Preventing Phishing With Education

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This is due to the cost of cleaning up the attack, which is also difficult and time consuming, as well as the cost of reputational damage, which can be ongoing. See Also: The Cost of Email Phishing. Giving employees feedback about how well they are doing can help them learn to spot suspicious emails better and faster. Learn more about the importance of employee training to stop phishing attacks from the infographic below.

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Continuing Education: How HR Managers Can Help

Office Dynamics

No matter how big or small your business is, it can benefit greatly from offering employees continuing education benefits. Employees want to continue their education and will value you as an employer if you help them make that happen. A study from EvoLLLution entitled “Lifelong Education and Labor Market Needs” found that 96 percent of employers said that continuing education improves job performance. Online Education. Non-Credit Education.

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Does Education Still Matter? Yes and No

Eat Your Career

Today, I’d like to address the age-old question of education and employment. And, given today’s economy, how much does education matter? So let me provide a little context: Most of you have probably heard this often-cited statistic regarding income: For every year of higher education you receive, you can expect to earn an additional $10,000 in annual salary. But let’s not forget that college costs money. Those with higher education were practically immune!

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Give Your Business a Boost with Continuing Education

Tips From T. Marie

There are many careers that require continuing education. So why is it that many of us are more than willing to spend money on software, computer equipment and all the physical trappings of business, but balk at spending anything on learning? I’m saying that continuing to learn new things, new skills and being exposed to new ideas is just as important. When planning your business budget, make sure you include the cost of continuing education. Virtual Education.

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The Top Advantages of E-Learning You Might Not Know About

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With the advent of the internet and everything being almost fully available online, learning has changed. Now, almost anybody can easily learn even the most difficult skill right from the couch! Along the years, many remote learning centers have developed complete e-learning models with no brick and mortar school affiliated at all. This is why many people choose e-learning. What Exactly Is E-Learning? E-Learning Broken Down By Type.

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Learning from Failure: How Making Mistakes Can Change Your Life

Productivity Bits

W e are often told that we should avoid failure at all costs. In an inspiring TED talk given by the human resources expert Ken Robinson, who often writes about education and the arts, Robinson discusses how our educational system has trained us to be afraid of making mistakes. Personal Development it is ok to fail learn from failure learn from mistakes lessons of failureCopyright © 2011 Guest Author. Visit the original article at [link]. Guest Post.

What are MOOCs and Just in Time Learning?

Small Business Labs

 A non-profit with the mission of "a free world-class education for anyone anywhere," they've produced over 3400 short instructional videos anyone can access. They  They also provide interactive quizzes, teachers guides and other instructional materials so their courses can be used in schools and traditional educational settings.   MOOCs are part of a broader the education trend towards just in time learning.

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Upcoming Administrative Conference

Office Dynamics

Next week I’ll be attending a large conference in Las Vegas to further my education. This is the first time I am attending this particular training industry event which is mostly focused on learning technologies. And to top it off, to figure out which sessions I want to attend, I have to click on each session title to learn about the session. 4 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Upcoming Administrative Conference: Have a goal in mind for the learning event.

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5 reasons to learn a foreign language to further your career

Practically Perfect PA

Learning a new language takes time and dedication, but the development of smartphone technology has brought new opportunities to fit learning into your daily routine. Language apps such as Duolingo allow you to learn new words and phrases while on the go, such as during commutes or lunch breaks. With so many opportunities at your fingertips, there has never been a better time to learn a new language. Learning a foreign language increases your cultural knowledge.

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The Trend Towards US Manufacturing

Small Business Labs

Small Business Blogs Entrepreneur Magazine Blog Entrepreneurship & Education at the Kauffman Foundation Fresh Inc.  discusses the increasing and hidden costs of manufacturing in China, resulting in manufacturing in the U.S. becoming more cost effective. The article also points out that in addition to rising costs, there are also cash flow disadvantages associated with the use of Chinese manufacturers. 

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Should I get certified as an administrative professional?

Office Dynamics

When you decide to go the second mile for your career, you learn how to harness all that “free time” spent surfing the television and ‘net, at the water cooler chatting — none of which are inherently bad, but they may be a poor choice when you could instead be focused on creating a better future. You may need to split costs with your employer, such as using vacation to attend a conference they pay for, etc.

