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The Art of the Phone Interview

Job Advice Blog

What comes to mind when you think about a phone interview?

5 Things to Help You Ace a Phone Interview

On The Job

They think they'll get some kind of warning that a phone interview will take place, when that's often not the case. Why not? Going. Happen.

4 Tips for Doing Well in a Surprise Phone Interview

On The Job

I've written before about phone interviews , and my friend Scot Herrick over at Cube Rules recently addressed the issue in a helpful post.

Mobile Phone Recycling – Promoting Proper Disposal of Electronic Gadgets

Eco-Office Gals

Mobile phone recycling is the best practice to save the planet and also to generate money in the process. How are Old Mobile Phones Treated?

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Is Your Phone Hurting Your Career?

On The Job

Are you being held hostage by your phone? If your boss makes you nervous, don't hide behind your phone to avoid talking with him or her.

Spying On Cell Phone of Employees from Across the Globe

Small Business CEO

This explains why the use of apps for spying on cell phone of employees is necessary for business owners across the world.

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Phone Answering Service

Small Business CEO

Here are 5 tips to help you choose the right phone answering service for your company: 1. … Customer Service phone answering service

Amazon's Shopping and Showrooming Phone

Small Business Labs

  The phone is priced at $199 to $299 with a two-year contract.  Pretty cool.   marketing Mobile Web/Tech

5 Tips for Effective Phone Management

Ian's Messy Desk

The post 5 Tips for Effective Phone Management appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. The telephone is a great communication tool.

Some of the Best GTD Apps for Android Phones

Productivity Bits

There are many different GTD apps that are available for Android phones. The app is like having a “to do” notebook right on your cell phone.

Tidy Way to Charge Your Phone

Clutter Coach

This adorable wall socket cover provides a spot to park your phone while it's charging. Originally posted 2009-01-06 18:56:59.

Desk Phones Vs. Softphones – Which one is better?

Small Business CEO

Desk phones are going out of trend. A mid-grade, voice only desk phone costs nearly $100. So what should you pick? Upfront Costs.

To Produce, Consume, or Just Leave My Phone in My Pocket


Then Kelly and Ferriss agreed on something I hadn’t thought of, their phones are poor input devices. Mindfulness experimentation phone

5 Options for Setting Appointments that Don’t Require a Phone

Tips From T. Marie

Click To Tweet For example, how many times have you, your assistant or receptionist played phone tag trying to schedule a meeting or appointment?

Smart Phones: Master or Servant?

Simple Productivity Blog

They were all glued to their smart phones, only looking up from the tiny screens when their waitress would come by and ask a question. Why Get A Smart Phone? Smart Phones: Master or Servant? Smart phones are good devices. Instead of being a tool, the phone becomes a master. What Does A Smart Phone Get Us?

Why I Discourage Phone Calls. Should You?

Tips From T. Marie

I’ve had a couple of people mention the fact that my phone number isn’t so easy to find on my Clerical Advantage website.

A Look at Explora: A Mobile Phone Option for US-Bound Travelers


Do I want to finally settle on getting a phone for US travel only? I really like how you can reserve more than one phone. Reviews

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5 Awesome Productivity Apps for Android Phones

Productivity Bits

I n the age of smart phones and apps, having information at your fingertips is simple. Copyright © 2011 Marlon Ribunal. Guest Post. Google Docs.

Could Mobile Phones Lead The Rise of The Cashless Economy in Africa?

Small Business CEO

The world is moving towards a global economy that deals less with paper and more digitalized data. Trends in Africa.

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Tidy Way to Charge Your Phone

Clutter Coach

This adorable wall socket cover provides a spot to park your phone while it's charging. The antlers are rubber, so they'll grip the phone, plus there's more antler space for draping the cord. Republished by Blog Post Promoter The post Tidy Way to Charge Your Phone appeared first on Clutter Coach.

Cellphone vs. Landline – Do You Need Both? How to Save on Your Phone Bills

Dumb Little Man

It’s hard to believe now, but up until about 20 years ago, a wireless phone was a luxury that only the wealthy could afford. Read more ».

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Your Phone Clutter Is Hurting Your Productivity

Simple Productivity Blog

I know I am not the only one who struggles with this, because when I see people looking for information on their phone it seems like they are tapping all over the place as well. My phone is cluttered. I''ll bet your phone is cluttered too. And it''s hurting your productivity. Organization Productivity Simplification

Saving Time Looking for Phone Numbers

Simple Productivity Blog

A friend of mine asked me for the phone number for my mechanic…for the fourth time in as many weeks. Why Consolidate Phone Number?

