betype: Random Doodle No. 13 (by Alexandra Snowdon). Do what.

Denise Aday

betype: Random Doodle No. 13 (by Alexandra Snowdon). Do what you can do. It’s always more than you think. quotes motivation personal responsibility

We need better meetings!

Practically Perfect PA

Doodle provides a suite of calendar tools that save a lot of time for anyone who has to set up a lot of meetings. Doodle State […]. Recent research shows that two-thirds of all meetings are pointless! Don’t let your boss and her/his teams waste time like this. Preparation is the golden path to productive meetings.

2019 109

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Tech of the week:

Practically Perfect PA

What is Doodle? Doodle radically simplifies the process of scheduling events by using a voting process. All you have to do is send your colleagues a link to Doodle and ask them to select the dates and times they are available. My super organised best friend, who is also an Assistant, just used Doodle for her Hen Do (bachelorette party) and it made the process so much easier to manage.

2016 130

Technology of the week: Paper by 53

Practically Perfect PA

In a nutshell Paper by 53 is a very simple app that lets you take notes, write checklists, doodle, draw, write over photos and screenshots. If you are quite visual the app is great because of how easy it is to use for doodles and if you prefer a little more structure the ability to quickly turn any note into a checklist is brilliant. My favourite feature is the folders that let me file all of my notes and the ability to doodle and draw over photos that I can then send on to my team.

2017 135

8 Quick Tips for Better Zoom Meetings

Dumb Little Man

It comes with tools for text, lines, and drawing to give the participants a chance to doodle on the shared screen. It’s been months since the lockdown that pushed a majority of workers to work from home.

2020 218

It’s OPEN – Spring Business Building Giveaway Event

Office Organization Success

Here are just a few of the business-building gifts that are part of this event: Ways Doodling Attracts More Clients. The Build Your Brilliant Business: Spring Giveaway is now OPEN! I’m excited to be one of the business professionals participating in this special spring giveaway. We’re a group of business coaches and professionals who want to support entrepreneurs like you by providing the tools you need to ensure that your 2016 gets off to a brilliant start.

2016 116

A Guide To Guilt-Free Daydreaming

Dumb Little Man

In my book, “Tinker, Dabble, Doodle, Try,” I explained in detail how daydreaming can lead to glorious outcomes with a few tweaks. Doing nothing at all or something that takes up too much attention will be less effective, so try knitting, gardening, coloring, or light-hearted doodling while you daydream to get your creative brain charged. You probably feel guilty, irresponsible, and unproductive when you catch yourself daydreaming during an important task.

2017 204

5 Options for Setting Appointments that Don’t Require a Phone

Tips From T. Marie

Doodle. If you don’t want to sign up to another service, the Doodle Wizard can be used without starting an account, so if you only schedule a meeting occasionally and hate signing up for stuff, this might do the trick. There is also a Doodle Mobile version for iPad and iPhone and the Meet Me contact center that allows contacts to see when you are available.

2016 117

On A Journey To Build A Dream School Together In Austria

Dumb Little Man

The solutions they found recently are Quire , Doodle , and Doodle, meanwhile, is used to decide a meeting time and Doodle and, they very much enhance the Quire tool to help us get things rolling,” said Michael. I am a Community Manager and, as part of the job, I talk to our users a lot. They tell me all sorts of stories, from what they enjoy the most about our product to how they recently traveled to Greece for a 10-day vacation.

2017 157

52 Templates and Tools for Every Successful EA


Try tools like: Calendly Acuity Schedule Once Doodle. As an executive assistant, your job role tends to be very versatile. You become the go-to for many different types of tasks or queries, and you’re often the person making sure that others have completed their part of assigned tasks.

2021 67

Dude and Dudette

Daily Writing Tips

The Online Etymology Dictionary says that dude may derive from Yankee Doodle , a plausible idea, considering the lyrics of the song: Yankee Doodle went to town. The greatest Dude of all is without question Jeff “the Dude” Lebowski. But when did the word dude become a title to aspire to? When I was growing up, dude was a word to denote a somewhat prissy man concerned with nice clothes and clean fingernails. We even used the word as a verb: Well, look at you in that fancy outfit!

