How To Upgrade Your Cubicles To Be Eco-Friendly

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As more and more working professionals realize how important protecting the planet is, they are upgrading their cubicles to be eco-friendly. At the same time, you can save yourself capital while upgrading your cubicles. Take these steps to upgrade your cubicles to be more eco-friendly.

3 Ways to Change the World from Your Cubicle

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While we're unlikely to stand up in our cubicle, point at someone and start yelling about how they're wrong, stupid, hateful and wear ugly shoes -- we can use the workplace as a starting point. I'm fed up, and I know many of you must feel the same.

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Cubicle Etiquette 101

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Home About Me Advertise Cubicle Etiquette 101 By The Professional Assistant on Thursday, November 01, 2007 Filed Under: Office Gossip , Productivity D o you find that your colleagues are hovering around you when youre on the phone? If you work in a cubicle, here are some guidelines to follow for good cubicle etiquette: You see the person you wish to talk to on the phone. If you are going to enter another staff members cubicle, make sure to knock first.

Is Your Job Putting Your Health At Risk? 8 Ways To Survive Cubicle Lifestyle And Take Care Of Your Health.

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Instead we work in offices and many of us automatically assume that cubicle jobs are harmless to our health. Many of us don't do physical labor for a living. After all we don't carry, lift, move or do anything that requires serious muscle work.

Want to Decorate Your Cubicle/Office?

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Home About Me Advertise Want to Decorate Your Cubicle/Office? By The Professional Assistant on Friday, January 11, 2008 Filed Under: Organize , Productivity D o you want to decorate your cubicle/office? I recently had someone ask me how they should go about decorating their cubicle. Try not to clutter your cubicle too much. You need to be able to find certain documents on your cubicle walls for easy reference.

Is the Green-Eyed Monster in Your Cubicle?

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The green-eyed monster now rears itself not on the playground, but in the cubicle. When I was in grade school, every year I had to put up with someone I'll call "Mary" in my classes.

Beyond the Cubicle: Deskless Workforce Getting Left Behind

Small Business CEO

… The post Beyond the Cubicle: Deskless Workforce Getting Left Behind appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 billion (80%) of the global workforce now works in a deskless environment. Strange, when one considers the digital shift that’s been occurring these last two decades, with many physical labor jobs having been replaced by automation technology and apps that can do the most complicated of tasks.

Could a Union Be Coming to a Cubicle Near You?

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Helpful information and advice from Americas favorite workplace columnist About Anita Blog Books Syndicated Column Interviews Career Links Contact Wednesday, November 4, 2009 Could a Union Be Coming to a Cubicle Near You?

First Step to Escaping the Cubicle For Good: Set A Date - by Dumb.

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Is There an Addict in the Cubicle Next Door?

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Addiction doesn't reside just on the street corner with junkies looking for the next fix -- it's also in the meeting rooms and boardrooms and cubicles where we work. Six months ago on this blog I wrote about a smart and talented lawyer with four beautiful children who had a drug and alcohol addiction.

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Surviving the Holidays while Working

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The fact is, we still end up celebrating a cubicle Christmas once in a while. Here are some items to turn your cubicle into a hauntingly good time: Personalized Halloween Pumpkin 4 Port USB hub: If you plan to decorate your office space for the holidays you will need a few extra USB ports.

How to Deal with Inconsiderate Co-Workers

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Do you want to walk over to their cubicle while their talking loudly on the phone and give them a piece of your mind?

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On the Job by Anita Bruzzese: Workplace Anxiety Disorder Impacts.

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What about the guy in the cubicle next to yours refusing to take off his headphones so you can ask him a question?

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To Speak or Not to Speak?

The Office Professionals Place

Do you share a cubicle with someone who doesnt seem to have two words to say to you? The Office Professionals Place by Elite Office Concepts The purpose of this blog is to educate, enlighten, motivate, inspire, and strengthen office professionals to grow in their professional development.