Online Entrepreneurs: Are you Working in the Toilet with Your Smartphone?

Small Business CEO

Have you tried living without your mobile phones for, say three days? I did. And it was awful.

How to Manage Your Phone Call Mayhem

Productivity Bits

Here at Finmouse we use approximately 5 packs of post-its a week, we have an average of 500 plus contacts in our Phone Books, we talk to at least 50 phone contacts a day and probably have to remember 30 to 40 tasks related to those contacts. Post-its pop-up on your phone’s screen instead of your desk. Guest Post. Give it a try.

What Kind of PBX Phone System is Right for Your Business?

Small Business CEO

In order to understand which PBX phone system will best suit your business’s needs, you should understand what a PBX system actually is.

Feisty Enterprise Tip #2: Get a Support Network Behind You, Say ‘I’ll Get Back To You’ and Then Phone a Friend

The Small Business Blog

My opinion is that they are… Read the full article here: Feisty Enterprise Tip #2: Get a Support Network Behind You, Say ‘I’ll Get Back To You’ and Then Phone a Friend on: THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG.

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Protected: Mobile Marketing For Solopreneurs

The Solopreneur Life

Marketing Mobile Marketing Smart PhonesT his post is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password: Related posts: Our Hunt For the Best Marketing Web Sites For Solopreneurs. “Relationship Marketing for Solopreneurs” Has Launched!

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The Art of the Phone Interview

Job Advice Blog

What comes to mind when you think about a phone interview? The post The Art of the Phone Interview appeared first on JTL Services Inc. Millennial Corner interview tips Job Advice JTL Services phone interview Raleigh RecruiterHe’s on his computer when […].

Raise your hand if you like automated phone message systems…

ProAssisting Blog

Home Blog About Us Who we are About the Program Program Specifics Execs, HR Depts. Enjoy! Flickr Creative Commons image by jcardinal18 Enjoy this post?

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Are You Hurting Your Business By Ignoring the Move to Mobile?

Tips From T. Marie

You’d have to live under a rock not to be aware of the sheer numbers of smart phones and tablets out there. What about mobile access?

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Sir, Please Put the Phone Down. 5 Tips to Free You From The Shackles of your Phone

Dumb Little Man

The problem is when switching back and forth from one task to cell phone management is your standard operating procedure. Photo Credit: Symic.

Preparing for the Phone Interview

Job Advice Blog

Many of my clients have asked me to help them prep for a phone interview. What do you do on the phone?

Phone Coaching to Get You Organized

Clutter Coach

Click the link above for more details, or the one under Phone Coaching in the left column. As always, the initial half hour phone consultation is free. Republished by Blog Post Promoter The post Phone Coaching to Get You Organized appeared first on Clutter Coach. by Getting yourself organized is not rocket science. Services

OMG! Could Technology be Ruining your Professional Reputation?

Tips From T. Marie

Despite iPads, 3D television, and the wonders of Skype , one of technology’s greatest wonders, in my own opinion, is the cell phone. It seems in a matter of 10 years (10 years ago I had my first Nokia bar phone), we have gone from owning ‘mobile telephones’ to ‘mobile do-everything devices’. It’s changing every day in fact!

Limited! Free 30-minute, no obligation, phone consults for email marketing services.

Denise Aday

I’m offering a limited number of 30-minute phone consults at no cost or obligation to you. I’m currently narrowing my virtual assistance focus and would like to add a limited number of email marketing clients — especially small nonprofits, causes, and social- or micro- entrepreneurs. See this list for details.

Answering Your Phone: Is it You or Memorex?

Make or Break Moments

If you had to rate that experience from the caller’s perspective – how would you do? How many times do they get it wrong? Good stuff.

Streamline Phone Numbers To Boost Productivity

Simple Productivity Blog

It used to be that there was one phone per physical location. And I am old enough to remember when that phone was provided by the phone company, mounted to the kitchen wall, and there was a long cord attached to it. Here are some suggestions for streamlining the phones: Taking Stock. Most of us have cell phones.

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Smartphone Sales to Over Take Feature Phone Sales in 2011

Small Business Labs

will exceed "dumb" phones in 2011.  So many yongers try this touch phone. It’s just fantastic!! Please try again.

8 Ways Cell Phones Can Harm Your Health

Laughing all the Way to Work

Here is a link to an article that you might be interested in regarding the use of cell phones as it relates to your health. harm administrative professional eating healthy Administrative Assistant cell phone ban