Green Gift Giving: Great Eco-Office Gift Ideas

Eco-Office Gals

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, it means one thing: gift-giving season is just around the corner. Below is a list of great green gift ideas that will help you shine at this year’s office Christmas party. Help coffee or tea lovers ditch Styrofoam cups with this perfect gift idea. Gift Basket. Make your-coworker a green-starter kit gift basket filled with eco-cleaning products, body products, bamboo dishware or filled with organic treats and recipes.

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Client Gifting: 5 Ideas to Show Your Appreciation This Holiday Season

Tips From T. Marie

It's December, the time of year when our thoughts are drawn to holiday festivities and the purchase of gifts. As a small business owner, it's also the time when you need to think about what you are going to do about client gifting. Of course, before we dive into gifting ideas you'll need to make the decision whether or not you're going to give your clients gifts. And if your business is totally project-based, you may not feel that a client gift is appropriate.

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Gift Ideas For Productivity-Conscious People

Productivity Bits

Perhaps it’s quite easy to find gifts for family friends and close friends because we’re familiar of their likes and dislikes. This is perfect gift for your male buddies or family members. Misc Gift Ideas. Please signup to my email list to receive free updates from Productivity Bits. Your email will remain private. Productivity christmas gifts gift ideas holiday gifts productivity giftsCopyright © 2011 Marlon Ribunal.

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3 Simple Sign-up Strategies to Grow Your Email List!

Office Organization Success

Having a sign-up box on your website detailing your ‘free taste’ in exchange for your visitor’s name and email address is one way that you can do this, but deciding WHERE to place your all-important sign-up box for maximum impact is also just as important. If you’re not fully maximizing your website you’ll be missing out on new subscribers.

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The 2014 Productivityist Holiday Gift Guide


For the past two years, Productivityist has published an annual gift guide that features gifts that won''t just help the "productivityist" get more of the right things done, but they''ll have some tools that they can use that will make the process all the more enjoyable. There are a lot of gift ideas to cover this year, so let''s dive right in. The FitDesk has helped me get cardio in while reading, writing, and answering emails.

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The 2013 Productivityist Holiday Gift Guide


This year I decided to offer holiday shoppers a bit more time to explore possible gift ideas for the productivity enthusiast — aka the "productivityist" — in their lives. The Productivityist Holiday Gift Guide for 2013 may be a long read, but it may just spark some gift ideas you hadn''t considered. This is my email client of choice ,regardless of platform. Using the free version of Dropbox is fine, but I''m suggesting you gift a subscription.

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Using Email Effectively

Ian's Messy Desk

Home About Contact Me Links Sitemap Using Email Effectively Posted by Ian McKenzie Written on June 18, 2010 If youre new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. When responding to an email that contains an attachment, use Reply without Attachment(s) option. Reading your email out loud can also help to identify awkward sentences or incorrect grammar. Leave a comment Subscribe to blog posts by Email The Essential Motivation Handbook The Zen Habits Handbook for Life!

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Share Your Email Etiquette Blunders To Win a $100 Amazon Gift Certificate

Small Business CEO

One area of concern – your email correspondence. Even though your own every day business environment may be laid back, you still need to make sure you use professional business email etiquette. Maybe you’ve even committed an email blunder or two or you’ve seen someone else’s. Amazon gift certificate. All you need to do is share that email etiquette no-no with BizSugar and you’ll be entered into the contest.

Small Biz Gifts to Help You Simplify and Celebrate! You've got to check these out.

Productive & Organized

  I LOVE Gifts!    The fantabulous Michelle Shaeffer is hosting and she invited me to share a gift, along with 12 other entrepreneurs and small business owners. These gifts have been created especially with YOU in mind, to help you reduce stress, get organized, grow your business and more. What you will find in your gift box: * How to Combat Holiday Stress – Lisbeth Tanz. * I have a secret to share. 

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The 2012 Productivityist Holiday Gift Guide


Well, if this person is a productivityist — or at least needs to look at becoming more productive — then you should give The Productivityist Holiday Gift Guide for 2012 a good look. It’s a long read, but it may just spark some gift ideas you hadn’t considered. I received this last Christmas from my wife, and I’m using it right now as I put together this gift guide. This is my email app of choice , and it’s cross-platform.

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Seth's Blog: Eight email failures (and questions for those that want to do better)

Denise Aday

See on - Email Marketing Virtual Assistant. A friend sent out an email blast (I hate that word, for good reason) to his ample address book to promote a new project and got a lot of blowback for it. If you offer a free download and intend to follow with ongoing emails of any kind, tell people so up front! Don’t use the “everyone’s doing it” excuse so subscribers should just expect it in exchange for the gift.

