Career Success A to Z: E is for Etiquette

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Before we talk about etiquette, let’s first consider another e-word: Elevator. Elevators are like little floating bubbles of society with their own distinct etiquette. That’s how etiquette works and why it’s so important in the workplace. What is Modern Business Etiquette?

"I Hope You're Well" as an Email Opener

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In case you are unable to access The New York Times online, here are two opening exchanges from the piece: Hi, Robin, Courteous Writing Email EtiquetteOn Saturday The New York Times ran a humorous column "I Hope You're Well," by Kerry Elson.

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Webinar Etiquette and Protocol for Live Events

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It’s time to talk about webinar etiquette. We love this feature but we’ve heard from a few attendees that some of the comments aren’t appropriate for the webinar and we wanted to take this opportunity to address webinar etiquette and protocol.

Managing Emails Effectively: Tips on How to Maximize Email Use

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As a user, are you maximizing the use of email? Below are tips on managing emails effectively: E-mail Checking Time. Schedule what time you open your email, such as once a day or twice a day. Emails can distract you and having a schedule will enhance your productivity.

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10 Wrong Ways to Start Your Emails

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Do you want your email readers to delete your messages immediately? Then you must avoid these 10 bad ways of starting emails. ​ Email Etiquette Teaching Business WritingOf course you don't. Who would? Spell the reader’s name wrong, use a nickname rather than.

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T-F Test on Formatting Business Letters and Emails

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Take this true-false test to check your knowledge of basic formatting standards for business letters and emails. Email Etiquette Teaching Business WritingThe standards of writing change. What was once correct in business messages now comes across as old-fashioned--or does it?

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21 Ways to Shrink the Email Monster

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Are you haunted by too much email appearing nonstop, lurking in your inbox, and raising your anxiety level? If you are like most people at work, you get too much unnecessary email. If you need to keep your email open, Email Etiquette Tips on Microsoft Office

Do You Write Lazy Emails?

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Marketing expert Marcia Yudkin, author of No-Hype Copywriting: The Keys to Lively, Appealing, and Truthful Sales Writing, wrote her weekly email on a topic dear to my heart: lazy emails. Courteous Writing Email Etiquette Teaching Business Writing

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Don't Be Driven by the Three-Email Rule

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Lately people in business writing classes have been asking about the three-email rule. Courteous Writing Email EtiquetteThat's the rule espoused by Phil Simon, author of Message Not Received: Why Business Communication Is Broken and How to Fix It. Simon touched on the rule.

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Do Workplace Etiquette Rules Need to Change?

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The etiquette police who are trying to keep up with the rapidly evolving world of mobile devices and their effect on the workplace probably would say the same. The results don't surprise Lisa Grotts , a certified etiquette consultant.

Proper Business Dining Etiquette

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Thursday, June 17, 2010 Proper Business Dining Etiquette I have been to lunches and dinners where people inadvertently take the wrong glass, use the wrong utensil with the meal, or display improper dining etiquette, such as starting to eat before everyone is served or talking with their mouth full.

Your Etiquette Practice Could be Killing Your Productivity

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  Last month I presented and emceed at a College of Business event on business etiquette.    What I found very interesting is that both the students and employers were a bit nervous about their etiquette.  E - Email and set up another appointment?

Does This Email Require a Reply?

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A reader asked whether she needed to reply to an email. Read her email and the professor''s reply. Email Etiquette She had written to her professor, he had responded, and now she wondered whether a response was required or unnecessary.

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Business Etiquette - Webinar

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We are often asked about doing etiquette seminars/programs onsite for administrative professionals across the country. Etiquette expert, Anna Post, Emily's great-great granddaughter will present this program via our friends at Business Management Daily. Emily Post's Guide to Business Etiquette for the 21st Century. The truth is, multimillion-dollar deals (and people's jobs) can be LOST as a result of poor etiquette. Email etiquette. Hello, friend!

