14 Tips on How to Live A More Active Lifestyle

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So, here are a few tricks on how to live a more active lifestyle: Park far away. Choose to walk down instead of call or email. When you have a question for a colleague, instead of picking up the phone or shooting an email, walk over to their cube.

14 Simple Ways to Convert Your Sedentary Lifestyle

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We all know we need to exercise more – our lifestyles are way too sedentary compared to that of the previous generations. So here are a few tricks to include some activity in daily habits to take it from a sedentary lifestyle to a mildly active one.

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Email Expectations: Getting Executives and Assistants to See Eye-to-Eye

Office Dynamics

In the modern business world, email is a constant force pressing upon us. Email isn’t restricted to typical working hours. Email is a common area where Executives and Assistants often have different ideas regarding expectations, and this can result in a lot of frustration on both sides.

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Grab Your Email Broadcast Checklist Here

Office Organization Success

It gives you the time and space to pursue other activities, and truly create that lifestyle business we seem to hear so much about. If you’ve ever received a duplicate email from an ezine publisher but the second email says something like, “ReSend” or “Correct Link Enclosed” in the subject line, you know they’ve sent their email out without first checking it! My trip to Denver was fabulous!

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You Won't Want to Miss This Lifestyle Offer

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First, a Recap When we first told you about Gamer Lifestyle , we explained that this program is all about helping you make money writing on something you already enjoy doing – namely, roleplaying, creative fiction and gaming. It also takes all the guesswork out of the lifestyle.

Celebrate Life Now! It Could Be Gone Faster Thank You Think - Ours.

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Four Ways to Reduce SEO Stress and Work Less Frequently

Andrea Kalli

For all the stories out there – the tales of marketers working three hours daily, earning tens-of-thousands-of-dollars weekly, and enjoying a relaxing lifestyle – there are thousands of marketers slaving for hundreds of hours monthly to ensure that their visions of an online empire become reality.

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Q&A: What are some social and economic issues small business face.

The Small Business Blog

I should remind you that when I talk about small business, I mean 1 to 5 people businesses, like SOHO-, SME, SMB-, Micro-, Lifestyle-, Home-, DIY-, Hobby-, Boomer- or Personal business, like professionals, contractors, freelancers, self-employed, sole-traders and virtual assistants.

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Top 8 Apps for Productivity to Help You With Your Daily Tasks

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Often, you would have to sort through tons of emails to figure out what flight you are on, which hotel you are staying at, and where you can get a rental car. I am willing to bet that a majority of the emails you get daily are junk that you never actually open.

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Q & A: What does “Fixed Costs” mean and why should they be as low.

The Small Business Blog

by Stefan Töpfer on Oct 25, 2007 I’m answering three questions here, emailed to me during last week, so excuse the long headline. E-Mail me or follow me. Effective Small Business Planning Strategy Planning your small business is the best way to avoid costly mistakes.

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Q & A: What do you mean by credit control? | THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG

The Small Business Blog

by Stefan Töpfer on Oct 14, 2007 I had the above question emailed to me over the week-end. We may send you a confirmation email to check you are a real person We are sorry but any violation of the above rules will mean an automatic removal of your comment. E-Mail me or follow me.

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Q & A: What protection does a limited liability company offer to.

The Small Business Blog

by Stefan Töpfer on Oct 29, 2007 This question was emailed the other day, and I must say, in my mind this is only half the question – but first things first. E-Mail me or follow me. How to be successful and eco-friendly. Making your small business carbon neutral.

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5 Ways To Get Physically Fit Without Spending Too Much Money

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Unfortunately, this 9-to-5 lifestyle often affects our food and lifestyle choices. We use it to message friends, take photos, send emails, and much more. Just make these small changes in your lifestyle and switch to these lifelong habits.

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Great resources for assistants on Twitter

Practically Perfect PA

Olemagazine: Ole is a free office lifestyle e-zine to keep you entertained at work. SecretaryPA: Souters provides training in London for PAs, also tweet about career advice, tips for office work, interviews and lifestyle. Email productivity expert,speaker and author.

How to Increase Productivity by Switching Off and Getting Cozy

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Some people are suited to that always-on, always-working lifestyle, but for most of us, this is a fast track to burnout. The first thing you can do is to stop checking work emails outside of work. A good way of doing this is not linking your phone to work emails.

