How do you make yourself more assertive?

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Question: “I’ve heard many times from colleagues and people close to me that I’m just not assertive enough to really get ahead and achieve the things I want. ” Articles on How to Be More Assertive. 7 Tips for Executive Assistants Who Want to Be More Assertive.

How to Be Assertive, Not Pushy

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If you write to customers, clients, employees, or almost anyone on the job, you have times when you need to assert yourself. You have to disagree, delegate, instruct, remind, and say no—in each situation coming across as clear and forceful. Courteous Writing Email Etiquette

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7 Tips for Executive Assistants Who Want To Be More Assertive

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Do you want to be more assertive? Learning how to tactfully voice your opinions and assert your needs as an executive assistant is important. Many assistants have crossed the line from assertive to aggressive. So what is the difference between assertive and aggressive?

How To Be More Assertive Without Becoming Disrespectful

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While some people are naturally more assertive, others are naturally more submissive. In today’s world, choosing to be more assertive can help you be more successful. Assertive people tend to be better communicators. However, if you are naturally submissive, learning how to be more assertive can be tough. But, there’s a lot on the line when it comes to being assertive. You don’t have to go from being fully passive to fully assertive overnight.

How to be an assertive assistant

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How many times are assistants told to be more assertive? It seems to me the word is everywhere we look, it is on our job descriptions, it is in our objectives and there are a ton of courses solely dedicated to making assistants more assertive. Prepare to be assertive.

12 Days of Christmas Webinar: The Accelerated Assistant

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In our program today we talked about seven ways to become an accelerated assistant. Below you will find our replay link, program notes, certificate download and access to our deal of the day. If you haven’t already registered for our 12 Days of Christmas Webinar Series, you can register here.

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7 Strategies to Speak Up to Get Results

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Admin Assistant Training Administrative Professionals Week Assertive Communication Skills Difficult People Self Development Workplace Tools #careeradvice administrative professional clarity Colette Carlson communicate executive assistant speak up workplace communications

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Do you really “get” emotional intelligence?

The Small Business Blog

Personal Effectiveness anger assertiveness dene stuart EI emotional intelligence emotions influence

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Is it time to bust your comfort zone?

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Admin Assistant Training Assertive Career Management Leadership Problem Solving Self Development Stress Management Workplace Tools #bustthezone comfort zone free webinar Jasmine Freeman stretch your skills

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Inspiring Business Leaders: 5 of the Most Influential Women

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Assertive Career Management Professional Image Self Development Trending achievement American Association of University Women business environment gender gap influential women inspiring business leaders success women women in businessThese 5 influential women are inspiring business leaders.

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12 Days of Christmas Webinar: The Organized Admin with Julie Perrine

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Get ready to go from chaos to control with the excellent tips that Julie Perrine shares in this free webinar. Watch The Organized Admin Webinar Replay. Webinar Resources & Downloads. Download the Chat Archive: Day 7 Chat Archive 12 Days.

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It’s Healthy to Have High Self-Esteem

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Admin Assistant Training Assertive Attitude Career Management Leadership Motivators Self Development administrative assistant body positive executive assistant health healthy self-esteem positive self-esteem self-esteem at work self-talkLove yourself.

Getting People to Notice You At Work

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Admin Assistant Training Admin Tips Assertive Assistant Training Career Management Professional Image Workplace Tools get noticed get noticed at work how to get your boss to notice you shine stand outDo you struggle with letting your light shine?

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Strategies for Advancing Your Career in Administrative Services

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Admin Assistant Training Administrative Professionals Day Administrative Professionals Week Assertive Career Management Communication Skills Interpersonal Skills Leadership Professional Image Self DevelopmentDesigned by Freepik. As a career-minded assistant, it’s easy to get to a place where you wonder, “Where do I go from here?”. Advancing as an assistant can take many different forms.

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The Top 3 Skills That Make Administrative Assistants Stand Out

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Admin Assistant Training Assertive Attitude Career Management Communication Skills Conflict Resolution Creativity Etiquette Executive And Assistant Partnership Free Webianrs Interpersonal Skills Leadership Problem Solving Productivity Professional Image Self DevelopmentAdministrative professionals are always asking us what it takes to really stand out in the workplace. After all, it’s a competitive market out there!

Why Being An Executive Assistant Is A Rewarding Career

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In honor of Administrative Professionals Day, I want to share my thoughts on why I believe being an executive assistant is a rewarding career. When people tell me, “Anyone can do that job,” it bothers me. It tells me that person doesn’t really know what it takes to be a great assistant.

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Can Lack of Assertiveness be Interpreted as Weakness?

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Can lack of assertiveness be interpreted as weakness? I’m going to share with you points that have been discussed on this topic when I’m teaching administrative assistants and support staff personnel how to be assertive. It’s ironic that I’m writing about this topic today because I just wrote an overview yesterday for a workshop on assertiveness that we are conducting for a major corporation soon. Assertiveness has to do with having an “attitude of confidence.”

How to Impact Your Work by Rephrasing What You Say

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8 Little Words Make a BIG Difference. What can I do to get this started?” I will never forget how my life changed as an executive when Jasmine Freeman, Chief Executive Assistant, asked me that question. I was standing outside Jasmine’s office on my way out the front door.

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How to Respond to Workplace Conflict

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Use assertive communication techniques. You might think talking about conflict is not very motivating, especially to kick off the week. However, Monday is the perfect time to talk about workplace conflict because we all have to deal with it.

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Hired, then abandoned–how to become part of the team?

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This month’s question from our friends at The Admin Pro Forum is from Maddy who is struggling to become part of the team at her new office. Take a moment to read her question and let us know what you think in the comments of this blog. Have you ever found yourself in a similar scenario?

