The EA competencies you will need in 2019

Practically Perfect PA

Well, that is us in 2019 folks! Happy New Year. Firstly before I start this blog, I want to say a huge thank you to all of the Practically Perfect PA readers who are joining us for another year on the blog. We have been going now since 2011, and I can’t wait to see […].

2019 229

5 Ways to Overcome Mental Blocks

Dumb Little Man

We’ve all been there- staring at a blank screen, throwing endless drafts in the trash, pulling out hair, scrolling through Facebook photos, re-ordering music libraries and even wiping the computer clean. We do anything to pass the time and avoid admitting the painfully obvious – we’ve hit a block.

2019 253

6 Signs You’ve Fallen Into The Employee Mentality Pit

Tips From T. Marie

As the instructor of a best-selling online course teaching individuals how to work from home as a virtual assistant, I get plenty of questions. A recent one reminded me of one of the pitfalls to avoid when starting and running your own business.

2019 170

Reviewing Your Administrative Career

Office Dynamics

Have you created your own career portfolio or read about how to create one? If you attended the 25 th Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence you had the opportunity to attend a career portfolio breakout session with Joan Burge and create a beginner’s copy of your own.

2019 222

7 Ways to Position Yourself as an Admin Leader

Eat Your Career

As a proud former administrative professional , I’ve always enjoyed being a part of the admin community. In fact, from the moment I got involved in the field, I wanted to be an admin leader. I felt called to it from day 1.

2019 130

How to Look Your Best on Video

On The Job

Image: news.com.au We all had a good laugh at the Dad doing a video chat when his children managed to scoot into the room and Mom followed moments later to frantically try and remove them.

2019 130

Things To Put on a New Calendar

Simple Productivity Blog

You have a beautiful blank calendar before you. What should you put on it to ensure you get the most use out of it? This article addresses the basics. In spite of my dedication to electronic calendars (because of their portability and shareability), I still maintain a paper calendar in my kitchen.

2019 130

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Podcast 111: Quit sorting

Clutter Coach

by Listen or subscribe here: iTunes ? Stitcher ?. Soundcloud ? YouTube ? Google Play You can leave a review here! This is Podcast 111 and it’s called quit sorting. Like last time, this podcast is based on what I’ve gotten from reading a book called Algorithms to Live By. There are a bunch of sorting algorithms. Sorting is a common task a computer is asked to do.

2019 100

Incarcerated but Not Hyphenated

Business Writing

I received an invitation to a professional meeting focused on hiring "formerly-incarcerated talent (FIT)." FIT--that's a catchy acronym. But what caught my attention more was the unnecessary use of the hyphen. Did you notice it? These are formerly incarcerated (not.

2019 151

Looking your best on video

Laughing all the Way to Work

Good advice when doing meetings by video. link] My sister experienced this recently when she signed up for a multi-video meeting with other consultants. She didn't realize everyone would be able to see her so she ran out to get changed because she was in her housecoat. In the meantime, her husband didn't know she was online and casually walked by the computer in his underwear. It could have been worse. I'm sure they all got a good laugh out of that one

2019 100

Ten podcasts every PA should listen to

Practically Perfect PA

I don’t think I’ve shared this before but I love podcasts, and I have for years. They are more popular than ever, and there are loads of podcasts that can help you with your personal and professional development.

2019 217

12 Surprising Uses for Vicks VapoRub

Dumb Little Man

There are two scents that remind me of being a sick kid: brandy and Vicks VapoRub. Whenever I had a cold, those were my mom’s go-to remedies. She would make me a glass of hot water, honey, and brandy and then rub Vicks on my chest. I always felt instantly better (and slightly tipsy).

2019 249

Forget Resolutions, in 2019 I’m Going to Reach…What About You?

Tips From T. Marie

Welcome to 2019. To be completely honest, I’ve never been much of a “New Year’ fan. All the hoopla about making resolutions that wind up broken before winter winds stop blowing.

2019 153

Communicating In Style, With Style

Office Dynamics

The word communicate is derived from the Latin word, communis , meaning commonness. When we are communicating, we are trying to establish commonness with others.

2019 200

How to Prepare for Important Career Conversations

Eat Your Career

In the past, the “Annual Review” was the time—once a year—when you knew you would have the opportunity to sit down with your boss and get feedback, discuss career goals, and possibly even request a raise or promotion.

2019 130

Yes, You Do Need to Start Applying for Internships This Early

On The Job

You may still be trying to recover from the holidays, but if you want a summer internship this year, you need to get busy -- right now. Companies often get the bulk of applications between February and April, so there is no time to waste if you want a chance to land an internship.

2019 130

Things To Do For A Better New Year

Simple Productivity Blog

January 1 is when all the calendars recognize the start of the New Year. And as we have just passed that date, I thought I would talk about some things you can do to make your New Year get off to a great start.

2019 130

Ride Sharing Continues Rapid Grow

Small Business Labs

Pew Research recently did a study on the use of ride sharing services by Americans. Key quote on their findings: "The share of Americans who use ride-hailing services has increased dramatically. Today, 36% of U.S.

2019 172

Podcast 110: What’s in your cache?

