Legal Liability in the Workplace

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When we think of “legal liability,” we often think of in terms of someone slipping and falling on a wet grocery store floor because the employees didn’t put out a “caution wet floor” sign. … Legal legal liability

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The Legal Aspects of Setting up a New Business

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Beginning a new business can be an exciting process, but the legal aspects of it can be quite intimidating. Guest Blog business partners commercial property crime employment law lawyers legal partners partnership property

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Can An Employer Legally Verify Salary History?

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To this effect, verification of salary history has become a sort of hiring strategy, and it is legal to a certain extent. The post Can An Employer Legally Verify Salary History? The job market in the United States is becoming increasingly competitive not only in terms of individual skills but also in relation to compensation.

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The Legal Bulwark: Why Even Small Businesses Need Lawyers

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It’s easy for small business owners to hold off on spending their precious resources on legal assistance, especially when their business is still in its infancy. … The post The Legal Bulwark: Why Even Small Businesses Need Lawyers appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO.

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How Should I Legally Structure My Startup Business?

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Along with the countless other things a start-up has to deal with when setting up a company, there is the major decision of how the company should trade legally.

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5 Important Marketing Trends for Legal Professionals

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Legal professionals that stay on top of marketing trends and effectively use the latest strategies can get a leg up on all of the competition. Judging by the current climate and trends through the first half of 2017, there are some pretty clear themes to the changes in legal marketing.

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Covering Yourself Legally as a Business Owner

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Legal business legal legal protections When you take the plunge and become a business owner, no matter what size that business may be, there are certain aspects you leave yourself accountable for. This is what’s known as Management Liability.

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5 Legal Issues To Consider And Address Before A Divorce

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If you are thinking of the same thing, here are some of the most common divorce legal issues you should be prepared to address. To legally put an end to a marriage, a number of processes and approaches have to be taken. Divorce legal issues vary from case to case and the laws governing them differ greatly from state to state. During the process, it’s important for divorcing couples to legally settle and document their agreed financial terms and conditions.

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5 Reasons to Offer Employees Voluntary Legal Benefits

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Most Americans are faced with at least one new legal issue each year. Legal matters require time and money to resolve, and some of that time is spent while on the job. … Human Resources Legal voluntary benefits voluntary legal benefits work package

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Legal Responsibilities of Your Business: Employment and Injury

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As a business owner, you are lucky enough to have all sorts of additional legal responsibilities that are attached to your company. … Legal Management employee safety legal responsibilities workplace safety

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USA Mobile Drug Testing Shares what Employers Need to Know About Marijuana Legalization

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With approximately 20 states and the District of Columbia legalizing the use of medical marijuana, drug testing has become a particularly hot topic for employers. Many of them are confused about what legalization means and what impact it has on them.

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Surviving Legal Terms: Does Seeking Online Help Make Sense?

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A contract may contain legal terms that the signee should fully understand before she sign it in order to enter into the agreement.… … Legal business legal online legal service Law plays an important role of keeping mankind in the right.

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Alternative Legal Structures for Social Entrepreneurs

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   The Wall Street Journal has a good article covering the different legal structures social organizations can use to better accomplish their combined mission of social good with business practices.    Because of the legalities involved, I'm referring you to the article for more details.    Also, you should consult a lawyer or accountant prior to deciding what type of legal structure you want to form. 

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Legal Advice: Just Got Sued? Here’s What To Do Next

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“You've been served.” Those three words -- indicating you’ve been served with a lawsuit -- will send a chill down the spine of just about anybody. Getting served with a lawsuit can be unnerving and confusing. If you haven’t been sued before, you will probably have a lot of questions.

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Legal Advice for Workers

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At least once a week I get asked a question that has a "legal" implication. I'm not a lawyer, and even though I tell these people they need to get legal advice, I know that's not possible for everyone. Someone writes me wanting to know if they can get fired for something, or what rights they have regarding their job. For one reason, lawyers cost money -- money that everyone may not have.

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Stock Markets – Legalized Gambling – The Cancer In Our Sick Society

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When you listen to this guy during his BBC interview, it is easy to understand why you are losing you pension and savings. He claims that not governments rule the world, Goldman Sachs does. I believe him, how else can you explain, why our governments have not stopped the practice of “going short”, at least…

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Top 5 Tips for Avoiding Small Business Legal Issues

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The weekly top 5 tips post is always full of helpful hints and advice for small, home and micro business owners. Make sure that you separate yourself from your business activity. Because a large number of small businesses operate as sole traders, their individual assets are not protected and would also be at risk…

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What legal entity is right for your business? | THE SMALL BUSINESS.

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What legal entity is right for your business? The legal status your business takes maybe decided by what industry you are working in. An LLP is a separate legal entity from its members. E-Mail me or follow me.

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Charged with Crime and Hiring Defense Attorneys

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Legal Defense attorneys Legal Defense Legal Tips“The law is hard, but it is the law” This old Roman saying pertains to the harsh yet fair nature of the law. It exists to protect the people from others and themselves.

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Could Your Texting Get You In Legal Hot Water at Work?

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Helpful information and advice from Americas favorite workplace columnist About Anita Blog Books Syndicated Column Interviews Career Links Contact Thursday, July 23, 2009 Could Your Texting Get You In Legal Hot Water at Work? The reason I bring up this message again is that the legal scope of what employers and/or lawyers will investigate regarding employee communications has widened.

