Infographic: Facebook Posting

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Your small business probably already has a Facebook page. If you are disappointed with the level of engagement that you currently achieve through your posts on… Read the full article here: Infographic: Facebook Posting on: THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG.

Infographic: Facebook Advertising

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Like most of us, you probably use Facebook on a daily basis with the understanding that the service you receive is funded by advertising. Any companies… Read the full article here: Infographic: Facebook Advertising on: THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG.

How to Use Facebook for Your Business

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As Facebook has grown, so have the opportunities and challenges for businesses to get in front of their ideal consumers. Guest Blog Facebook Facebook for Small Business Facebook Marketing

Facebook Announces Libra, a New Cryptocurrency

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Last week Facebook announced Libra , a new cryptocurrency.   While Facebook is the driving force behind Libra, it’s created a foundation that other organizations can join. According to Facebook the main near term market for Libra is the 1.7

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Facebook Changes Got You Down?

Andrea Kalli

By AndreaKalli For those that live in Facebook -land, you know the pain of their platform changes when they affect Facebook Pages. If the owner wants a Page, that Page is constructed separately and then once it is constructed, they can then start the Facebook Assurance Program.

Should You Friend Your Boss On Facebook?

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“Do I friend my boss on Facebook or not?” – that is the question that many working people ask themselves today. The post Should You Friend Your Boss On Facebook?

Facebook Releases Marketplace to Compete with Craigslist

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  Today Facebook released their Craigslist competitor, called Marketplace. Like Craigslist, Facebook does not facilitate the payment or delivery of items listed or sold in Marketplace. Facebook first launched a Marketplace type product in 2007, but it wasn't successful.

Vanish, Facebook and helping yourself by helping your customers

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Business Advice Business Marketing Customer Service Marketing/PR business advice customer care Facebook small business tips Social media for business

A Facebook for Dogs

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The quantified dog startup Whistle  is expanding its product line to include a Facebook-like social network offering for dogs. OK, the dogs won't be doing the networking. Their owners will.

Three Reasons I Hate My Facebook ‘Friends’

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I hate Facebook – that seems like the best way to start a discussion about my friends. This post is about Facebook ‘friends’; and the loss of common manners when it comes to sharing content on social media.

Yes, Your Business Needs a Facebook Page

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And although I myself sort of dragged my heels at first, I have come to the conclusion that when it comes to social media for business, a Facebook Page is a necessity. The problem is, many small businesses are overwhelmed by social media and find the Facebook Page a bit confusing. Facebook is the devil.” Below are a few simple tips and hints to help you utilize the power of Facebook for your biz. First, your profile is what you get when you sign up for Facebook.

4 Good Reasons For Marketing With Facebook

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Have you ever thought of marketing with Facebook ? If you’re not sure where to get started on your online marketing strategy, why not start where everyone already is: Facebook! Facebook gives your business a personality. Facebook makes you accessible to your customers.

Facebook the new AOL?

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In an excellent article about “What Facebook Really Wants“, Nicholas Thompson of The New Yorker Magazine, writes about how Facebook is trying to create a sub-internet, an all encompassing online world for its users. Nicholas is clearly worried about a future where one organization controls your online life, tells you what to think and read …

Facebook, here comes SPB!

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I finally bit the bullet and decided to add a Facebook page for the blog. It can be found at SimpleProductivityBlog on Facebook. Feel free to share articles, comment, etc. there. Don’t be afraid to friend the blog! Thanks for subscribing to the RSS feed for SimpleProductivityBlog. More great content can be found on the site at Blog Business

Check Out what’s New with Facebook in 2018

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Facebook is undoubtedly the largest and most loved social media platform currently. During the 2018 Facebook F8 developers’ conference, Mark Zuckerberg and his team proudly announced plenty of innovative and fresh features that the platform would be introducing before the year ends.

