A day in the life: Katrina Wardell, EA at Dropbox

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Before Dropbox, I worked for a tech start-up and was the executive assistant (EA) to the CEO of an aircraft leasing firm. For the past year and a half, I have worked as the EA to the Head of Dropbox Europe and the Global Head of Customer Experience, but my role has recently changed.

Diving Deeper Into Dropbox: The Ultimate Unofficial Dropbox Guide


I’ve been a Dropbox user for as long as I can remember. To be clear, my Dropbox isn’t out of control. It just isn’t as neatly organized as I’d like – and I’m certainly not using Dropbox’s features to their fullest. My wife and I share all of our pertinent files in Dropbox.

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Dropbox tips and tricks

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I store all of my files in Dropbox, it is really easy to use, loads of other people use it and I love that I can easily share files and documents with the rest of my team. So, today I thought I’d share my Dropbox tips and tricks for you.

My Search for Cloud Storage-Weighing the Options

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Featured Tags: Cloud Storage Dropbox Skydrive Storage Storage Services I’ve been meaning to write this blog post on my search for reliable cloud storage since mid-July. Business Tips Featured Cloud Storage Dropbox Skydrive Storage Storage Services Categories: Business Tips.

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Free Trial of Dropbox Pro 100

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I still have a free, 3-month trial of Dropbox Pro 100 to give. Dropbox is one of the vital tools that makes smooth collaboration with my clients - and them with their clients - possible.

Get 500 MB of bonus Dropbox space

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Always have your stuff when you need it with Dropbox. For everyone who joins and installs Dropbox using my referral link above, I’ll get 1 GB and you’ll receive 500 MB of bonus space. My virtual assistant clients and I love Dropbox. virtual assistant virtual assistance affiliates small business cool tools Dropbox collaboration teamwork data storage sharingSign up for free! link].


Innovative Ways of Using the Cloud

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Shared any of your files with friends or colleagues via Google Drive or Dropbox?

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iAdd For iPhone / iPad Now Syncs With Dropbox

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sync your data completely with Dropbox via Edge, #g or WiFi. Dropbox released an API for interacting with its widely popular cloud storage service only a few weeks ago but when I saw the press release, I knew I had to work with it.

Today’s Admin Needs to Become a Mobile Office Pro

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Dropbox. OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Dropbox, Box and Egnyte. Mobile has become the way in the daily operations of both our personal and business lives. It is increasingly important to know how to work productively from anywhere, anytime. It’s all in the apps.

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Top 10 Writing Apps for Android Smartphones

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DropBox. Before you question the addition of DropBox, you need to understand why it is an important app for writers. DropBox offers you a seamless cloud experience, the ability to edit your word files, and so much more.

New speakers for the Virtual Summit

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Katrina Wardell, EA at Dropbox . I’m so excited to share with you the first group of new speakers for the Virtual Summit and their session details. We have a really varied group trainers from all over the world for the Summit who are truly inspiring.

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6 Reasons Why Your Business Should be Paperless

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Granted, cloud storage services like Dropbox and hard drives also limit the number of files they can accommodate at a time. Did you know that it takes around 24 trees to produce one ton of paper?

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7 Great Productivity and Time Management Tools to Keep You On Track

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Dropbox. Dropbox can save you a lot of time when it comes to data storage. If you’re trying to find ways on how to be more efficient, you’ve probably considered getting a few tools to help you out.

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Top 11 Writing Apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad)

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What makes Editorial a great app is the fact that it has features like a built-in multi-tab web browser, Dropbox integration, and more. What makes Werdsmith great is the fact that it is loaded with features, has a great UI, Dropbox integration, and it can even be used on the iPod touch.

Office Software is Evolving, Are You Ready?

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While we self-proclaimed geeks have been using Google docs, Google Drive, Dropbox and others, Office 365 provides those with a fear of the cloud a reason to finally get their cloud on. Office suite software is changing!

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6 Tips to Save You Time and Wasted Effort - Productive & Organized

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Drop The Flash Drive For Dropbox Dropbox is awesome! " Download Dropbox on your work and home computers, your smartphone and iPad. Productive & Organized Home Contribute to P&O! Archive Network with Steph Is This You? Work With Stephanie « Link Lineup!

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Workflows: Notetaking/Writing with Write App and nvALT


Dropbox (for Mac and iOS). For those that are unfamiliar with these apps, here''s a quick breakdown: Dropbox: Dropbox needs no introduction or description. Write App/Write for Dropbox: Write App is fairly new to the game, but is so awesome.

Ultimate travel itinerary

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In addition I suggest you upload the information to an online document management website (Dropbox for example), just in case they misplace the paperwork.

Book Review: The Fifth Age of Work

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Evernote, Dropbox), and communication channels (e.g., The Fifth Age of Work  describes how a broad mix of shifts and trends are transforming work and the workplace. The author, Drew Jones, is well suited to take on this subject.

Technology to help with minute taking

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The app also has Dropbox backup so all participants can access the notes whenever they want. About 10 years ago I used to manage 12 Committees as part of my role at the time. I absolutely loved the job but it did mean that I had to write 48 sets of minutes each year.

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Top 12 iPhone Apps That'll Increase Your Productivity

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Dropbox You've heard about Dropbox , haven't you? The best thing about iPhone is the incredible world of apps its users can access and use. But it's easy to get lost in those hundreds of thousands of apps.