Cubicle Etiquette 101

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Home About Me Advertise Cubicle Etiquette 101 By The Professional Assistant on Thursday, November 01, 2007 Filed Under: Office Gossip , Productivity D o you find that your colleagues are hovering around you when youre on the phone? If you work in a cubicle, here are some guidelines to follow for good cubicle etiquette: You see the person you wish to talk to on the phone. In the mean time Im going to discretely tape up a copy of your etiquette rules somewhere public.

E-mail Etiquette

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Email is no longer just for personal use, with all our accepted short forms: LOL, U, GB and a co-worker's favourite, OMG! With the increasing use of email as the first choice for business correspondence it opens a whole new world of dos and don'ts for the assistant.Here are Some Good-Sense Email Etiquette Tips: Email Salutations: Although email is less formal than writing a letter it is still polite to open with a greeting.

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Think Before You Reply: Email Best Practices

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You have probably seen a slogan beneath email signatures that says something like this: "Please consider the environment before printing this message." Many people are tired of that suggestion, and a few readers joined me in creating whimsical email slogans. Email Etiquette

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Don't Email About "Cooking the Books"

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Today''s New York Times has a front-page story "4 Accused in Law Firm Fraud Ignored a Maxim: Don''t Email" that reminds us of a rule we know well: Don''t put anything in writing that you would not want to see. Email Etiquette

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Need to Say No in Writing? Here's How--and Why

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Courteous Writing Email Etiquette How to Write Do you know how to say no? Are you comfortable writing a message that says no to someone's request? Or do you ignore requests hoping they will go away? Read this post to learn the easy way to say no--and.

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10 Things NOT to Tell Your Email Readers

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Sometimes people say things in email that would be better left unsaid. Email EtiquetteThis list of 10 examples will alert you to statements that can weaken your messages and your business relationships. My manager told me to handle it this.

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Do Email "Thanks" Please or Provoke You?

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In the Email Intelligence classes I teach, a hot topic for discussion is email replies that say only "Thanks." Some people complain that "Thanks" emails waste their time. They have to stop what they are doing, click open the emails. Tags: Email Etiquette

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Business Writing: Email Etiquette and Whitelisting

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An Email Caution for Job Seekers

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Email Etiquette The other day I had coffee with a man I will call Ryan to talk about his search for a new job. When I suggested a company that sounded like a perfect fit with Ryan''s goals and expertise, he told.

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Does "Ladies" Belong in a Salutation?

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Recently, one of our female executive leaders has been using the word Ladies as a salutation in her emails that include men in. Courteous Writing Email EtiquetteRob wrote: I thought you might be a helpful sounding board from something I'm experiencing at work.

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Efficient Update of an Email Subject Line

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The other day I emailed a request for writing class prework to a team of seven people. Email EtiquetteI used this subject: Prework for Writing Tune-Up Session on Sept. 21--Action Requested by Sept. 12 Two people who responded to my request.

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How to Increase Trust in Email

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Email EtiquetteI was straightening my office and found an article I had printed off the Internet, "Karen Stephenson's Quantum Theory of Trust," written by Art Kleiner and published in 2002 by strategy+business. It is a fascinating article about relationships in business--not.

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Do You See XOXO in Business Email?

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This month's Atlantic magazine features a snappy article "Kisses and Hugs in the Office," by Jessica Bennett and Rachel Simmons on the use of XOXO in business email. I wrote last year about a woman who was signing her email. Email Etiquette

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Office Fridge Etiquette

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Home About Me Advertise Office Fridge Etiquette By The Professional Assistant on Wednesday, November 28, 2007 Filed Under: D o you bring your food to work? Heres an article I recently found on office fridge etiquette. Do you keep it in the office fridge? Are you in a constant battle to get your food into a pint-sized fridge because others leave their food there for days on end? Heres an excerpt on the article: Do not eat or drink foods that do not belong to you.

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Can Lines in Email Be Too Wide?

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The other day a client expressed frustration that people she works with send her emails with lines that stretch across her computer screen. "I Email EtiquetteI can't believe they don't use wider margins," she said. Wider margins? I don't use any margins.

