Can An Employer Legally Verify Salary History?

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To this effect, verification of salary history has become a sort of hiring strategy, and it is legal to a certain extent. The post Can An Employer Legally Verify Salary History? The job market in the United States is becoming increasingly competitive not only in terms of individual skills but also in relation to compensation.

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How to use Stock Photos Legally for your Business Website

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… The post How to use Stock Photos Legally for your Business Website appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO. Do you know the one reason most business sites don’t perform well? It’s the absence of attractive visual content.

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Legal Ramifications of Corona: A Lawyer’s Perspective

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There are certain legal consequences many people aren’t even aware of. … The post Legal Ramifications of Corona: A Lawyer’s Perspective appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO. Legal COVID-19 Legal Tips pandemic

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5 Legal Issues To Consider And Address Before A Divorce

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If you are thinking of the same thing, here are some of the most common divorce legal issues you should be prepared to address. To legally put an end to a marriage, a number of processes and approaches have to be taken. Divorce legal issues vary from case to case and the laws governing them differ greatly from state to state. During the process, it’s important for divorcing couples to legally settle and document their agreed financial terms and conditions.

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The Legal and Tax Complications Faced by Digital Nomads and Their Employers

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But remote work is even more legally challenging for employers.    The report covers the various ways "wandering workers" - Littler's term for remote workers - can get their employers into legal trouble. 

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The Legal Aspects of Setting up a New Business

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Beginning a new business can be an exciting process, but the legal aspects of it can be quite intimidating. If you are wondering what sort of questions you should ask when getting law advice for your new… Read the full article here: The Legal Aspects of Setting up a New Business on: THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG. Guest Blog business partners commercial property crime employment law lawyers legal partners partnership property

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Legal Liability in the Workplace

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When we think of “legal liability,” we often think of in terms of someone slipping and falling on a wet grocery store floor because the employees didn’t put out a “caution wet floor” sign. … Legal legal liabilityAmerica is a fairly litigious society, although we’re not quite as bad as our reputation suggests. The truth is, there are good reasons for many of the civil lawsuits that are currently winding their way through the court system.

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How Should I Legally Structure My Startup Business?

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Along with the countless other things a start-up has to deal with when setting up a company, there is the major decision of how the company should trade legally. It could also have profound implications for the financial future… Read the full article here: How Should I Legally Structure My Startup Business? Establishing it correctly at the outset is crucial and could eliminate many issues along the way.

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Covering Yourself Legally as a Business Owner

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Legal business legal legal protections When you take the plunge and become a business owner, no matter what size that business may be, there are certain aspects you leave yourself accountable for. This is what’s known as Management Liability. You might not think it, but even the more virtual, computer-based professions can be faced with an expensive court-battle, so it isn’t just the high risk professions that are open to this.

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5 Important Marketing Trends for Legal Professionals

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Legal professionals that stay on top of marketing trends and effectively use the latest strategies can get a leg up on all of the competition. Judging by the current climate and trends through the first half of 2017, there are some pretty clear themes to the changes in legal marketing. … Legal Marketing legal marketing marketing trendsThere are few industries that move faster than marketing.

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Legal Considerations for Your Family-Owned Business

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Legal business legal family business According to , as much as 70% of family-owned businesses will not survive a transition to the next generation (SOURCE IN MINUTE ONE OF VIDEO). Considering that small and mid-sized businesses are the backbone of the American economy, that number is quite staggering. If you are planning on getting into business, you already have a lot on your plate. Thinking about the future may not be on your mind but it should be.

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How to Look for the Best Legal Representatives for your Company

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Every company requires legal counsel at some point. This is why chief legal officers or CLO are often in the C-suite of large companies. Small and mid-sized businesses need legal counsel, as well. Legal counsel can guide you in crafting enforceable intellectual property agreements, product warranties and non-disclosure forms. Here are a few tips for finding the best legal representatives for your company.… Legal legal representatives

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Legal Advice: Just Got Sued? Here’s What To Do Next

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“You've been served.” Those three words -- indicating you’ve been served with a lawsuit -- will send a chill down the spine of just about anybody. Getting served with a lawsuit can be unnerving and confusing. If you haven’t been sued before, you will probably have a lot of questions. The truth is, once you get advice and understand the basic steps and phases of a lawsuit, the actual process of being involved in litigation is very manageable, just like any other challenge in business.

