5 Tips to Form New Habits that Stick – Train Yourself Like a Dog

Dumb Little Man

A bright post-it note on your fridge to remind you to exercise when you come home from work, an alarm on your phone, lighting a stick of incense, or anything you will definitely notice. It takes a bare minimum of 21 days to form a habit that lasts (usually closer to 66 days), and if you do it right – you could be on the fast-track to building several great habits and approaching your big “WHY” goal. You’ll work out one day. You’ll learn Japanese. You’ll start meditating daily.

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A Look at Explora: A Mobile Phone Option for US-Bound Travelers


Do I want to finally settle on getting a phone for US travel only? Explora is a service that offers US-bound travellers the ability to have a phone (a Google Nexus phone, to be specific) that they can use at a flat rate while they are in the country. Considering what pricing would look like for the average mobile phone user, Explora saves foreign travellers to the US a ton of money. I really like how you can reserve more than one phone.

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Choose Your Method of Communication Effectively – Email, Phone, In.

The Office Professionals Place

Monday, October 19, 2009 Choose Your Method of Communication Effectively – Email, Phone, In-person, “Snail&# Mail/Memos Have you ever received an email from someone who just started at the company asking you to do something and you haven’t been introduced? Or have you played the popular “phone tag&# game? DO NOT use email as a form of relaying disturbing news (i.e. This may be a case when you pick up the phone and discuss the issue.

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20 Clipped Forms and Their Place (If Any) in Formal Writing

Daily Writing Tips

Clipped forms, shortened abbreviations of words, have a checkered history. When writing in academic contexts, in business writing, or another formal environment, take note of the status of these common clipped forms: 1. Ad : In formal writing, the full form, advertisement , is usually employed. Burger : If ever a reference to this fast food staple makes its way into formal writing, the short form of hamburger is just as likely to appear as the long form.

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New in Google Docs: Spreadsheets Form Summary

Denise Aday

This questionnaire is a Google spreadsheet that has been turned into an online form that can be conveniently completed in a browser. Late last week Google added a form summary page feature with information about completed responses, which instantly gave me some very useful data on my prospective virtual assistant clients. There are many other ways to use these easy spreadsheet forms: customer satisfaction surveys, quick opinion polls (post the results to your blog!),

OMG! Could Technology be Ruining your Professional Reputation?

Tips From T. Marie

Despite iPads, 3D television, and the wonders of Skype , one of technology’s greatest wonders, in my own opinion, is the cell phone. It seems in a matter of 10 years (10 years ago I had my first Nokia bar phone), we have gone from owning ‘mobile telephones’ to ‘mobile do-everything devices’. Cell phones now seem to function less as actual phones and more as computers, calendars, and entertainment.

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Swarms 101: Introduction to swarming by computer and phone


Swarmteams enables groups to be more responsive and agile by fully integrating their mobile phones and the web with bioteam working techniques. Volunteering, Environmental, Public Health) to form unique collaborations with their fans/supporters for mutual benefit. Swarms 101 is a short interactive web-based presentation which introduces the basic concept of a Swarm, the key Swarm characteristics (Open v Closed, Star v Peer.)

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Eco Mobile and Broadband

Eco-Office Gals

Cell phones and broadband are now an everyday part of life not only in the developed world but increasingly in many developing countries. Every year, millions of people around the world upgrade their cell phones often discarding the old phone rather than recycling them. Discarded cell phones, computers and other electronic devices usually end up in garbage dumps and landfills creating a major high techwaste problem. Recycling cell phones.

19 Tips for Managing Your Email Even When You Don't Want To.

Stephanie LH Calahan

Productive & Organized Goes Audio in 3 Different Ways » 19 Tips for Managing Your Email Even When You Dont Want To E-mail, it is the form of communication that we love to hate and love to love.  Network with Stephanie or Connect with Your Smart Phone Become a Fan Follow this blog Categories News & Updates! Productive & Organized Home Contribute to P&O! Archive Network with Steph Is This You? Work With Stephanie « Dont Strangle Your Reminders!

