Financial Advice: Why Young Americans are saying Good-Bye to Credit Cards

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More young Americans are saying no to credit cards and yes to prepaid debit cards. A recent survey conducted by a credit score provider examines the current figures related to credit card use and explains the reasons behind the move away from credit cards.

Top 5 Tips for Business Credit Cards

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Using a credit card is actually a sensible thing for a business to do, provided they are going to be paying it off in full each month. Top 5 Tips posts from the SME Blog are always full of hints and tips for small, home & micro business owners. Doing this helps to build…

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Why Credit Cards Should Be Your First Choice of Payment When Running a Business

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Once a business is up and running, it is much easier for it to be approved for a business line of credit, compared to the process of getting a personal line of credit. According to reports, approximately 65% of SMBs utilize credit cards, and this number is increasing all the time.

What Every Entrepreneur Should Know About Small Business Credit Cards

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Many business owners choose to cover these expenses through the use of small business credit cards. Still, other business owners are hesitant to get a credit card for their companies for a number of reasons. This works just like a consumer credit card.

How Your Business Can Save Money on Credit Card Processing Fees

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Not only are you responsible for your customer’s satisfaction and ensuring that your brand is well established, but you are also responsible for various fees related to a sale, such as credit card processing fees. … Finance credit card processing fees save money

Credit cards going green

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With environmentally friendly products becoming more mainstream and readily available, credit card issuers have begun to roll out products, services, and rewards that have a focus on going green. Discover launched the first biodegradable credit card years ago – in 2008!

Facts You Must Know before Choosing a Credit Card Processor

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There are a hundred little things that have to be done when you’re starting a business. You need to file for an assumed business name or set up an LLC, you need to map out your business plan, you need to do some market research, and you need to spend time on product development. Among…

UK: Cash still important for High Street

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Credit Card Merchants Make Accepting Payments Simple

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Chances are that the “register” being used by that business is an iPad with some form of mobile card swiper plugged in to the earphone jack. It’s great that the credit card merchants out there are catching up to a public that wants what it wants in the most convenient way possible.

Even Processing Credit Cards Can Be Paperless

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Accepting credit and debit cards is growing more and more important in today’s business world. Not having a method to accept payments from these cards could cost you sales. Why should processing credit cards be any different?

4 Simple Steps to Securely Send Credit Card Information

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Many business owners find themselves in a situation where they are asked to send their credit card information in order to finalize a business transaction. Ask your VA/service provider if she has a Credit Card Authorization form that she can send to you, and you fax back to her.

Reward your Small Business with the Capital One Spark® Cash Card

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So why settle for a business credit card that limits how much cash back you earn? Or charges you for an employee card? In your business, you accept every obstacle, deadline, and challenge but that shouldn’t extend to your business card.

Are You Still Accepting Online Card Payments?

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There are, however, sound reasons for either beginning or continuing to accept payment cards. While PayPal has made its ease of use a major selling point, there are still compelling reasons for customers to prefer credit and debit cards.…

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Service Untitled» Blog Archive » Credit cards offer extra customer.

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Their rewards program provides 2 points for every dollar spent at Nordstrom’s and provides for 1 point when I use the card elsewhere. This works out to a 2% rebate, and if I use the card to purchase all my merchandise at Nordstrom, it comes out to a 4% rebate.

5 Ways to Calm Down Before You Shoot Ballistic Missiles at Everyone

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In this method, the person has to put the credit card in a glass of water and then place it in the freezer. Though, credit card is not affected, but it is quite irrational way of holding the shopping monster within any person.

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How to Strengthen the Weakest Points in Small Business Security

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Most credit card hacks come from small businesses. You should already know not to save CVV numbers or full credit card numbers. Small business cybersecurity is an important and often overlooked part of running a business.

Is Cash really Dead? 4 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Using It

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But while there may be some benefits in using cash for your purchases and everyday transactions, they are even more benefits to using credit cards. If you can use plastics responsibly, you find that you are better off doing your payments with a credit card than with cash.

14 Great Apps for Getting Organized

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Do you get stuck paying late fees on your credit cards because you forget to pay the bills on time? Do you feel like you live in total chaos? Do you have nine pairs of scissors because you keep losing them in the piles of junk in your home, then buying new ones?

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Regain Control Of Your Life By Managing Your Finances With These 6 Tips For Reducing Your Debt

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When you see your paycheck going toward a vacation fund as opposed to a credit card payment, you have an increased level of control over your life. Money Credit How To Getting control of your debt can help you live a happy and fulfilling life.

How I Brought My Debt Under Control

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For me, the wake-up call was realizing that, while my income hadn’t changed, I had more credit card debt, higher payments, and less available money each month. Sometimes, debt sneaks up on you when you least expect it.

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How Credit Protection will Keep your Finances Safe

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The same applies for people who have credit cards. Credit cards are a responsibility and a privilege at the same time. Credit cards are usual tools, we probably use them weekly, if not daily.… … Finance credit protection personal finance

How to Destroy your Credit Score in Ten Days

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It is unavoidable: your credit score and fiscal history have a profound impact upon your financial goals and objectives. With lenders becoming increasingly stringent, having the perfect credit rating in order to be able to enjoy a brighter financial future has become all the more important.

