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The Revolutionary Assistant Facebook Live Recap with Joan and Jasmine

Office Dynamics

The post The Revolutionary Assistant Facebook Live Recap with Joan and Jasmine appeared first on Office Dynamics. Courageous conversations.

How to Use Facebook for Your Business

The Small Business Blog

As Facebook has grown, so have the opportunities and challenges for businesses to get in front of their ideal consumers.

Should You Friend Your Boss On Facebook?

Dumb Little Man

“Do I friend my boss on Facebook or not?” – that is the question that many working people ask themselves today. So, […]. Lifehacks

Infographic: Facebook Posting

The Small Business Blog

Your small business probably already has a Facebook page.

Facebook Live Interview with Mentors & Masterminds, Tara Browne

Office Dynamics

The post Facebook Live Interview with Mentors & Masterminds, Tara Browne appeared first on Office Dynamics. Mentors & Masterminds, a dating service for administrative professionals looking for their perfect mentor match! Tune in and hear Tara’s story on how this project was formed and where it’s going.

Can Facebook emotionally manipulate customer service?

Service Untitled

Some Facebook users were presented with happy and positive content and words, while others were saturated with sadder content and words.

Will Facebook Replace Traditional Websites?

Small Business Labs

  Last year we wondered if social media in general and Facebook in particular could replace traditional websites.    But despite the feedback, many small businesses are using Facebook for their firm's primary website.    27% said they are planning on increasing their spend due to social media.   

27% of Small Businesses Using Facebook

Small Business Labs

As the chart below (chart 14 from the report) shows, Facebook is used by 27% of small businesses for business purposes.  economy. 

Can We Really Trust Facebook With Our Online Identity?

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Before Facebook. For most of us, our online identity is owned by Facebook. Is Facebook creepy? Before Twitter. Now it’s not.

Facebook the new AOL?

The Small Business Blog

In an excellent article about “What Facebook Really Wants“, Nicholas Thompson of The New Yorker Magazine, writes about how Facebook is trying to create a sub-internet, an all encompassing online world for its users. …

Out And Away From Facebook

Brilliantly Better

As many of you may know already, I decided to suspend my Facebook account. In fact, I decided to suspend my Facebook activity, the account suspension was just a consequence of that. Also, you can find it on the right sidebar (discretely replacing the Facebook icon, of course). Facebook Unfulfilled Promise. No Farmville.

How to Advertise on Facebook Profitably for Small Businesses? (Infographic)

Small Business CEO

And that is Facebook. … Marketing facebook advertising facebook marketing social media marketing

A Facebook for Dogs

Small Business Labs

The quantified dog startup Whistle  is expanding its product line to include a Facebook-like social network offering for dogs.

One Big Reason Why You Should Go On A Facebook Diet

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Using Facebook is fun, but it's not the best experience that life has to offer. It isn't close. Top 100? Read more ».

Life After Twitter And Facebook

Brilliantly Better

But instead of all the Earth being hit, let’s pretend that only two major things are hit: Twitter and Facebook. Lets try to imagine our life after the sad end of Twitter and Facebook. Post tags: facebook , social media , twittrer. Relationships & Society Travel & Fun facebook social media twittrerPresto!&#.

Organize Facebook with Lists

Office Organization Success

One of the features I love about Facebook is the ability to be able to group your friends by lists; so instead of wading through hundreds of status updates, you can quickly scan what’s going on by going through one of your lists. I have separate lists for friends, family, clients etc. Quick Biz Tip

Clean up the Clutter on Your Facebook Newsfeed - Productive.

Productive & Organized

  I use Facebook to build new relationships and reconnect with people.    If you are among the growing crowd of people that avoid Facebook because you just don't have timeor don't care to scroll through the myriad of games your friends are participating in, today I'll share how to get rid of the clutter. 

Top Tricks to Invigorate Your Facebook Marketing Efforts

Small Business CEO

Do you know about the smart and power packed tools available for fine tuning all your Facebook marketing efforts?

Tired Of Hearing About Facebook? The Value of a Facebook Fan May Change Your Mind

Small Business CEO

Furthermore, Facebook is about the easiest way to reach out to family and friends. In Depth Look: Facebook Fans and Company Revenue.

Three Reasons I Hate My Facebook ‘Friends’

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I hate Facebook – that seems like the best way to start a discussion about my friends. I […]. Happiness Lifehacks Productivity

Communicating With Small Businesses Using Facebook

Small Business Labs

  Yet another example of the growing power of Facebook.      But I digress. communicating directly with you)?