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On the Job by Anita Bruzzese: Shoes, Phones and Backpacks: What.

45 Things

Helpful information and advice from Americas favorite workplace columnist About Anita Blog Books Syndicated Column Interviews Career Links Contact Thursday, May 7, 2009 Shoes, Phones and Backpacks: What Theyre Really Looking at During Your Job Interview As I mentioned in my previous post, I got a real kick out of spending time recently with college students about to enter the job market. Dont play with your phone. Use formal forms of address.

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Oh No! We May Not Have Heard From You

Stephanie LH Calahan

We May Not Have Heard From You Recently a wonderful reader responded to one of our posts via email to let us know that she had filled out our contact form and had not heard from us.    I went out right away to re-test our Contact Us form and found it was no longer working -- on any of our sites! Long story short, the form had been down for over a month plus.  Long story short, the form had been down for over a month plus. 

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Participles and Perfect Verb Tenses

Daily Writing Tips

Posts By Email Grab The RSS Home Archives About Contact Tests Book Participles and Perfect Verb Tenses by Maeve Maddox Some comments I received on the post about the forms of the irregular verb “drink&# indicate that not everyone is clear as to how participles are used to form verb tenses that use the helping verbs “has, have&# and “had.&# Participles are verb forms, but they are incomplete. For example, “walked&# is the simple past form.

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A Telephone Etiquette Test

Ian's Messy Desk

While forms of technology are making inroads into the communication process, the telephone is still an important source of contact with people. Test you telephone skills with this simple quiz: How quickly should you pick up a ringing phone? Answers Answer a ringing phone by the third ring. If your phone system shows internal vs. external calls, alter your greeting appropriately. Ian’s Messy Desk Helping you get the most out of the 24 hours in your day.

Simplifying Charging: The iGo Way

Simple Productivity Blog

You may comment on any article by scrolling down and using the form at the bottom of all articles. While I keep chargers at both home and office desks for my iPod and my phone. Travel Charger Needed When we took our last big trip, I brought along my batter power for the iPod, and a wall-to-USB charger with cords for both our phones. I keep the splitter in the car with the iPod tip and my phone tip connected, and I charge as I am driving around.

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Reducing Overheads Can Save A Business | THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG

The Small Business Blog

Business Telephone Systems & Phone Lines For Your Business techdepot.co.uk In the simplest form this means having more money coming in than is going out. I see many businesses making this mistake), shop around for phone services or use voip instead and so on. E-Mail me or follow me. What is Small Business Infrastructure? How to be successful by focusing on your core business.

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Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact.

Andrea Kalli

Please try later or contact administrator by other way By AndreaKalli Recently, a prospective client was trying to contact me using my contact form. Fortunately for me, he called the phone number I have listed on my website and left me a message. In my search to find out what was going wrong, I decided to try a different contact form plugin. The error message will be different depending on what contact form plugin you’re using.

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Digital Detox

The Office Professionals Place

I was online completing a form that required a phone number and I didn’t have the phone number handy, while I was conducting a search on the internet, my friend got a regular phonebook and found the phone number before my page could load to show me the results of my search.

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The E-tiquette of E-mail

Professional Assistant Blog

E-mail is no longer just for personal use, with all our accepted short forms: LOL, U, GB and a co-workers favourite, OMG! Writing all in caps is a form of e-mail shouting. This is the commonest form of color blindness, but it affects only.4 In Summary In our fast-paced society e-mail is a quick way of communicating and used properly can be a effective business tool, but e-mail can also be impersonal and is not always the best form of communication.

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Small Business Startup Checklist – Company Structure | THE SMALL.

The Small Business Blog

Business Telephone Systems & Phone Lines For Your Business techdepot.co.uk Small Business Startup Checklist – Company Structure by Stefan Töpfer on Mar 19, 2008 An important early decision that will have long-term consequences for your business is to determine the legal form it will trade under. Things to remember: The legal form that your business takes will affect numerous aspects of your business trading. E-Mail me or follow me.

