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Our Event Management Training course is two weeks away!

Practically Perfect PA

I just wanted to remind you that our Event Management Training course is two weeks away! Events Management for Assistants. Event design.

6 Tools to Help You Manage Large Projects with Local & Virtual.

Productive & Organized

We used this as our project management tool when coordinating Extreme Makeover Home Edition too. Productive & Organized Home Contribute to P&O!

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New Case Studies published on Bioteams Business Games


The first game is a "company war game" where the HR teams become the senior executive team in their own business. Business Simulation

Do you want to speak at Assist Travel 2016?

Practically Perfect PA

Proactive PAs: Business Travel Case Studies and Panel Session. you can check it out here. The Proactive PA session will work like this.

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How to create an assistant handbook

Practically Perfect PA

The first step is to meet with your team and mind map questions arising and obstacles you may face. Who will use the guide? Should we disseminate?

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10 reasons to attend Assist 2016

Practically Perfect PA

We have four fantastic case studies from brilliant assistants who have undertaken a project that has moved their career forward.

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Small Business World News Round-up – 209/11/24

The Small Business Blog

WinWeb – Your Office Online Simply the best way to manage your small business! Small-Business Case Study: Can Crispy Green Go National?

Bioteams: Learning from Nature to improve Project Management


Keywords: Biomimicry, Bioteams, Management, Organizational change, work teams, Virtual enterprise networks. CONCLUSIONS. Bioteams Features

A staff away day that worked

Practically Perfect PA

It is a wonderful case study; if only all of our Staff Away Days’ could be so useful! Now that would be useful.

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Planning your job search

Practically Perfect PA

Whatever the reason is for your latest job search, taking a step back and thoroughly assessing your options is vital. What matters to you the most?

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5 Business Books Recommended By Top Entrepreneurs

Dumb Little Man

Traditional management consists of developing a strategy and overseeing the people executing it. A good idea? A great team?

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The Future of Accounting = The Future of Work

Small Business Labs

  Because of this, the accounting profession provides an excellent case study on the future of work.  It will be imperative for practitioners to manage their web and mobile presences to establish firm reputation and brand.   The reason?   trends

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For Immediate Release: Experience the Extraordinary

Office Dynamics

Experience the Extraordinary! Introducing the NEW Office Dynamics International Website. Change your work environment… NOW! We’ll show you how!

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Is That an Accountant in Your Pocket?

Small Business Labs

We co-authored this report with Intuit and it's an update of The Future of the Accounting Profession study we did with them in 2011.

2011 18

How I Use Evernote for Meetings


Evernote Meetings Case Study #1: The FFFing Meeting. We schedule these meetings so that when we have time to spend together we aren’t sprinkling our casual conversations with important discussions revolving around these three important areas of household management. Evernote Meetings Case Study #2: Productivityist Coaching.

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How to Write a Free Ebook in Just 7 Days

Men With Pens

That might not seem like enough time, but with a great topic and a clear plan in place, the writing phase shouldn’t be too difficult to manage.

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21Tips For Building the Body of Legend Bruce Lee

Dumb Little Man

More and more scientific studies tell us that that’s bad if your goal is to lift more weights. He was one of a kind. Sound good? Health Heros

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When the Money Isn’t in the List: The Case Against Freebies

The Solopreneur Life

I gave away white papers, free reports, ecourses, FAQs, newsletters, and case studies on my sites. Somehow I managed to create a list of thousands of people who only want free stuff. In this case, the money was definitely NOT in the list. T his is a guest post written by Susan Daffron. It sounds like a great idea.

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Book Review: The Family Business Guide – By Frederick D. Lipman

The Small Business Blog

“Everything You Need to Know to Manage Your Business from Legal Planning to Business Strategies&#. Yes, there are legal contract examples for you to consider, but what makes this book relevant are the case studies. When I first was sent the book – The Family Business Guide by Frederick D. Family Shareholder Issues.

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BREAKING: Activist interrupts pipeline conference, releases.

Denise Aday

BREAKING: Activist interrupts pipeline conference, releases photos of flawed welds on Keystone XL pipeline.

The Zen of Social Media Marketing

The Small Business Blog

WinWeb – Your Office Online Simply the best way to manage your small business! E-Mail me or follow me. Starting a Small Business? In my.

Master the Art of Re-purposing Your Work and You'll Save Multiple Hours - 50 Ideas To Get You Started

Productive & Organized

Editing & reformatting case studies as individual PPT slides for on-the-fly presentations.   It is productive content creation. 

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Work & Place Journal

Small Business Labs

 It comes from the Occupiers Journal, which according to their website is: a global learning and development organization serving real estate and facilities management (FM) “end users” with whom OJL engages and cross-shares data, knowledge, experience, and case studies with other occupiers in a confidential environment.

How to Scale Up Excellence

On The Job

In addition, each new employee is given a non- management mentor to help him or her navigate boot camp.

Expert’s Corner: Delivering Voice of the Customer

Customers Rock!

Countless reports and case studies have proven this linkage. Recently on Customers Rock! And it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Sales Psychology: The Nutshell Guide to Corporate Schmoozing

The Shrink for Entrepreneurs

A key testimonial, a report, a case study… It doesn’t matter what it is - just make sure you don’t bring it. I love selling. None work.

Swarmteams V2.0 coming soon


Swarm API - comprehensive API with full authentication, session management and rich set of services. Swarmteams V2.0 - New Features.


The Solopreneur Life “Friday Bits” Column #27

The Solopreneur Life

He wants to develop a subscriber list, and I told him that he has to have list-management software. (I Mini Case Studies. Income.


50 Words for “Writing”

Daily Writing Tips

As the entry for column explains, all editorial content was originally subjective, but in modern journalism, the term refers to a statement of opinion by a periodical’s management or by a guest commentator. A case study is an account of a particular person, event, or situation. 13-14. It may be extended to guidebook. 26-28.

Virtual Teams and Communities Training Manual


The need for Change Management in Teams. Managing conflicting business cultures in teams/communities. Virtual Technology Case Studies.

The Solopreneur Life “Friday Bits” #21

The Solopreneur Life

Here’s a sampling of the great stuff at Pelfusion: • 30 Twitter Tools For Managing Followers. • A Huge Cache of Valuable Design Ideas.

Coworking Labs - Our New Research Blog for our Coworking Project

Small Business Labs

Carolyn is leading the coworking study and Steve is a member of the project team. Authors The authors are Steve King and Carolyn Ockels.

Service Untitled» Blog Archive » Customer loyalty and Toyota

Service Untitled

Service Untitled The blog about customer service and the customer service experience. In the. It only has 34,000 mile on it, because I walk to work.

What happens to your website if you die | Men With Pens

Men With Pens

We have the advantage of being able to draft a piece just in case and tailor it properly to say what we want to say. A lot of hurt feelings.

Small Business Checklist: Business Process Outsourcing | THE SMALL.

The Small Business Blog

WinWeb – Your Office Online Simply the best way to manage your small business! This content had really help me for my case study.

Service Untitled» Blog Archive » Minimum Service Charges

Service Untitled

I stumbled upon your blog from the Perfect Apology website ( [link] ), which I visited because I was looking for customer service case studies. That could be the thought process in this case. Too many businesses are managed by thinking only of what will generate the most revenue THIS month or THIS quarter or this year.

Free Blog Posts | Men With Pens

Men With Pens

They’re the wisdom culled of years of experience, study, and labor. Case in point… “1$ an article! Having said that, it could be worth a case study. Alas, in many cases…bloggers aren’t yet up to that level, so they compile their best ideas into ebooks that they either a.) “We get to retire? Wrong.