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10 Apps for Administrative Productivity and Organization

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Dropbox , Box , or OneDrive may be the solution. Designed by Freepik. This is the second article in a two-part series on productivity apps for admins by Julie Perrine. You can read part 1 here. As an administrative professional, you need to be productive and organized wherever you go. But hauling around your work laptop 24/7 isn’t exactly practical. The solution? Smartphone apps! Here are my 10 app category favorites.

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5 Tools to Help You Automate Your Work

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For instance, you can post a photo on Instagram and in turn, it is downloaded in Dropbox. One of the greatest advantages organizations achieves from automating various processes is saving time, among other resources. In the entire history of human development, the need to make work easier, faster and even cheaper comes naturally. This is what has led to various discoveries and developments of tools that automate work.

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Top 12 Android Apps That'll Increase Your Productivity

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Dropbox The popular online backup and sync tool has an Android app that lets you quickly access your My Dropbox folder from your Android phone. So, as promised in my previous article on iPhone apps that make you more productive , here I am with a similar list for Android users.

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Top 13 Tools For Efficiently Running Your Online Business

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Dropbox Dropbox is a brilliant online backup and synchronization tool that has a host of features to suit individuals as well as small online business owners. If you own a business, especially one that's entirely online, it is likely that you’ve got a distributed workforce.

It’s official … I’ve switched from Outlook to Gmail!

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And I’m also using Dropbox to store my files. I never thought I’d do that as for years I’ve been a die-hard Outlook fan — and I still am. But I’ve come to realize over the past couple of weeks that, with all the traveling I do, it’s just not efficient for me to keep switching from Outlook when I’m in my office, to Gmail when I’m traveling and using my laptop, back to Outlook again when I’m back in my office.

Top 5 Remote Working Tools

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Dropbox – in case you haven’t come across this yet, this is a great service for sharing files between say your desktop PC and your laptop without having to copy from your PC to a flashdrive, and then from the flashdrive to your laptop. The Dropbox software adds an additional folder to your PC/laptop that you simply drop your files into and you can access from any PC that has the Dropbox software installed.

How Social Media Helps Students Study

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For resources that have not been posted online yet, you can use cloud-storing services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, or Box, to organize it. Social media in education is a no-brainer and many studies and experiences have proven its efficiency.

The Internet vs. Hollywood

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Fight Back: YOUR FILES ON Google, Dropbox, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube, Flickr, etc. The Internet vs. Hollywood : Hollywood attorneys are trying to use the courts to circumvent Congress and implement a backdoor SOPA/PIPA scheme.

How We Pulled Off a Huge Event Through Outsourcing


File exchange: Dropbox, WeTransfer. This saved me the trouble of checking Dropbox regularly and uploading files one by one.). I don''t do a lot of outsourcing, but offering up guests spots here at Productivityst has started me down that path.

Best Business Technology for Small Businesses & Their Owners (28 ideas from them to you!)

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LNM LOVES Dropbox! Then we found out about Dropbox. We now have Dropbox on 4 of our LNM computers and we are able to share files and they update automatically which would have been a problem with a server-type solution. " Stephanie you are such a geek."

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Using your social media skills at work

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If you use social media I would imagine you will be up to date on new technology and interesting websites that may add value in your company such as using Dropbox for file sharing, Evernotes for task lists and reminders, Tripit for travel itineraries, about.me

The Freedom to Work from Anywhere: Your Virtual Business Tips (Part 4)

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I have Dropbox on my phone as well so I can easily send documents to my consultants while on the road. I hope you are enjoying this series Freedom to Work from Anywhere: Living the Mobile Life.

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Creating Your Freedom Business - Expert Panel Shares Tips (Part 3)

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I always synch all of my files from my main Mac computer in my home office to Dropbox so that I am sure to have all of them handy while on the road by using the app on my phone and tablet.

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The Admin’s Guide to Organizing Digital Files

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Now my team and I use Dropbox , so it’s become my default digital filing cabinet. The Admin’s Guide to Organizing Digital Files By Julie Perrine. Just like papers on your desk can pile up, the same thing can happen with digital files.

Review – Casual.PM


Files can be uploaded from your local computer, Dropbox, Box and Google Drive. Project Management tools can be unwieldy beasts, that’s for sure. In some ways, this can be understandable. I mean, managing a project is supposed to be complicated, isn’t it?

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The Freedom to Work from Anywhere: Living the Mobile Life

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Dropbox - amazing tool for sending and storing big files, can be accessed by multiple parties and updated in real time-incredible for working with virtual support teams and staff members across the country. Are you on the go with your business? 

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Todo List Apps for People Who Don’t Like Todo Lists

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The business features include the ability to organize the Trello boards within collections and unlock integration with other online services such as Dropbox, Evernote, and Slack. To-do list and task manager apps can be great as a second brain.

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How I Use Hazel


Unlike the other applications I’ve covered ( Evernote and Dropbox ), there’s not really much to write about in terms of how I don’t use it. Workflow app uninstaller app zapper Dropbox efficiency Evernote hazel how to how to use hazel mac power users noodlesoft productivity rules

My Journey to Productivity


in combination with cloud storage syncing solutions such as iCloud and Dropbox. Mindfulness app store Apple Dropbox iCloud iOS iPad technology twitterThe following is a guest post by André Benrubi.