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Organize Facebook with Lists

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One of the features I love about Facebook is the ability to be able to group your friends by lists; so instead of wading through hundreds of status updates, you can quickly scan what’s going on by going through one of your lists. I have separate lists for friends, family, clients etc. And one of my favourite lists is to group my Page Likes together – so I have a list for business pages and a separate list for personal pages. Quick Biz Tip

How to Advertise on Facebook Profitably for Small Businesses? (Infographic)

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And that is Facebook. Facebook is ideal for small businesses because its granular targeting options allows you to focus your limited budget on where it matters.… … Marketing facebook advertising facebook marketing social media marketing

Facebook Live Interview with Mentors & Masterminds, Tara Browne

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The post Facebook Live Interview with Mentors & Masterminds, Tara Browne appeared first on Office Dynamics. Admin Assistant Training Career Management Leadership Self Development Technology Trending Workplace Tools #adminconf Audacious Admin career advancement conference for assistants creativity Facebook Live interview masterminds Mentors & Masterminds mentorship professional development revolutionary assistant

How To Trick Out A Facebook Business Page | Internet Marketing.

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Can have up to 10 separate incidences of individual coded areas Facebook Notes – the only place to put blog rss feed where it updates the Page Wall. Facebook doesn’t like them. The more that people comment, the more their own Facebook friends will see the link to your page.

Top Tricks to Invigorate Your Facebook Marketing Efforts

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Why waste your time and cloud your mind on Facebook marketing tricks that even your neighbor is aware of, when real differentiation can only be enjoyed by leveraging the best guarded Facebook marketing secrets? … Social Media facebook marketing

What Does Your Facebook Photo Say About You?

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It’s often said that people make a judgment about you within seconds of meeting you, and now new research shows the same may be true even when they’re viewing your photo on Facebook. In the University of Missouri study , Facebook profile photos were shown to about 100 college students.

My Facebook Break-Up

Denise Aday

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Facebook for a good while now and have considered leaving the social media platform several times — lately with increasing frequency. Of course, no response has been forthcoming from Facebook about the complaint.

Minimizing The Facebook Time Sink/Information Overload

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I still consider Facebook a massive waste of my time, and that has become even more apparent since I signed up. My husband is an avid Facebook user. And I would hear something in passing, and the response would be, “Well, I put it on Facebook.&#.

How Evolving Technologies And Facebook Are Deploying Big Data

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Facebook And Big Data. See Also: 4 Good Reasons For Marketing With Facebook. One of the largest Big Data experts is Facebook. Whether it’s a wall post or your favorite movies and books, Facebook surveys each and every bit of your data. Some Of The Contributors Behind Facebook’s Big Data. Facebook manages the biggest Hadoop cluster. In fact, its first user-facing app, Facebook Messenger, is based on Hadoop database. Each day, 2.5

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The Facebook Organic Growth Tactic that Everybody Forgets

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This is going to boost your organic reach on Facebook and boost credibility. You will get the top position at Facebook professional services. It’s Facebook reviews, a new (or not so new), but very effective growth hacking tactic. That’s right, Facebook. See Also: 4 Good Reasons For Marketing With Facebook. 71% of people say that they trust Facebook reviews more than any other website. Facebook reviews, before Yelp and even Google.

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Like. Hate. Leave. – The Facebook Lifecycle?

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ACT 1: Like Facebook is free to use, many got involved in a delirium of the… Many years ago someone said to me, ‘It is good to be greedy, but not good to be too greedy!’ ’ I think we live in a time when this little proverb is more true than ever, in my lifetime.

The Facebook Changes: How Will They Affect Solopreneurs?

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I spent most of mine beefing up The Solopreneur Life’s Facebook “fan&# page. But when I heard late last week about the latest Facebook changes, I knew it was a game-changer for me, and I suspect it will have big implications for a huge number of solopreneurs. Facebook, all of a sudden, is in play for solopreneurs’ social-media efforts. I have one Facebook account, and within that account are my personal page and my business “fan&# page.

Google Vs. Facebook: Whose Data Is It Anyway?

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But this week saw a new danger emerge to innocent users and any small business using these API technologies; manifesting itself in the Google vs. Facebook business ego clash ! The upshot of this ego clash is that users will no longer be able to exchange data between Google and Facebook, as Google is no longer allowing the Facebook – Google API Bridge to work, sighting ‘unfair’ behavior of Facebook.

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New Facebook class from VAClassroom

Loosely Speaking

Facebook just keeps changing. It can be very confusing to stay current with how things work and if you’re supporting clients who need help in this area, the onus is on you to spend considerable effort to stay on top of the latest changes to this ubiquitous social media.