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5 Reasons to Offer Employees Voluntary Legal Benefits

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Most Americans are faced with at least one new legal issue each year. Legal matters require time and money to resolve, and some of that time is spent while on the job. Companies are increasingly helping to relieve their employees of this burden by providing a voluntary legal benefits plan. … Human Resources Legal voluntary benefits voluntary legal benefits work package

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The Legal Bulwark: Why Even Small Businesses Need Lawyers

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It’s easy for small business owners to hold off on spending their precious resources on legal assistance, especially when their business is still in its infancy. … The post The Legal Bulwark: Why Even Small Businesses Need Lawyers appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO. Human Resources Legal business lawyer hiring tips

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Legal Responsibilities of Your Business: Employment and Injury

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As a business owner, you are lucky enough to have all sorts of additional legal responsibilities that are attached to your company. … Legal Management employee safety legal responsibilities workplace safetySpecifically, within the categories of employee longevity and safety, there are all kinds of sets of knowledge that you should have handy about topics ranging from injury to insurance, and security to record-keeping.

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Surviving Legal Terms: Does Seeking Online Help Make Sense?

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A contract may contain legal terms that the signee should fully understand before she sign it in order to enter into the agreement.… … Legal business legal online legal service Law plays an important role of keeping mankind in the right. Like a bracket, it holds everything together, putting a sense of moral justice in everything we do. Law, in fact, influences our daily life. This also holds true with business.

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USA Mobile Drug Testing Shares what Employers Need to Know About Marijuana Legalization

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With approximately 20 states and the District of Columbia legalizing the use of medical marijuana, drug testing has become a particularly hot topic for employers. Many of them are confused about what legalization means and what impact it has on them. That may be especially true in Washington, Colorado and as yet to be determined states where recreational marijuana use is now legal or may be legalized in the future.

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Legal Advice for Workers

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At least once a week I get asked a question that has a "legal" implication. I'm not a lawyer, and even though I tell these people they need to get legal advice, I know that's not possible for everyone. Someone writes me wanting to know if they can get fired for something, or what rights they have regarding their job. For one reason, lawyers cost money -- money that everyone may not have.

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Stock Markets – Legalized Gambling – The Cancer In Our Sick Society

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When you listen to this guy during his BBC interview, it is easy to understand why you are losing you pension and savings. He claims that not governments rule the world, Goldman Sachs does. I believe him, how else can you explain, why our governments have not stopped the practice of “going short”, at least…

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Top 5 Tips for Avoiding Small Business Legal Issues

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The weekly top 5 tips post is always full of helpful hints and advice for small, home and micro business owners. Make sure that you separate yourself from your business activity. Because a large number of small businesses operate as sole traders, their individual assets are not protected and would also be at risk…

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What legal entity is right for your business? | THE SMALL BUSINESS.

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What legal entity is right for your business? by Jason Holden on Jun 29, 2006 The first thing I want to make clear here is, the legal entity cannot be decided by just reading this bite sized post, you need to seek professional advice, at which point it will be discussed with you in more detail. The legal status your business takes maybe decided by what industry you are working in. An LLP is a separate legal entity from its members. E-Mail me or follow me.

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Getting The Best Real Estate Attorney 

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One of the things that each one of us has to deal with as adults is that of having to ensure that the real properties we own and buy are legal and aboveboard. To do that, we need to sign legal documents and make sure that it follows all legal requirements and guidelines.

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How Do Personal Injury Lawyers Select Their Cases?

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Legal legal cases personal injury lawyerWhile you might think a personal injury lawyer would take on any case involving personal injury, that’s not the reality. There are a few reasons they might turn down a case as there are certain criteria that must be met.

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As you can see, commercial real estate leases are complicated agreements.

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Can emails and text messages constitute a legally binding agreement? A basic binding contract must comprise of four key elements: there must be an offer, acceptance of this offer, consideration and the intention by both parties to create legal relations. Despite the use of the words subject to contact a binding agreement had in fact [.]. Featured

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Charged with Crime and Hiring Defense Attorneys

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Legal Defense attorneys Legal Defense Legal Tips“The law is hard, but it is the law” This old Roman saying pertains to the harsh yet fair nature of the law. It exists to protect the people from others and themselves. It also helps in preserving the sovereignty of the state. Moreover, it promotes peace and order in any place in the world. A place dissolving into anarchy is not a healthy place to live in, and the law helps us in remembering our rational side.

