Learn more about your customers

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The best way to do it is via customer surveys. Find out about a low-cost and effective way of providing surveys to your audience. Read the full… Read the full article here: Learn more about your customers on: THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG.

Survey - How Small Businesses View Big Data

Small Business Labs

As part of the broader Big Data for the Little Guy project, Intuit surveyed 500 small business owners to learn more about how they view big data and its potential. Small business owners see the potential power of big data, but also realize there are costs and barriers associated with its use.  71% of the respondents noted potential barriers, with the top being: 15% felt big data might be too costly.

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The Potential Customer just Walked – How Much did it cost you.

Make or Break Moments

Posted by Deborah Chaddock Brown on January 7, 2010 under Connecting Moments , Customer Moments , making a difference | Read the First Comment What is the cost of a lost customer? I have often theorized the importance of building relationships with customers and now a recent survey puts dollars to the sense of that theory. I learned today from CustServ that the cost of lost customers equals 338.5 How much is that costing you?

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CEOs Believe Technology is Rising in Importance

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Blog powered by TypePad Member since 01/2005 « Learning From Large Corporation CEOs | Main | The Structural Shift to a Contingent Workforce » June 02, 2010 CEOs Believe Technology is Rising in Importance OK, that technology is getting more important is not new news. 

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The Most Important Trait To Boost Your Productivity


The key to advanced productivity lies in the power of learning. Back in 2011, I took the time to learn new techniques in Microsoft Excel through a course. The methods I learned there have gave me greater confidence and speed (i.e. The value of learning is very clear.

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The Top Skills Executives Want From Assistants Today

Office Dynamics

Office Dynamics often surveys managers and high-level executives as to the skills, attitudes, and behaviors that are most important for an assistant to possess. The most important ability an assistant has to learn to do is to figure out what NOT to do. I hope you are curious to learn more about the skills you need to truly be successful in the administrative profession.

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Small Business World News Round-up - 2009/11/03

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Community for small business outsourcing and cost control. Effective Small Business Planning Strategy Planning your small business is the best way to avoid costly mistakes. has improved in the wake of the economic revival, says a survey by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).

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The Decline of Employee Training & The Rise of Side Gigs

Small Business Labs

  In our most recent survey of people with 2nd jobs, about 20% of these "side giggers" said "learning new skills" was the reason they had a 2nd job.   We don't have historical survey data on this.

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Service Untitled» Blog Archive » American consumers report.

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Of 11,000 American consumers surveyed, Empathica reported on Friday that 61.7%, a rise up from 55.2% Ages 45 to 54 topped the survey with the highest dissatisfaction numbers, and ages 55 to 64 had the largest percentage increase.

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Are Professional Certifications Worth It?

Eat Your Career

After all, professional certifications cost hundreds—if not thousands—of dollars. The simple answer is this: I am a firm believer in the importance of lifelong learning. Some people like learning purely for the sake of personal growth.

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How to Appreciate the Pain of Financial Problems

Dumb Little Man

There are ramifications to our actions, and experiencing pain may be one’s only mechanism to learn what not to do. This point isn’t an endorsement of pain as much as it is an acknowledgment that pain is sometimes one’s preferred method of learning. Money Learning Failure

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The Rise of the Skills Training/Job Placement Industry

Small Business Labs

 According to a recent survey by the employment consulting group Manpower , companies are facing a "crippling talent shortage" At the same time, many people report being unable to find work.  Because of this, there's a real focus on learning.

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Top Helpful Hacks for Frequent Travelers

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Although it’s more convenient to book return flights in one go, you may be surprised to learn that you can often save money if you mix and match your flights with different airlines.

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The Solopreneur Life “Friday Bits” Column #32

The Solopreneur Life

Have you taken the solopreneur survey yet? Effective marketing costs some money. I learned during the snowstorms that my FWD Kia isn’t as sure-footed in the snow as a Subaru Forester. Have You Taken the Survey Yet? A reminder that The Solopreneur Life 2010 End-of-Year Survey is under way and will remain open through the end of Monday. Please join your colleagues in completing this survey of solopreneurs worldwide.

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Launching Assist Travel 2016

Practically Perfect PA

In last year’s Practically Perfect PA reader’s survey I asked you lovely lot “What area of your role do you think you need to learn more about? ”. With the introduction of low cost airlines, business travel changed forever.