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Listening to Your Neighbours

Laughing all the Way to Work

I work in a cubicle and hear things going on around me all the time. If my co-worker in the next cubicle is away and someone comes looking for her I usually know where she has gone as we regularly call out to each other where we are going as we rush off to do a photocopying job or send a fax. Tags: cubicle professional assistant neighbours listening eavesdropping Administrative Assistant It is amazing what you pick up from your neighbours.

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Break The Routine, Inspire Yourself!

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You can change this by having inspirational items around your cubicle (you can also read more on decorating your cubicle here ). Stick it to the wall of your cubicle, but make sure that its sitting right in front of you. Home About Me Advertise Break The Routine, Inspire Yourself!

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On the Job by Anita Bruzzese: Who's Got Your Back? Building Trust.

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The guy in the cubicle next to yours; 2. It could be the woman in the cubicle next to you, or if you’re the boss, members of your own team, who can help you.”

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Personal Trinkets at Work Can Hurt Image

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Your collection of snow globes – now numbering somewhere in the dozens – is quite eye-catching, covering nearly every available space in your cubicle. Researchers at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business found that if more than one in five items that adorn a worker’s office or cubicle are personal in nature, others may view that as unprofessional. Tags: cubicle professional image work space

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Most Irritating Habits of Co-Workers

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Are you being bombarded with people walking up to your cubicle and dont have the decency to see that you are busy? 0comments for this post Post a Comment Post a Comment Newer Post Older Post Home Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Subscribe to Posts via Feed Subscribe to Posts via Email Featured Posts Write An Effective Out Of Office Assistant Message Cubicle Etiquette Get A Job With A Thank You Letter How to Copy Tables from Word to Powerpoint Want to Decorate Your Cubicle/Office?

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Got A Large Print Job From Your Boss? Not Sure What To Do?

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By The Professional Assistant on Friday, February 15, 2008 Filed Under: Meetings , Organize , Productivity Y our boss comes to your cubicle and asks you to make 10 copies of 5 different sets of publications. Home About Me Advertise Got A Large Print Job From Your Boss? Not Sure What To Do?

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Ten Rules Guaranteed to Cause You Less Stress

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Dwight" has inhabited the cubicle next to you for three very, very long years. Tags: workplace advice the office cubicle dwight humor at work ok workplace rules human resources it's okay career advice free career advice Anita Bruzzese It's Friday. TGIF, right? You've put in some long hours, dedicated yourself to the job and figured out a way to whittle your lunch tab down to $1.25 (ketchup put into hot water makes tomato soup, right?). I know you're stressed.

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Reheating Catfish in the Microwave

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No, they're delving into deeper subject matters and have just named their winner of the saddest-cubicles contest. Tags: personal disconnect behavior problems saddest cubicle I've raced around the Web today, trying to find items for this Tidbit Tuesday. I figure I've burned off at least one of the pieces of pecan pie that I shoved into my face over the holiday (is this what is known as wishful thinking?).

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Why You're Annoying Your Colleagues

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That’s why you consider yourself a good colleague – certainly not like that annoying person in the cubicle next to you. It’s one thing to turn your cubicle into a toxic waste dump, but it’s another when your slovenly habits affect others. You’re never late for meetings.

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Feng Shui: A Way To Improve Your Productivity

Simple Productivity Blog

People spend a lot of time at work in their office cubicles. A cubicle is difficult to feng shui, since it is so compact. Office cubicles are either grey or other drab color, which does not promote a positive energy throughout the space. This post was written by a guest author.

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Reinventing the Office Experience: How Office Design Has Changed

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We are led to believe that workspaces aren’t always like this: rows of cubicles or desks containing computers connected in an open space. While this movement did not quite take off, cubicles were created to try to capture this duality of space.

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Adhering to the "Closed Door" Policy

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Do you find that you get disturbed around your cubicle because of excessive noise? Do you wish that you could build walls around your cubicle just so that people would keep quiet? I wrote a post entitled "Adhering to the 'Open Door' Policy", but this post is a little different, so please read on. I am sure that this happened to many of you on a regular basis. Managers have offices and the.

How to Make All the Right Moves in Any Job

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Be proactive Don’t sit in your cubicle or workstation and never emerge unless it’s for a bathroom break or to leave for the day. No one sets out to fail in a job, but it can happen if you don’t take some time to establish good habits from your first day in a new position.

