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There Are Huge Health Benefits of Drinking Water But How Much Should You Really Drink?

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First Lady Michelle Obama was hit with a bit of controversy recently, when she recommended that Americans drink more water, but no matter which side of the political aisle you’re on, she’s right!

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PAs and personal branding

Practically Perfect PA

Along side my current EA role I am also the company’s marketing manager. I love that I have two sides to my job because well I love being an EA but I also love that I have a creative outlet and a variety of responsibilities. In fact I’m pleased as punch that I have a dual role.

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The Empire Strikes Back at the Sharing Economy

Small Business Labs

Sharing economy poster child Airbnb is under attack in New York and other cities for potentially breaking local laws related to the renting of properties.

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How to Stay Competitive in the Workplace

Eat Your Career

So, you want to get ahead at work? Join the club! In today’s competitive workplace, you can’t afford to get lazy. No matter how “secure” you feel right now, there’s no such thing as certainty.

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3 Mistakes You Need To Avoid To Reach Your Life Goals

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A phrase like “achieving life goals” sounds like an extremely important, yet complicated and time-consuming thing to do. After all our life goals play a key role at how successful we will be in life. If you already have big life goals – congratulations!

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The Pricing Battle: Charging for Your Time or Charging for Results/Value

Productive & Organized

Recently, I've been talking a lot with clients and in on-line groups as questions come up about pricing strategy. There seems to be a lot of confusion around making the choice of hourly charges or value based pricing / results based pricing.

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Gartner's Dystopian Smart Machine Forecast

Small Business Labs

The well known technology advisory firm Gartner has come out with a forecast saying smart machines will replace enough humans to cause high unemployment, social unrest and general societal tumult by 2020.

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How To Think Like A 21st Century Entrepreneur. Tips For Success And Getting Ahead In The Information Age.

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Do you ever stop to wonder how rich people made their money? Are they smarter than you? Did they just work harder or smarter? Or did they have a lucky break or some sort of advantage that let them reach their goals easily.

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Speakers/Coaches: 14 Sites to Find More Speaking Gigs

Productive & Organized

The other day I shared 8 ways to get more speaking gigs.    In that post I promised that I'd go into more detail about where to look to identify event producers/hosts and offer to speak.

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It’s Your Business – Play Big or Don’t Play at All

Step It Up VA Coaching

by Donna Toothaker. When Donald Trump began to map out his future, do you suppose his plan was to build just one hotel, or one casino, and stop there? What about Bill Gates? I wonder if his dream was to create a better operating system simply for his own personal use.

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It’s Been a Challenging Week!

Office Organization Success

It’s been a challenging week this week; the kind of week that business owners don’t tell you about because they want you to think everything in the garden is rosy. I sat down at my desk one morning to check my emails, which I always do first thing, and I had a monthly retainer client cancel with me; and then two members of my Your Systems for Success program cancel their membership.

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Deliver Your Speech Like A Pro By Using These 12 Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

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Why is it that so many people are scared witless of speaking in public? Surveys show that some of us are more afraid of public speaking than we are of death! Too many of us have the idea that public speaking is a talent that you’re born with—or aren’t.

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Administrative/Clerical: Mobile Devices that Transition Easily Between Jobs

Office Dynamics

Modern administrative assistants and clerical workers rely on many different technological tools to ensure that everything works smoothly in their places of business.

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Commercial Real Estate Discovering Coworking

Small Business Labs

In September the large commercial real estate services firm Jones Lang Lasalle announced a new initiative they call Proworking. According to their press release , this effort is based on set of research that concluded "a company should redefine the workspace as being wherever workers will be most productive." " I really don't know whether to laugh or cry over the fact that Jones Lang considers this a breakthrough insight. 

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Objectives: Quote of the Week

The Small Business Blog

“There are two things to aim at in life: first, to get what you want; and, after that, to enjoy it. Only the wisest of mankind achieve the second.” ” The quote this week is by British essayist Logan Pearsall-Smith and it touches upon the very important topic of work / life balance.

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Hate Your Job? Try These 12 Ways to Start Enjoying That Job You Hate.

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There are few things more depressing than waking to an alarm going off, signaling it’s time to get up and go to a job you hate. Maybe it’s a demanding boss and long hours, maybe it’s boring work or maybe you have big plans of your own that are very different from your current reality.

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Time Management and Your Purpose-Driven Life

Productive & Organized

How many hats do you wear?    Well, not literally, of course.    You hear that phrase all of the time."wearing "wearing many hats." " What that essentially means is that in life, we all have different roles that we play in different groups. 

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The Rise of Small CPG Firms

Small Business Labs

Ad Age's How Tiny Startups Like Hello and 800Razors are Stealing Share from CPG Giants covers the trend towards small consumer packaged goods companies being able to effectively compete with industry giants. Key quote: Much of the credit for smaller brands' ability to break through goes to digital disruption in media and retailing. Social

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Stop Funding The Corporate Thieves

The Small Business Blog

Regular contributor and friend of The Small Business Blog Tony Robinson OBE is passionate about micro business issues. His latest campaign is a petition to draw attention to the unfair practices used by large corporations that are putting small businesses at a disadvantage.

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Vacations Are Meant For Relaxing. Why Are We So Stressed Going Back To Work After Long Vacations?