Clutter Coach

by Listen or subscribe here: iTunes ? Stitcher ?. Soundcloud ? YouTube ? Google Play You can leave a review here! ?. This is podcast 110 and it’s about algorithms! If you have math fear, please don’t run away. This isn’t going to be about math. An algorithm, as far as I can figure out, is a process to achieve a particular result. It’s not a single rule or formula. It involves a number of steps.

2019 100

Five Ways to Clear Up Fuzzy Writing

Business Writing

When writing is fuzzy, perfectly clear ideas come across as vague, illogical, or ambiguous. Don’t let fuzzy writing undermine your brilliant ideas! Great ideas deserve clear expression. Avoid the five don’ts below to communicate clearly with your audience. Don’t.

2019 141

List of 50 Great Word Games for Kids and Adults

Daily Writing Tips

If you want to improve your writing, maybe it’s time to ditch all the writing books and podcasts and play some word games instead. Yes, seriously!

2019 95

How to send a fax in 2019

Practically Perfect PA

Hands up. Who has been asked to send a fax in the last year? I see a few of you nodding, some of you are rolling your eyes thinking – fax? What is it 1989? Some of you are wondering what I mean by the word ‘fax’ Yes, I know this is old technology, but you […].

2019 205

3 Key Lessons We Can Learn From the One Minute Manager

Dumb Little Man

Managing people isn’t that easy. You have to know the right things to do if you want to bring out the best in them. The One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson is a remarkable book about management.

2019 246

A Trio of Smart Small-Business Moves to Make This Year

Small Business CEO

As a CEO of a growing business, it goes without saying that you want your company to be as successful as possible.

2019 83

Tips to Get Rid of Stress

Office Dynamics

Life is too short to let things get to you, but sometimes it happens. Sometimes things are going so fast and so much is happening we all of a sudden think, “Whoa, what just happened?”. Then comes the stress and we quickly become one of the “office dragons” that we don’t like very much.

2019 193

Humans (not AI) are the future of focus and productivity optimization 

The Shrink for Entrepreneurs

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve experienced that pivotal “I need some productivity hacks” moment. . It happens in every entrepreneur career when an exciting new idea, glowing with uninformed optimism… morphs into an oh-s**t-this-is-tough venture. .

2019 69

It's Time to Shut the Door on the Office Moocher

On The Job

For as long as I've been working (going on 100+ years now, or at least it feels like it), there have been office moochers. They never have any money on them ("I forgot my wallet!" "I'm I'm broke until payday!" "I I just loaned my last $5 to a friend!").

2019 130

Softly Breaking Up With Goal-Oriented Productivity

Brilliantly Better

I’ve been into goal setting for a really, really long time in my life. I’ve been obsessing with countless measuring systems, productivity techniques and tons of apps and I even created my own productivity framework, called “Assess, Decide, Do” I… The post Softly Breaking Up With Goal-Oriented Productivity appeared first on Dragos Roua. Personal Development Productivity and Effectiveness

2019 56

Academic Studies Show Gig Economy Larger Than Government Data Suggests

Small Business Labs

Several papers related to the gig economy presented last week at the American Economic Association annual meeting caught our eye. 

2019 175

Is multitasking still a useful skill for Assistants?

Practically Perfect PA

Being a good multitasker was on the job description of pretty much every Assistant role I applied for when I first started as an Assistant. Since then experts have shown that multitasking does precisely the opposite of what we thought it did.

2019 196

5 ways to improve your leadership skills

Practically Perfect PA

There are now quite a few of us in the Assistant world running around shouting that you, lovely Assistant, are a leader within your organisation! You may not manage a team, but you do work in a management role.

2019 196

Managing your Executive’s one to one meetings

Practically Perfect PA

It kinda goes without saying that organising your Executive’s schedule is a never-ending task. Their time is always in demand, be it from clients, suppliers, colleagues around the business and of course from members of their team.

2019 166

Will CBD Change Modern Pain Management?

Dumb Little Man

Today, CBD is used to treat a myriad of conditions and its effects are reflected in both controlled scientific studies and personal accounts.

2019 233

Fake Productivity vs Real Productivity

Dumb Little Man

Putting in work or “hustling” is the most widespread maxim for success in the world of entrepreneurship. But the question is this: Are you really being productive with your time or is your work merely a heightened form of procrastination?

2019 247

Connecting With Your Child: 5 Things You Can Do To Stay Close Despite Your Work

Dumb Little Man

Having spent the last two decades working in the advertising industry based in New York but with clients all over the country, being on the road is just something that always came with the job.

2019 239

Where to go for a great Gif and other creative messaging

Practically Perfect PA

It goes without saying that Gifs, emoticons, emojis and Memes are everywhere on social media. We use them all the time, to express a point, to send a quick reply, to make people laugh. Gifs are great and Memes are funny as hell. But do you use them at work? And if not, why not? It’s […].

2019 155

How to set boundaries between your personal and professional life

Practically Perfect PA

At the recent World Administrators Summit in Frankfurt, the delegates talked a lot about the challenges we face in the role, which were, of course, shared by all of the representatives from different parts of the world.

2019 160