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How to Avoid Bullet-Hard Emails

Men With Pens

We can’t hear a person’s voice when we read an email. I learned the fine art of diplomacy and gift-wrapping. Read emails aloud – with a smile. Put a smile on your face (a big one), sit straighter and read your email out loud with your intended tone in mind so you can literally hear your own voice, tone and inflections. It sounds silly, but sometimes, starting your email off with a quick disclaimer sets the tone of conversation for greatness.

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Email Marketing Tips For A Valentine’s Day Sales Boost

Small Business CEO

One of the best ways to take advantage of this potential bump in profitability is through email marketing. Email is a very effective way to bring highly-tailored messages to specific audiences. And since many people are prone to read into the gifts they receive from a significant or semi-significant other, it gives you an opportunity to use Cupid’s arrows to target your customers and prospects in order to move them to action. Email 1: Initial offer.

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Online Marketing Twitter Chat Plus a Chance To Win a $100 AMEX Gift Card

Small Business CEO

Some of the topics covered will be email marketing, local listings, online reviews, optimizing your website, social media, and more. In addition to gaining some great information, two lucky participants will be randomly chosen to each win $100 AMEX gift cards. Join our sister site, Small Business Trends, this Wednesday May 23rd for a Twitter chat. Starting at 3:00pm ET, Anita Campbell and guest Stephanie Chandler with discuss everything you need to know about online marketing.

The Beauty of Multi-purpose Tools

Simple Productivity Blog

--> Home Get Updates Ebooks Free Stuff Donate About Contact Me Get Free Updates: Via RSS | Via Email | Productivity Simplification Balance Life Design Organization Clutter The Beauty of Multi-purpose Tools Posted on September 3, 2010 by LJ Earnest Welcome to Simple Productivity Blog! If you want to receive updates in your email, click on the envelope in the upper right corner, or use the "Subscribe" link below the blog title.

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The Inbound Marketing Grader Examines Golf Instructor and YouTube Star Shawn Clement

The Solopreneur Life

Close the leads and make them customers, using customer-relationship management, email, and workflows. He’s also a very gifted teacher. In the winter, Clement gives lessons at warm-weather locations, and I’d to be told about those, too, via email. Plus, within 1 hour of subscribing to a newsletter, new subscribers should receive a welcome email with special offers or links to useful information. Email *.

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You Can Avoid Multitasking When You Focus on These 3 Things


Eisenhower’s Decision Principle inspired Covey’s Quadrant, so using the quadrant system and playing air traffic controller for a Monday’s many to-dos is paying homage to two lucid thinkers and gifted leaders. Or, if you don’t feel comfortable deleting Slack, then only check it twice a day the same way you do email. Stop using a desktop client for email. After you receive an unpleasant email, you may want to go for a walk and pray or meditate.

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Bosses Day - October 16

The Office Professionals Place

Often times it is difficult to think of appropriate gifts for your supervisor, especially if the relationship has not been a positive one. Gift Cards You can’t go wrong with a gift card to Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. So a gift card to their favorite restaurant or clothing store would be appropriate. “Thought Appropriate Gifts&# One year I got my boss an interchangeable, 3-D calendar to put on her desk.

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Live your dream--you're the only one who can!

Virtual Moxie

Stay away from email! Last week, after VMoxie hit the blogosphere, I got email from Jennifer who wanted to know HOW to find the thing that lights her up inside so that she can begin moving in that direction. Turns out that in that first email, she TOLD me what that was. The gift of the world is our first blessing." Virtual Moxie - The Cure For The Common Virtual Assistance Practice I Want Moxie!

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Now that is dedication.Executive Assistant donates kidney to her.

Laughing all the Way to Work

© Copyright Patricia Robb 2010 28 December, 2009 Now that is dedication.Executive Assistant donates kidney to her boss My assistant sent me a link to a story about an Executive Assistant in British Columbia, Canada, who gave the gift of life by donating a kidney to her boss. A nice Christmas gift to her boss who is a dad of five children. Quotations Marks Rules for numbers Saying thank you in an email Seasons greetings or Seasons greetings?

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Considering a pay what you can (PWYC) pricing model.

Denise Aday

(cc photo credit: Gift Economy by Tirch). I’m still working out the details, including how to address potential problems and barriers, but am very seriously considering a pay what you can (PWYC) pricing model for virtual and email marketing services. The Karma Clinic in Oakland, CA is run by gifts, on a pay what you want basis. with a note about how it is a gift from someone who came before and an invitation to pay it forward for those who dine after.