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Christmas is right around the corner and many of us have planned or are in the midst of planning some vacation time. After all, we all need some time to unwind and relax. But what happens after that long awaited vacation? We need to get back to work, that’s what!

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Administrative/Clerical: 5 Ways to Make Your Workspace an Oasis

Office Dynamics

If you have ever felt topsy-turvy working at your desk, it may be time to reevaluate your office setup.

2013 190

The Freedom to Work from Anywhere: Living the Mobile Life

Productive & Organized

Are you on the go with your business?    Do you dream of having a business where you can work from anywhere?    Maybe you want to travel the world, or maybe you simply want to spend time outside at a local park. It really is possible. 

2013 185

Business Inspiration from Travelling

The Small Business Blog

Anyone who has been travelling at some stage during their life – whether it was post graduation or on a career break – knows that it can be a life-changing experience. One great thing that can come as a result of travelling is the inspiration to start your own business.

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Stop Throwing Money Away! Learn How You Can Live Life Without Cable Bills!

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Are you tired of dealing with your cable TV company? Do they raise your rates every other month, blackout your favorite channel due to disputes with the networks or have frequent outages?

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Why Maternity Leave Doesn't Have to be Problem

On The Job

Having a baby is always an adjustment for new parents, but one strategic communications company found it was going to go through some adjustments of its own when three key employees on its 16-member staff turned up pregnant at nearly the same time.

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How to Get Through a Resistance to Planning

Productive & Organized

The other day I received this message: "Steph, I have a client that is really resisting doing their annual plan.They hired me to help them with strategic planning for this next year, but every time we sit down, they find a reason to stall the conversations.    Any ideas? 

2013 179

Government scheme to prevent late payment to small businesses not working

The Small Business Blog

A BBC investigation has confirmed what many UK small business owners have been saying for a long time now – the measures to prevent late payment are simply not working.

2013 193

Too Busy? 4 Ways To Increase Productivity And Make More Time in Your Day

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Tell me if this sounds familiar. You’re stuck at an event for an organization you don’t care about. You’re surrounded by people you don’t like. And you’re making small talk that bores you to tears. Has this ever happened to you? If so, why do you do it?

2013 283

Remove Productivity Blocks With Boxes

Simple Productivity Blog

Mondays are productivity days at SimpleProductivity blog. Last week I talked about how using boxes can set limits on the stuff that is in your life, and thereby help you simplify. Today I am going to talk about using boxes to limit non-tangible things that take up your time. Metaphorical Boxes. Of course, these are not physical boxes. We cannot put the people who make demands on our times into boxes, as much as we might like to sometimes.

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Why Positive Thinking attracts Fear and Sabotage

The Shrink for Entrepreneurs

It’s slowly becoming common knowledge amongst business owners: Stay positive and believe in “Abundance” It’ll make you more successful. The Secret, ya know? You’ve heard it.

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Human rights in the workplace

The Small Business Blog

Today is Blog Action Day 2013 and the theme for this year is Human Rights. We’ve decided to look at human rights legislation in the workplace. Human rights are protected by the law and this also applies to the workplace too.

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How To Stop Turning People Off & Start Turning Them On!

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Why don’t they want to meet up? . Why didn’t they call me? You just can’t seem to meet anyone, or if you do nothing gets past the first or second date, your friends always seem too busy with other things ~ it really sucks!

2013 283

Being Compassionate During Stressful Times

Office Dynamics

Hello Monday Motivators! I hope you did something relaxing or fun this weekend. With all that is going on in our world, government shutdown, and our challenging economy, you may find people’s patience faltering. In some organizations, projects have been put on hold or salaries have been frozen, or possibly some positions that are open are not being filled right now. That means the individuals who are left at the company have more on their plate.

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Control the Time; Control the Work

Virtual Moxie

If you struggle to get everything done, chances are you’ve overcommitted yourself. There really are only so many hours in a day, and once they’re gone, you can’t make more of ‘em, no matter how you try! If you want to have a sane life, you cannot make promises like, “I’ll get that to you later today.” You can’t take direction like, “Please get that back to me as soon as you can.” The problem is that “later today,” and “as soon as you can,” aren’t times you can point to on a clock and calendar.

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Simplify Hobby Setup With Stations

Simple Productivity Blog

Wednesdays are simplicity days at SimpleProductivity blog. Do you ever find that you don’t do something you enjoy because the setup/cleanup time is too much? By setting up hobby stations, you can minimize this time and get to the fun part…the hobby…quicker. What Is A Hobby Station? A hobby station is a way to keep all the materials you need for a hobby together in one place. All the tools, raw materials, and instructions are together so you don’t have to hunt for things.

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From a Few Quick Bucks to a Full Career: A Rookie's Guide to Making Money on the Web

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Plucky entrepreneurs have long realized that the internet is basically one big money-making opportunity, which is why some of the world’s biggest companies—from Amazon to Google—have been spawned by the web.

2013 279

Improve Cash Flow With This Often-Overlooked Alternative

The Solopreneur Life

W hen you’re facing cash-flow challenges (and you will at some point!), you need more money and fewer expenses, but there’s something you need just as badly: time. The good news is you can gain time by asking your creditors to give you some space. Here are three options Denise O’Berry suggests in her excellent book Small Business Cash Flow : 1. Stretch out your payment terms. Ask to switch from a 45-day window to 60 days. If you’re at 90 days, then ask for 120-day terms.

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