UK insolvencies at lowest level since 2005

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Some great news for anyone thinking about starting their own business now: the number of insolvencies in the first quarter of 2013 have fallen to their lowest level since 2005 according to a study by PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

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Contract Jobs Dominated Job Growth Since 2005

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job growth since 2005 has been in contracting gigs  covers a study by two noted academic economists that found all net employment growth in the U.S. economy since 2005 appears to have occurred in alternative work arrangements. in 2005 to 15.8%

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5 Tools For Entrepreneurs To Boost Productivity

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A 2005 study conducted by the International Game Developers’ Association showed that people working more than 8 hours a day tend to become extremely unproductive and tired. For an entrepreneur, 24 hours in a day is just not enough.

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Synchronize Your Email Manually (The Productivity Gem nobody talks about)

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To better emphasize the issue, consider this study: In 2005, King’s College performed an experimental IQ test between 3 groups. Poor email usage is without a doubt the #1 time killer for white-collar workers.

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50 Studies Suggest That Magnesium Deficiency Is Killing Us

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And that’s because 68% of American adults consume less magnesium than the recommended daily allowance (RDA), according to a 2005 nationally representative survey. A silent epidemic marches on unchallenged, claiming lives by way of misery or death.

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Honored “Best Book” In Best of The Best Office Products and Services

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Launched in the UK in 2000, DeskDemon acquired (the largest web site for office professionals in the USA) in Feb 2005, making it the largest global web site for this group of the work force.

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The Word of the Year 2011

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2005: integrity. 2005: truthiness. 2005: refugee. 2005: podcast. Each year at about this time, the English-language media rolls out various reports announcing the word of the year according to one or more authorities. These pieces imply or overtly suggest that these selections are keywords for our society’s values, beliefs, and obsessions.

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Protecting Your Business from Disasters

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Along with Hurricane Irma, Harvey, the first major hurricane to make landfall in the United States since 2005, is reported to have caused damages worth $200 billion on the local economy. In the past few months, the United States has witnessed a spate of natural disasters.

Migration from Mexico Stalls

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According to a study from Pew Research , between 2005 and 2010 more people moved from the U.S. to Mexico than the other way around.  The chart below is from Pew.       This reverses a long term trend of large numbers of legal and undocumented Mexicans moving to the U.S.

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Happy 5th Anniversary AllWrite Ink

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When a client's site cries out for help

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Then, there were a number of sites created between 2002 and 2005, built on amassed HTML knowledge and reflecting my earliest flirtation with with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), when no one knew if that “new&# approach would catch on or ever be supported by browsers.

The Surprising Success Strategy That Will Empower Your Next Steps

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I am proud to say that in 2005, I stopped smoking for good. You’ve developed some goals- serious, life-changing goals. You’re feeling pretty bad-ass about the future. When you think about making these things happen, you feel exhilarated and energized. But, perhaps, you are a little intimidated, too. If that is the case, you could read another self-help book and listen to yet another podcast to get motivated.

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How to Have a Career Like Peter Drucker

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Drucker was never one to just focus on his current or past achievements, and that served him well as he was considered relevant up until he died at age 95 in 2005.

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Google+, Is it Worth the Effort?

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In fact in 2005 the following was written on TechCrunch about the new social network Facebook: To become a college member of facebook you must have college/university email address. Google+ vs Facebook?

Day in the life: Catherine Thomas, EA, Public Health Wales

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I joined NHS Wales in 2005 and have been here ever since. What does your career path look like? I left school without a clue as to what I wanted to do when I grew up.

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5 Women Entrepreneurs Who Failed Before Becoming Millionaires

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In 2005, Arianna founded the Huffington Post with Kenneth Lerer, assuming the role of editor-in-chief. Did you know that most of the successful women entrepreneurs today suffered dismal failures before? Not all people see failures as a turning point.

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I feel like I’m Wonder Woman! [Appreciation Letter]

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One of the first books I purchased of Joan’s was “Become an Inner Circle Assistant” published in 2005. Jasmine –.

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The GAO Finds Twice as Many Self-Employed as the BLS

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workforce is contingent, up from 30% in 2005.  According to a recently released report by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), 40% of the U.S.   The GAO's definition of contingent covers the broad category of workers who aren't full-time, permanent employees. The GAO includes the following in their definition: Agency temps: (1.3%). On-call workers (people called to work when needed (3.5%). Contract company workers (3.0%).

Seven reasons why your boss should use a chauffeur service

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Total Chauffeur Service is based in London and has been operating since 2005. Ensuring our boss is able to get from A to B without any fuss or stress is a key task for assistants. The fuss and stress shouldn’t be felt or seen by the boss but we can certainly feel it!

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"You Can't Connect the Dots Looking Forward; You Can Only Connect Them Looking Backwards " Steve Jobs

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This speech was delivered at Stanford University at Commencement in 2005. Back when I was in college all things "geeky" was my focus.    I was studying for two degrees: computer science and human resource management. 

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Do women talk too much?

