Reuters Top 10 Innovations for 2025

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Reuters Science Watch has released a set of predictions on the the landscape of science and technology in 2025 by examing global patent data and scientific literature.   While there is no question the solar energy production is rapidly expanding, 2025 is only a bit over 10 years away. Given

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What the Paperless Office Has to do With Self-Driving Cars

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By 2025, private car ownership will all-but end in major U.S. We believe self-driving cars will be common by 2025 - especially cars that self-drive part of the time and cars and trucks in closed environments. 

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Futurist Faith Popcorn on the Future of Work

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And her vision of the future of work out to 2025, which is broadly described in her presentation summary slide shown below, definitely gets you thinking. It suggests by 2025 sentient robots may be forming unions and acting as human overlords.

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Mastercard on the Sharing Economy

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This would mean it would be  16 times as large in 2025 as it is today.   China’s state information sector recently announced  that by 2020, it could account for over 10% of domestic GDP, and that the ratio will continue to grow to roughly 20% by 2025.

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Smart Ways to Manage International Transactions for Your Small Business

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billion people by 2025, expanding your operations overseas will give you the opportunity to capitalize on international demand and enhance sales potential of your current offerings. Having an international presence is one of the best choices a small business can make.

Freelancers Embrace Health Insurance

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Independent workers in all age cohorts report increasing rates of health insurance coverage: Millennials (born 1980 to 2000) with health insurance increased from 52% in 2013 to 77% in 2025. According to data from the 2015 MBO Partners State of Independent study , the percentage of U.S.

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Airbnb's Economic Empowerment Initiative

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The report includes a forecast saying this will grow to 770,000 in 2025. Airbnb has launched an economic empowerment initiative. 

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Beyond BRICs - A New Emerging Markets Blog from the Financial Times

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  For example 1-Million Plus Cities has some greate charts and points out that in 2025 the world is expected to have 546 cities with over 1 million residents.  The growth of the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, China and India) has been dramatic over the last decade.    It's hard to overstate how much global economic change has occurred due these countries and especially China and India. Many other countries are starting to grow economically. 

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The Car as a Mobile Office

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 Audi is working on something they call Urban Intelligent Assist and Ford's CEO says by 2025 many cars will be fully autonomous and capable of driving themselves without human intervention. We've long followed the trends toward connected cars.

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