Super Temps to the Rescue

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CNBC's The Rise of the SuperTemp in the C Suite is another version of the HBR article focused on the increasing use of executive temps.   The demand for executive temps is growing and companies are responding. independent workers could be considered Super Temps.

The Staffing Industry Analysts Temp Worker Forecast

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The Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) is a research and industry analyst firm that focuses on contingent work. Their clients are staffing industry firms and corporations that employ contingent and/or temporary workers. The recently released their 2022 employment projections and U.S. staffing industry forecast.  The full report is only available to their clients, but they publicly released their high level forecast numbers. The key SIA forecast is that U.S.

2022 23

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The Two Sides of the Temp Economy

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The NY Times article The Rise of Permanent Temp Economy provides an interesting look at the history of temporary work in America.    The author argues the temp industry in America was created by exploiting gender stereotypes in the 1950s and 1960s.   The strategy worked and early temp leaders (like Kelly Girls) were able to establish  "a new sector of low-wage, unreliable work right under the noses of powerful labor unions."

1 in 4 Employees Regularly Work With Temps

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 Half of all employees interact with temps at least occasionally.

Temps Working More Hours Than Employees

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  But as the chart below (from a NY Times Economix blog post ) shows, this shifted in 2009 and temps now work, on average, 30 minutes more per week than regular employees.

Use of Contract Labor by Sole Proprietors Surging

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  While looking through the data we were struck by the extent of the growth in the usage of contract labor - contingent workers such as freelancers, independent contractors, temps, etc. -   by sole proprietors.  The IRS recently released the 2013 data on sole proprietors.

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Upwork's 2017 Freelancing in America Study

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  Justin Fox's article provides an excellent description of the cyclical forces: What's going on here is what happens at some point in every economic expansion, as a tightening labor market pulls contract workers, freelancers and temps into steady payroll jobs.

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A Day in the Life: Simone White, PA, BlackRock

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I started my life as a temp at the V&A in London, after graduating and realising that the world of fashion journalism & promotion was not for me. What does your career path look like?

2015 89

Word of Mouth is How Freelancers Find Jobs

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It's not surprising that independent workers (freelancers, temps, self-employed, etc.) rely on word of mouth/referrals for getting business. What is a bit surprising is just how important word of mouth is compared to other methods.

Do Gig Workers Like Their Jobs? It's All About Choice, Flexibility, and Control

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Our research indicates temps, on-call workers, day workers and others with little work control often fall into this category.  See The Two Sides of the Temp Economy ,  The Yin and Yang of Freelancing  and Autonomy, Control and Self-Employment Satisfaction for more on this.

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How to Stay Your Professional Best During Summer

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Is your company cost conscious therefore keeping the temp in the office higher than you would like it? I hope you are staying cool. Last week the temperature in Las Vegas got as high as 115! Then dropped to 109 by Thursday, which is more our norm.

2016 137

Is the Staffing Industry Facing a Kodak Moment?

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The data overwhelmingly shows the use of non-W2 labor is growing at a much greater pace than overall employment or the growth in temp labor. These are good times for the temporary staffing industry.

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11 Halos - Part 3 (reporting & fans)

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Home VA Training VA FAQ Podcast Featured Events for Bloggers & VAs 11 Halos – Part 3 (reporting & fans) Friday, June 19, 2009 at 4:19 pm // By: // Category: Baseball Today, he drove to Tempe, to the Angels Tempe Diablo Stadium to report.

Autonomy, Control and Self-Employment Satisfaction

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" In interviews with this group - often temps, on-call workers and others with little job control or autonomy - we found they didn't get the major benefits of being self-employed and they were impacted in major ways by the disadvantages.

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Why Companies Are Increasing Their Use of Contingent Labor

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Ardent Partners is an analyst firm focused on corporate procurement and as part of this brief they research and analyze the use of contingent labor (temps, contractors, consultants, etc.)

The Connection Between Time and Temper

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Temporary means “lasting only for a time” and has developed into a noun referring to someone hired temporarily; this usage is often abbreviated to temp.

Grim Job Market Continues for Young Americans

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The grim job market is a key reason more young Americans are pursuing work as independents (temps, freelancers, etc.). Although the overall labor market continues to improve, there isn't a lot of good job news for young Americans.

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Many Americans Planning to Go Freelance

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" Earlier in the survey the term independent worker is defined to include freelancing, temping, self-employment, etc.  As part of the MBO Partners State of Independence study a national, statistically significant survey of adult (ages 21+) Americans is conducted.

5 tips for Being a Freelance Worker

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The days of temp workers being qualified for only low-paying, entry-level jobs is past, and workers who embrace the work may find they appreciate the flexibility and experience they gain, Ozier says.

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The Contingent Workforce and Public Decision Making

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" The article goes on to suggest that governments at all levels need to respond to the rapidly growing number of contingent (freelancers, contractors, temps, etc.) The Contingent Workforce and Public Decision Making is an article in the Spring issue of Public Sector Digest.  It suggests rethinking a range of laws and policies including employment rules, zoning, K12 education and health care due to the shift to the contingent workforce.

More Canadians Becoming Freelancers

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Small Business Labs Tracking and Forecasting the Trends Impacting the Future of Small Business Welcome to Small Business Labs Small Business Labs, from Emergent Research , covers the key social, technology and business trends impacting small business.

Top 5 Tips for Finding Great Employees (cheaply!)

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Temp agencies are useful – look at them as being a trial period for potential employees. E-Mail me or follow me. Build your own network! Community for small business outsourcing and cost control. Benefits of Online Software for Small Business.

