5 Tasty Alternatives to your Calorie-Dense Staples

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The post 5 Tasty Alternatives to your Calorie-Dense Staples appeared first on Dumb Little Man We often need to hunt down excess calories in order to keep that bulging waistline in check. Some people might resort to timely workouts, but nutrition is what works in the long run.

Is Staples Making it Easy?

Make or Break Moments

I have been buying my office supplies and equipment at Staples since I opened my business in 2005. Perceptions easy button make it easy rewards programs StaplesI love flashing my rewards card and knowing that soon I will receive a check in the mail. In this age when most of the mail is junk or bills, it is nice to know that occasionally you’ll [.].

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Enclosures: Should I use a Paperclip or Staple it?

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Someone recently queried whether they should use a staple or paperclip on correspondence when they are enclosing documents. Business correspondence with more than one page should be stapled. The enclosures should be paperclipped or clamped to the correspondence, not stapled to it. The only time I will staple it is when the attachments are cheques (1). Tags: checks stapling vs. paperclip professional assistant Administrative Assistant cheques

Meet Dave. And Dave. Good Morning Dave! Yo Dave!

The Solopreneur Life

H as there ever been a commercial that captures the solopreneur life better than this one from Staples? Are there other ads that speak to solopreneurs? Let us know in the comments. No related posts

Things you shouldn’t say to your boss… Even though you are thinking it

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If I had a pound for every time I bit my tongue while working as an assistant, well, I would be a very very wealthy lady! In our role, we are confronted with so many different situations and personality types it can be really difficult to think before we speak.

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Honored “Best Book” In Best of The Best Office Products and Services

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Staples. DeskDemon Announces the Winners of “Our Favorites – The Award,” A Prestigious Award Honoring the Best of the Best in Office Products, Services and Vendors.

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Survey Finds 1 in 8 Office Workers Moonlight as Freelancers

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The Fiscal Times article This Is Why Freelancing Is the Hot Work Trend  covers a Staples survey showing that 12 percent of office workers do freelance work on the side in addition to their regular job.   These findings were part of a broader workplace study conducted by Staples.

Ten tips on preparing board papers

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Constantly chasing people for supporting papers, printing thousands and thousand of pieces of paper only to be told that the documents have been amended, stapling through massive reports – god I hated it.

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Top 5 eco-friendly office supplies

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2) Staple-less staplers. This handy product can cut out the need for staples altogether, as they work by weaving a tiny section of the paper together.

Administrative/Clerical: Mobile Devices that Transition Easily Between Jobs

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Smartphones are a staple of today''s workforce. Modern administrative assistants and clerical workers rely on many different technological tools to ensure that everything works smoothly in their places of business.

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6 Vitamin-Packed Smoothie Recipes for Glowing Skin

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See Also: 5 Tasty Alternatives to your Calorie-Dense Staples. Whether you are a veggie lover or not, it can be tough to pack in the daily recommended amount of vitamins and nutrients into your diet.

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Working in Isolation — 5 Quick Wins For Boosting Your Productivity 

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A 2011 study from Staples found that employees who worked offsite recorded 25% less stress. Nothing is more important than feeling comfortable in your workspace in order to excel at what you do best.

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Hosting Your Own Teleclass? 6 Dos and Don’ts for a Successful Outcome

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Don’t staple your notes together but do number your pages. I realize this may sound like a contradiction – if your notes are not stapled together you could easily lose your page (which is why I tell you to number them). However it’s so much easier to turn pages that are not bound than it is to fiddle around turning pages that are stapled. Hosting teleclasses is one of my absolute favorite list building strategies.

3 Easy Tips for Keeping Your Client Information Organized

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Once you’ve printed out the Client Contact sheet, staple it to the inside left cover of your client folder.

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10 ways assistants can improve their productivity

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I used to work for a company that didn’t have an online system for expenses (loads of companies have yet to invest in this) so I would put off doing expenses because it involved spreadsheets, photocopying receipts then photocopying the spreadsheet and lots and lots of stapling… urgh.

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Colour Coding Works.

Laughing all the Way to Work

Laughing All the Way to Work: A Survival Blog for Todays Administrative Assistant We all have to work, but who says we cant enjoy it too! My goal for this blog is to give good tips and ideas and occasionally put a smile on your face as you start your day!Lets Lets enjoy our day together.©

Top 10 Lifehacks Everybody Should Learn from Nurses

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Hydrogen peroxide is a basic staple in every household’s medicine cabinet. Do you know that some nurse life hacks are also useful outside the medical practice? Nursing is a tough job. Over time, nurses developed their own life hacks that make daily patient care easier to accomplish.

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Interview Questions and Answers for PAs, EAs and Admins Part 6

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I think at the time his position in the company was under threat and to compensate he would try to exert power over me by giving me very menial tasks, for example he would ask me to fill his stapler with staples, which could be quite disrespectful.

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15 social media and technology trends for 2015

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For assistants this software will be most useful if your Executive team uses it to collaboration and storage of board papers – goodbye printing and stapling hundreds of documents each year! Wearable technology.

31 Ways To Recycle Your Home Waste

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It’s ok if your paper waste contains metal staples, but be sure to remove plastic wraps and rubber bands if any. Recycling begins in the home. If every person starts recycling home waste, we’ll be that much closer to a cleaner planet.

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Telecommuting: The New Green Business

Small Business CEO

A study done by Staples Advantage showed that 54% of businesses that have employees who telecommute say that it has led to a recognizable increase in productivity. A study by Staples Advantages showed that 59% of companies do not properly backup data from telecommuters’ computers.

6 Best Valentine’s Gifts For Her This 2017

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This gift lasts long after roses have died and will become a staple in her beauty routine. Valentine’s day is just around the corner and if you are a man who hasn’t figured out the best Valentine’s gift for her yet, now is probably the right time to narrow down your choices.