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Improve Communication

Ian's Messy Desk

with 7 Tips for Effective Email There is something about e-mail that fosters poor communication habits. Develop at set of personal rules for processing your email in a productive way. Read: Five fast email productivity tips @ 43 Folders Ignore the above tips. lnik Leave a comment Subscribe to blog posts by Email The Essential Motivation Handbook The Zen Habits Handbook for Life! Ian’s Messy Desk Helping you get the most out of the 24 hours in your day.

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10 Holiday Scams and How to Avoid Them

Dumb Little Man

Pay attention to the emails you receive from major businesses like FedEx, Apple or Amazon. Avoid clicking on any links or attachments in the email until you confirm they are not sent from a malicious source. Scammers send these emails hoping you’ll click automatically, unaware that the contents are designed to steal important personal information. And those who can’t afford a Christmas vacation or expensive gifts may consider taking loans. Free Gift Cards.

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Four Ways to Help Your Guy Get A Clue About Romance

Dumb Little Man

Does it seem like you are always dropping hints to your guy for romantic getaways you’d like to go on or gifts you’d love to receive for your birthday? The Internet can help men and women out a lot in the gift-giving department. Create different Pinterest boards to help take some of the guesswork out of gift giving. The visual nature of Pinterest can be extremely helpful in getting the planning process going and will kick start the gift giver.

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OPEN NOW! 7th Annual Done4You Giveaway

Office Organization Success

Click here to get your gifts now! Here’s just a SAMPLING of the AMAZING products and services being given away (50+ gifts!): Promotional emails that convert. Opt-in gift creation. It’s that time again… it’s the most anticipated event of the year. For the 7th year in a row, the Done4You Giveaway of the Century is here with DONE-FOR-YOU business services and products — all FREE. No hype. No gimmick. All legitimate. All at no cost to you.

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Last chance to enter our Biscuiteers giveaway!

Practically Perfect PA

Thanks to the lovely folk at Biscuiteers , the luxury, hand-iced biscuit gifting company, we have a very special giveaway for Practically Perfect PA readers. Biscuiteers, who have been quoted as a ‘PA’s secret weapon’, make hand-iced biscuits, chocolates and cakes perfect for every gifting occasion imaginable. From weddings to birthdays; baby showers to moving home gifts they’ve got it covered! Members also receive a welcome gift when signing up and lots of exclusive offers.

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How To Create Personal Connections When You’re A Digital Business

Tips From T. Marie

Via Email. Most of us communicate via email, or even text, more than we use the telephone these days. Adding a sentence or two that is more conversational goes a long way in making the recipient of your email make a personal connection with you. For example, I opened a recent email to a client with – “I can’t believe it’s September already. It’s just a small bit of conversation, but it adds a touch of humanity to what was a pretty technical business email.

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4 Steps to Gaining Control of E-Mail

45 Things

While you may have thought that was a tad bit early to be thinking of what you want from Santa this year, this latest story may have you thinking about what you'd like at the top of your gift list this year: An empty e-mail "in" box. Tags: send email blackberry information overload get email email career advice Anita Bruzzese

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Contests: An Exciting Way to Attract Customers | Internet.

Andrea Kalli

This knowledge is the prime reason that using mass email marketing is nearly impossible. You see, when they are expecting something from you in their email they are more inclined to add you to their favorites list. This way you have gone completely around the spam filters that have been trashing your marketing emails. They will favorite you now and possibly forever, leaving you a wide-open path for future email marketing campaigns and contests.

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3 Ways to Use Technology to Automate Your Marketing

Office Organization Success

Many business owners use autoresponders (automated emails) solely for communicating with their clients and sending them information at specified intervals, particularly if they’ve just registered for their “free taste”. For example: let’s say you want to send everyone in your program a thank you gift once they’ve completed your program. Emails: Templates/Canned Responses.

2014 138

How to Keep Your Struggling Remote Team Motivated

Dumb Little Man

Make yourself available to answer queries and make it a habit to reply quickly to emails. You can even go ahead and send personal emails from time to time, appreciating them about a task well done, or surprise them with gifts.

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What is the difference between an autoresponder and a newsletter?