Green Colleges in the US Lead the Way in Sustainability

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First off, head into the heat of Tempe, Arizona, where Arizona State University has made some of the strongest sustainability commitments of any institution in the nation.

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Day in the life: Catherine Thomas, EA, Public Health Wales

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I worked and temped at various places in general administrator/secretarial roles until I found a job where I really felt I could make a difference. What does your career path look like? I left school without a clue as to what I wanted to do when I grew up.

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A business case outline for an internal PA network

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PA retention rates will be at an all time high and this will remove company expenditure on temps. People are undoubtedly the best asset of every firm and having a PA network will help confirm that PA’s are an important and integral part of the organisation.

11 Halos - Part 2 (signing day)

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He heads to Tempe in the morning for physical and workout. Home VA Training VA FAQ Podcast Featured Events for Bloggers & VAs 11 Halos – Part 2 (signing day) Thursday, June 18, 2009 at 8:46 pm // By: // Category: Baseball Just back from meeting with Angels scout, John Gracio. Contract and rookie league explained. Then gets his uniform and a plane ticket to head up to Orem, Utah on Sunday.


55 Bulletproof Productivity Hacks – Do You Know Them All?

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The body expends too much energy in keeping itself warm when the temp is too cold. The recommended temp for your thermostat is 70-77 degrees.). What do Mark Zuckerburg, Arianna Huffington, Jerry Seinfeld, and The Terminator have in common?

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The GAO Finds Twice as Many Self-Employed as the BLS

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The GAO includes the following in their definition: Agency temps: (1.3%). According to a recently released report by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), 40% of the U.S. workforce is contingent, up from 30% in 2005.    The GAO's definition of contingent covers the broad category of workers who aren't full-time, permanent employees. On-call workers (people called to work when needed (3.5%). Contract company workers (3.0%).

NOT, “Just An Admin!”

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It began several years ago when I started working for Mr. H as a temp. Designed by Freepik. Have you ever said, or heard an admin say, “I’m just an admin?” I have. And I’ll admit it – I’ve said it too. Then one day I discovered that every admin is valued and the true value of the profession of the administrative assistant! I’d like to share my journey of discovery with you. What started out as a two-week assignment ended up lasting for seven years!

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More on Academic Freelancers

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Adjunct faculty is what colleges and universities call temp or part-time professors.  Many  colleges and universities are in financial trouble , which means more temp faculty members. A Portrait of Part-Time Faculty Members is a report on the duties and pay of adjunct university faculty. According to the report, there are about 1.8 million faculty members working at two and four year degree granting institutions in the U.S.  Of those, more than 1.3

The Rise of the Task Economy

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 Examples include The Temp Economy, The Gig Economy, Freelance Nation, The Grassroots Economy, The Artisan Economy ( a term we use ), The Bottom Up Economy (we posted on this one yesterday , etc.

The job of looking for a job

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1) Do try the temp agencies. When on a temp job, work as if you are on probation all the time. I have been involved in conducting a few interviews for admin jobs and here are two of the main things I have noticed about those who are unsuccessful: resumes are out of date and not relevant to the job applied for and the person was not prepared for the interview.

Gen Y Independents Non-Profit Oriented

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The article covers one of the more interesting statistics from MBO Partners State of Independence Study , which is 22% of Gen Y (born 1980 to 2000) independent workers (freelancers, temps, etc.) We posted the article  Gen Y Independents: Socially Oriented and Serving Non-Profits over at MBO Partners blog.

"Gig" - The Word of the Year

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But that language doesn't get at most of the people who are cut loose in the new economy and who aren't reveling in the independence it gives them — the ill-paid temps and contingent workers that some have called the "precariat" We regularly point out there is definitely a dark side to gig work and that a sizable minority (25% - 30%) of gig workers would prefer traditional jobs.

How to Handle Your Career Stress

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Or, you may have thought someone was pulling your leg to tell you that your Ivy League education would net you a 20-hour-a-week temp job with no benefits and have you living at home with your parents.

Independent Work Growing Option for Gen Y and Seniors

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Because of this situation, we've decided to conduct deeper research dives this summer on millennial and aging boomer/senior independent workers (freelancers, temps, contractors, etc.). The overall job market is obviously weak, but things are particularly tough for younger and older Americans.   For older Americans, retirement looks daunting.  As we pointed out last week , most Americans feel a traditional retirement is financially out of reach.

News on the Growing Contingent Workforce

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Lot's of recent news about the continued growth of the contingent workforce, which is the term the corporate world uses for what we call the independent workforce - freelancers, contractors, independent consultants, temps, etc. Recent articles on this topic from the corporate point of view include: 1.  Aberdeen Research reports that  26% of the average company’s workforce is contingent.  This is up from the 24% they found in last year's study.

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45 Idioms with “Roll”

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let the good times roll : an expression perhaps originating with (and directly translated from) the Cajun French saying “Laissez les bons temps rouler,” associated with Mardi Gras.

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Dress Greener for the Office

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Unless you’re washing towels you used to clean up your pup’s latest accident, keep the water temp on cool. Contrary to popular thought, you don’t have to rely on clothes that stomped on Mother Nature’s feet to get to your closet.

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Caterpillar's Growing Flexible (Contingent) Workforce

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Like many large corporations Caterpillar, the Illinois-based heavy equipment maker, is increasing the size of their contingent workforce (freelancers, contractors, consultants, temps, etc.).   What's interesting about Caterpillar is they've decided to include information on contingents in their quarterly earnings releases.  They call this group "flexible workers" and report each quarter how many they have and how many they hired.