8 Reasons To Set Up An Active Workstation ASAP

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The post 8 Reasons To Set Up An Active Workstation ASAP appeared first on Dumb Little Man. Have you heard the buzz about active workstations? Active workstations allow you to be less sedentary while you work.

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Top Security Ideas for Businesses You Need to Implement ASAP

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The post Top Security Ideas for Businesses You Need to Implement ASAP appeared first on Dumb Little Man. A thief walks through an unlocked door and manages to steal valuable property – money, fixtures and intellectual property. A security guard, working a double shift, falls asleep and fails to prevent a violent crime on the premises. An office employee wanders into the wrong area of the building and suffers an injury due to lack of proper safety clothing or equipment.

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Assistant Certifications: free webinar replay & handout

Office Dynamics

ASAP offers the PACE certification [link] (Shared by Karen). ASAP PACE. We had an incredible webinar event with over 1,300 assistants registered to learn more about why, as an administrative professional, they should consider a career certification.

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We live in an Acronym Happy World.

Laughing all the Way to Work

And who bothers writing out the words e-mail, TV, ASAP or FYI when everyone will know what you mean anyway? Laughing All the Way to Work: A Survival Blog for Todays Administrative Assistant We all have to work, but who says we cant enjoy it too! My goal for this blog is to give good tips and ideas and occasionally put a smile on your face as you start your day!Lets Lets enjoy our day together.© © Copyright Patricia Robb 2010 7 September, 2009 We live in an Acronym Happy World.

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5 Reasons You’re Losing Clients to the Competition

Tips From T. Marie

You hang up giddy with excitement, positive that they’ll be returning that signed contract ASAP. Categories: Business Tips. Marketing Your Biz Admit it. It’s happened to you. It’s happened to all of us.

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Quick Tip: First thing to do to fix office equipment

ProAssisting Blog

For me, I’m usually under the gun with my hair on fire because I need to get this work done ASAP before my boss heads out the door for their business trip… and my computer freezes or the printer stops working or my fax machine won’t send.

Cloud Invoicing & Billing Software Benefits

The Small Business Blog

I think getting your billing right and doing it ASAP is essential for small business, to maintain the best possible cash-flow for the business. My team at WinWeb has produced another great info-graphic about the benefits of online, cloud-based invoicing and billing software. If you click on the image it will open up in a…

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4 Ways To Spend Time With Yourself And Get Away From The World

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People tend to read articles with many points so that they can continuously discover what’s wrong with them and change it ASAP. To begin with, there are only 4 points.

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Get Organized with a Business Binder

Jen Lawrence

I’ll send the new pages to you ASAP, no extra charge! One of my biggest frustrations as a business owner is the sheer amount of information I have to maintain.

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The Good, Better, Best of Professional Development for Admins

Jen Lawrence

American Society of Administrative Professionals (ASAP). ASAP Administrative Professionals Conference. A few years ago, I interviewed to be the executive assistant to the CEO of a biomedical company.

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Useful Text Marketing Features for E-Commerce Business

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If you’re still not using it, check out these benefits of SMS marketing that might just convince you to give it a try ASAP. The growth of internet and social media has led many marketers to focus more on these channels for marketing.

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Does Office Design Really Affect Productivity?

Productivity Bits

Break Rooms Breaks during office hours are important factors in increasing productivity and boosting morale, since they provide employees the chance to exchange ideas, rest after an ASAP task is complete, or gather their focus and brainstorm ways to achieve their next challenge.

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Getting Things Done

Office Dynamics

Do not accept the “a.s.a.p.” Getting things done in the workplace is one of my favorite topics to speak on and write about. I have been passionate about this topic for 28 years.

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What Assets Really Matter When Hiring Security Guards?

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See Also: Top Security Ideas for Businesses You Need to Implement ASAP. Imagine you have begun the process of hiring security guards for your business. What comes to mind when you think of the traits, both physical and mental, that should be present in the person you wish to hire?

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Rainmaker Landing Pages Can’t Be Customized With CSS

The Solopreneur Life

Note to Rainmaker developers: please make this feature Priority #1, ASAP. I f you read my Rainmaker post from yesterday , you know that I have made the switch to the Rainmaker platform. Here’s an addendum to that post: landing pages in Rainmaker can’t be styled.

