Productivity Multiplier: Google Cloud Connect Now a Reality

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W e all know about Google as the search engine mogul and most know about Google Docs — an online version of word processing, spreadsheet, and presentations software. But if you’re like me, you are far more comfortable using Microsoft Office products.

Labelling The Features In Microsoft Word

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Home About Me Advertise Labelling The Features In Microsoft Word By The Professional Assistant on Thursday, September 04, 2008 Filed Under: MS-Word , Productivity D o you create letters or labels in Microsoft Word ?

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Sorting Tables in Microsoft Word

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Home About Me Advertise Sorting Tables in Microsoft Word By The Professional Assistant on Wednesday, January 23, 2008 Filed Under: MS-Word , Productivity H ave you ever wondered or tried to sort a table within Microsoft Word ? Do you already have a table set up in Microsoft Word, but dont want to copy to Microsoft Excel and back again, just to sort it?

Resizing Pictures in Microsoft Word

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Home About Me Advertise Resizing Pictures in Microsoft Word By The Professional Assistant on Tuesday, February 12, 2008 Filed Under: MS-Word Y our boss comes up to you and asks you to take a look at an e-mail that he/she just sent you. You open the e-mail and open the Microsoft Word attachment. What I meant was to resize the picture so that it looks larger or smaller within Word.

Copying Pictures To and From Microsoft Word

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Home About Me Advertise Copying Pictures To and From Microsoft Word By The Professional Assistant on Monday, January 28, 2008 Filed Under: MS-Word , Productivity H ave you ever wondered how to copy pictures from and to Microsoft Word ? If you would like to copy pictures into Microsoft Word , copy the picture from another program (copying will depend on what program you are using).

Virtual Assistant Business - What the heck is this?

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I would do e-mails, phone calls, updating clients' calendars, word processing, etc. Microsoft Word Meetings Productivity Job Seeking Microsoft Access Microsoft Outlook Research Prioritize Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft Excel Travel Customer Service

Set And Reach Your Goals With This Practical Guide To Forming A Habit

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Writing in a journal, Microsoft Word, or anything to get my writing muscle pumping was important to me and I knew it was a habit that would be incredibly beneficial to me. “To have striven, to have made the effort, to have been true to certain ideals–this alone is worth the struggle.”

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Top 11 Writing Apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad)

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Arguably the best word processor in existence, Microsoft Word, was designed with Windows in mind. Whether you need a full-scale word processor or a simple notetaking app, there are several great options for iOS users. Pages is Apple’s response to Microsoft Word.

Opening Microsoft Office 2007 Files in Microsoft Office XP

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Home About Me Advertise Opening Microsoft Office 2007 Files in Microsoft Office XP By The Professional Assistant on Wednesday, January 09, 2008 Filed Under: Client Service , MS-Access , MS-Excel , MS-Outlook , MS-PowerPoint , MS-Word , Productivity I recently had a vendor send us an Excel spreadsheet that he created in Microsoft Word 2007 format. Unfortunately, our firm still only has Microsoft Office XP and was curious as to how this would work.

Top 10 Writing Apps for Android Smartphones

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Whether you are writing professionally or casually, clarifying the spelling or meaning of a word is important and nothing to be ashamed of. The app boasts 2 million definitions and synonyms and it is guaranteed to help you stay up to date on the words you use.

Me and my Quick Keys Again.

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5 Techniques for Increasing your Focus in 5 Minutes

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One of the main reasons I got distracted from working was the fact that I used Word for writing. Though I have nothing against Microsoft, Word simply sucks when you want to focus on writing. Not a Word document.

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A Capitalization Cheat Sheet

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Emphasis: Capitalize only in ironic contexts—“He was apparently a Big Man on Campus”; do not capitalize entire words, except perhaps to denote a newspaper headline or signage (and then, small caps are recommended).

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Administrative/Clerical: Switching to a Tablet for Work

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Soon even Microsoft Word will be available for tablets, so there is no excuse for not making the switch. For years, desktops and laptops have dominated the work computer market because they have big screens, roomy keyboards, and large hard drives for storage.