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5 Tips for Concluding Business Contracts

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Whether you turn to professionals or draft contracts yourself using legal document software , a well-crafted agreement can help you secure your business and avoid potential breaches of contract and business disputes. Legal business contracts

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Get the Proper Settlement Due for You by Hiring a Car Accident Attorney in Simi Valley

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Surely you will be having a lot of questions on your mind like the legal process and how everything is going to work. So, with that, you will surely be in need of an experienced car accident attorney in Simi Valley in order to serve as your guide in the legal aspect of the accident.

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Top 7 Reasons Why Your Start-Up Needs A Business Attorney

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Legal business attorneyAre you going to start the business that you have always wanted to do? I know it is really exciting that you can hardly keep a thought in your head. Your mind is flooding with plans after plan. All you want is to hit the ground and make it happen.

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Proof of Income: How to Use a Paystub and More to Buy A Home

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Finance Legal legal documents proof of income property purchaseBuying a house is a big step. It puts you on the property ladder, grants you rights you didn’t have as a tenant, and gives you a place to call home. In 2019, the median house price in the U.S. was $279,600.

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Why You Need A San Fernando Valley Public Adjuster 

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Finance Legal insurance policies public adjusterAccidents and calamities are a fact of life, sometimes you can get through life without ever experiencing one directly, while for some, they get to experience it more than once in a lifetime.

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Handling an Assault Charge – 5 Things That Would Help

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Legal assault chargeAn unfortunate situation may have taken place and you could be dealing with assault charges. The below points would help handle the situation. Stay Quiet. One of the worst things people facing assault charges do is to speak to others about what happened.

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Finding the Best Personal Injury Lawyer – 5 Things to Consider

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Legal hiring a lawyer personal injury lawyerYou might be dealing with a personal injury case. Don’t fret, everything discussed below would help you find the best lawyer. Licensing. You might be aware of some experienced lawyers.

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VPNs and The Law

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Finding a company that operates in line with the US laws in relation to the internet, media, and service providers can help you to stay legal when using a VPN.… Information Technology Legal VPNA Virtual Private Network can be used by a number of people for a number of reasons.

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Compelling Situations That Mandate the Need for an Employment Lawyer

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Employment laws are state-specific and are subject to change, which is why an attorney is crucial in understanding what is legal and what is not. Attorneys help to protect the rights of both employees and employers as they settle certain legal conflicts that arise between them.…

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Top 4 Reasons To Hire Immigration Lawyer

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We can do everything ourselves, but fortunately, we don’t have to, since we can get legal advice from someone who has completed several years of legal studies. Legal matters are not only complicated, but they must be dealt with in the right order and within deadlines.

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Main Reasons Why Your Workers’ Compensation Could Be Denied

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Legal legal claims workers compensationWe have covered in the previous articles that there is an eligibility requirement before you can be considered, well, eligible for claiming a workers’ compensation benefits.

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4 Tips For Finding A Personal Injury Attorney In Coatesville

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Legal personal injuryIn case you’ve been injured in any way, you might want to think about hiring the right personal injury attorney who can help you purse compensation for any incurred damages.

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Rome DUI Tips: What To Do If You Get Caught Abroad

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Getting charged with a Driving Under The Influence (DUI) will always face you with a lot of legal trouble and serious consequences. Since you’re in a foreign country, you don’t know anyone or the legalities of their local laws. Legal DUI

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4 Advantages a Conveyancer can Help you When You’re Buying and Selling a Property

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A conveyancer is vital in situations involving the law and legal matters in real estate. While looking for a new home may seem exciting, it can be full of legal issues, especially if you’re not familiar with the legal policies involved with buying a new home.

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4 Reasons to Hire a Denver Personal Injury Attorneys for Car Accidents

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Legal Management hiring a lawyer personal injuryYou probably don’t even want to think about it, but car accidents happen and when they do, you need to find the best way to deal with them. According to statistics, you are bound to end up at least in a minor accident at some point in your life.

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Could Your Texting Get You In Legal Hot Water at Work?

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Helpful information and advice from Americas favorite workplace columnist About Anita Blog Books Syndicated Column Interviews Career Links Contact Thursday, July 23, 2009 Could Your Texting Get You In Legal Hot Water at Work? The reason I bring up this message again is that the legal scope of what employers and/or lawyers will investigate regarding employee communications has widened.

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How to Choose The Right Lawyer for You

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No matter what your legal issue involves, there are many experienced lawyers that are ready to help with whatever problems you have on hand. To do this, you need to ask yourself, “what are my legal needs?”. Legal hiring a lawyer

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