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Dan Anton: SEO CEO Birthed in the Fires of Iraq

Small Business CEO

Dan Anton joined the military because of the September 11, 2001 attacks on The World Trade Centers. source:

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5 Minutes With… Malcolm Trotter

The Small Business Blog

Since 2001, Malcolm has been employed by the IAB (International Association… Read the full article here: 5 Minutes With… Malcolm Trotter on: THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG. Welcome to the latest in an ongoing series of entrepreneur interviews for The Small Business Blog. Our latest interviewee is Malcolm Trotter.

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Tech of the week: Seat Guru

Practically Perfect PA

In October 2001, frequent flyer Matthew Daimler launched with a single colour-coded interactive airplane seating chart.

Random Thoughts After a 10-Day Family Vacation

The Solopreneur Life

We’ve made the trip every year to EP since 2001, and we drive. Here are random thoughts from the vacation. • Uncategorized Vacation

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The State of the VC Industry - Fewer Firms, More Funding

Small Business Labs

 Key quote from the report: 200 funds invested in five or more deals in 2014, 4% fewer than in 2013 and 83% fewer than in 2001.

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Day in the life: Catherine Thomas, EA, Public Health Wales

Practically Perfect PA

March 2001 saw me heading back to the UK as a single mum with 2 young children and so started my career part 2. A fabulous role which I loved.

Is My Cat Going To Drive Me Crazy?

Dumb Little Man

Since 2001, Robert Yolken and E. Studies have previously suggested a link between cat ownership and the development of neurological diseases such as schizophrenia. However, a new study published in Psychological Medicine by Francesca Solmi and colleagues at University College London failed to find such a link. Keep your cat indoors.

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Startups Getting Smaller

Small Business Labs

employees in 2001 to 4.7 The Declining Average Size of Establishments: Evidence and Explanations is a wonky article from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) that shows the average size of small businesses has been shrinking for the last decade or so. employees, whereas the average size of births fell from 6.8 employees in 2011. to 4.9%.

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Practically Perfect PA Giveaway: DiamondAir Winner

Practically Perfect PA

Thank you to everyone who entered the DiamondAir competition! I can now announce the winner … drum roll please… it is: Sophia Hutchings.

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Old Dubai to New Dubai: A View

Dumb Little Man

By 2001, over 60 heritage building were restored with the help of experts and locals. Old Dubai has transformed into the New Dubai it is now.

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What can Jack White and vinyl records can teach small business about customer loyalty?

The Small Business Blog

It was originally set up by Jack White in Detroit back in 2001 and in March 2009 moved into a physical location in Nashville, Tennessee. The business is called Third Man Records and it’s tagline is ‘Your Turntable’s Not Dead’. Now, you might be asking ‘how and why is this relevant to me as a small business owner?’. Share This.

How to ensure your boss has a great business trip

Practically Perfect PA

Assistants spend hours putting together travel itineraries for their Executives. Airport concierge service. How does Diamond Air benefit assistants?

Word of the Day: Empirical

Daily Writing Tips

2001; The Goal of Evolution Instruction). It comes from Latin empiricus , “a physician guided by experience.”. So we provided this blueprint.

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The Word of the Year 2011

Daily Writing Tips

2001: 9-11 (most often styled 9/11). 2001: ground zero. Each year at about this time, the English-language media rolls out various reports announcing the word of the year according to one or more authorities. These pieces imply or overtly suggest that these selections are keywords for our society’s values, beliefs, and obsessions.

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The Assist Conference: So much to do so little time!

Practically Perfect PA

In September 2001 she set up a charity “Lessons With Love” to support the youngsters in Beit Jibrin Camp. Rebecca Monique Williams. Book now.

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Practically Perfect PA Giveaway: Airport meet and greet service

Practically Perfect PA

We have a fantastic competition for you this month! A pre-check in service and preferred seats can be arranged. Terms and Conditions Apply.

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Daily Writing Tips

A reader declares: I rankle Or get rankled when I hear someone, usually, an athlete, is ‘under rated’ What does this mean? Now, to rankle.

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Retirement 3.0 Includes Working, But With Lots of Flexibility

Small Business Labs

  This is up 5 years from a similar study done by Age Wave in 2001.  The Retirement Reset Study  is a joint effort by the Sun Financial Group and Age Wave.    Their key study finding is we are entering a new phase of retirement they call Retirement 3.0,   But most people don't want traditional jobs. 

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Top ten ways to stay healthy at your desk

Practically Perfect PA

MOVE: Active Sitting–sit on a Stability Ball instead of an office chair. Need a restroom break? Instead, plan ahead. Keep power bars handy.

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How Do You Pronounce “Often”?

Daily Writing Tips

John Walker’s Critical Pronouncing Dictionary , published in 1791 and still available in a 2001 reprint of the 1838 edition, stipulates that “in often and soften the t is silent.&#. The word often is a good example of the way our language goes round and round. Old English had the word oft , meaning “frequently.&# Spelling

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Create Your Own Free Lunch and Learn Sessions

Ian's Messy Desk

The collection dates back to February 2001, and holds more than 500 video lectures. Here’s another idea. Twitter in Plain English.

