8 Proven Tips To Study Smart And Remember More

Dumb Little Man

Reading a book is as simple as ABC and everyone can pick up a book to read. However, not everyone remembers what they study. In this guide, I am going to reveal to you the best study habits and tips on how to remember more when studying.

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What Freelancers Want From Their Clients

Small Business Labs

As we pointed out earlier this week , firms of all sizes and types are increasing their use of freelancers and other forms of non-employee labor. 

2019 253

How to Benefit When You Get Blindsided by Criticism

On The Job

One day when I was on deadline frantically trying to complete a story, my instant messaging app popped up with something like: "Anita didn't check the database and now I'm having to recreate this work. sigh*" The IM was from my direct editor to another editor.

2019 242

The EA competencies you will need in 2019

Practically Perfect PA

Well, that is us in 2019 folks! Happy New Year. Firstly before I start this blog, I want to say a huge thank you to all of the Practically Perfect PA readers who are joining us for another year on the blog. We have been going now since 2011, and I can’t wait to see […].

2019 236

Poop Sign to Punctuate

Business Writing

Let's imagine that this sign needs perfect punctuation, or dog owners will ignore it. How would you punctuate it? I would add four punctuation marks. What would you do? Please share your version in the comments section. I'll share mine. Proofreading Punctuation Pointers

2019 222

7 Ways Admins Can Do More Meaningful Work

Eat Your Career

As a proud former administrative professional—and a current admin trainer and coach—I believe that support professionals can play an invaluable role in the workplace. Of course, that’s not always the case.

2019 219

Choosing the Best Administrative Assistant or Executive Assistant Conference

Office Dynamics

An administrative conference should feed your brain and soul!

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6 Signs You’ve Fallen Into The Employee Mentality Pit

Tips From T. Marie

As the instructor of a best-selling online course teaching individuals how to work from home as a virtual assistant, I get plenty of questions. A recent one reminded me of one of the pitfalls to avoid when starting and running your own business.

2019 169

The desk is still messy.

Ian's Messy Desk

The post The desk is still messy. appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. It is almost four years since I last posted anything here. Now , it’s time to reactivate. Over the next while, I will add new content. The layout is somewhat old-school blog, and needs updating.

2019 151

Counting the costs: What government funding for scientific research will cover?

The Small Business Blog

What Costs Can You Claim Through R&D Tax Credits? Finding out that the government could give you some money is always great news, especially when you’re a small business to whom it makes a real difference.

2019 147

When Working Hard is Not Enough: 18 Ways to Work Smart

Dumb Little Man

Most of the things we do require hard work. Whether it’s our job, relationships, and personal goals, we need to exert effort and work extra hard to get the best results possible. Unfortunately, working hard comes with negative effects.

2019 282

23% of Traditional Full-Time Job Holders Plan to Switch to Gig Work

Small Business Labs

According to MetLife's 2019 U.S. Employee Benefits Study, 23% of Americans with full-time traditional jobs intend to switch to gig work over the next 5 years. Another 14% say they are considering it. 

2019 237

5 Things You Must Do When Providing References

On The Job

Once an employer gets around to checking your references, you may be feeling quite confident that a job offer is coming your way. Hold on. According to an Accountemps survey , one in three candidates are removed from job consideration after checking with their references.

2019 228

5 tips on how to feel confident when you really don’t

Practically Perfect PA

Just recently I was chairing a panel session at the Conference and Hospitality Show in Leeds. Before going on the stage myself and the other panellists were talking about how we conquer our nerves so that we can get up on stage and speak to the audience. As I think we all know, speaking in […].

2019 208

If You Are a Writer or an Editor, You Need This book

Business Writing

In an earlier post, I promised to review Dreyer's English: An Utterly Correct Guide to Clarity and Style "in a few days." That was more than three weeks ago. I've been savoring the book, making notes on every chapter.

2019 211

5 Job Search Red Flags to Watch Out For

Eat Your Career

Job seekers are notoriously eager to believe things. They’re not necessarily gullible or naïve, but they often want to think optimistically about every “opportunity” that crosses their path.

2019 175

18 Books Every Administrative Assistant and Executive Assistant Should Read

Office Dynamics

Office Dynamics has put together a list of books for administrative assistants and executive assistants that will help you with your professional development and personal life.

2019 250

How Can I Earn Extra Income For Less than $100?

The Solopreneur Life

What if I told you there’s a way to earn extra income for less than $100… You might be thinking to yourself that this is flat out impossible. You might be thinking that I’m trying to pull a fast one. You might even be under the impression that I’m delusional.

2019 154

24 Online Collaboration Tools That Let You Leave The Office Space Behind

Tips From T. Marie

Location-less offices, remote employees, virtual assistants , and online service providers. This is the changing face of today’s small business offices. Business is becoming less and less tied to a location for various reasons. Reducing the cost of running a business is at the top of that list.