2008 153

Laughing All the Way to Work: A Survival Blog for Today's.

Laughing all the Way to Work

In its simplest form minutes are a record of discussion, decisions and actions to be taken and the date by when it needs to be completed. Laughing All the Way to Work: A Survival Blog for Todays Administrative Assistant We all have to work, but who says we cant enjoy it too! My goal for this blog is to give good tips and ideas and occasionally put a smile on your face as you start your day!Lets Lets enjoy our day together.©

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Why Minimalism?

Dumb Little Man

The most prominent example of this is when one upgrades their phone just because there is a newer version. Unless the phone is broken or defective, there is absolutely no point in replacing it. Many people are seeking to live a life with less. But what exactly is minimalism?

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Uses of the -ing Participle

Daily Writing Tips

I haven’t been able to classify the -ing form in such sentences. But it if is a present continuous form of the verb, I can’t see which noun to trace it back to, let alone how it would conjugate with one. Present participle used to form continuous tense.

2020 95

Blockchain In Recruiting: Will That Impact A Recruiter's Job?

Recruit CRM

Therefore, any form of fake or wrong information would be instantly detected. It includes hours of emails, phone calls, and researches to confirm & verify facts from all candidate credentials and qualifications.

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Special Offer: Mobile Friendly WordPress

Eco-Office Gals

You’ve worked hard making your WordPress Site look great online, but how does it display on your smart phone? Smart Phones are being used to access websites more and more these days and a slow loading version of your site may not cut it in this fast paced, digital world. If I don’t have your log in access, fill out the contact form as well. contact-form] *This offer is for WordPress sites ONLY.

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Mobile Threats – What Stays in Your Mobile Without Your Permission

Dumb Little Man

A lot has changed since the arrival of technology in the form of personal computers. People no longer associate technology to work but is by far one of the most equivocally loved forms of entertainment. Our phones are our constant companions, whether we like it or not.

2020 207

The Top 4 First Date Mistakes To Avoid To Establish A Real, Meaningful Connection

Dumb Little Man

Mistake #3: Exposing Poor Form Or Bad Manners. I’m not sure where this poor form sprang from, but let me tell you, good manners, kindness and decency go a long way with a woman. Ignore your phone (keep it in your pocket for the duration, ideally). Don’t check your phone.

2021 203

How To Protect Yourself From SMS Scams

Dumb Little Man

Smartphones and cell phones have changed the way we communicate. SMS scams or text scams are prevalent in this age of smartphones and cell phones. Businesses use SMS marketing because it is one of the more effective forms of communicating with customers when done correctly.

2021 161

Stop Reading Your E-mail on Your Smartphone!

Stephanie LH Calahan

  Maybe you would be more productive if you stopped reading your e-mail on your phone.   Reading e-mail on your phone can really cause severe multi-tasking if you are not careful.   You see, I observed that his responses to e-mail were different when he was reading from his laptop compared to his phone.    In my client's case his phone was hindering BOTH sides of that equation. The Solution - No More Reading/Replying On the Phone.

2011 198

3 Biggest Mistakes Made While Writing Emails that are Simple to Solve

Jen Lawrence

Like it or not, email is still our default form of communication and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Create email signatures for new emails, replies, and from your phone that include, at a minimum, your full name, email address, and phone number.

2020 52

5 Ways Pandemics Will Change Architecture

Dumb Little Man

When it comes to accommodations, people will need hotels made in the form of large cabins for vacations. Automatically opening and closing doors, voice control in an elevator, hotel check-in via mobile phone, and fully automated check-in for the flight will be mandatory as well.

2021 170

5 Tips for Aging Men And Women to Improve Memory and Focus

Dumb Little Man

For the phone-savvy, there is a wide array of mental exercise games available in the app stores. Exposing yourself to these environments can be a very enjoyable form of mental exercise. Memory and focus are both parts of the psyche negatively affected by age.

2020 237

How to Handle Work Guilt

Jen Lawrence

If your guilt is stemming from hating your job (whether your role or the environment), seek out another form of employment. Turn off work and other unnecessary notifications on your phone and computer. Everyone experiences some form of guilt related to their work.