5 Ways to Prevent Your Identity from Being Stolen

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This is a major crime that can complicate your life in ways you could never have imagined, like wrecking your finances, ruining your credit history and damaging your reputation. Money Credit How To Identity theft is a growing problem, as technology becomes a bigger part of our lives.

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How Does a Business Cash Advance Loan Work?

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This loan product began as a solution to loan future sales of credit cards. In recent times, Merchant Cash Advances (MCAs) have continued to grow in popularity. It would later evolve into a solution that allows organizations to finance future sales of many other things.

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5 Easy Steps to Gain Financial Freedom

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They can assist you in creating and sticking to a budget as well as in identifying a course of action that will be helpful for your financial future, such as how to repair or build your credit score. Address Credit Card Usage. While credit cards are not inherently bad, they are also not right for everyone. Some people have difficulty controlling spending with credit cards since a card is so easy to swipe.

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8 Powerhouse Energy Secrets Every Nine-to-Fiver Should Know

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That credit card you’d never pay off. It never works, does it? That one tactic you’re sure will finally energize you all the way from nine to five. Like sleeping.

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Tech of the week: TransferWise

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You simply enter your bank or credit card details and the information about where you want the money to go. What is TransferWise. TransferWise is an online money transfer service. It allows users to move foreign money from one bank account to another while avoiding high bank fees.

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Debt Management: 5 Reasons Paying Down Your Debt Might Be Even More Important Than You Realize

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A 2012 survey by suggests that 25 percent of Americans carry more credit card debt than emergency savings. And according to, the average amount of credit card debt per indebted household stood at a staggering $15,216 as of June, 2013.

The 12 Privacy Tips of Christmas

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Minimize the number of identification and credit cards carried. Tear/shred receipts, copies of credit applications, other documentation containing personal information, don’t just throw it in the garbage. Obscure credit card numbers on customer receipts.

Staying Out Of Debt: 3 Money Habits You Should Be Doing

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It can also lower your credit score. When you become a bad credit risk, it will become more difficult and expensive for you to borrow in the future. But, it isn’t only lenders who look at credit scores. Landlords can sometimes consult your credit score to find out how reliable you will be about paying your rent. Anyone who thinks you’re a credit risk could charge you with a higher rate or deny you services altogether. See Also: 9 Valuable Credit Card Perks.

5 Steps to Build Processes That Safeguard Your Most Sensitive Data

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From credit card numbers and addresses to phone numbers and financial and medical information, it starts to add up pretty quickly. It seems like major corporate data breaches have become all too common.

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Don’t Get Your Identity Stolen – Here’s How

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Several years ago, my wife had a backpack containing her credit cards and license stolen from her car. Identity theft is one of those things that no one sees coming.

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Google Wallet Shows the Future of Mobile Payments

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Google Wallet is a software product designed to replace the physical credit cards most of us carry around and use to pay for things.    But this will quickly change as more phones and credit cards add Google Wallet support. 

4 Ways to Start Building Great Credit

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Good credit is a privilege that comes with great responsibility. This is where your credit scores and credit reports come into play. Having excellent credit will allow you to receive better benefits and perks with lower interest rates and higher limits.

Keeping Your Small Business Customer Payments Secure

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Whether it’s their bank account information or their credit card information, they’re trusting you to keep it locked up tight. Padlock on Credit Cards Photo via Shutterstock. Your small business customers trust you with their most valuable information.

Smart Ways to Build Credit and Grow Your Business

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One huge issue for a startup entrepreneur is obtaining credit to finance business growth. Here are some tips to build business credit and protect the credit rating. Business credit vs. personal credit. The other is the number of loans and credit cards outstanding.

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Automation Helping the Self-Employed With Their Taxes - And Making Them More Productive

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 It proactively uncovers business expenses by gathering and automatically scanning bank accounts and credit card transactions. There's been a lot of discussion about automation and technology replacing jobs.

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Service Untitled» Blog Archive » Building customer relationships.

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If the customer is a high value consumer, a customer care professional may send out a Home Depot gift card. A customer service applicant might be asked, “If you worked at American Express, how would you give a hug to a card member over the phone?&#

Get Rich In 5 Easy Steps

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This means credit cards. One of the most common mistakes people make is to pay only the minimum required amount for their credit cards. Just have a look at your credit card bill and see how much you’ve been paying in interest. After you’re done with your credit card debt, start saving. Spending 12 years in school and another 2 to 4 years getting a higher degree isn’t a complete guarantee that you’ll get rich easily.

With Hackers and Big Brother Watching Here's How to Keep Your Personal Information Private

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The IRS is supposedly looking to follow suit as well with the hopes of delving into the social media profiles, bank accounts, credit card transactions and more. Money Technology Security Credit How To Fear