Denise Aday

See on - Virtual and Email Marketing Assistance. Basically, a newsletter sends the same email to all subscribers at the same time. Continuing the cooking series example above, you could offer the 8 dishes in 8 days series as a free gift to new subscibers to your monthly newsletter from, say, your organic CSA (Community Supported Agriculture.) email marketing newsletter autoresponder tips virtual assistant virtual assistance permission marketing

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5 Ways to Give Your Business a Merrier Holiday Season

Tips From T. Marie

Send them your holiday newsletter rough draft and let them polish it up and add sparkle and shine before they send it out from your email marketing program ( Mailchimp , Aweber , etc.). Ask them to research client gift ideas and when you decide, have them order them for you. Hiring holiday help is a common practice around the holidays, particularly for retailers. Did you know that any business can benefit from teaming up with a virtual services professional for the holiday season?

2016 115

Marketing Tips For Mother’s Day

Dumb Little Man

billion for gifts to moms. Additionally, email messages may be triggered to customers who have made purchases on last year’s Mother’s Day. Create a Gift Guide. A gift guide created on the basis of personality profiles of moms would help a lot among indecisive customers to select gifts easily. Always try to include both affordable and pricey items in your gift guide in order to enhance the range for selection.

2019 143

3 Ways to Use Techonology to Automate Your Marketing

Office Organization Success

Many business owners use autoresponders (automated emails) solely for communicating with their clients and sending them information at specified intervals, particularly if they’ve just registered for their “free taste”. For example: let’s say you want to send everyone in your program a thank you gift once they’ve completed your program. Emails: Templates/Canned Responses.

2014 141

Never Forget A Birthday Again

Simple Productivity Blog

That is absolutely no good if I need to mail a card or pick up a gift. Go through your various sources, such as past calendars, Facebook and email. For gifts: make an entry in your task system to shop for the gift. If you have no idea, make an entry to “call Susan and ask for gift ideas” Once you buy the gift, make a note in your task list for when it needs to be mailed. Simple Gifts.

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How to sign off correspondence on behalf of the boss

Practically Perfect PA

Set aside emails from colleagues and clients they have hundreds of emails from professional organisations, upcoming conferences, travel companies and not to mention lots and lots of sales requests. Oh and I haven’t mention what they receive through the post… brochures, leaflets, magazines and corporate gifts to name but a few. Keep the standard responses saved in a separate document and simply copy and paste the response into an email and hit send.

2014 165

The First Thing to Do After a Job Interview

45 Things

While etiquette rules say you can wait about three months to send a thank-you note for a wedding gift, it needs to be much sooner than that after a job interview. Send an email within the first day of an interview, then send a handwritten note by the next day.

2020 61

Podcast 144: Organizing to soothe your soul

Clutter Coach

Try Clean Email today ! Is your email inbox on overload? There’s a lot you can do to reduce that clutter, but you can save time by using the Clean Email app. You can set up custom Auto Clean filters to archive, delete or move emails as soon as they arrive so you never have to manually manage them. That’s a gift. by Listen or subscribe here: iTunes ? Stitcher ?. Soundcloud ? YouTube ? Google Play ? iHeartRadio You can leave a review here! ?.

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How to Plan Ahead for Christmas

Ian's Messy Desk

Shop for Christmas Year Round Anytime you are out shopping keep an eye open for Christmas gifts. At the least, you spread the cost of buying gifts over twelve months rather than breaking the bank at the end of the year. Order Christmas gifts online to save time and avoid the local shopping crowds. Organize Your Gift List Sit down and review you gift list at the beginning of November. If you bought some of your gifts “on spec&# , don’t worry.

2010 126 National Admin Day Survey Finds Businesses Can Manage Without the Boss, but Not the Admin

Laughing all the Way to Work

I received an email referencing a survey conducted by Staples. Please find below a copy/paste from a portion of that email. Jury is out on whether National Admin Day is a day of gifting – most admins (62 percent) report they won't receive a present, while the majority of non-admins (67.8 percent) said they do plan to give a gift. Gift card ranks as the most popular gift option. The link to the full article with the survey results can be found here.

2012 109

Would Life Just Be Easier if I Got a J•O•B?

Tips From T. Marie

And then I got the rejection email. I had been given a gift. The gift of appreciation for all the things I love about what I do. I was given that gift. If you’re an owner of a micro business like I am, most of the time you consider yourself lucky to be your own boss. Yet every once in a while the stress of highly fluctuating income, self-employment taxes, and the solitude of going it alone makes you wonder. Would life be easier if I just got a job?”.

2015 128

5 Key Steps to Creating Your Free Taste

Office Organization Success

Now all you need to do is get your web site visitors to part with their name and email address so that you can start and build your database of potential clients. The answer – provide them with a very compelling reason to give you their name and email address with an irresistible free taste of your work (also known as a pink spoon or ethical bribe )! A confirmation page – so, they’ve given you their name and email address, what happens next?

2015 176