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The Importance Of Notarization

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Some wonder what the fuss is all about when it comes to getting a legal document notarized; what it is and why it is important. Today, we will discuss some examples of legal documents that need to be notarized and why it is important to do so. Legal notarization

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Infographic: Lawsuits

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Your small business has hopefully avoided any legal situations so far, but once your company grows to a certain point then legal complications are practically inevitable. Business Infographics infographic lawyers legal patent trolling

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4 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Law Firm

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Before you hire a legal firm to represent your business, it’s important to establish whether they’re suitable. To learn about a legal firm’s success, you can start with a simple Google Search including your geographic location. … Legal legal assistance

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6 Tips to Help You Choose Criminal Lawyer for Business

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Many entrepreneurs feel that appointing a legal practitioner for business purpose is not that necessary and it creates excessive pressure. Legal business lawyer

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A CEO’s Guide to Personal Guarantees

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Legal personal guaranteeWhen exploring finance options for your business, the provider of a business loan or other source of funding may ask you to provide a personal guarantee.

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Bankruptcy Is Unexpected, Preparing Now Can Help You Later

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Legal bankruptcy legal assistancePeaks And Valleys. The best times can become the worst of times quickly, and such economic downturns aren’t always predictable.

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Hiring Accountants and Business Advisers Makes Company Formation Simpler

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Legal company formationWhen you are thinking about forming a company in Vanuatu , there are going to be many things that you will need to take into consideration. For example, there are many different licenses and permits that need to be obtained so that you can get started.

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Business Law: 3 Things To Take Into Account If You Want To Sell Your Business

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Legal sell a businessThere comes a point in every business owner’s life when he takes his time to think about the idea of selling his business. Deciding to part with your business, though, is no easy task. As a matter of fact it is a very stressful undertaking.

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Surprised By The New 2018 Tax Laws? 4 Strategies To Handle The Changes

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Finance Legal business tax preparation business taxes small business taxes Tax Preparation TipsOnce you get the hang of preparing taxes for your small business , April doesn’t seem so challenging.

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5 Ways to Avoid a Personal Injury Claim

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For example, if someone gets injured on your property, he or she has a legal right to pursue compensation through a personal injury claim. Legal business insurance personal injuryWhen you launch a business, general liability insurance might seem an unnecessary expense.

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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting Your Business Entity

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However, if you are like most entrepreneurs, setting up the legal structure of your new business is less than thrilling. You may be tempted to avoid the issue completely, or to choose your legal structure based on a friend’s advice. … Legal business entity

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How businesses can find lawyers without wasting time

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Guest Blog lawyers legal Finding a lawyer when you are first establishing your business is key in order to benefit in the long term. It is an area that you should invest both money and time in wisely to gain the most from a working relationship with your lawyer.

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What You Need To Know About The SEC Whistleblower Program

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Legal SEC whistleblower programThe SEC whistleblower program exists to award eligible whistleblowers who avail original information that facilitates successful enforcement of SEC actions where total civil penalties surpass $1 million.

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Catching Workers Comp Fraud Committed by Employees

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Legal fraud prevention workers compensationWorkers compensation is a federal program that requires employers to pay for medical and compensation benefits if their employees become injured or disabled while working at your place of employment (each state has its own set of workers’ comp laws).

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How to Successfully Protect Company Trademarks

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After all the frustration and time spent, the last thing a business owner wants to do is leave the door open to trademark cancellation, infringement, and other legal issues. … Legal branding protection trademark protection

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Do your employees benefit from permanent health insurance? Is your business at risk?

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Business Advice business insurance health legal Many employers provide employees with the valuable benefits offered by permanent health insurance (PHI).

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Time to sell your business? Get ready for an adventure

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Small Business / SOHO legal selling your businessSo, you’ve worked hard building your business for years, sacrificing time with your family, missing important events and doing all you can to ensure future financial security.

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eBay Seller Suing Over Negative Feedback

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Business News eBay legal legislation You’ve probably used eBay a few times, whether it was as a buyer or seller.

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4 Risks All Workers Are Most Frequently Exposed to Working in Construction

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Legal construction workers safetyAmerica’s landscape is changing. While natural disasters are partially responsible for the transformations taking place, manmade alterations are primary factors here as well. New homes and commercial buildings are continually going up across the nation.

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P-p-p pick up a pre-nup

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Guest Blog divorce legal marriage pre-nup pre-nuptial weddingWith so many high profile and celebrity divorces in the media spotlight, it’s hard to escape the discussions going on around us about pre-nuptial agreements, often known as pre-nups.

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How Police Officers Keep Businesses Safe

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Legal How police deter criminals Importance of police Protect your businessBusinesses need to be safe and secure in order to properly serve their customers, and protect employees from harm.

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6 Steps Every SMB Owner Needs to Complete After Incorporating

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Legal business incorporation business legal Forming an LLC or Limited Liability Corporation is a great first step toward legitimizing your company and to insulate you and your family from the financial liabilities of your business.

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Contract Law Basics for Every Entrepreneur

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Entrepreneurs have a lot on their plate, and the one thing that can really get them in trouble is the legal aspects of business. … Legal business partnership contract law contracts

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