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10 do’s and don’t for managing your boss’s task list

Practically Perfect PA

This will help your Executive plan their day, especially if they have a few urgent tasks that need to be completed asap. In this post I am assuming your Executive has a task list that they use every day to get through their work!

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Practically Perfect PA Virtual Summit Hub

Practically Perfect PA

We are crowdfunding for the summit so we need your support and your pledges ASAP and certainly before the 1 st June to make this amazing event happen!

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At Whose Earliest Convenience?

Daily Writing Tips

I don’t know if it’s just my reaction, but to me, writing out the words “as soon as possible” seems more polite than using the common acronym/initialism ASAP. Note: Some people pronunce ASAP as a word, but others name the letters one by one. Fred, I need the revised brochure, ASAP!

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Do You Want Free PR for Your New Product or Service?

The Solopreneur Life

Guest slots are very limited, so let me know ASAP.). D o you have an upcoming or planned product launch? Are you introducing a new service? Is your product or service a good fit for solopreneurs? If so, I want to know! I want to support your success, and The Solopreneur Life community wants to stay informed. Send me your info and I will announce your launch here at TheSolopreneurLife.com and I will post your info for no charge at SolopreneurLifeAds.com.

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Travel Planning for Others – Putting Yourself in Your Traveler’s Shoes

Practically Perfect PA

If you’re interested and getting qualified, take the 5 minute survey below and we’ll get back to you ASAP! Every admin wears many hats: office manager, personal assistant, life coach, travel planner. And each hat requires a different set of skills and a different set of tools.

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Why Others May Not See You as Reliable

On The Job

If you can't, then give your colleague a heads-up ASAP. Reliability. Everyone wants to work for someone who is reliable, and every boss wants an employee who is reliable.

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Reasons Why A Mold Inspection Is Crucial Before Buying A House

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This can be a hassle, especially if you plan on moving in asap. Buying a house is no easy decision to make. You need to worry about lots of things. First, you need to think about how to finance the purchase.

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Do you want to speak at Assist Travel 2016?

Practically Perfect PA

I will get back in touch with you asap. So a few weeks ago I told you guys that we are organising Assist Travel again this year. The programme looks particularly awesome (I know I’m biased but it does!), you can check it out here.

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7 Tips for Administrative and Executive Assistants

Office Dynamics

Making a list simply allows you to organize your thoughts and decide what tasks need to get done ASAP versus those that can wait until the end of the day. Being an Administrative or Executive Assistant is not always a walk in the park.

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Practically Perfect PA Virtual Summit Hub

Practically Perfect PA

We are crowdfunding for the summit so we need your support and your pledges ASAP and certainly before the 1 st June to make this amazing event happen!

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How can you help your Executive with travel delays?

Practically Perfect PA

You may be able to book them on or get your Travel Management Company to switch the booking asap. Picture the scene. You’ve planned your Executive’s business trip to a tee. It is perfect.

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10 Holiday Scams and How to Avoid Them

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If you encounter any of them, review your financial statements, dispute any unrecognized charges, and report any identity theft you find ASAP. The holidays are such a joyful time. People are more giving, family and friends are throwing parties, and everyone is merry.

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Two New Offerings From TheSolopreneurLife.com

The Solopreneur Life

You hate your day job, and you need to get out ASAP! I want to let you know about two new offerings from TheSolopreneurLife.com. The first is The Solopreneur Emergency Turnaround Program. This program is for you if: 1. You’re in a really bad spot financially and need to turn things around quickly. Your business growth has stalled. Why a turnaround program? I’ve been doing a LOT of consulting lately for solo businesses that need to make big things happen in a hurry.

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Working with the executive team

Practically Perfect PA

If you are in the middle of an urgent task or you are doing something for your actual boss when another Director asks you to do something let them know you will come back to them asap.

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7 Reasons to Head Over to Seoul Right Now

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Make South Korea’s Seoul your travel destination ASAP. You might have heard the saying: Go to Seoul to refresh your soul. It is one of those emerging tourist spots where the new meets the old.

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Coping With Conflicting Priorities

Office Dynamics

Ask for specific deadlines – not a.s.a.p. What can you do when everything that is added to your “to-do” list is a Hot, Hot, Hot – Urgent – A1 priority? Take a step back and assess the situation. Next follow these steps to keep your priorities in perspective. Clarify early in the day what is the most important priority. Make deadlines public information. Start and maintain a status report. Make your own decision and stand by it.