Out And Away From Facebook

Brilliantly Better

As many of you may know already, I decided to suspend my Facebook account. In fact, I decided to suspend my Facebook activity, the account suspension was just a consequence of that. Also, you can find it on the right sidebar (discretely replacing the Facebook icon, of course). Facebook Unfulfilled Promise. One of the most important reasons for this move was the amount of time I was (uselessly) spending on Facebook each day. Facebook Good Points.

Are you keeping your kids safe on Facebook?

Virtual Moxie

And you can also join in the conversation about Moxie posts happening over on my Facebook page Recent Comments Stephanie on Speed is the enemy of many good things. » July 13, 2010 Are you keeping your kids safe on Facebook? Facebook Guide for Parents can help!

Will Facebook Replace Traditional Websites?

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  Last year we wondered if social media in general and Facebook in particular could replace traditional websites.    But despite the feedback, many small businesses are using Facebook for their firm's primary website.    We're also seeing a growing number of new small businesses choosing Facebook over a traditional website for their web presence. 

Life After Twitter And Facebook

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But instead of all the Earth being hit, let’s pretend that only two major things are hit: Twitter and Facebook. Lets try to imagine our life after the sad end of Twitter and Facebook. Many years after the complete extinction of Twitter and Facebook, a brilliant (yet strangely unadapted) student, dumped by his girlfriend, will want to show to the whole world that he’s not as bad as he looks. Post tags: facebook , social media , twittrer.

Is Facebook Replacing Traditional Websites?

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» July 13, 2010 Is Facebook Replacing Traditional Websites?   We've noticed a steady increase in the number of small businesses using Facebook as their primary or exclusive website.  Because it is easy to do, small businesses might be tempted with Facebook.

Social Bizzle – Facebook Help for Small Business

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At the SME Blog we are always keen to promote great ideas that help small businesses. That’s why we want to tell our readers all about this great idea from the folks at Social Bizzle. Social Bizzle is doing something very unique and beneficial for UK small businesses in 2012 that we here really approve…

Facebook Strategy For Your Small Business

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Do you have it backwards when it comes to Facebook? Here’s what no one in the social media space seems to want to say: Facebook is a difficult place to reach new eyeballs organically if you do not already have good brand awareness. So Where Does Facebook Fit Into Your Strategy?

The Small Business Blog On Facebook

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A week ago, I launched a new Facebook Page for The Small Business Blog – please come and join me to talk about anything to do with small business, micro business, home business, self-employed, business start-up … Tell me what you think about my blog posts, leave your writing (comments) on my wall, give me…

Tired Of Hearing About Facebook? The Value of a Facebook Fan May Change Your Mind

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If you are a small company, chances are you have taken advantage of every free opportunity you can to market your product or service - including Facebook. Furthermore, Facebook is about the easiest way to reach out to family and friends. In Depth Look: Facebook Fans and Company Revenue.

Can We Really Trust Facebook With Our Online Identity?

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Before Facebook. For most of us, our online identity is owned by Facebook. Is Facebook creepy? With or without Facebook the internet was going to eventually heavily influence the way we are presented to the world. Just don’t let Facebook own all of you.

27% of Small Businesses Using Facebook

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As the chart below (chart 14 from the report) shows, Facebook is used by 27% of small businesses for business purposes.          This is stunning growth and another data point suggesting Facebook is taking over the web. 

Google and Facebook's Domination of the Advertising Industry

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As chart below (click to enlarge) shows, Google and Facebook have greater advertising revenues than any of the big, traditional media companies like CBS and Disney.

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Clean up the Clutter on Your Facebook Newsfeed - Productive.

Productive & Organized

Motivation: Create a Work Environment that Enhances Your Goals (@GinaParris Video) | Main | This is the Year & NOW is the Time - Take the Self-Assessment to See If You Qualify for a Free Strategy Session » Clean up the Clutter on Your Facebook Newsfeed From a Reader:  Steph, I love all of the connections that I can make on Facebook, but I am so sick of the goofy games.    I use Facebook to build new relationships and reconnect with people. 

Can Facebook emotionally manipulate customer service?

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The emotional manipulation factor has been all abuzz this past week after the published results of a January 2012 subliminal study by Facebook was revealed in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Beware online shoppers when using Facebook.