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Brescoll looked at the 2005 and 2007 sessions, analyzing gender, amount of time spoken (using C-Span and the Congressional Record) and then assigned a “power score” to each person.

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Song Lyrics and Standard English

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According to a story in the NY Times , researchers from the University of Pittsburg studied the 279 most popular songs from 2005 looking for references to drugs and alcohol.

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Words for Extreme Weather Events

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Some eighty names have, because of the catastrophic severity of the event, been retired from the list, an average of more than one a year; in 2005, Hurricane Katrina was only one of five storms whose names were retired because of the especially devastating nature of the storm.

The Bioteaming Manifesto: 6 years old!


This week marks the 6th anniversary of the publication in April 2005 of The Bioteaming Manifesto by ChangeThis.

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Aught vs. Naught

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Aught and naught both mean “nothing.” Ought they to be antonyms rather than synonyms? Actually, aught means “something” or “anything”; it’s from the Old English word awiht , meaning “ever a thing.” (The

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Let It Go or Risk Freezing Your Business to Death

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in 2005, its fine as it is.” I started this blog post as a follow up to a prior post on second chances. Funny how some posts end up having a life of their own somehow. As I sat down to share a recent personal experience in my business, it dawned on me that it was pretty certain that I wasn’t the only small business owner who deals with it. Deals with what? Hanging on to things that are no longer working for us or our businesses. Click To Tweet.

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Presidential Environmental Track Record and Positions 2012

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But in 2005 Romney abruptly pulled Massachusetts out of the plan, telling reporters that it didn’t protect businesses and consumers from increased energy costs.

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‘Social listening’ can help businesses become more effective

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Possibly Related Posts: How to survive customer service blunders in the world of social media I heard the term “social vampire” in 2005 when it.

The Hidden Advantages Of Using Nofollow Links For Your SEO Strategy

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Although Nofollow links have been around since 2005, we have started exploring them only recently. What is the ultimate goal of your marketing strategy? For most companies, it is to increase their brand presence. In digital marketing, it is all about getting in the first few ranks of Google search results. You should push your brand towards popularity to increase your ROI. According to the leading SEO companies, it is all about getting the right kind of links.

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How to Punctuate References to Dates and Times

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The same form is correct for referring to a holiday during a certain year: “I haven’t seen her since Christmas 2005.” Where do the commas go in references to days, months, years, and time of day? Take some time to note these punctuation rules: No comma is needed between a month and a year: “The meeting was held in August 2011.” However, set the year off from the month and day: “She attended the August 31, 2011, meeting.”.

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What is Computational Anthropology?

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Near real-time data is used to measure revenue (receipts) per company, which is compiled into an index starting from 100 in January 2005 for each industry group.

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Can personal customer service survive in a digital world?

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Possibly Related Posts: How to survive customer service blunders in the world of social media I heard the term “social vampire” in 2005 when it.

A Step Forward for the Auto Industry – Sustainability through Airless Tires

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Even though the this concept has been around since 2005, it was only in early 2015 that they have been made available to the public consumer.

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7 Terms with the Root “-Vore”

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The term was coined in 2005 by a group of San Franciscans who launched the website to spread the word about the conservationist concept of striving to restrict one’s diet to foods and ingredients produced locally. Are you a locavore? Probably not — it’s still a fringe movement — but you should know what it means, even if you do not consider yourself a member of the class. A discussion of locavore and six related words follows: 1. Locavore.

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Y-Combinator Goes Freelance

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According to their website, since 2005 over 700 startups have gone through their program and today these firms have a combined market valuation of over $30 billion. Last week was Demo Day for Y-Combinator's summer batch of startups.   For those not familar with Y-Combinator , it's the most successful startup accelerator in the U.S.

Beautyism and Friends

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Jawahar and Mattsson (2005) investigated sexism and beautyism effects in employment processes using experimental research.

Feeling Stressed at Work? Is it you? Is it them?

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In 2005, there was 50% more paper and filing in offices than there was in 1995. Please enjoy this guest blog post from Alita Marlowe, an efficiency expert! By Alita Marlowe. What is the financial and psychological cost of losing things? Part 1. It is 1:00. You have just returned from an abbreviated lunch ‘hour’. Your boss meets you at your desk before you have even had a chance to put your purse down and go brush your teeth.

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How to Use Video to Drive Business – to – Business Sales

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I have been featured in PRNewsonline, Bulldog Reporter, Lioness Magazine and more and have been supporting businesses with marketing since 2005, and in 2014 dedicated my focus to putting video as the forefront of my services.

15 Top Writing Guides for Novelists

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The exercises in Brian Kitely’s therapeutic 2005 book are designed to help writers overcome emotional obstacles to productivity and get out of writing ruts. There comes a time when you have to put down other people’s books and start writing your own. But if you don’t feel you’ve gotten to that point yet, or you’d just like a shot in the arm (or a more definitive blow to another part of your anatomy), explore these excellent writing workshops in print: 1.

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Boiling Water, Or Being Aware of Stress

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