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Most businesses have some type of contact form on their website as an alternative to posting their email address publicly. This form will have been designed to collate all the information that is required to deal with a customer query or follow up on a potential lead.

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3 Easy Tips for Keeping Your Client Information Organized

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For many solopreneurs a large part of their business is working one-on-one with clients, and that means having a way of keeping all of their client information organized and easy to access.

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Event feedback form

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Event Feedback form. What do you plan to do with the information or training you received at [the event]? . The post Event feedback form appeared first on Practically Perfect PA. Congratulations, your event is finished.

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Why You Should Consider Hosted Small Business Forms

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When you are running a full-fledge business website, you need to give emphasis to one of the most important – yet often neglected – features of your website: Your online forms. Increasing your contact form conversion rate should be your top-most priority.

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Irregular Past Participle Forms

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From my experience I conclude that a child of eleven or twelve is capable of mastering the irregular verb forms. For example, the old past forms of help – holp and holpen –now have the regular forms helped and helped. Related post: Beware of the Irregular Past Participle Forms.

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Habit Hack: How To Form A Habit

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To be successful at anything then, we need to form good habits that support our endeavors and carry us through to our goal’s end. This consistent and repeated act of choosing is what forms the habit. example : If you want to form a habit of flossing your teeth, place a calendar beside your bathroom mirror and place an X on it every day that you floss. Fill you space with information that will inspire, inform and allow you to interact with other entrepreneurs.

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20 Pairs of One-Word and Two-Word Forms

Daily Writing Tips

Many common words and phrases are identical except for a strategic letter space — apart and “a part” come to mind — and though knowing which form to use in a sentence is often obvious (as in that example), the difference can be subtle. If it’s hard to decide which form to employ, try this test: If you can insert an adjective between a and hold , the two-word form is appropriate. The latter form is correct in sentences such as “We’re all ready for the party.”.

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19 Tips for Managing Your Email Even When You Don't Want To.

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Productive & Organized Goes Audio in 3 Different Ways » 19 Tips for Managing Your Email Even When You Dont Want To E-mail, it is the form of communication that we love to hate and love to love.  Ask yourself if you REALLY want to receive that information.

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20 Clipped Forms and Their Place (If Any) in Formal Writing

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Clipped forms, shortened abbreviations of words, have a checkered history. When writing in academic contexts, in business writing, or another formal environment, take note of the status of these common clipped forms: 1. Ad : In formal writing, the full form, advertisement , is usually employed. Burger : If ever a reference to this fast food staple makes its way into formal writing, the short form of hamburger is just as likely to appear as the long form.

4 Punctuation Marks for Forming Appositive Phrases

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An appositive phrase extends a sentence by adding more information in apposition (meaning “related to” or “juxtaposed with”) to a word or phrase preceding it. This post describes how to use each of four forms of punctuation to extend a sentence by adding an appositive phrase. A dash represents a sudden or abrupt shift — it’s a dramatic device to set the reader up for a change of syntactical form or for a revelation or a punch line.

Recognizing Words With No Plural Forms

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She was very surprised to learn that the words information, knowledge, and jewelry have no plural forms. I am working with an executive who speaks English as a second language, with Chinese as her first language. Would you join me. Gems of Language Global Communication

3 Types of Essays Are Models for Professional Writing Forms

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The three types of essay most commonly assigned in school — the narrative essay, the persuasive essay, and the expository essay — conveniently correspond to those writing forms most frequently published online and in print. Your experience with these prose forms is ideal preparation for writing for publication. This form, employed when reporting about an event or an incident, describing an experience, or telling a story, is the basic mode in journalistic writing.

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GTD and Information Security

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Information Security is one of the top priorities of any company that deals with data. The company’s accumulated data – that includes documents, emails, voice messages, and all other forms of data – is a big portion of their assets. Information Security, therefore, is a serious business. How the GTD Workflow Helps in Information Security? What are the benefits of following the GTD Workflow to the Information Security effort? Copyright © 2011 Marlon Ribunal.

Too much information.

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© Copyright Patricia Robb 2010 7 November, 2009 Too much information. Do you have a question or do you want to pass information along to the person. Does it require any further information or explanation? Too much information.

Necessary Information Cannot Be Optional

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your practice works, what you expect of the client (and what the client can expect of you), and collects information (key people, addresses, phone numbers, travel. occasion a client had found the profile she used to collect information. information?

Your User’s Mouse is Trying to Tell You What’s Wrong With Your Site

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They’re not navigating to the right pages, no one is contacting you or filling out the forms, and most importantly, the number of people buying what you have to offer is much lower than it should be. … Information Technology Marketing small business website ux

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The Power of Video for Growing Businesses

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It can be used in dozens of different ways and is exponentially more compelling than any other form of marketing or branding. … Information Technology Marketing business growth video marketing

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4 Simple Steps to Securely Send Credit Card Information

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Many business owners find themselves in a situation where they are asked to send their credit card information in order to finalize a business transaction. Ask your VA/service provider if she has a Credit Card Authorization form that she can send to you, and you fax back to her.

Discover Three Acronyms that Will Help Your Company’s Website Stay Ahead of the Game

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And we know that you do not have a lot of time on your hands, so today, we present three essential concepts that you need to remember in the form of acronyms.… … Information Technology Marketing AMP business website seo WAFRunning a small business is no small feat.

