5 Quick Fixes To Improve Your Mental Health

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In a hectic world where everyone and everything seems to run at 100mph, it’s important to take care of yourself and in particular, improve your mental health. Here are a few tips for changing behaviours to improve your mental health and how you feel every day. Brain Health

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8 Tips For Establishing The Most Productive Office Environment

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The environment we work in has a considerable impact on both our level of wellbeing and our productivity. With the above in mind here are 8 practical tips to follow to establish a productive office environment; Go Open Plan.

Redefining Office Culture To Boost Employee Satisfaction and Productivity

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Today, it’s important to interweave the desires of today’s average job candidate into a positive company culture as most want to work in an environment valuing work/life balance, health and well-being, and flexibility. The cubicle quickly became associated with cost-cutting and layoffs.

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Tips To Keep Your Millennial Employees Committed and Engaged

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Having a creative work environment. Whenever possible, make sure your company is undertaking socially- and environmentally-responsible practices — from the provision of health and wellness accommodations for employees to using sustainable, environmentally-friendly materials within the office. Work Environment. Work environment is key when it comes to employee motivation and job satisfaction. Steer away cubicles, drab furniture and neutral colors.

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The 6 Best Green Buildings Materials for Offices

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Employees want refreshing spaces that are attractive in their design and health benefits. Employees enjoy better working environments, employers earn higher profits and the planet thrives from less strain. Sustainable Materials Transform Every Environment.

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What You Need to Know About Renovating Your Office

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Deciding to make a change in décor is really about deciding to make a positive change in the office environment , one that will be beneficial to you, your employees and your clients. Try taking down the cubicles and creating a space that is clean, refreshed and open.

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Does Office Design Really Affect Productivity?

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The best office concept relies on employee freedom, allowing the employee to choose their work environment. Companies should embrace both the open plan type office and the cubicle design, to provide workers with a choice.

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Simple Ways to Create a Sustainable Outdoor Office Space

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For decades, you could walk into any office in the country and see much the same thing — individual cubicles, shuttered windows and fluorescent lighting. First, being out in nature lowers stress levels, at least according to a study by the Society for Public Health Education.

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6 Ways to Get Yourself to Achieve Anything

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So, how do we create an environment that will allow us to develop these constantly fleeting skills instead of taking the more compelling option of watching reruns of Seinfeld all day? That’s why it’s so important to set reminders for yourself in and around your environment.

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4 Ways to Enjoy Each Day and Do More With Your Life

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I have a good friend who recently received some bad news concerning his health. ” My friend just nodded and walked back to his cubicle with tears in his eyes. A couple of days later, this same friend bumped into a co-worker in the hallway at his office.

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Pandora's Office May Have Been Worse than Her Box

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Eliminating the many pictures, mementos, and knick knacks will keep a professional look, but also maintain a pleasant environment. If your employer allows and you have space, you may ask if pictures can be hung on the walls of your office or cubicle.

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Got the Flu? Work from Home!

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Flu season can definitely be debilitating to your health. Basically, this allows you to connect to your work environment via your internet connection. Home About Me Advertise Got the Flu? Work from Home! By The Professional Assistant on Thursday, January 10, 2008 Filed Under: Client Service , Networking , Productivity A re you stuck at home because youre sick? Did your co-worker, significant other or a client give you a surprise by coughing and sneezing around you?

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A Better Cup of Coffee to be More Productive!

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This is actually good for your heart and has many health benefits as well. So the next time you drink a cup of java and realize that its not the greatest in taste (like the one I have at work - but have gotten used to it over time and loving it), ask your office manager if they are willing to dish out a little extra green to supplement a better working environment. Home About Me Advertise A Better Cup of Coffee to be More Productive!

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Retrieve Your Files With Ease

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I gave in my health card and was asked to be seated. Post from: Administrative Assistant Tips My answer to this is: 1 comments for this post American Folder Company Great Article--As we at American Folder Company understand the challenges that many office environments face each day.

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Social Impact of Working From Home | THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG

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Looking at single parent families and the impact on our children, I would argue it was a good thing, and so would the many parents working from home exactly for that reason – to provide a healthy family environment for their loved ones. E-Mail me or follow me.

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Full-time Freelance Writing Jobs | Men With Pens

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Full-time “Employed&# Writing – The Pros: You get to work in an exciting, fast-paced work environment. So if you’re the social type, you’ll want all the personal contact you get from a corporate office environment. And benefits, such as paid health insurance, is a huge plus. Add the mental toll to a stressful work environment and you have a recipe for going postal. You can enjoy a quiet, stress-free work environment.

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Will This Tough Job Market Change Generation Y?

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Many have no health insurance, many can't find a well paying job, or even be independent. What I mean by that is, you need the best connections and interpersonal networking skills to make money in a cutthroat economic environment where everyone wants to cut off your cash flow.

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