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Persistence Makes Perfect

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Everything seemed fine, as I got a brand new cubicle with windows behind. Have you ever had a problem at work that you couldn't solve right away? Did you keep asking your manager on the status of the ordeal? This recently happened to me.

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Why Coworking is Booming

Small Business Labs

 Workers in these spaces consistently report making more connections, learning skills faster, and feeling more inspired and in control than their cubicle-dwelling counterparts inside large companies.

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How Not to Behave in Front of Co-Workers

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Office holiday parties are an annual tradition, whether they’re a potluck among the cubicles or a more elaborate affair complete with a DJ and a chicken dinner.

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3 Things To Do This Month for Your Career

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We huddle a little more deeply into our cubicle, and think more about what soup to order for lunch rather than how to energize our careers. I'm looking at my garden, noting all the flowers that have started to die as we move into the fall season.

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Redefining Office Culture To Boost Employee Satisfaction and Productivity

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The 1970s introduced The Cubicle – as I like to call “The Bullpen Plus.” The cubicle offered privacy, improving employee satisfaction in the grand scheme of things. The cubicle quickly became associated with cost-cutting and layoffs.

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Open Loops 9/26/2014: Articles I Think Worth Passing Along

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This week I highlight articles on advice for college students from a professor; creating a cubicle exit plan; an argument for walking; an easy way to test batteries; random acts of kindness; veggies you can grow from food scraps; dumb purchases to stop making; and not letting someone ruin your day.

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What You Need to Know About Renovating Your Office

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Cubicles not only inhibit employees from feeling they are part of a team, they can also make an employee feel emotionally, mentally and physically stuck. Try taking down the cubicles and creating a space that is clean, refreshed and open.

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How to Know Your Business Is Ready to Go Remote

Small Business CEO

It will look like anything except an office, whether it’s a traditional one with cubicles or the modern one with lots of open space. The workplace of tomorrow will probably look like your living room or home office. Or maybe even a local coffee shop.

2018 69

A "Smelly" Career Problem

On The Job

Your smelly lunches may so secretly annoy a cubicle mate that she doesn't warn you that you've got a mistake in a report. Today is National Fragrance Day, which may mean diddly squat to you. Except if you're at work, and someone has decided to microwave last night's leftover shrimp scampi.

2018 171

Tips to Creating an Effective Study Space

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Some might look for a small space like a cubicle. Are you not able to study at home due to a lot of distractions around? Are you not able to focus just because of those uncomfortable sofas or less leg space? Or you are turned off by a cluttered study desk? Well, you are not alone.

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This is How You Ace a Phone Interview

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What if you’re at your current job and you have nosy cubicle mates who will eavesdrop? For many job seekers, the first interaction they have with an employer is over the phone.

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Are Extroverts Misunderstood?

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That means that while you as an introvert look for quiet time in your cubicle to recharge and think, the extroverted co-worker who pops up to tell you a joke or try to get you to go to happy hour isn''t being annoying on purpose.

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How Assistants Can Have Staying Power

Office Dynamics

Offices can sometimes seem like the last place you’d expect to find bursts of creativity, but sometimes the most innovative, visionary, and fun ideas come out of boring, beige cubicles.

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The 6 Best Green Buildings Materials for Offices

Eco-Office Gals

Say goodbye to dreary cubicles and hello to bright, open spaces. Employees want refreshing spaces that are attractive in their design and health benefits. Green materials tend to contain less harmful chemicals than standard ones, making office air purer and healthier for the body.

2019 130

3 Ways to Better Connect With Co-Workers

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Move around periodically, stopping to compliment a great super hero poster in someone's cubicle or say, "I'm headed to Starbucks -- anyone want to tag along?" If you could spend 40 to 50 hours per week with a handful of (living) people, who would you pick?

2018 189

The Biggest Distraction in the Office May Be You

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to a colleague in a nearby cubicle, you're not alone. If you're tempted to yell "Shut the $#% up!" As it turns out, loud-talking co-workers are so annoying it has prompted researchers to study it.

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