How to Create Mail Merge Letters

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Home About Me Advertise How to Create Mail Merge Letters By The Professional Assistant on Sunday, August 26, 2007 Filed Under: MS-Access , MS-Excel , MS-Outlook E ver have trouble doing a mail merge in Microsoft Word? Here are the basic steps to take to do a simple mail merge (make sure you have either a contact list created in Excel or Access for this, otherwise you can create a list within Word, once asked): Start Word.

7 Forms of Emphasis in Writing

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At least seven strategies for calling attention to one or more words exist, but few of them are appropriate for a document that one wishes to consider professional looking.

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Hungover vs. Hung Over

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The spelling and grammar feature in Microsoft Word recommends either hung-over or hung over. Misused Words

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5 Fast and Easy Ways to Create a PDF File

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" Here are the quick and easy ways they make PDF files and you can too: 1 -- "Microsoft Word, save doc as PDF."    Creating a PDF file (one that can be read easily regardless of the computer it is being opened on) used to be cumbersome. You either needed to purchase expensive software or have a graphics person create the file for you. The other day my client asked me how to create a PDF file.

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9 Free Programs That'll Help You Build a Side Business

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Here are 9 different software alternatives to “brand name” software that can get your business up and running quickly, with no financial investment: LibreOffice/Google Docs (replaces Microsoft Word/Powerpoint/Excel) First, if you need to work with documents, you need software that can handle them.

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3 Ways Knowing Software Can Save Time

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Here’s an example: to make something bold in Microsoft Word, you can press Control+B. But most word processors can do that for you, either by printing labels, or by printing on the envelopes themselves. Fridays are tip days at SimpleProductivity blog.

How Long Should a Paragraph Be?

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It can unfold for countless pages or consist of one word — even one letter. The determination to make in composing a given paragraph is not the number of sentences or words or letters, but the number of ideas. A paragraph should consist of six to seven sentences. No, it should be no longer than three sentences long. Actually, it should include a topic sentence, several supporting sentences, and possibly a concluding sentence. Can I end this paragraph yet?

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AP StyleGuard and the Death of Editing

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According to the release, the plug-in “is similar in functionality to Microsoft Word’s spelling and grammar proofing tools and intuitively checks Word documents for the AP Stylebook ’s fundamental spelling, language, punctuation, usage, and journalistic style guidelines.”. Thanks to a new software program called AP StyleGuard, human intervention in improvement of written content is no longer necessary.

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The Promise and Peril of Editing in Proof

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The last iteration would then be given to a typesetter, who would transcribe the text using a word-processing device, incorporating the last set of penciled-in revisions as he or she went along, and would format it according to its intended mode of presentation.

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6 Tools to Help You Manage Large Projects with Local & Virtual.

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They describe their tool: " Central Desktop for Office radically improves the way users collaborate on Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. Productive & Organized Home Contribute to P&O! Archive Network with Steph Is This You?

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Tips About 10 Technological Terms

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Which terms are open compounds, and which are treated as one word? In-box : This word for your e-mail program’s main folder for incoming messages, borrowed from the name for a tray on the top of a desk in which papers are delivered to the desk’s occupant, is often hyphenated, though Gmail, at least, treats it as a closed compound, as do some publications. Which tech terms merit capitalization, and which are generic?

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Featured Soloist Nichole Bazemore: “Do You.”

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Microsoft Word and Excel, Quickbooks, Basecamp, WordPress. T his is “Featured Soloist,” a feature that is published on Tuesdays at The Solopreneur Life. Nichole Bazemore.

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The Difference Between Copyediting and Proofreading

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Copyediting, once performed by making marks and writing revisions on a typewritten manuscript, is now generally carried out by entering changes in a word-processing program like Microsoft Word. and a record of idiosyncratic word usage. Then there are esthetic issues: too many end-of-line hyphens in a row, or a word broken in half at the end of a column or page, or a widow (a very short final line of a paragraph at the top of a column).