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6 Gift Ideas for Colleagues

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This one is a great size, makes you look like a serious grownup and you can't beat the price of $14 at Staples. * Since I know many of you are shopping online this week (wink, wink, our little secret), I thought I'd help with the process regarding what to get your colleagues or valuable customers. Here are some ideas I thought might make nice gifts: * Steve Job's autobiography. At $17.87 on Amazon, that's a nice read for any entrepreneur-at-heart in your office. Cookies.

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Reboot Your Life Like Betty White

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I mean after all, she has been a television staple since before I was even born. We all know her. In fact, we all pretty much grew up watching her antics on television. From guest appearances, games shows, sitcoms and countless commercial spots; who hasn’t had a laugh with Betty White?

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The Top 5 Boat Shows In The US

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Set in the “Yachting Capital of the World”, the Fort Lauderdale International Boat show is a South Florida staple. Are you a boat enthusiast? Do you know the best US boat shows? Boat shows are held all over the country and give boat owners and enthusiasts the opportunity to experience the latest boat designs and models. These events also allow companies to showcase the newest technology and software in marine electronics, accessories, gifts and apparel.

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Looking for Great Deals For Your Office?

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Do you feel that you could find better buys, not just by going to the different stores such as Staples or Grand & Toy , but online as well? Home About Me Advertise Looking for Great Deals For Your Office? By The Professional Assistant on Tuesday, October 21, 2008 Filed Under: Productivity A re you the person that purchases stationary and other items for your department?

How to Use Evernote: 22 Ways

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Evernote recognizes text on the card, so you can search for names such as “Staples” or “Henry” when that’s all you can remember about the person. Image via Wikipedia. Yesterday, Evernote announced they had passed ten-million registered users.

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Et cetera, Re, and Sic

Daily Writing Tips

the Latin phrase et cetera is used at the end of a list to indicate things in addition to those already enumerated: When you go shopping, be sure to buy such staples as flour, rice, sugar, etc.

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So you’ve been asked to organise an event… now what?

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Considering this task is not the staple part of our profession I can still imagine your answer to be ‘quite often’. How often do you organise events?

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How Your Office Can Go Green in 2013

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Also, paper clips and tags can be used instead of staples. We’re all in it Together! ??Owing Owing to increased global warming and rapidly depleting non-renewable resources, we have all started to look into ways in which they can save the environment and the Earth.

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Thank you for joining our Admin Blog-a-thon, what’s next?

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IAAP teamed up with Staples to #CelebrateAdmins. Wow, what a fabulous April! Did you have the most incredible Administrative Professionals’ Week this year?

3 Easy Tips for Keeping Your Client Information Organized

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Once you’ve printed out the Client Contact sheet, staple it to the inside left cover of your client folder. For many solopreneurs a large part of their business is working one-on-one with clients, and that means having a way of keeping all of their client information organized and easy to access.

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Do You Hate Your To-Do List? Try This Instead - Productive & Organized

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  I carry a Note Jotter by Staples in my purse and love it.  Productive & Organized Home Contribute to P&O! Archive Network with Steph Is This You? Work With Stephanie « Do You Have a Yeah/Yuckie List?

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Best Business Technology for Small Businesses & Their Owners (28 ideas from them to you!)

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Shred All Your Papers At Once, Credit Cards And Even Staples, Instead Of Spending Hours Feeding In Each Item. Swingline's new Stack-and-Shred can not only shred 100 sheets of paper at one time it can even do staples and credit cards. " Stephanie you are such a geek."

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3 “Needs” of Time Management

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Do the meeting minutes need to be prepared, printed, collated, staples and distributed to committee members? The post 3 “Needs” of Time Management appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. Before you can start managing your time, you have to analyse how it’s being used. Keep a log of your daily activities for 2–3 weeks. Once you have a fair representation of your regular time usage, ask yourself the following three questions for each of the items in your log.

Filing Is Easier When It's Cute!

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Even pretty, patterned file folders from Staples aren't enough to inspire me. by My little secret: I hate filing. But kittens , well, now you're talking! I rely upon Cute Overload to make Mondays, and filing, fun. Originally posted 2008-09-15 15:36:09. Republished by Blog Post Promoter The post Filing Is Easier When It's Cute! appeared first on Clutter Coach. Humor Paper filing kittens

How Richard Branson Lives Life By Making Lists

Productivity Bits

I noticed, in fact, that you even advocated a particular kind of notebook, one with three sturdy staples holding the pages firmly together. [ Buy the "Ten Steps Ahead" book now from Amazon! ]. Copyright © 2011 Marlon Ribunal. Visit the original article at [link]. Guest Post. I am proud to say that this guest post is from Erik Calonius, an author, former foreign correspondent for the Wall Street Journal and a writer for Fortune.

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7 Cases for Inserting or Omitting Commas

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In brief sentences such as “I will sort and you can staple” that consist of two independent clauses (complete thoughts that could stand on their own as distinct sentences), writers often choose to omit the otherwise obligatory comma before the conjunction.

20 Clipped Forms and Their Place (If Any) in Formal Writing

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Burger : If ever a reference to this fast food staple makes its way into formal writing, the short form of hamburger is just as likely to appear as the long form. Clipped forms, shortened abbreviations of words, have a checkered history. Some are acceptable in formal writing, and others aren’t. When writing in academic contexts, in business writing, or another formal environment, take note of the status of these common clipped forms: 1.

50 Slang Terms for Money

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Bread : money in general (on the analogy of it being a staple of life). I find very little about money to be interesting, other than counting my own, but I’ve noted that there’s a rich fund of slang terms for money that can help enliven both casual and more serious content about currency and finance.