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7 Tips on How to Find Cheap Flight Deals and Discounts

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His lifestyle often makes you wonder about one thing: How can he afford to get away so often? Technology also allows us to enjoy apps and alerts which send prices through push notifications or emails.

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Time Saving versus Bending Over Backwards

Office Organization Success

Getting clients to self-schedule is such a HUGE time-saver as it eliminates the back and forth of emails. It’s all automated, and both you and your client receive an email notification of the appointment.

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Top Remote Working Trends in 2019 You Should Know More About

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Basics like knowledge of email and word processing software have slipped as a priority. Just as millennials are settling into their newfound remote lifestyle, Gen Z are hot on their heels looking for a similar multi-hyphenated approach to work.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Fitness Tracker

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A healthy diet plan is as crucial as an active lifestyle. There’s a huge difference between wanting to be healthy and actively working with a plan to lead a healthy lifestyle. Fitness tracker has bagged in immense popularity these days.

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How To Convince Your Boss To Let You Work Remotely

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Once you can show Nicole you’re better off working remotely, you’ll enter the digital nomad lifestyle with no hassle. Shoot an email to Nicole. You’re a 9-to-5 desk jockey chained to your cube. The ambient chatter of your co-workers has burned into your earholes. The worst part?

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Clever Marketing by Kitchen Table Business | THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG

The Small Business Blog

Clever Marketing by Kitchen Table Business by Stefan Töpfer on Oct 11, 2007 Shirley Jaffrey wrote me an email today, telling me her story how she started her business on a kitchen table and is now supplying the stars. I hope there would be more email sharing More power!

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3 Simple Strategies for Discovering What Your Target Market Wants

Office Organization Success

teaching them how to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle) later. When someone signs up to your list, don’t just get their name and email address, ask them what their biggest challenge is too. To find out exactly what your target market wants, you gotta ask them!

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Featured Soloist Marianne Cantwell: “It’s Time to Ramp This Up”

The Solopreneur Life

Type of business: Helping fledgling solopreneurs create the lifestyle they want (where they have the freedom to work when, where and how they choose, on their own terms). What lifestyle choices have you had to make to stay in business?

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Green Gift Giving: Great Eco-Office Gift Ideas

Eco-Office Gals

Buying your co-worker a reusable water bottle is the easiest way to help kick-start their eco-friendly lifestyle. This is a perfect way to remind your co-worker how to live a green lifestyle on a daily basis. She welcomes your comments at her email Id: katewillson2@gmail.com.

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Why Your Mornings Are Setting You Up For Failure (And How To Fix It)

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What to do instead: When the family is awake and emails are going off, it’s distracting and your attention is going to go to those priorities. But do what you can and come up with a plan that fits your lifestyle. Think about your mornings. Are they a frantic race to get out the door?

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How Do Smartphones Help Business Succeed

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Email is the number one method of communication for most businesses. Answering phone calls promptly and responding to emails as you receive them is a great way to show that you’re professional. Additionally, answering emails right away keeps them from piling up. Nothing is worse than having to answer 32 emails before you call it a day. Working from a mobile device is getting more and more popular as a lot of people choose to live an active lifestyle.

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Mobile Marketing Techniques for Eco Friendly Businesses

Eco-Office Gals

Now that smart phones with internet access have become almost standard in our society, more and more people are constantly hooked into the net, browsing their favorite websites, sending emails, or exploring new apps.

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Sharing some feedback

Practically Perfect PA

This week I received a wonderful email from an assistant and reader of Practically Perfect PA who attended the Assist Conference last year. The email brought me to tears (which, I must admit is not difficult these days – a five month old baby and raging hormones will do that to you!)

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3 Steps To Focus On Your Own Stuff

Office Organization Success

But when, for example, you’re subscribed to so many different email lists that it takes you half the morning just to read through those, that’s time you’re taking away from growing YOUR business. I knew what I kind of business I wanted to create — one that fits my own lifestyle (a flexible schedule to be around for my family). I was reminded recently how important it is to focus on your own stuff.