The Charge: Your Emotions – The Cost: Your Job

The Office Professionals Place

The Office Professionals Place by Elite Office Concepts The purpose of this blog is to educate, enlighten, motivate, inspire, and strengthen office professionals to grow in their professional development. Tuesday, May 11, 2010 The Charge: Your Emotions – The Cost: Your Job I was reading a blog today about how a boss and an employee got into a heated argument that started in a morning meeting and then escalated into the afternoon.

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Looking Forward With Intention [Free Webinar for Assistants]

Office Dynamics

Learning Highlights. As an attendee, you’ll learn…. It’s hard to believe another year is nearly over. Here at Office Dynamics International, as we wrap up this 25th year of business, we’re feeling both grateful and overwhelmed with all we’ve experienced in 2015. Perhaps you can relate to those feelings? This free monthly webinar series has given us the opportunity to get to know so many more of you than ever before.

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Choosing Administrative Training That’s Right for You

Office Dynamics

The challenge may come when you realize there are a plethora of training programs, conferences, webinars and other learning events for administrative assistants and executive assistants. Our conference and World Class Assistant™ our very different learning events. For those of us in the training/adult learning industry, there is a difference. Variety of learning activities such as mind-mapping, brainstorming, role playing, and creative exercises.

10 Best Sites for Free and Paid Online Courses

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One of the most significant benefits of today’s advanced technologies is the access to endless learning opportunities. Just a quick search on the internet and you’ll find tons of online learning platforms available at your fingertips. They can help you learn a new skill or perfect an existing skill. Because the number of options can be a bit overwhelming, we went ahead and put together this list of the best websites for online learning. College Learning Technology

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7 Ways to Save Money while Earning a College Degree

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Is the high cost of tuition and expenses keeping you from that college degree you want? It’s no secret that the cost of higher education keeps climbing at a staggering rate as each year passes. College textbooks often cost hundreds of dollars each, and your total book expense each semester can easily top $1,000. Did you know you can rent textbooks instead of buying them for just a fraction of the cost? Learning Money Motivation

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The Virtual Summit Hubs

Practically Perfect PA

At the cost of £250 for a day’s training, for an unlimited number of PAs, this is exceptionally good value for your organisation. The hub pack gives you lots of great ideas on how to set up your meeting space so that you create a fun and informal atmosphere that helps all of your hub attendees learn and engage with the content from the summit. With just a few weeks to go to the Virtual Summit (eeekkk!!) I wanted to send you a few more details about the Virtual Summit hubs.

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The Power of One

Office Dynamics

The great part of having a host site like Shure was that they provided the venue and all the A/V so Office Dynamics was able to keep the registration cost very reasonable. Not only have we touched lives, but now there are many others getting on the bandwagon to educate and support assistants. A desire to learn in the area you are passionate about. Welcome to May! Such a lovely time of year. I hope everyone has recuperated from an exciting Administrative Professionals Week.

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Some training suggestions for assistants

Practically Perfect PA

There should be some training that relates to you directly, will improve your skills or will help you learn more about the business. I was the only EA on the course but it was so helpful and didn’t cost my company a penny. Training admin administrators assistants EA Education and Training Executive Assistant PA Personal Assistant VA Industry Virtual Assistant

Assistant Certifications: free webinar replay & handout

Office Dynamics

We had an incredible webinar event with over 1,300 assistants registered to learn more about why, as an administrative professional, they should consider a career certification. Is there funding out there for education? . Check your local education campuses to see if you qualify. Private colleges may seem expensive but they offer many scholarships to help offset this cost. We have listed each speaker and what the attendees will learn.

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Can Vocational Training Help In Redefining Success?

