7 Surprising Benefits of Coworking Spaces

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Coworking spaces are fully equipped. By 2020, four out of every 10 professionals in the U.S. A co-working space can change a business in profound and positive ways.

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Health Grows to 17.6% of U.S. Economy

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  These include an aging population requiring more health care, rising levels of chronic disease among the young and the expanding use of expensive, high-tech health equipment and pharmaceuticals.    In the Intuit 2020 Report we forecast that U.S. GDP by 2020.    Health care could reach 21-22% of GDP by 2020.  If like us you're worried about health care spending, there's some good news and some bad news. 

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Top 5 Fitness Trends for 2016

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The concept of wearable technology has grown tremendously over the past couple of years, and there are predictions stating that it grow into a $30 billion market by 2020. Towards the end of 2015, a number of predictions about fitness trends for 2016 came out.

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3 Top Job Industries That Are Flying Under Your Radar

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For example, Recreational Equipment, Inc. According to a 2016 report from PricewaterhouseCoopers , the sports industry will be valued at $75 billion by 2020. When your job search feels stalled, it’s time to make a change to your strategy. So many top job industries are emerging, providing opportunities for you to pursue one of your passions. Your job search strategy should have more structure than just randomly sending your documents to dozens of job openings every week.

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5 College Skills That Have Lasting Value

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According to a new report from the World Economic Forum , creativity will be the third most important work skill by 2020. With strong communication and active listening skills, you’re well equipped to start building your network immediately. Between writing essays, going into interviews, and managing deadlines, you refine several skills while you’re applying for college.

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The Voices of Coworking Video

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This research was an extension of the Intuit 2020 research series , which isconducted with our research partner Intuit Corporation.    While their configurations vary, coworking facilities offer everything from desks and meeting rooms to social areas, high speed Internet access and office equipment.

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Q&A With Lisa Duncan, Co-Founder of Flipside Workspace

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What equipment do I need to use Flipside? I think most everyone agrees that there is an upward trend in the number of solopreneurs; in fact, one report I read predicted 50% of the workforce would be solopreneurs by 2020.

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Maker Faire Round-Up, From a Small Business Perspective

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Reports and Resources Intuit 2020 Research Report Todays Hobbyists are Tomorrows Hobbypreneurs Homepreneurs: A Vital Economic Force Research Brief - Small Business Credit Outlook The Economic Stimulus Package: Whats in it for Growing Businesses?

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Are Administrative Assistants Being Phased Out?

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This may be a valid concern; after all, much of the work done by administrative assistants in the past can now be accomplished by office automation equipment or advances in technology software. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the number of administrative assistants in the workplace will actually rise by 12 percent before 2020.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013 – Joan Burge Event of Distinction

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Further, she said that WHO (World Health Organization) predicts that by 2020, depression will be the second largest cause of death worldwide. We learned about the pace at which we work, how to mold our career, excel in a competitive marketplace, build personal satisfaction and enhance our self-image, build confidence and equip ourselves to face challenges and land on our feet, wellness intact because it affects all other Pillars.

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