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Use Manuscript Markers for Your First Draft

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Then he does a pass using Microsoft Word’s Find function to locate the parentheses and fill in the blanks. For example, it’s common in journalism to use TK , a phonetic abbreviation for “to come” that’s easily searched because those letters don’t naturally occur sequentially in words, which allows you to avoid false hits as you search for your markers for incomplete content.

20 Tips for Freelance Writers

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Keep reference contact information and referrals in a single Microsoft Word document so you can copy and paste them into a new document or into the body of an email to a client as needed. Communicate with your clients: If you’re unsure about assignment procedures, restate them in reply in your own words and ask for confirmation that you understand directions.

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12 Signs and Symbols You Should Know

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The symbol comes from the cursive formation of the Latin word et (“and”), and the name is a slurring contraction of “and per se and,” which used to terminate schoolroom recitals of the alphabet: The phrase means “and by itself and”; instead of reciting, “. American Psychological Association (APA) style allows the ampersand to link author names in an in-text citation (“Laurel & Hardy, 1921”), but other style guides call for using the word and.

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Seven Ways to Build Up Your Writing Confidence

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Write from a prompt (a word, phrase, question or image that inspires you). Unconventional and creative with their use of language, perhaps coining new words. Change words that aren’t quite right. You can create this using a word processing program (like Open Office or Microsoft Word) and then convert it to a.pdf file, which can be read on any type of computer and on many devices like Tablet computers and ebook readers. #7:

7 Myths About Freelance Writing Online

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They may pay less per word – but they often don’t require the same level of research and fact-checking that print publications want. #3: Basic word-processing skills (e.g. using Microsoft Word or Open Office). You want to earn a bit of extra money. Or you’d love to be a published writer. Or you’re looking for an exciting and rewarding career. Whatever your reason, you’ve started to think about freelance writing online.

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Confusion of Subjective and Objective Pronouns

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How do you decide which form of a pronoun to use, as in the choices of the wording in “John is as fast as him” and “John is as fast as he”? The correct wording is “The directions applied only to me.”)

Should You Try Copyediting?

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Do you cringe when punctuation is misused, or when a writer employs the wrong word or phrases a sentence awkwardly or poorly organizes a paragraph? Do you shake your head when number style is inconsistent, abbreviations are incorrect, or words are indiscriminately capitalized? Editing is almost exclusively done in Microsoft Word; usually, the publisher emails a file and the copy editor activates the change-tracking function and edits the copy, then returns the file.

Featured Soloist Jim Sheard: “I Try To Be the Best ‘Me’ Possible”

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Type of business: I write books and develop related products, including paraphernalia for golfers with my logo and/or words of inspiration. Microsoft Word is what I use as a writer. T his is “Featured Soloist,” a feature that appears every Tuesday at The Solopreneur Life.

How To Build A Productive Blogging Strategy


Writing one thousand words can be intimidating, but not if you tackle manageable chunks at once. Most readers will not let you know you have misspelt a word. It''s a thoughtfully designed environment that lets you shut down the world outside and focus on your words.

7 Reasons to Create Information Products

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If you have Microsoft Word, an information product can be created as a PDF file. by Donna Toothaker. It has never been easier to create and give away (or sell) information products. You’ve probably downloaded a few of these yourself as a giveaway on a website. They are also known as free reports, eBooks, digital products, audio downloads, and pretty much anything you can create and email as an offer.

Kallout To Research Information

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Home About Me Advertise Kallout To Research Information By The Professional Assistant on Monday, October 20, 2008 Filed Under: MS-Word , Productivity , Research Y ou’re reading an article for some research that you are doing for our boss. At this point, you need to highlight the particular word or phrase and then a small blue symbol will appear on the right side of the highlighted text.

Featured Soloist Kelly Newsome: “Lessons Annihilate Regrets”

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Site hosting: WordPress; finances: Quickbooks online; documents: Microsoft Word for Mac. T his is “Featured Soloist,” a feature that appears every Tuesday at The Solopreneur Life. Kelly Newsome.

4 Ways to Cope with Difficult Colleagues

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