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Today’s Administrative Assistant Has Power

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Admin Assistant Training Administrative Professionals Day Administrative Professionals Week Assertive Career Management Self Development(Excerpt from Become an Inner Circle Assistant book, Joan Burge). For the first time in history, the administrative professional’s job description hints at the full engagement of cognitive powers.

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5 Helpful Ways to Deal With a Person’s Bad Attitude

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Recently, I was conducting a full-day workshop for administrative professionals at a large organization. I was purposely brought in to help these assistants manage change, build strategic partnerships with their managers, learn how to be more proactive, and build peer synergy.

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Revolutionary Insights Into Self-Leadership for Administrative Professionals

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This is a replay of the free webinar offered June 2016 titled Revolutionary Insights Into Self-Leadership (for administrative professionals). Administrative professionals don’t typically think of themselves as leaders; even the most successful struggle with the idea!

Enlarge Your Presence

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Speak out; present new ideas; be creative; be assertive; be open; generate enthusiasm, create change; improve processes. I am just coming back to the office this week after an incredible week of teaching World Class Assistant to some amazing ladies.

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Joan’s Greatest Administrative Secrets Revealed!

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If someone is doing something or saying something that is unacceptable to you, then you need to speak up in a professional and assertive manner. Welcome to April. Wow, where is the time going? April is one of my favorite months because, here at Office Dynamics, we get to celebrate the wonderful accomplishments of those in the administrative profession! In case you are not aware, Administrative Professionals Week is April 24 – 28. But we celebrate the entire month of April.

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Don’t Be a Dragon to Yourself (Part 3 of 3)

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Lack assertiveness. The problem with not being assertive is we let people walk over us. If you don’t feel you are assertive, take some classes. Assertive is about getting your needs met while being considerate of others. Admin Assistant Training Assertive Attitude Conflict Resolution Difficult People Interpersonal Skills Motivators Self DevelopmentIf you read the past two blogs, you will know that I have been talking about office dragons.

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The Power of One

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Admin Assistant Training Assertive Career Management Communication Skills Cost Effective Creativity Interpersonal Skills Leadership Motivators Networking Organizational Skills Problem Solving Productivity Self Development TeamworkWelcome to May! Such a lovely time of year. I hope everyone has recuperated from an exciting Administrative Professionals Week. We did a lot of celebrating at Office Dynamics.

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Teaching Your Assistant Yields Huge Return on Investment

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Are you teaching your assistant? One of the most common challenges we hear from Administrative and Executive Assistants is this: “I’m underutilized.”. In our experience, Executives across the board fail to fully leverage the time and talents of their support staff.

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Be Bold Enough To Be An Owner

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Do You Have An Owner’s Mentality? Hello from my office to yours. Did you know that you do not have to own your own business to have an “owner’s” mentality? Did you know there are benefits to thinking like an “owner” vs. an employee? Do you know the key characteristics of owners?

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Have You Reached A Career Plateau? How to Regain Control

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Author: Shelagh Donnelly. Have you paused lately to assess where your career is going? Are you making progress, or have you plateaued? Think about it. Plateaus are generally flat expanses of terrain, and you’ve made either a descent or a climb to reach one.

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Assertiveness is Key for a Successful Sales Representative

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Chances are that assertiveness is among their top qualities. … Management Marketing assertiveness sales representative

Living Your BIG & Bold Life [Upcoming Event]

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Announcement: Our next free webinar in our celebration series is open for registration. Living Your BIG & Bold Life with Joan Burge. May 7, 2015. 10:00 – 11:00 AM Pacific Time. Register Now, It’s a free event! Working women hold a unique position in our society.

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Upcoming Free Webinar! Overworked But Underutilized: Go From Order Taker to Cognitive Being

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Are You Overworked But Underutilized? One of the most common complaints we hear from modern administrative professionals is that they feel busy—overwhelmed even—but they still aren’t really being utilized. The problem?

2015 84

5 Reasons Why Office Admins are the New Power Job

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Author: OfficeNinjas. Editor’s Note: This is a revised version of an original post from the OfficeNinjas blog. You connect the dots between departments, have mastered the art of juggling competing work priorities, all while keeping the lights on and often acting as director of first impressions.

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Handling Ethical Issues in the Workplace

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Author: Lisa Olsen. Have you ever thought about your responsibility and power to improve ethical standards in the workplace? Assistants have touch-points at many levels in the organization and we often find ourselves encountering ethical dilemmas in the office.

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How to Master The Art of Supporting Multiple Managers

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The article, Juggling: The Art of Supporting Multiple Managers by Stacy Leitner was originally posted at This article has been shared by permission from the author. .

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Webinar Etiquette and Protocol for Live Events

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Assertive Attitude Communication Skills Interpersonal Skills Professional Image Workplace Tools #officedynamics admin assistant etiquette Facebook Live Joan Burge professionalism protocol webinar webinar etiquetteIt’s time to talk about webinar etiquette.

Tactfully Voicing Your Opinion

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Happy Monday. I hope you had a great weekend. I’ve had a wonderful 6 days of vacation. I actually had a staycation. My daughter was visiting me and I had a great time playing tour guide and tourist in my own town, Las Vegas!

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Who Is Office Dynamics International?

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At Office Dynamics International we are celebrating 25 years of serving the administrative profession. Perhaps you’ve known us for a long time or you’re new around here. Either way, we want you to know who we are and what we believe. We Passionately Believe.

Celebrating Administrative Professionals

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Administrative Assistants Rock! Join our April Blog-A-Thon. April is just around the corner and we love celebrating administrative professionals! This is the month we can (and will) celebrate in a big way.