2014 87

Focus like a celebrity chef

Clutter Coach

Doodle. by What do celebrity chefs know that you don’t? Well, you probably do know about it, but may not have thought about applying it in different areas. . They spend a lot of time preparing before they work so everything will go more smoothly. How do you set up your work space so you can stay focused and get things done? Mise-en-place. . Do you watch cooking shows? Of course, you do! Working in a tight space under a deadline, a chef has to keep paraphernalia down to a minimum.

2017 100

iPod Apps for Older Kids

Simple Productivity Blog

By some experimentation, I have come up with 10 applications my daughter loves: Doodle Buddy Free. Doodle Buddy allows you to draw on a blank canvas, on copies of saved photos, or play tic-tac-toe. It’s a great game for doodling.

2010 122

Podcast 093: Being focused

Clutter Coach

Doodling or squeezing a ball can help. by Subscribe: iTunes ? Stitcher ? Soundcloud ? YouTube ? Google Play. You can leave a review here! This is Podcast 93 and it’s about being focused. Last time I talked about being present. This time, right now, is all that you have. This time I’ll talk about being focused and utilizing that present time. The kind of focus I mean is related to being present.

2018 100

Office Quirks

Laughing all the Way to Work

I know I have quirks that have been pointed out to me by my family, as I curl my feet behind my chair and doodle while I talk on the phone. I’m sure we have all seen quirks at the office. Some examples could be drumming fingers on the desk, twirling hair, clicking a pen while talking, or sighing heavily when thinking or problem solving. We all love the person who absently makes necklaces out of paperclips and then when one is pulled out you have a whole string of them. Grrr!

2008 100

Are we still going green?

Practically Perfect PA

Recycle scrap paper for notes / doodling etc. Pin It. When I first started working in London in 2003 one of the key initiatives for most companies was corporate social responsibility and more specifically making the office environmentally friendly. Throughout the early years of the last decade it was imperative that we all made a conscientious effort to ‘go green’.

2012 100

How to Start and Keep a Journal

Ian's Messy Desk

Draw, sketch, doodle instead of writing. I’ve mentioned before, I didn’t start keeping a journal until later in my life. I had regarded writing in a diary as being too self-absorbed. However, once I overcame the perception and got started, I quickly discovered the benefit and pleasure that came from keeping a journal. However, it’s not always easy to keep a journal. We tend to side-track the process with self-imposed limits.

2012 122

Get The Benefits Of A Retreat Without The Time Or Travel

Simple Productivity Blog

I spend the time drawing or doodling or listening to calming music. The word “retreat” summons up pictures of taking at least a weekend, traipsing into a place that is isolated and spending the time in quiet reflection. You would return refreshed, renewed and focused. I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t have time to take a whole weekend to do that sort of thing.

2012 140

Interview Questions and Answers for PAs, EAs and Admins Part 6

Practically Perfect PA

He would often turn up to meetings without the correct supporting papers or they would have doodles all over them, which didn’t help his reputation. In my last blog I wrote about interview questions regarding career development and a few example answers. In this blog I want to concentrate on competency or scenario based questions. These questions can be a little scary but I actually think they are easier to answer than standard interview questions.

2014 172

Pretty Planning

Tips From T. Marie

You can doodle with gel pens and felt markers or just stick to words with black and blue pens. The Following is a Guest Post By: Sydnee Yates is a content writer for PDF Supply. She studied Literature (with a specialization in creative writing) in undergraduate school. She received her Bachelor’s degree at the University of North Carolina Asheville.

2016 106

How to Use Snapchat Like a Boss

Dumb Little Man

Draw a picture or doodle on your selfie with the pencil icon located in the upper-right of your screen. Do you want to learn how to use Snapchat ? I had heard of Snapchat but never paid much mind to it. Then I saw a bunch of people in my Twitter feed talking about it, using it and having fun with it. My interest was piqued and I decided to give Snapchat a whirl. At first, I had no idea what to do or how to use Snapchat. Now I’m using it like a boss. You can too.

2016 155

Do You Recognize These 7 Tricks Your Mind Is Playing on You?

Dumb Little Man

She doodle- blogs about achieving greater happiness by living a creative, productive, and purposeful life at So, you want to change your life and be happier? Maybe happiness means unlocking your greater potential, enhancing your quality of life, or realizing your lifelong dreams. By now you may have absorbed countless personal development books, videos, or blogs. Sometimes you find something that resonates but the excitement constantly fades.

