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5 steps to regaining confidence

Dumb Little Man

Confidence is part of the human soul that affects us all. The post 5 steps to regaining confidence appeared first on Dumb Little Man.

Convey Confidence Without Words

On The Job

You're "telling" others that you lack confidence to tackle the big jobs. Do you get a lack of respect at work? Not so!" you may cry.

Confidence is key for assistants

Practically Perfect PA

Having low self-esteem or confidence issues can be a real challenge in life, particularly in the office and particularly for assistants.

Boost your Confidence, Boost your Success

Small Business CEO

For freelancers, as for CEOs of small businesses, confidence and assertiveness are key. Confidence can be learnt.

How to Communicate With Confidence

Ian's Messy Desk

The post How to Communicate With Confidence appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. When you communicate effectively, you’re direct and honest.

3 Powerful Ways To Boost Your Self Confidence

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“Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings.” Almost everything great starts with self confidence.

3 Ways to Develop Rock Solid Self-Confidence

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How can you make the leap from a shy ‘people pleaser’ to someone who has an unshakeable self-confidence? Not in a disempowering, selfish sense.

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Present Like The Pros, With Confidence and Grace

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Even if you are behind, a sustained look of control and confidence can give you a mental edge that results in victory.” Read more ».

4 Keys To Speaking Your Mind With Confidence

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The post 4 Keys To Speaking Your Mind With Confidence appeared first on Dumb Little Man. Too many of us believe we are not worthy.

UK business confidence breaks records

The Small Business Blog

Business News confidence ICAEW UK Economy

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How Changing Your Attitude Can Build Your Confidence

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If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life. Should you choose to become […]. Happiness

The Relationship Between Confidence and Productivity


You know you need a confidence boost. If you would like to be more productive, having a healthy level of confidence is essential to your success, no matter what your profession. Through working with other writers on a daily basis I’ve seen the effects of confidence on productivity first-hand. This guest post is by Megan Hicks.

7 Powerful Habits To Skyrocket Your Self-Confidence

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Have you ever imagined how it would be to gain a ton of self-confidence? The problem is that doing so undermines your self-confidence.

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How Your Mental Health Depends On Your Confidence

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I’d like to be able to say that confidence is everything, but that’s not exactly true. See Also: 5 Steps To Regaining Confidence.

Why Self-Confidence Should Be Your Top Goal This Year

Dumb Little Man

Did you set any goals or make any resolutions for the year? How are they working out for you so far? Are you on track? Read more ».

UK Business Confidence at All-Time High

The Small Business Blog

Are you feeling confident about your business and what the future holds for it? Business News confidence sage

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Daily Writing Tips

The noun confidence has a variety of meanings. Do You Have Confidence in President Obama? 10 Tips to Boost Your Confidence.

Accept Your Destiny and Build The Ultimate Form of Confidence

Dumb Little Man

Being confident is amazing. This is a fact, but confidence isn’t infinite. But what’s wrong with acceptance? Read more ».

Do you have the confidence to open the boardroom door?

Practically Perfect PA

A lot of my confidence comes from a deep rooted belief in ‘fake it till ya make it’! Believe that you belong. Be polite.

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How Job Seekers Can Project a More Confident Image

On The Job

Even the most confident job seeker has a niggle of doubt every now and again. But there are ways to become more confident about yourself and what you bring to the table. At the same time, it’s important to give yourself little pep talks so that when you do interact with others, you project more confidence, she says. Too young?

Why a Simple POS System Means More Customer Confidence

Small Business CEO

Customer confidence is all over the map these days. … Information Technology customer confidence pos system

2014 18

Do You Have What It Takes? Take The Confidence Test!

Dumb Little Man

What if I told you that if you haven't succeeded yet, you won't? What if I said that your potential is lower than you think? Read more ».

