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If you''re not reading this from Productivity Bits - Smart Productivity and GTD Hacks , please read the original post here 4 Ways to Spend Less Time On Your Personal Finances. Personal Finance budget getting things done gtd with money money personal finance Productivity Thank you for subscribing! Please grab my free productivity ebook!

Invoice Finance improves your Cashflow

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As the world continues to recover from the pitfalls of the economic recession, businesses seek out ways to obtain conventional business finance and keep their debt at minimal level. This causes a huge strain on the cash flow of businesses especially those actively involved in day-to-day commercial operations. Businesses that sell to other businesses prioritise…

Top 10 Amazing College Finance Stats

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  Here are my top 10 amazing college finance stats: 1. The University's Dilemma , from Strategy + Business, is a fascinating article covering the business model problems and risks faced by America's colleges and universities. The article includes some amazing financial stats. I did some digging and found more. Tuition at four year universities has tripled in constant dollars over the past 30 years — a faster rate of increase than healthcare. Total U.S.

Easy Steps to Finance and Start Your Business

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… The post Easy Steps to Finance and Start Your Business appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO. Finance business financingStarting a business is no easy thing. It takes a resilient approach, dedication, hard work, and sleepless nights to see your business aspirations come to fruition. If you don’t have what it takes for a business start-up, then it’s high time you considered other options. When starting a business, whether small or big, you need access to capital.

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Financing for Businesses

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For a company, particularly a start-up one, financing is a crucial step, essential to the survival of the business. Self-explanatory, this term means to loan a specific amount to the bank in order to finance customer accounts, inventories, purchase of equipment or other expenses related to the business. … Finance business financing business funding You are about to realize the dream of a lifetime : starting a business.

7 Ways to Know The Best Car Financing Option

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Since the information that you find can educate you on what you need to do as well as not to do, you will have a better chance at finding a new vehicle that you love with the financing options that’s best for you. So, as you begin to look for your financing, here are 7 ways to know the best car finance option. Finance Option is in Your Best Interest. … The post 7 Ways to Know The Best Car Financing Option appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO.

5 Alternative Financing Options for Startups

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If you’re struggling to get the capital you need for your startup, consider these four alternative financing options. … Finance alternative financing startup fundingLack of funding is one of the biggest hurdles startups face. Banks are reluctant to lend to a brand-new business – or even an established business. Even loans from the Small Business Administration can be tough to secure.

Need to Finance Your Real Estate Business? Here’s How

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Financing your real estate business has never been easier than it is now. … The post Need to Finance Your Real Estate Business? There are many different options available for you to fund your business and achieve your dreams.

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5+1 Things I learned From The Best Personal Finance Books

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If you are one of these people, here are some of the most important personal finance tips I can share with you. This is one of the best personal finance tips that is often overlooked by a lot of people. The post 5+1 Things I learned From The Best Personal Finance Books appeared first on Dumb Little Man. Although we live in a time where we can literally find everything and anything online, there are still a lot of people who are clueless when it comes to money.

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Finance Fixer: Essential Guide to the Art of Budgeting

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It would be easy to bat around figures and statistics about the rate of inflation rising faster than the rate of pay and so on and so forth; at the end of the day, the only important… Read the full article here: Finance Fixer: Essential Guide to the Art of Budgeting on: THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG. Guest Blog budget budgeting FinanceIn light of recent economic ‘hiccups,’ it’s not surprising that we’re all feeling the strain at the minute.

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Trade Finance could expand your business

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Trade finance is a form of business finance that funds the cashflow gap between the purchase and sale of goods. In this current economic climate, businesses – especially those looking to expand – tend to trade with other organisations beyond national borders. It can enable businesses to capitalise on the global trade market conditions to…

How to Find Finance Without Calling Your Bank

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Accessing finance at key moments is very often absolutely critical for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) and for obvious reasons. The problem is that banks aren’t always ready to offer loans or financing facilities that SMBs need and in many cases they’re reluctant to lend money even to perfectly viable and successful companies. … Finance alternative financing alternative funding business financing business funding

Could Invoice Financing Benefit Your Business?

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Invoice financing can be a highly useful tool for start-ups looking to raise capital quickly, yet a large number of business owners don’t consider it as an option when they’re attempting to increase their available funds. In fact, many don’t even know what it is… What is Invoice Financing? Invoice financing is an asset-based means of borrowing capital. … Finance invoice financing

Take Control of Your Finances in 2012

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When it comes to managing the financial aspect of running your business, do you know exactly how much money is coming into and going out of your business each month? Do you immediately know whether you can afford to take advantage of an opportunity that comes your way? As a business owner you should be able to answer yes to both of these questions, and if you can’t, then do join us for this workshop where I’ll take you step-by-step through creating your Financial Management System.

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