2012 220

A Look at Less Meeting


You can schedule meetings through Less Meeting (although I generally use Doodle for that) and share meeting minutes both on the fly and after meetings. I''m not a fan of meetings. I know they''re essential, but they often become big time-wasters for everyone involved. I am, however, a big fan of apps that do one thing really well, and especially apps that do that and can scale up or down in the process.

2013 61

Call For Help: The First Two Weeks With A Virtual Assistant


Doodle was my scheduling service of choice , but when they changed the features of the free aspect of their service (which I didn''t realize until actually going into my Doodle account), I decided to hand this over to my ZA to see how it would work. In the second part of this four part series , I discuss what happened during the first two weeks I worked with my new virtual assistant.

2014 74

Help Desk

Practically Perfect PA

Notebooks – I have one hard back A4 notebook for meetings and one A5 scrapbook for scribbles, doodles and messy thoughts. A few days ago I was getting ready to go home after a long day in the office when it dawned on me that I had been at my desk all day. Yes, I had got up to make the odd cup of tea or make a quick trip to the bathroom but I hadn’t been out for lunch or in any meetings that day so effectively I had been sitting in my chair at my desk for a good 8 hours.

2012 144

Get Better Results by Taking Handwritten Notes

45 Things

Of course, toting along a pad and pen to a meeting also increases the chances that workers will begin doodling, which isn’t possible while typing on a keyboard. The next time you go to a meeting, you might want to consider leaving your iPad behind and instead taking along a pad and pen.

Administrative/Clerical: Online Options for Coordinating Schedules

Office Dynamics

For example, Doodle will automatically link a Google map to an event, ensuring that participants can find the destination easily. Whether you need to keep track of client appointments, executive meetings, or employee shifts, you can take advantage of online calendar apps to make scheduling easier. Cloud-based calendar software is available in a variety of formats and styles to make it easy to find a tool that meets the needs of your company.

2013 110

The Industry Snapshot: The Office of the Future

Practically Perfect PA

Huddle, Doodle, Prezi, Sway. Thanks again to everyone who completed the Practically Perfect PA Industry Snapshot survey. We had some really interesting feedback and I want to share some of that with you today. We asked you a few questions regarding the environment you currently find yourself working in and what your offices might look like in the future. Here are some of your thoughts… Has the design of your office changed in the last five years?

2016 155

How to Increase Your Creativity in 9 Easy Steps

Dumb Little Man

When you feel stuck, take a break and do something sensory, such as playing ball, gardening or even doodling. Who among us hasn’t dreamed of discovering the next big thing or designing a breath taking product or at least solving a personal situation creatively and brilliantly. The problem is, most of us just dream about it. The truth is that you CAN turn that dream into reality. Unfortunately, there is a common myth that you are either born creative or doomed to a mediocre existence.

2013 220

5 Business Lessons to Adopt from Innovative Technology Companies

Office Dynamics

The company’s overall corporate structure, from its Googleplex to its Google Doodles, screams collaboration. Technology is synonymous with terms like “new,” “cutting-edge” and “futuristic.” ” From the days of the automobile revolution, innovative technology has changed the way we run our businesses and live our lives.

2016 100

A Look at Less Meeting


You can schedule meetings through Less Meeting (although I generally use Doodle for that) and share meeting minutes both on the fly and after meetings. I’m not a fan of meetings. I know they’re essential, but they often become big time-wasters for everyone involved. I am, however, a big fan of apps that do one thing really well, and especially apps that do that and can scale up or down in the process.

The 8 People You Will Find in a Meeting

45 Things

This person sits quietly, doodling on a notepad. When I think of all the meetings I have sat through in my lifetime, it makes me want to chuck everything and join a crew looking for sunken pirate booty. But then I think about how the crew would probably want to hold a meeting about whose job is was to look for the loot and whose job is was to write the report…and I decide to stay where I am.

2014 73

Four Ways To Address The Changing Landscape Of Work

Small Business CEO

Some go digital, some love doodling, some love Legos – so embrace these design options in your space. The business world is changing, and the mobile worker is at the forefront. Mobile workers are not just those who travel across the country or world doing their jobs; they are also those who have the mobility to do their work in a variety of places within a building, across a campus, across an ocean or in the comfort of their home.