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Quote of the Week: Confidence

The Small Business Blog

Do you have confidence in the products or services that are offered by your small business? Business Quotations business quotes confidence

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9 Techniques to Delivering a Speech with Confidence

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Some were better than others, but on the whole, everyone was confident and quite effective in grabbing the audience’s attention. Know the room.

Infographic: US Small Business Confidence

The Small Business Blog

This cool circus infographic showing US small business confidence is based on figures from 2012 but it is still well worth checking out.

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How to Develop More Confidence in Your Creativity

On The Job

Tom Kelley says you don’t lose creativity, but you can become less confident about it. For whatever reason, creativity didn’t stick with you.

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3 Tips You Can Use Right Now To Connect With Your Confidence

Dumb Little Man

Confidence is a trait we are all born with. Because of this, one still needs to connect with confidence. Sadly, for many of us, by the time we reach adulthood, it feels like our confidence has taken a bit of a bashing. Teachers, friends, family and our failed romances leave us feeling disconnected from our confidence.

How to Make Cold Calls with Confidence

Small Business CEO

Do you hate making cold calls? Is it the fear of the unknown or rejection that gets to you? If so, here are some tips.

2014 21

Find Your Writing Confidence, No Alcohol Required

Men With Pens

Find Your Writing Confidence, No Alcohol Required first appeared on Men with Pens Copyright 2006 - 2011, All Rights Reserved. I can write.

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Confidence: feel it, fake it, or……….flub it

Job Advice Blog

This confidence game isn’t the same as the scam. This one applies to those who have been hunting with no results and are becoming discouraged. Rapidly. Let’s go back to how most people search, because that’s where the problem – or problems – are. Your cover letter neglects to tie you to the ad and [.].

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Seven Ways to Build Up Your Writing Confidence

Daily Writing Tips

Most writers – even those who make a living from their craft – lack confidence at times. A lack of confidence, though, can be crippling. Whether you’re struggling to get to grips with grammar or preparing to launch your third novel, you can become more confident. That’s not a great way to build your confidence. The Web 2.0

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“Who, me, network?” Build Confidence in Your Networking Skill!

Office Dynamics

A guest blog entry by Nancy Fraze. “It’s It’s all in who you know.” How often have you heard that stated? Perhaps you’re one of the lucky few who network (think, “build relationship”) easily and with hardly a thought. Everywhere you go…there’s somebody new to learn to know! But for many, networking doesn’t come so easily. [It’s Where you work.

Silvia isn’t just an admin, an appreciation letter

Office Dynamics

An appreciation letter to Joan Burge, CEO and Founder, Office Dynamics International. Shared with permission. Thank you for writing Underneath It All.

Starting A New Business? Here Are Some Of The Quickest Ways To Gain Confidence As A New Entrepreneur

Dumb Little Man

This decision absolutely thrilled me. For about 2 days. Then reality hit. Read more ».

Unleash Your Confidence – Vlad Dolezal Interview

Brilliantly Better

A few days ago, Vlad launched his first paid product, a guide called Unleash Your Confidence. Like being confident in the situations you want.

Should I get certified as an administrative professional?

Office Dynamics

Here are just a few of the many benefits that may come your way after completing a professional certification: You build confidence!

Focus On Success and Build Confidence?

Dumb Little Man

Confidence. You, me, everyone and anyone wants a slice of the confidence cake. We all want it…. But some of us struggle to get a piece.

“GATEKEEPER PRINCIPLES: “3 Keys To Build More Confidence and Overcome Fear”

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The post “GATEKEEPER PRINCIPLES: “3 Keys To Build More Confidence and Overcome Fear” appeared first on Dumb Little Man

America, the Land of Marketing and Selling

Job Advice Blog

Interview Skills by Alex Freund Answers Confidence Interviews Marketing selling

Book for Executive Assistants on Amazon Best Seller for 2 Years

Office Dynamics

Infuses life with confidence! WHO TOOK MY PEN. AGAIN? Who Took My Pen? Who Took My Pen. Again? Offers real-life success stories!