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5 Steps to Laser-Sharp Focus

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Yes, that means Twitter, Facebook, and email as well. Whenever you check social media or email, you break your flow, and it resets the clock. Henri is a freelance writer and the founder of Wake Up Cloud , where he helps people turn their passion into a thriving lifestyle business.

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All work and some play: the rise of the ‘Bleisure’ travellers

Practically Perfect PA

Rather than remain grounded while her hubbie trots the globe, the couple have devised a lifestyle where Deborah goes too. How many of us can deny checking work emails long before we ever reach the office?

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20 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Accepting a New Job

Eat Your Career

Financially, will this job provide me with a desirable lifestyle? Email this to a friend? Woo-hoo! You got a job offer. Way to go. But before you jump at the opportunity, I recommend taking a few minutes to really evaluate the position and how well it meets your needs. (If

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The New and Modern Way Companies Are Increasing Productivity

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Scoffing lunch at our desks, or worse, forgetting to have lunch, juggling 3 different meetings with phone calls, emails and general everyday tasks, all the while inhaling enough coffee to bring a small animal back from the dead.

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What Are You Willing to Sacrifice for Personal and Professional Growth?

Eat Your Career

Sometimes, it requires a change in lifestyle or a willingness to start over again, no matter how long it takes to rebuild what you lose in the process. It’s not just about the money, or the title, or the lifestyle. Email this to a friend? One half of knowing what you want is knowing what you must give up before you get it. Sidney Howard. A common discussion topic that comes up in career coaching is that of sacrifice.

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Featured Soloist Krista Stryker: “I Nearly Tear Up From Happiness”

The Solopreneur Life

If you would like to be the “Featured Soloist,” please send me an email. What lifestyle choices have you had to make to stay in business? Do you need a second household income to support your lifestyle? (Is

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A Quick Fix To Close Sales Every Day For Your Startup

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While you can always try out emails and phone calls, it’s proven that you can improve sales with live chat. Explain how they can make your prospects’ routines less complicated and how they can improve their lifestyles. During the last couple of decades, sales closing has become more challenging than ever. The old-fashioned principles of sales that once upon a time dominated the market are becoming pretty ineffective today.

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5 Systems For Success Tips

Office Organization Success

Today, I’d like to share with you my top five tips for creating your systems for success so that you can create the business and lifestyle that you want. 67% of each month my business generates revenue (approx 18 out of 31 days) i.e. those new order notification emails you get in your inbox!

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Solopreneurs, Who’s Your Mentor? Who’s Your Coach?

The Solopreneur Life

Do you know the eating schedule that works the best for you and your lifestyle? Email, phone, text, Web site, carrier pigeon? P.S. If you aren’t sure how to get started, email me at jen@movefitfun.com for a complimentary (gentle) shove in the right direction.

How a Virtual Assistant Can Help Boost Productivity

Productivity Bits

This guest post is from John, a staff member for Virtual Business Lifestyle (VBL), a virtual lifestyle blog owned by the Total Business Outsourcing firm Live2Sell Group of Companies which is based in the Philippines. Please signup to my email list to receive free updates from Productivity Bits. Your email will remain private. Copyright © 2011 Marlon Ribunal. Visit the original article at [link]. Guest Post.

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FacileThings Gives Time Back To You

Productivity Bits

A couple of years ago I was immersed in a very busy and unpleasant lifestyle, working too hard as a Project Director for a Spanish software development company. Please signup to my email list to receive free updates from Productivity Bits. Your email will remain private.

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How to Achieve Every Goal You Will Ever Set

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This can be as simple as emailing someone and asking a few questions. Henri is a freelance writer and the founder of Wake Up Cloud , where he helps people turn their passion into a thriving lifestyle business. What would your life look like if you could achieve every goal you set?

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Resources for assistants

Practically Perfect PA

The focus of the website and magazine is on the day-to-day work life, career development and lifestyle choices of assistants. It is easy to upload your CV and covering letter and you can also receive a daily email with new jobs that are specific to what you are looking for. Pin It.

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7 Tips To Lead A Healthier Life As An Entrepreneur

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As a matter of fact, if you start leading a healthy lifestyle, it will be profitable for both you and your business. Answer important emails while pedaling away on the cycle. Are you an entrepreneur looking for ways to stay fit and healthy? I know.

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