2012 74

Essentialism: Focus on Less Tasks to Get More Work Done


It has games, psychology, science, fun doodles, brain scans and technical step by step instructions. Alright, enough storytelling, doodling and scientific mumbo-jumbo, let’s take action! This is a guest post by Niklas Goeke. Niklas is a freelance writer and coach on Action is his cure to anything, so he won’t be mad at you if you cut some corners and jump right to the audiobook and video workshop version of this post.

2015 87

Meeting Cheat Sheet

On The Job

This person sits quietly, doodling on a notepad. When I think of all the meetings I have sat through in my lifetime, it makes me want to chuck everything and join a crew looking for sunken pirate booty. But then I think about how the crew would probably want to hold a meeting about whose job is was to look for the loot and whose job is was to write the report…and I decide to stay where I am.

2007 100

How to Launch Your Thing on Time


This is a lot harder said than done these days for teachers because its not just doodling, daydreaming, and passing notes thats keeping the students off task. The following is a guest post by Omar Zenhom. Omar is a life long entrepreneur and educator. He''s the co-founder of an alternative business education called The $100 MBA. Omar attended Wharton business school and dropped out in frustration with the education system to build The $100 MBA.

2014 76

The Procrastinator's Guide to Writing | Men With Pens

Men With Pens

Doodle on a note pad. Doodling doesn’t work with a pen because you can’t erase mistakes.

2010 82

Pen vs. Keyboard: Which helps you organize better?

Clutter Coach

I stop to doodle in the margin, I write smaller or larger, I notice more graphically how long my list is, I make symbols in the margin to group items, I make sublists out on the right margin, I scratch the cat’s head with my pen, etc. Originally posted 2008-08-20 15:19:36. Republished by Blog Post Promoter I have a hybrid organizing system that involves pens and keyboard. I use a Palm for my datebook and address book and I write my to do lists by hand.

My iPhone Screens, Explained


Communication: AwayFind , Phone, Messages, FaceTime, Skype, Doodle , Cobook, Evernote Hello, Mail, Find My Friends, Glassboard, Hop. I recently posted a photo of my iPhone 4S home screen on Facebook and Twitter, and people started asking about why certain apps had a home there. Rather than try to explain it over social media, I decided I''d write a post about it. I also decided to up the ante a bit and offer up all of my iPhone screens in the process.

2014 72

Get Organized!: Get Organized: How to Select the BEST Planner for.

Get Organized!

And just to be clear, this does not include "using" it as a coaster, doodle pad, paperweight, or otherwise unrelated purpose!) Organizing Tips | Organizing Products | Organizing Services Thursday, November 18, 2010 Get Organized: How to Select the BEST Planner for Your 2011 William Penn, the founder of the great state of Pennsylvania, once said: "Time is what we want most, but what we use worst." Does that sound like a day in your life?

2010 50

“Have” vs “Having” in Certain Expressions

Daily Writing Tips

I’m almost certainly doodling aimlessly on a notepad and hoping nobody notices. Posts By Email Grab The RSS Home Archives About Contact Tests Book “Have&# vs “Having&# in Certain Expressions by Maeve Maddox Paul Russell poses an interesting question about the use of have and having. He points out the common ESL error of saying “I am having a headache&# and asks: Why can I say “I’m having my lunch&# but not “I’m having a headache&# ?

2010 68

The 2012 Productivityist Holiday Gift Guide


The pink box is generally used for, well…doodling. We’re almost two weeks away from Christmas, and now’s the time where we’re racking our brains trying to figure out what to get that particular person that’s on your list who is difficult to shop for each and every year. Well, if this person is a productivityist — or at least needs to look at becoming more productive — then you should give The Productivityist Holiday Gift Guide for 2012 a good look.

2012 40

How to Create Effective Infographics to Boost Your Content Marketing Game

Dumb Little Man

A wonderful color-scheme coupled with creative doodles and mechanisms like easy transitions, on-click revealing of hidden information, scrolling and hovering is bound to keep the online consumer’s eyes on the infographic through and through. A static content is nothing but an onslaught of dead words running the length of a full page. The wordy research might be of high value, but for today’s generation that’s highly off-putting. Do you know why?

2019 157