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How to Write the Interview Thank-You Note

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Courteous Writing Email Etiquette Teaching Business WritingMy daughter's friends in college are interviewing for internships and permanent positions. Days after their interviews some of them ask, "Should I have sent a thank-you?" To them I say, Yes!

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Hacking Email: 99 Email Security and Productivity Tips

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Why is it that when it comes to emails, there are no accepted standards? Even though 6 billion emails are sent every day, almost no one agrees about simple things like email etiquette, how to organize a note, or whether emails are considered private or not. The 99 tips in this article make up the best in email practices: 4.) That includes the email that says that if you don’t forward it to 10 people you’ll die.

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Elevator Etiquette 101: Going Up?

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Home About Me Advertise Elevator Etiquette 101: Going Up? Can you think of any more etiquette related items while riding the elevator? By The Professional Assistant on Friday, October 17, 2008 Filed Under: Travel Y ou’re standing in the elevator and everyone is crammed like a can of sardines. You reminisce about that Seinfeld episode where Elaine gets stuck on the subway and starts talking to herself about how the train isn’t moving and starts to get claustrophobic.

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To Cc or Not to Cc? That Is the Question

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Do you know when to copy people on the emails you send? Email EtiquetteOr do you cc a bunch of people and hope to offend no one? This post will reduce your cc doubts. Should you cc or not? To answer.

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When to Say Thank You in Email

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With all the talk about sending and receiving less unnecessary email, it may be challenging to know when to respond with a thank-you. In my post on thank-you emails last week, "Do Email 'Thanks' Please or Provoke You?" Tags: Email Etiquette I suggested.

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How Do You Feel About Sloppy Supplier Messages?

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A reader named Deborah shared a short email she recently received: Dear Sirs, pls let me have by return the supp docs about yr a.m. Email Etiquette Proofreading

How to Be Assertive, Not Pushy

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Courteous Writing Email EtiquetteIf you write to customers, clients, employees, or almost anyone on the job, you have times when you need to assert yourself. You have to disagree, delegate, instruct, remind, and say no—in each situation coming across as clear and forceful.

Share Your Email Etiquette Blunders To Win a $100 Amazon Gift Certificate

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One area of concern – your email correspondence. Even though your own every day business environment may be laid back, you still need to make sure you use professional business email etiquette. Maybe you’ve even committed an email blunder or two or you’ve seen someone else’s. All you need to do is share that email etiquette no-no with BizSugar and you’ll be entered into the contest. Submit your email etiquette no-no now!

Microsoft Outlook Shared Mailboxes Etiquette

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Home About Me Advertise Microsoft Outlook Shared Mailboxes Etiquette By The Professional Assistant on Thursday, January 31, 2008 Filed Under: MS-Outlook , Productivity D o you have more than one mailbox in your Microsoft Outlook , other than your inbox?

Preserve Your Relationships, Even in Sticky Situations

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Maybe you have to respond to an angry employee's email. Courteous Writing Email Etiquette Positive LanguageIf you are human, you face situations during your workday that require you to write under pressure.

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Is Your Writing Too Abrupt?

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Books Courteous Writing Email EtiquetteYou work against deadlines. Often you have to write quickly, even when the message is complex and somewhat delicate. It’s not surprising that you occasionally come across as abrupt when you thought you were being efficient.

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Do You Give Readers the "Why" They Need?

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Courteous Writing Email Etiquette Teaching Business WritingThe other night I was traveling from Boston to my home, Seattle. When I arrived at my connection city, Denver, at 7:15 p.m. I received this text message: Your Flight on August 6 from DEN now departs at 11:55.

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John Hopkins' Apology: How It Fell Short

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You may have read The Washington Post story about John Hopkins University sending early-acceptance emails to 294 students who had not been accepted. Courteous Writing Email Etiquette

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Be Nice and Make Less Work for Your Reader

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Courteous Writing Email EtiquetteThe other day at my health club I asked an employee what time the bank parking lot was available for club members' use. I knew I could use the bank lot when the bank closed, but I wasn't sure what.

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