2019 63

Practically Perfect PA Giveaway: £150 John Lewis voucher

Practically Perfect PA

Just answer the following question and complete the contact form ( for those reading this on email click here for the contact form ): [contact-form]. Our aim is to improve on the rates you would be quoted if you were to phone any venues yourself. In conjunction with Function Fixers , we are running a prize draw and one lucky person will win £150 worth of John Lewis vouchers.

2014 160

Dealing with confidential electronic documents

Practically Perfect PA

With cloud technology, the increased use of email and other electronic forms of communication (Slack, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, etc. Depending on the sensitivity of the document I will often phone the individual and give the password to them personally. If you have your work emails on your phone, and who doesn’t? Make sure your phone is pin protected and is timed to 1 minute or less.

2017 157

How To Manage School Documents Efficiently

Dumb Little Man

There was always a pile of papers on everyone’s desk and teachers couldn’t edit any of the documents that were in paper form. Although some official documents have to remain in a traditional paper form, there are many other documents that can be digitized.

2020 165

Episode 365: Purposeful Play with Gary Ware


You can arrange weekly video chats or phone calls, text with your carefully curated counsellor, and do so at an affordable price. With TextExpander you can make everything you write repetitively available everywhere you type: text documents, spreadsheets, web forms, and more.

2021 52

Recruiters Must Look Out For These 8 Features In An Applicant Tracking System

Recruit CRM

Look into an ATS that comes built-in with live chat support, or via email or phone. You can give them an equal opportunity to shine and assure them that they were all equally assessed and no form of unconscious bias had taken place.

2020 59

3 qualities you NEED, to succed.

Dumb Little Man

Steve Jobs was successful in changing the way we imagined “phones” Mark Zuckerberg is successful in changing the way we connect. Success comes in many forms. Bill Gates is successful in creating a software empire that has changed the way we use computers. But it’s human nature to find patterns. And unbelievably we most of the times succeed in finding patterns.

2016 126

How to Build Positive Habits

Dumb Little Man

Renowned scientists have on the other hand suggested that habits can be formed in just 21 days. Hence, it’s inherent to humans to form habits regardless of whether they are good or bad. You have to be aware of the habit you want to form. Thus the habit you should think of forming is one of sticking to a budget. So what is the habit you should think of forming? It will hold you back from forming the habit.

2016 164

Living the Mobile Life - Colleagues Share Their Virtual Business Strategies and Tools

Stephanie LH Calahan

Skype in all Forms - My new fave is using Skype on my ipad with ear-buds that come with an inline mic. Skype is your friend when out of the country.especially Skype Out (You pay for it but it lets you call regular land line and mobile phones) and Skype In (You get a "local"phone number that people can call while you're abroad.you can forward it to the phone while there or let it go to voice mail.

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10 Candidate Sourcing Strategies That Recruiters Can Use This Season

Recruit CRM

Take A Proper Note Of Candidate Experience No matter if its a phone screening or an in-person interview, a candidate’s first impression of your company is critical hence it is often said to treat them similar to your clients.

2021 52

Do You "Understand" or Do You "Over-stand"? Your Practice Could Make or Break Your Sales

Stephanie LH Calahan

They make it about them -- not the person on the other end of the phone. The person on the other end of the phone line is the important one in the conversation!  Some of the best professionals I know, have some kind of intake form that the prospective client fills out before a conversation starts. Your intake form can be very simple or very complex depending on the type of work you do. When You Are On The Phone, Listen!

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Top Tips For Improving Sleep You Really Need to Try Now

Dumb Little Man

Here are a few tips to help you with this: Form a habit of going to bed and waking up almost at the same time every day. Instead of being jerked from your sleep with a rough alarm clock, consider using a smart alarm app on your phone. Avoid big screen when you are about to go to bed – The blue light produced by computers, tablets, phones, and TV are very disruptive. Try to avoid watching TV, working on your computer or attending to your phone when you are almost going to bed.

2018 193