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For decades, the advice was the same: Get an education, graduate, get a job, get married, buy a house, start a family, work until you are 65, and then retire comfortably. The cost of getting a college education has gone out of hand. The cost of living is soaring faster than wage growth can keep up. Trade and vocational school graduates are finished with their education in a fraction of the time it takes to complete a four-year degree. Learning Success

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The Most Important Trait To Boost Your Productivity


The key to advanced productivity lies in the power of learning. Back in 2011, I took the time to learn new techniques in Microsoft Excel through a course. The methods I learned there have gave me greater confidence and speed (i.e. Over the past year, I have learned how to present and deliver engaging webinars and it has made a tremendous difference in growing my audience. The value of learning is very clear. Deciding What To Learn: Goals and Problems.

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Self-directed Learning Puts Experts At Your Fingertips

45 Things

That''s why self-directed learning is gaining momentum. Workers can find online resources to learn about everything from project management to marketing, helping them learn when the time is best for them. I don''t think schools are going away, but new tech provides another option to learn," says Ken Howery, a PayPal cofounder and now founder and partner with Founders Fund. Last year he was part of a $2 million investment in an education start-up called PopExpert.

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How to Co-invest In Your Future

Office Dynamics

I find this amazing as investing in your education is the best investment you can make. Yes, I wanted my employers to pay for my education or training or to send me to a conference. But I also spent my own hard-earned money to learn and become the best assistant I could. However, I invested what funds I did have on learning and developing myself in my new career as a corporate trainer, business owner and speaker.

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Public Shared Services Design: the service cost and quality balancing act


This method for shared services design is definitely cost-led but also takes into account both the adequacy of service of the best cost performer and also any regional environmental differentiating factors between the different councils. I believe it achieves the best compromise possible between sharing around cost of service versus quality of service. The method, which I briefly overview below, reduces this risk by deferring the quality debate until the cost numbers are in.

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Four Steps to Change Your Life – With Books

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As a coach, educator and self professed life-long learner, I believe that books are one of the very best bargains around – with years of experience and best practice crammed into a $20 package. A book may only cost you $20.00, but the cost of your time to read it may be significantly higher. Learning ChangeThe man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can’t read them. Mark Twain (attributed) How many books are on your shelf collecting dust?

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Reading your way into a great career

Laughing all the Way to Work

I read professional magazines, books about topics that I want to be educated on, website articles related to my career and the list can go on. Educating yourself doesn't have to cost big bucks or take time away from your family to attend courses. Tags: professional assistant educating ourselves learning books reading Administrative Assistant Read , read, read! There is so much available out there.

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The War On Grad School

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Now more than ever, an educated public is essential for a country to remain relevant and competitive in the global marketplace. Making the most of our education has always been a part of the American dream. For many students, the cost of pursuing a graduate education remains hugely prohibitive. In 2012, the master’s degree student debt average ranged from $50,000 for education and science degrees and as high as $160,000 for law and health sciences degrees.

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EMEA East – Personal Branding Q&A

Practically Perfect PA

I’ve only been in this role for a month so I’m learning lots at the moment and also getting involved in marketing so it is exciting. I take inspiration from that really – I’ve not been in the profession so long that I can do the job standing on my head and I’m not so new to it that I’m still learning or doing the basic administrative side of the role. Last week I was asked to speak to a group of assistants in Sweden about personal branding.

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EMEA East – Personal Branding Q&A

Practically Perfect PA

I’ve only been in this role for a month so I’m learning lots at the moment and also getting involved in marketing so it is exciting. I take inspiration from that really – I’ve not been in the profession so long that I can do the job standing on my head and I’m not so new to it that I’m still learning or doing the basic administrative side of the role. Last week I was asked to speak to a group of assistants in Sweden about personal branding.

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6 Free Training Sources for Administrative and Executive Assistants

Office Dynamics

It is no secret that Joan Burge and the Office Dynamics team believes in continuous education and training so we wanted to provide you with several resources that give you access to free education and training. Educational Video Library. Office Dynamics has a library of over 60 educational videos for administrative professionals. With over 300 videos, our YouTube channel is the largest collection of training and educational content that Office Dynamics has to offer.

2018 185

Role Of HR Technology During The Pandemic And Beyond

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Hence, the firm has to bear opportunity costs by putting its top-value producers in the interview panel. An efficient way to conduct online interviews is by using Machine Learning and AI approaches for conducting recorded interviews.

