Futurist Faith Popcorn on the Future of Work

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And her vision of the future of work out to 2025, which is broadly described in her presentation summary slide shown below, definitely gets you thinking. It suggests by 2025 sentient robots may be forming unions and acting as human overlords. Both of these scenarios have a fairly low probability of happening, but they are more likely than AI advancing by 2025 to the point where robots start agitating for unions.

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The People and Tech Behind Data Science Explained

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Explaining with more complexity, data scientists use heterogeneous data – data that were composed of different forms or dissimilar components – to solve rigorous problems. Within the past few years, the study of data science and machine learning has exploded into its own job field.

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Social Learning as a Way to Foster Productivity in the Workplace

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This form of learning is exchanging knowledge through interaction and observation. In fact, one of the best forms of learning is when people are in a social environment. It is expected that by 2025 , this generation will form 75% of the world’s total workforce.

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Blockchain In Recruiting: Will That Impact A Recruiter's Job?

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billion dollars by 2025. Therefore, any form of fake or wrong information would be instantly detected.

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