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33 Expressive Ways to Overcome Self-Doubt & Anxiety like Madonna

Dumb Little Man

” (Madonna admits Self-Doubt, 2001). ” (Madonna admits Self-Doubt, 2001). I have good news and bad news. Yaaayyy! 10.

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6 Strategies to Implement a Summer Schedule

Office Organization Success

And so, after reading an article in Office Secretary Magazine, I became a Virtual Assistant in November 2001. Plan out my calendar in advance.

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CE vs. AD

Daily Writing Tips

CE/BCE: The Encyclopedia of World History , Houghton-Mifflin, 2001. Here is the reader’s reaction: Give me a break with the New Age (CE) crap.

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Answers to Questions About Referring to Death

Daily Writing Tips

If I refer to someone’s having died in 2001, do I refer to the person in the same sentence as “the late John Smith,” for example, or is that redundant?

Non-Profits vs. For-Profits for Social Change

Small Business Labs

  According to the Urban Institute : Between 2001 and 2011, the number of nonprofits has increased 25 percent; from 1,259,764 million to 1,574,674 million today.   We agree and would add even a plain old C corp or LLC can also be used to accomplish social missions. But the last few years have been tough on non-profits.

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A Business Shift Is Happening

Office Organization Success

Now that the excitement of this new technology has calmed down a little people are suffering from information overload, and I’m seeing a reversion back to the good old-fashioned values … back to how business was conducted when I first started in 2001. A change is happening! What do you think? General Biz

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5 Challenges and Mistakes Faced by Every Solopreneur

Office Organization Success

At some point on your journey as a solopreneur, you will encounter at least one of these issues. How will you handle it?

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Merriam-Webster’s 2015 Word of the Year Isn’t Even a Word

Daily Writing Tips

Based on the results for 2015, the American public, apparently, is preoccupied with isms. Another ism that Merriam-Webster highlighted is socialism.

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Is the U.S. Becoming Less Entrepreneurial?

Small Business Labs

As reported by the NY Times ,  according to statistics compiled by the Urban Institute: From 2001 to 2011, the number of nonprofits in the United States grew 25 percent while the number of for-profit businesses rose by half of 1 percent, according to the most recent figures compiled by the Urban Institute.   These are: 1.

Do You Want a Balanced Life? He Was Not So Sure. Weigh in Your Thoughts!

Productive & Organized

  Then, in 2001 I became a mom.  The post to my Facebook page was this: Everyone can have a balanced life. Mary Ellen Tribby.

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The Productivityist Podcast: Steve Dotto


Dotto Techrospective Dotto’s Data Cafe 10-1 (2001) | YouTube. On this episode of The Productivityist Podcast I welcome my good friend Steve Dotto to the show. Steve and I talk about his early years and how he got into what he is doing now. Relevant Links. Dottotech. Social Media Camp. Mari Smith. dottotech – YouTube.

10 Reminder Systems for You To Consider

Productive & Organized

Productive & Organized Home Contribute to P&O! Archive Network with Steph Is This You? " jmannaz Steph: Nudge mail. Great reminder system.

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9 Techniques to Delivering a Speech with Confidence

Dumb Little Man

While there, I had the pleasure of watching nearly a dozen different speakers talk to a packed auditorium. It was painful to see him suffer. Relax.

3 Steps for Successful Business Growth

Office Organization Success

Having been running my own online solo service business since November 2001, and working with many clients over the years (from start-up businesses to multiple six and seven-figure businesses), I have discovered that there is a very specific 3-step process to running a successful, long-term business. . Do you see how it all becomes too much?

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5 Examples of Extraneous Hyphens

Daily Writing Tips

Mergers and acquisitions ground to a near-halt in 2001.”. Hyphens are helpful little things that aid in reader comprehension. On the other hand, sins of commission regarding hyphenation are as endemic as those of omission. Here are examples of superfluous usage: 1. The mostly flat paved trail is an inline-skater’s dream.”. Punctuation

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5 Challenges and Mistakes Faced by Every Solopreneur

Office Organization Success

The main reason I started my business in the first place (way back in November 2001) was so that I could choose my own schedule – I had two young children at the time and needed to have a very flexible schedule that would allow me to be around for them, particularly during school holidays. Challenge/Mistake #1 – Creating Balance.

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Boost Your Online PR: Public Relations as Part of Online Marketing Strategy

Small Business CEO

Public relations should be an essential part of your online marketing arsenal, from the inception of your business. This sounds really easy, in theory.

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Featured Soloist Kathryn Vercillo: “I Feel Like I’ve Been True to My Heart”

The Solopreneur Life

Today we meet Kathryn Vercillo. If you would like to be the “Featured Soloist,” please send me an e-mail,

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10 E-mail Etiquette Pet Peeves and How to Handle Them

Office Dynamics

She was previously at Intel from 1995 through 2001. From guest blogger, Pamela Baird, Intel. Additional Rules to Remember as You Write or Respond to Online Messages. So how many times have you read or written an email today? According to a 2011 study by IBM Research, more than 2.8 million emails are sent or read each day. states or nations.