The Freelancer’s Guide to PDF Management

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One way to learn that trick is to know how to properly manage your time, systems, and files. Let’s say you’re receiving PDFs from a client or a collaborator or you want to re-use a photo from a previous PDF that you’ve made — what do you do? Your best move is to take a screenshot, crop it down and save the result as a JPG file. Simply hit “Edit” after opening the document in Acrobat and modify the file as needed. See Also: How to Merge PDF Files.

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Productivity With Shared Files

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Home About Me Advertise Productivity With Shared Files By The Professional Assistant on Tuesday, April 01, 2008 Filed Under: MS-Word , Organize , Productivity D o you share your files with others in your firm? Do you find that you are being bombarded with updates to the same files time and time again? Imagine that your boss comes to you and asks you to merge several files into one main file ( Microsoft Word document).

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PhatWare Launches PhatPad for iPad – a Brainstorming and Collaboration Tool

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PhatWare Corporation has today released PhatPad for iPad, a note-taking and collaboration app featuring PhatWare’s proven handwriting recognition technology. File sharing either with WiFi or email. The beauty of PhatPad as a note-taking, collaboration and brainstorming tool is it allows users to draw pictures, jot notes, or put a mixture of pictures, drawings, handwritten and typed text on a virtual scratch pad.

InformationWeek reviews my favorite client collaboration tool: CentralDesktop

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After an extensive search and testing over several months, I settled on CentralDesktop earlier this year as my client collaboration tool of choice. collaboration tools, and our tests showed it’s a good choice for team-building. _. Central Desktop provides powerful search options : We searched across the Web; in text; and through documents in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and HTML.

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Creating Your Personalized Productivity Tool Kit: Top 10 Tools to Consider

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These tools offer outstanding features that aid in creating tasks, setting timelines & reminders, performance tracking, time tracking, creating reports, team collaboration, file sharing, etc. An intuitive dashboard helps in managing and organizing project-related tasks, tracking progress, collaborating with the team, delegating tasks, and creating reports. File sharing and internal commenting to discuss particular tasks or projects.

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Today’s Admin Needs to Become a Mobile Office Pro

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Apps for file access, e-mail, calendar, password protection, word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, virtual meetings, news, weather and travel are examples of key productivity tools mobile devices should have installed. Backup and store your files via a cloud service. Files will be accessible from any device you have installed the app on. An added benefit is the ability to share and collaborate on files of various types with others.

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Book Review: The Fifth Age of Work

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  The book's premise is changes and shifts in technology, social trends, economics and demographics are leading to a new age of work, which he describes as: The Fifth Age of Work is an emerging world of work broadly defined by the rise of cloud-based technology such as remote computing, file storage and retrieval (e.g., for the PDF or Kindle version. The Fifth Age of Work  describes how a broad mix of shifts and trends are transforming work and the workplace.

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Creating Powerful Presentations

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The website is easy to use, you can share the presentations easily, download or collaborate with other member of staff. To finish off the list,, is a cloud based presentation software that allows for easy collaboration. It is free, there are plenty of templates and if used with Google Docs you can collaborate in real time. You can create a presentation from scratch or upload it from a PDF. Ability to save the recording as a video file.

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10 Tips for Planning a Successful Event

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Establish a Collaboration Tool and Knowledge Base. Whether you have an internal share folder or use Google Drive, declare a location to track all information and save important files. 2) Send out meeting materials (pdf of presentation, list of resources, etc.) Planning an event for your company or business can be an insanely overwhelming. The sheer number of details can trip planners up. However, have no fear – there is a method to the madness.

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Top 10 Productivity Tools For Chromebook

Productivity Bits

And since it is a web-based device, you always have access to all your applications and files anytime and anywhere – that is if you have an access to the internet (a downside?). Do you often need to work or collaborate with other people? Save notes, ideas, and all your digital stuff on Evernote Web – audio, images, pdf’s, etc. Your files are available on their server up to 180 Days. Copyright © 2011 Marlon Ribunal.

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Top 10 Writing Apps for Android Smartphones

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Writers often work on multiple devices and being able to access your files across all of them is essential. DropBox offers you a seamless cloud experience, the ability to edit your word files, and so much more. You can also save and share files with your friends, which makes it the ideal program to use if you are collaborating with others. One of the best Evernote features is its ability to clip web pages, images, and PDF files.

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Best Business Technology for Small Businesses & Their Owners (28 ideas from them to you!)

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OneNote: My Filing Cabinet In The Clouds. create notebooks and files just like I would with paper, but now it is all organized on my computer. My scanner serves all these purposes -- scan a document in and you can then e-fax it over the internet, print out a copy, edit it directly through OCR software, save it as a PDF and toss the paper. I plug directly into my MacBookPro and use Audacity or Garage Band to edit the file. Collaborative Tasks Lists - With Organisemee.

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Join the Refresh-Her Challenge

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Dr. Shannon Reece is a colleague and friend that has participated in a number of my collaborative posts as well as shared her thoughts on eliminating fear right here at Productive & Organized.   Then, Dr. Reece also gives you a PDF file download to actively work on your business. On Mondays I frequently share something to get your juices flowing.    I call it Motivational Moment. 

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Beyond Books: Building Multiple Streams of Income

Andrea Kalli

Ebooks The easiest way to create an ebook is to convert your printed book to a PDF document. Book formats on Smashwords include PDF documents and formats that can be read by ebook readers and devices like Kindle, Sony Reader, iPod, and Palm. Informational teleseminars, in-depth interviews, or live presentations can also be recorded and sold as a CD or downloadable MP3 file.

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Beyond Books: Building Multiple Streams of Income | Internet.

Andrea Kalli

Ebooks The easiest way to create an ebook is to convert your printed book to a PDF document. Book formats on Smashwords include PDF documents and formats that can be read by ebook readers and devices like Kindle, Sony Reader, iPod, and Palm. Informational teleseminars, in-depth interviews, or live presentations can also be recorded and sold as a CD or downloadable MP3 file.

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10 Tips On How to Use Evernote To Its Fullest

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In the desktop version, right click on the notebook you want to share, select Properties, then click on “Sharing and collaboration options&# ) where you keep a list of books that you recommend they read. To save time from having to delete the file afterwards (or have a bunch of duplicate files that you don’t need), create a specific folder on your hard drive just for scans that you want to send into Evernote, and specify that folder in your scanner’s image-saving folder.

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Free Press Release Distribution for Small Business. | THE SMALL.

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