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Coping With Conflicting Priorities

Office Dynamics

Ask for specific deadlines – not a.s.a.p. What can you do when everything that is added to your “to-do” list is a Hot, Hot, Hot – Urgent – A1 priority? Take a step back and assess the situation. Next follow these steps to keep your priorities in perspective. Clarify early in the day what is the most important priority. Make deadlines public information. Start and maintain a status report. Make your own decision and stand by it.

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The Assist Conference: So much to do so little time!

Practically Perfect PA

The early bird discount rate will finish on the 30th November so do book your place asap. I have the Assist Conference up and running and I can not begin to tell you the amount of lists I have produced to help me keep on top of all of the details.

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12 Simple Ways To Make Your Work Life Easier

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Business leaders are constantly bombarded with tons of tasks that need to be done ASAP and you might be completely overwhelmed with them in the end. For many people, work is a miserable experience because it involves doing many difficult and even boring things that become routine with time.

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Email That Works: Best Practices for Truly Busy People

Office Dynamics

That way, they’ll know if they need to read or act upon the message ASAP. How would you describe your e-mail situation lately? Are you getting so much that it’s sometimes impossible to manage it properly and still be productive? Do you worry you’ll hit the “send” button too soon, and deliver a message before its ready? Take heart….You’re You’re not alone! E-mail technology has been great – but it has also wreaked havoc on the way we communicate.

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The Plancake Inbox: Get Organized And Stay Relaxed

Productivity Bits

There was a problem in our servers that needed to be sorted ASAP. Copyright © 2011 Marlon Ribunal. Visit the original article at [link]. Guest-Post. This guest post was provided by Daniele Occhipinti on behalf of Danyuki Software Limited. Danyuki Software is the company running Plancake, a useful free online tool to get things done. For more information: www.plancake.com. All product and company names herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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How to Increase Your Productivity, Starting in the Garage

Productivity Bits

This winter she’s even marketing heaters for garage use so that families can start takeovers and transforming their garage asap! Copyright © 2011 Productivity Bits. Visit the original article at [link]. Guest Post.

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When and Why You Should Have a Back-up Plan

Office Dynamics

There’s no way to know what happened to it, and your boss needs it ASAP. Here’s hoping you’re ready for a great work week ahead…. And it will be great if you have every important “Plan B” in order. What’s a Plan B? It’s the backup to Plan A, of course….

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How To Avoid A Content Crisis When Your Deadline Is Looming

Dumb Little Man

You cannot force yourself to write the content ASAP, but you can inspire yourself to do so. When you think about the tools you need to write that piece ASAP, it may occur to you that you only need a computer and a notebook. Have you ever found yourself in front of your computer just staring at your screen? Worse, your calendar is showing a looming deadline. It could be for a project or proposal at school, or it may be for a business brief or marketing plan at work.

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Internet Initialisms

Daily Writing Tips

Strings of commonly understood letter combinations such as FYI (For your information), TGIF (Thank God it’s Friday), and ASAP (As soon as possible) pre-date the Internet, of course, but they never occurred in the profusion that exists now.

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Open Loops 4/26/2013: Articles I Think Worth Passing Along

Simple Productivity Blog

From Seth Godin’s “Urgent, please read asap” This is an awesome tip when you are handling multiple email addresses. Fridays are open loop days at SimpleProductivity blog. This is something I have needed to do frequently – use a funnel. But sometimes the funnel I have won’t work because of the size of thing I am transferring, or sometimes I don’t want to use a food-grade funnel for a non-food item.

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Roofing Inspection Checklist for Homeowners

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Anything less than a solid, seamless shingle should be considered cracked or damaged and should be replaced asap. Performing preventative maintenance on your roof can make your life a lot easier. Many of today’s repair orders could have easily been avoided by a simple roof inspection by the homeowner. However, some people aren’t comfortable climbing a ladder and standing on top of a roofing system.

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7 Habits I Started Last Year That Dramatically Changed My Life

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If you’re not yet doing this, do yourself a favor and read The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod – ASAP. Being an entrepreneur and building a business is a big challenge- a very big challenge. What if you work full time elsewhere, but you’re really passionate about it?

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