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How To Boost Your Business with Influence Marketing Chatbots

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Machine learning presupposes that chatbots can study and enrich their knowledge. As a result, millions of internet users learned of the brand. But, according to another survey, if an influencer’s post isn’t original enough, it won’t have a strong impact on women. Cost effective. Even hiring a junior AI developer will cost you more than $1000/mo, let alone seniors who will demand at least $8,000/mo. The growing popularity of chatbots goes without question.

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4 Things Employees Need From Any Boss

45 Things

They consider quitting, finds a new survey. Further, the survey finds that a quarter of all young workers doubt whether their contributions are valued -- and that should be another area of great concern according to researchers writing in the Harvard Business Review.

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The Gig Economy Fills a Need for Low Friction, Highly Flexible Gig Work

Small Business Labs

One recent survey showed 54 percent of Americans say they would have trouble paying their bills if they were forced to go without more than two paychecks and 20% say they would have trouble if they missed one paycheck.  In fact, 20% of the online work and talent platform users we surveyed reported they turned to online gig work due to a financial hardship. Recently

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Why Your Employer Wants You to Be Healthy

45 Things

A survey by AtTask finds that 37% of workers say interruptions lead to "work hell." • We work too much. Some 57% of workers put in more than 40 hours a week while 8% work more than 60 hours a week, the AtTask survey finds.

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Sleep Adjustment: Why the Early Bird Gets the Worm

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Finance surveyed twenty CEOs and high-powered executives at companies like Pepsi, Motorola, Avaya, and Xerox. All of the survey respondents said that getting up early was absolutely essential to their productivity. Come discover, read, learn, laugh, and connect at DivineCaroline.com.

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The Power of Volunteering

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There are thousands of potential opportunities that can allow you to share your skills and knowledge or learn something totally new. A survey of over 3,000 adults by the UnitedHealth Group found that of those people who had volunteered, 76% said that volunteering made them feel better and 94% stated that volunteering improved their mood and self-esteem. You can learn new skills. Many of these are soft skills which are skills that you are unlikely to learn from any university.

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The Best Way To Grow A Business

The Small Business Blog

Last month T-Mobile, as part of their ‘ Business Sense ’ campaign, carried out a survey on business growth, via the social networking site, Linked In. I am a great believer at looking and learning from big businesses in order to help succeed as a small business; and in this case I believe the big businesses have it spot on – word of mouth is absolutely vital to successfully grow a business. No matter what the size of your business, growth is what is important.

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Here's What Managers are Doing Wrong When Trying to Implement Change

45 Things

Further, the study found that only 54% of major change initiatives are successful, which can be costly not only financially but in how it adversely affects the company culture and employee engagement and productivity. Management guru Peter Drucker once said that half of the leaders he met did not need to learn what to do – they needed to learn what to stop doing. Among the biggest obstacles to successful change cited by respondents in the survey is “change fatigue.”

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LinkedIn on the Power of Weak Ties - Implications for Coworking & Freelancers

Small Business Labs

Key quote: But over and over again, studies and surveys show us that "weak connections" are key to getting the job of your dreams—not the strong ties that everyone places so much weight on. Keep learning.

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How To Make Meetings More Effective

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There are anywhere between 36 and 56 million meetings every day in America with ineffective meetings costing the U.S. Survey the needs and consider the goals of your team. Learn more about how to make meetings more effective with technology, check out the infographic below. Collaboration is what the new workplace is all about. These days, it’s all about keeping everyone involved in all facets of a process so that everyone can contribute his or her expertise.

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5 Tips for Productivity, Organizing and Changing Your Life

Productive & Organized

  If your business is not effectively organized, it’s costing you money.    We learned back in pre-school that trying to fit a square peg into a round hole just does not work.    They even have different rates that they can learn and absorb information. 

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27 Productivity Killers: Why Nothing Ever Gets Done!

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You will incur additional costs, and you’ll have to spend time with that person to get them up to speed and communicate exactly what you want them to do. The PricewaterhouseCoopers’ 2011 Financial Wellness Survey showed that financial stress contributes to productivity loss.

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Happy New Year: Why Labour Day Has Become My New Year’s Day


The cost of being stubborn and sticking with what had worked until this year (but no longer really did) wasn’t worth the price I was paying. Back when I wrote The Front Nine , I explained that I started my new year in February. Actually, the specific date was February 2nd: Groundhog Day.