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How to Make Monday Work for You


The idea was that everyone on the management team would be able to start the week well-informed and on the same page because of that early morning meeting. Now I''m not suggesting it wasn''t important to be informed of what else was going on throughout the other departments.

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Sealing the Deal with Clients – It’s An Art Form All Its Own

Step It Up VA Coaching

When someone visits your site, give them enough information about yourself and your business to help them decide if you’re worth pursuing. by Donna Toothaker.

Two Ways to Avoid Internet Time Suck and Get More Work Done


Some form of boundaries are needed–even if you consider yourself a creative person who dislikes rules (like me). Information Inspiration Mindfulness Routines boundaries distraction focus mental energy modes routine technology

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Sealing the Deal with Clients – It’s An Art Form All Its Own

Step It Up VA Coaching

When someone visits your site, give them enough information about yourself and your business to help them decide if you’re worth pursuing. by Donna Toothaker.

Secure Your Website without Paying a Steep Price

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Ensuring the security of your business website is absolutely critical, whether you are running an e-commerce business or if you’re simply gathering data from your users in some form. … Information Technology IT security web security website security

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Does This Count As a Form of Dyslexia?

Daily Writing Tips

Next, came this bit of information: The three tackled and disarmed the gunman, with the help of a Briton businessman.

Practically Perfect PA Giveaway: Assist Conference ticket!

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More information on the programme and the speakers can be found on the Assist Conference website. To enter the competition fill in the form below with your details ( for those reading on email here is the link ). contact-form].

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Enhancing Workforce Performance Through Reliable Mobility Usage

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Handling other forms of emergency calls is a common occurrence as well, something that can be detrimental to parties concerned if not addressed due to weak phone signal issues. Entrepreneurs Information Technology mobile communications mobile technology productivity

9 Ways to Become a More Productive Writer


So, check other writers’ advice and productivity apps for more information on what might work for you. Just form the habit to treat your writing like a daily job, not something you do occasionally or when the mood strikes. Information

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The Top 3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Task Manager


But apart from that higher level thinking, we need to really focus on three main mechanical – or rather, technical – aspects of any app that you might be considering to handle your workflow: Is it able to seamlessly collect commitments and digital information? Apps Information

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Why You Should Consider Using AI in Your Marketing Strategy

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It sounds like some form of futuristic technology, but it is in fact not a new concept.… … Information Technology Marketing AI Artificial Intelligence marketing strategyAre you struggling to communicate with your customers at all times?

Sealing the Deal with Clients – It’s An Art Form All Its Own

Step It Up VA Coaching

When someone visits your site, give them enough information about yourself and your business to help them decide if you’re worth pursuing. You can do this by creating a Q&A sheet, or an “Interview with…” type document that they read before getting in touch, giving them all the information you want them to have and know about you. One thing I hear a lot from VAs and other entrepreneurs is how they want to increase their “closing the sale” percentage because it’s so low.

Goodbye Tabbed Browsing, Hello Focus


Instead of stuffing myself with sugary treats, I fill myself with information and content. When I’m at work on a project, I try to collect as much helpful information as possible. But this approach can quickly become a very sneaky form of procrastination.

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Fax over IP Technology for Retail Sector

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Human resource documents, tenders, purchase forms, quality reports, quotations are important documents for an organization that needs to be safe hands. … Information Technology Fax over IP FoIP online faxMost of the businesses require a fax system to transfer important documents.

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Saying Things Done: A Quick Look at Capturing Tasks Through Voice


So it should come as no surprise that there are occasions where I capture my thoughts and tasks in audio form. Information I''m a bit of a talker. If you''ve ever listened to Mikes on Mics or seen me speak , then you probably know that already.

Win a free place at the Assist Conference 2017

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More information on the programme and the speakers can be found on the Assist Conference website. To enter the competition please complete the contact form below. contact-form]. We have a very special giveaway for Practically Perfect PA readers this month.

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Introducing The Productivityist Workbook


First, I contacted anyone who bought the series of workbooks at their old price and offered them some form of compensation for placing their trust in my product at such an early phase. Information

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Tech of the week: PDFescape

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PDFescape is a free, online PDF reader, editor, form filler, & form designer. Change PDF information tags. It is super handy for PDF forms and for merging two PDF documents together. Today’s Technology of the week : PDFescape. Here are all the details….

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Start Taking Action: 12 Steps to Beat Procrastination and Finish What You Started


Once the chain was formed, it became harder and harder to skip over one day, since you had to start forming the chain all over. Take five minutes to review this information and write it down in a journal. With this information you can: Have a better plan for the next day.

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Call For Help: The Next Two Weeks With A Virtual Assistant


I added some newer tasks that involved filling out expense forms and other smaller one-off assignments, but nothing really groundbreaking. Information In the third part of this four part series , I discuss what happened during the final two weeks I worked with my new virtual assistant.

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Why You Should Make Use of Virtual Data Rooms

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A Virtual Data Room, or VDR as it is known its abbreviated form, is an online storage site or room that stores documents. Most people can understand this as a form of online cloud storage, but in reality, there is evidence that VDR is much better than a simple cloud storage.