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Can a Small Business CEO Have a Vocational Degree?

Small Business CEO

When I first went to college I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do – my major started undecided, changed to marketing, changed to PR, changed to journalism, and finally landed on English education. A four year University gives someone a “well-rounded” education, yet employers are discovering that there simply are not enough graduates who have the specialized skills needed to perform specific jobs. CEO Leadership education employees leadership training

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Why Virtual Events Make A Lot Of Sense

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This means that all the huge events like continuing education seminars and conferences are going to be in trouble if they don’t adapt. While you may be there to learn about specific developments in your own field, you often have to sift through about 90% content and exhibits that are not relevant to you. Think about how much it costs to go to a big summit or conference for work. Virtual conferences are significantly less costly than in-person conferences.

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7 Ways to Boost Your Financial IQ

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Fortunately, you can always learn more about finances and give a boost to your financial IQ. All you need is a bit of effort and willingness to educate yourself properly. The more you learn the better you’ll be at handling personal and other finances. Learn how to budget.

2020 162

How to Implement a Zero Waste Business Strategy

Eco-Office Gals

Even if companies choose to focus only on the cost savings, the rest is the icing on the cake. If you’re a business leader or decision-maker interested in zero waste, learn how to develop an effective and sound strategy. The automaker has 152 zero-waste facilities , a feat they accomplished with community outreach and educating engineers and students about the methods and technology used to repurpose industrial waste and employ resources more effectively.

2020 151

How to Get More Out of Professional Development Training: [Part 1] Getting Leadership Approval

Eat Your Career

Part 3: Leveraging Learning. In fact, I highly encourage that if your leaders are unwilling or unable to support your educational endeavors. In making the request, you show your commitment to learning and professional growth. What are the learning objectives? Learning objectives are the specific things you will be able to do once the course is complete; they are usually established by the organization delivering the training.).

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Will the New Artisan Economy Save the Middle Class?

Small Business Labs

 Key quote: The multi-trillionfold decline in the cost of computing since the 1970s has created enormous incentives for employers to substitute increasingly cheap and capable computers for expensive labor.   Key quote on what job polarization means: Demand for highly educated workers who excel in abstract tasks is robust, but the middle of the labor market, where the routine task-intensive jobs lie, is sagging.

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Five Reasons Why Attending Live Events is a Must

Step It Up VA Coaching

For those who work virtually, and even some who don’t, we can easily get stuck in a comfort zone of learning and networking solely by email, phone, teleclasses, and internet and don’t always find a way to get out to a live marketing, networking, or educational event or workshop. And there’s SO much more that one can get out of a live event that you can’t get from online networking and learning. Get motivated and inspired and learn. by Donna Toothaker.

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How to Achieve Self-Mastery

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Camping happened to be one of my Physical Education classes in school. You can’t expect babies to learn the alphabet in one go. It contains over 300 tips for learning how to deal successfully with others -and most especially, with oneself. Life is comparable to chess.

2020 230

7 Business Ideas That Could Change the World

The Solopreneur Life

Instead of going straight to college, these kids learn how to start a business the “real-world” way. lower the cost of an existing product or service. Here are seven of the Thiel Fellowship ideas: • build a benchtop genome synthesis device that will allow individual laboratories and medical practices to synthesize large genetic constructs in-house for an unprecedented low recurring cost.

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The Revolutionary Assistant Facebook Live Recap with Joan and Jasmine

Office Dynamics

The cost of inaction. Educating management about the administrative role. Learning from our mistakes. Our 23rd Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence, The Revolutionary Assistant. This is a video recap from Joan Burge & Jasmine Freeman. Some of the highlights you will find in this broadcast: The Future Belongs to the Revolutionary Assistant//highlights from Joan’s opening keynote. Why become a revolutionary assistant?

5 Side-Gigs That Can Add Additional Income to Your Business

Tips From T. Marie

After learning WordPress to create my own website and with skills I already had related to website design like HTML and CSS coding, I decided to offer WordPress website creation as a service. There is always someone out there who is looking to learn about the things that you know. From how to use specific software to how to create meme’s, there are folks out there that want to learn.

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