2019 161

Improve Your Productivity With Green Office Design

Eco-Office Gals

When you envision the typical office environment, do you see greenery, natural light and a clear view of an adjacent landscape? The average person associates their office with worn carpeting, buzzing light fixtures and tall partitions.

2019 130

4 Productivity Lessons From A Matching Game

Simple Productivity Blog

There are productivity lessons everywhere, if you just look. Here are four lessons I learned from a video game my daughter got me into, "We Bare Bears Match 3 Repairs.".

2019 141

Why Social Media is Dying a Slow Death

Dumb Little Man

I remember when I was a young whippersnapper of a kid — no place to be and no dependents to take care of. I was responsible, trustworthy, and intelligent enough to work my way to a comfortable place in whatever job I held at the time.

2019 281

More Small Businesses Turning to Online Lenders for Financing

Small Business Labs

The Federal Reserve recently released its 2019 Small Business Credit Survey.    A key finding is the use of online lending sources by small businesses is rapidly expanding. 

2019 232

The Critical Element You May Be Missing in Your Job Search

On The Job

This seems to be the time of year when a lot of people are jumping ship for a new gig. People are seeking new challenges -- or feel unsettled by the current instability of their industry.

2019 207

Ten podcasts every PA should listen to

Practically Perfect PA

I don’t think I’ve shared this before but I love podcasts, and I have for years. They are more popular than ever, and there are loads of podcasts that can help you with your personal and professional development.

2019 228

Does Humming Attract Birds? A Punctuation Problem

Business Writing

My friend Eric W., a great sign spotter, sent me this photo for your enjoyment. He asks, "What does it hum?" I ask you, "What is the problem with the heading below?" It's an easy problem for a snowy Monday. Punctuation Pointers Teaching Business Writing

2019 203

How to Find Your Voice at Work (Free Webinar)

Eat Your Career

Join us for this month’s free webinar on the topic of “How to Find Your Voice at Work.”. While writing my new book (The Invisibility Cure: How to Stand Out, Get Noticed and Get What You Want at Work), I experienced quite a few personal revelations. One in particular has really stuck with me.

2019 158

Conference for Administrative Assistants – How to Get Your Executive’s Approval

Office Dynamics

Most of the time assistants tell me they can’t attend our conference for administrative assistants or training because of budget cuts or not getting financial support. Sometimes it really is a budget issue. I understand that perfectly as a business owner and CEO.

2019 211

Theme and Variations

Ian's Messy Desk

The post Theme and Variations appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. As I reactivate things here at Ian’s Messy Desk, there is going to be a bit of a shift in content.

2019 137

Losing Sleep Over Your Business? Here are 9 Ways to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Tips From T. Marie

In the early days of my business I lost a lot of sleep. Sometimes it was due to working into the wee hours, other times an inconsistent income kept me awake and other times a multitude of to-do lists insisted on rotating through my brain like a revolving door of tasks I couldn’t slow down.

2019 152

The Importance of Environmental Integrity When Combating Erosion

Eco-Office Gals

As with everything dealing with our environment, we are at a time in history when the integrity of what we are planting and sowing has an unprecedented impact.

2019 130

Are SMEs are turning their backs on traditional marketing?

The Small Business Blog

We recently commissioned some research to see how committed smaller businesses are to traditional marketing in the digital age.

2019 132

Can AI Streamline Your Supply Chain And Save Your Business?

Dumb Little Man

eCommerce is becoming more difficult to manage as a small business. The retail giants seem to have the market cornered on everything, from supply-side logistics to consumer demand. It’s more costly than ever to compete.

2019 268

Purpose and a Paycheck and the New Retirement

Small Business Labs

Purpose and a Paycheck is a new book from Chris Farrell, a leading expert on retirement and workforce issues facing people over the age of 50. 

2019 241

5 Steps to Take When You Don't Know What Your Boss Wants

On The Job

Some people believe a micromanaging boss is the worst thing ever, but I'd have to say that a boss who doesn't communicate what he or she wants is also pretty bad. This is the boss who can't exactly tell you what he wants.

2019 194

Day in the life: Hayley Lawrence, PA to Regional General Manager and Admin Assistant to Founders Office – The British Virgin Islands

Practically Perfect PA

Enjoy today’s Day in the life: Hayley Lawrence, PA Regional General Manager and Administration Assistant to Founders Office – Necker & Moskito Islands, in The British Virgin Islands. I love this interview because it shows how exciting, different, challenging and incredible our profession is!

2019 208

Six Tricks to Make Your Writing Seem Shorter

Business Writing

Sometimes you simply have a lot to say. But you know that people often don't read long documents, and you are looking for ways to shorten yours. After you cut a few extra words and one or two unnecessary sentences, Teaching Business Writing Writing Tips

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