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Why Your Co-Workers May Not Trust You

45 Things

Those results may not really surprise many Americans, but they might be taken aback to learn in their own work life, their colleagues, bosses or employees may not trust them, either.

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Take Assumptions Out of Customer Listening

Service Untitled

And as an unexpected reward for listening, understanding, and responding, it turned out that the cost of putting in irons and ironing boards was much less than the cost of upgrading black-and-white television sets to color.

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Do Bad Managers Make Us Perform Better?

45 Things

In a survey of 380 Major League Baseball players, five of the managers that players say they would "least like to play for" include some pretty successful managers, including Tony LaRussa, who has two World Series wins under his belt.

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Top Seven Open Enrollment Tips for Small Businesses

Small Business CEO

With open enrollment season officially underway, many small businesses, as well as their employees, are wrestling with the rising cost of health insurance. Here are seven cost-cutting open enrollment tips for small businesses: 1. Talk to your accountant to learn more.

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Service Untitled» Blog Archive » Airlines customer satisfaction.

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Home About Service Untitled Subscribe for Free Consulting Contact Archives Airlines customer satisfaction showing improvement Cheryl June 11, 2010 Customer Service , Specific Companies , Surveys No Comments Airlines continue to test our patience and tolerance with new fees.

Apps to Consider When Job Searching

45 Things

Instead of having to make an appointment with a career coach or psychologist, a few taps on your smartphone and you’re able to discover information about yourself that might have been much more costly or time-consuming in another setting.

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Uh-Oh: You May Not Be Worth What You Thought

On The Job

According to a JobFox survey, some median annual salary ranges dropped $10,000, compared to a month ago. If an employer isn't offering you the salary you desire, ask for training opportunities -- either in another department, or to attend an industry event where you'll not only learn something, but make valuable professional contacts. Or, see if you can work from home at least one day a week to save on fuel costs.

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Small Business World News Round-up – 2009/12/01

The Small Business Blog

Community for small business outsourcing and cost control. Effective Small Business Planning Strategy Planning your small business is the best way to avoid costly mistakes. E-Mail me or follow me. Build your own network!

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Service Untitled» Blog Archive » Customer feedback; an important.

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Order a pair of shoes from a competitor; observe their service, tryout their product; become involved in what you are marketing – just participating now and learning from the experience. Feedback from questionnaires and surveys can supply constructive information.

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Bioteams and the beliefs of high performing teams


We surveyed those HPTs to determine their beliefs. We conducted two surveys: the first (using Microsoft Excel ) included twenty questions, which allowed us to cover the 10 areas with two questions per area. In the second questionnaire (administered via ZapSurvey ), we used just ten questions and administered the questionnaire a couple of weeks after the collection of the first survey responses. Effort/Cost/Resource Usage. Team as Staff Learning Environment.

2011 58

"Don't be messy. Be on time."

On The Job

While pretty limited in scope, it is interesting to read some comments from job-hunting teens and the lessons learned. Be on time." * And the dog ate my report: As for the above item, a lot more people need to learn a similar lesson that being late can cost them a job. According to a recent CareerBuilder.com survey, 15 percent of workers say they arrive late to work at least once a week, while 24 percent admit to making up fake excuses to explain their tardiness.

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4 Ways to Increase Your Chances of Finding Remote Work

45 Things

Some of the reasons have to do with more employers seeking to cut real-estate costs by letting workers do their jobs from home, and by a desire of key talent to have more flexibility in their work arrangements. Many people think they want to work from home until they do it.

2011 95

New Small Business Startup Idea: Virtual Import/Export Assistant.

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Effective Small Business Planning Strategy Planning your small business is the best way to avoid costly mistakes. Community for small business outsourcing and cost control. Other than that your setup cost should be low, if you have computer, ADSL, and telephone.

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A Guide To Pursue Your Passion With Success: 14 Essential Steps

Brilliantly Better

Along the way, I tried many different strategies, learning from others and trying different things on my own. From there, I write articles and share my best learnings and advice. Do a survey. Identify your biggest competitors, look at what they are doing, and learn from them.

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Service Untitled» Blog Archive » Help customer focus with the.

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Not only does that have the potential for costing a business huge losses, but it is indicative of an agent who just wants to get off the phone or out of a situation without mediating or solving the problem logically and fairly. Companies like agents who learn from experience.

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