Social Bizzle – Facebook Help for Small Business

The Small Business Blog

At the SME Blog we are always keen to promote great ideas that help small businesses. That’s why we want to tell our readers all about this great idea from the folks at Social Bizzle. Social Bizzle is doing something very unique and beneficial for UK small businesses in 2012 that we here really approve…

The Facebook Changes: How Will They Affect Solopreneurs?

The Solopreneur Life

I spent most of mine beefing up The Solopreneur Life’s Facebook “fan&# page. But when I heard late last week about the latest Facebook changes, I knew it was a game-changer for me, and I suspect it will have big implications for a huge number of solopreneurs. Knowing that Facebook now was viable, I had work to do.

Results of the 2014 Solopreneur Survey: Quality of Life is Up, Expectations are Up, Facebook is Down

The Solopreneur Life

Q uality of life improved for solopreneurs in 2014, solopreneurs have high expectations for 2015, and Facebook has fallen out of favor. in 2014.

2013 51

Local Business – Only 1.3% of Fans Actively Engage on Facebook

Small Business CEO

If you think about it, once you ‘like’ a local business page, how often do you actively engage with that business via Facebook?

The Small Business Blog On Facebook

The Small Business Blog

A week ago, I launched a new Facebook Page for The Small Business Blog – please come and join me to talk about anything to do with small business, micro business, home business, self-employed, business start-up … Tell me what you think about my blog posts, leave your writing (comments) on my wall, give me…

Increasing customer service popularity with Facebook

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In the very complex world of algorithms, Facebook business pages crawl to the top of the popularity lists through comments, shares, and “likes.”

Targeted Facebook Ads: How They Work and How to Make Them Work for You

Small Business CEO

For small- to medium-size businesses (SMBs), targeted marketing is a powerful tool for better customer connections.

Vanish, Facebook and helping yourself by helping your customers

The Small Business Blog

Business Advice Business Marketing Customer Service Marketing/PR business advice customer care Facebook small business tips Social media for business

2012 11

Four Tips For Small Businesses Using Facebook As Their Main Website

Small Business CEO

More and more small businesses are setting up their Web headquarters on Facebook instead of a traditional website. What is entertaining content?

Like. Hate. Leave. – The Facebook Lifecycle?

The Small Business Blog

ACT 1: Like Facebook is free to use, many got involved in a delirium of the… Many years ago someone said to me, ‘It is good to be greedy, but not good to be too greedy!’ ’ I think we live in a time when this little proverb is more true than ever, in my lifetime.

Office Dynamics Recap From Admin Pro Forum In Orlando

Office Dynamics

While in Orlando we thought it would be fun to record a few Facebook Live posts while we were at the event. Day 1 – Admin Pro Forum Event.

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Google Vs. Facebook: Whose Data Is It Anyway?

The Small Business Blog

But this week saw a new danger emerge to innocent users and any small business using these API technologies; manifesting itself in the Google vs. Facebook business ego clash ! In my opinion, data always belongs to the user and not to any online software vendor, even the likes of Google or Facebook. Share This.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Twitter Vs Facebook

Small Business CEO

By now we all realize that Facebook and Twitter can have some advantages in marketing our small businesses.

Facebook, here comes SPB!

Simple Productivity Blog

I finally bit the bullet and decided to add a Facebook page for the blog. It can be found at SimpleProductivityBlog on Facebook. Feel free to share articles, comment, etc. there. Don’t be afraid to friend the blog! Thanks for subscribing to the RSS feed for SimpleProductivityBlog. Blog Business

Beginning Your Job Search? Start By Building Your Brand

Office Dynamics

Don’t stop there, though; get your Twitter and Facebook up to date so they represent the face that you want employers to see.

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Reinforces my recent decision to delete my Facebook.

Denise Aday

Reinforces my recent decision to delete my Facebook account. Facebook earned $1.1 Facebook tax reform tax loopholes one percent

Ideas For Adding Personality To Your Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

Small Business CEO

Whether you like it or not Facebook will be upgrading everyone’s page with the new timeline design on March 30, 2012.

Top 5 Tips for Small Business Facebook Marketing

The Small Business Blog

Use the statistics that Facebook provide to learn… Top 5 Tips posts are always full of hints and tips for small, home & micro business owners. Small businesses should try to provide relevant local content that their fans might be interested in. You need to understand your audience and what their needs are.

Three Ways To Be A Career Assistant

Office Dynamics

We’ve been having so much fun with Facebook Live. We jumped onto Facebook Live to talk about the topic of being a career assistant.

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