Strange International Laws Every Tourist Should Know

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Did you know that a lot of countries have strange international laws ? To avoid the misunderstanding, download a translation app before your journey. What did you think of these strange international laws? The post Strange International Laws Every Tourist Should Know appeared first on Dumb Little Man. It’s easy to get in trouble in a foreign country if you don’t know its laws and cultural traditions.

Service Untitled» Blog Archive » Internal customer service counts too

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Home About Service Untitled Subscribe for Free Consulting Contact Archives Internal customer service counts too Cheryl April 22, 2010 Behind the Scenes , Customer Service , Proactive 1 Comment Everyone has a customer whether it be outside or inside of the company, and morale, productivity, and employee retention improves when we are able to properly facilitate internal customer service. Internal customer service provides our coworkers within our company information or services.


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Getting People to Notice You: Cultivating High Self-Esteem Webinar Replay

Office Dynamics

Office Dynamics Resources: Career Portfolio Article: EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD Career Portfolio. For further details please download the application here. Limited time offer from Office Dynamics International: Mastering Exceptional Self-Leadership program significantly marked down to $79 (from $249) until May 10. Earn positive attention in the workplace and address the most common obstacle standing in the way for most assistants—lack of self-esteem.

Ep 115: Suzie Flynn – Mindset & Business Coach for Virtual Assistants

Go Burrows

Suzie Flynn is a motivational speaker, international mindset & business coach with years of experience as an executive assistant throughout her career. Suzie Flynn is a motivational speaker, international Mindset & Business coach and founder of Suzie Flynn Coaching.

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Bob's Your Uncle!

Daily Writing Tips

Thanks to international sports events, the saying is better known in the States now than it used to be. Subscribe to Daily Writing Tips and you will be able to download our free ebook: "Basic English Grammar." The download link will go along with the first email (you might need to wait up to 24 hours). Posts By Email Grab The RSS Home Archives About Contact Tests Book Bob’s Your Uncle!

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Recruit CRM's Recruitment Entrepreneurs Series Ft. Robin Doenicke

Recruit CRM

The recruitment agency received trophies from Recruitment International Asia for service excellence in 2014, 2015 and 2016. You can listen to and download our episodes on Google Podcast , Amazon Music , Apple Podcasts , Stitcher and so many other sites!

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What Happens If You Delete A Paid App On Your Iphone or Ipad?

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At times, you may download a new paid application to your iPhone or iPad. Many online companies keep records even longer for their internal sales and marketing employees. Do you want to download it? Then, just re-download it. However, you might need to download the latest iOS version to make it work. You try to make it work, but it just doesn’t function like you hoped it would. What happens if you delete paid apps on iPhone or iPad?

2019 161

How to Access Your Favorite TV Show or Movie from Anywhere

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I mean Hulu currently has a library of around 1400 TV shows of which only 50% or less permissible for international broadcast. Why are international viewers banned from US TV Streams? And there are so many more shows barred from international viewing.

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Are your work communications professional? Are you sure?

ProAssisting Blog

I see this all the time at the advertising agency when either as an intern or new hire just out of college, no matter if you’re out on the town for a couple drinks with your college crew versus communicating with a client/partner/sr. Download our free white paper, "Defining Assistant Excellence". Home Blog About Us Who we are About the Program Program Specifics Execs, HR Depts.

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Service Untitled» Blog Archive » Customer Service Week celebrates.

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The International Customer Association began Customer Service Week in 1988, and in 1992 Congress proclaimed Customer Service Week a nationally recognized event. Service Untitled The blog about customer service and the customer service experience.

How to Move from Administrative Assistant to Executive Assistant

Eat Your Career

The EA role is often filled through either internal promotion or word-of-mouth referral. Get the Downloadable FREE Guide. As a proud, former Administrative Professional and Executive Assistant, I pride myself on providing real-world career training and advice for the admin community.

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Technology of the week: DocuSign

Practically Perfect PA

The document can then be sent via email to those that need copy, or it can be downloaded and stored for later use. I recently used the Docusign service to complete and sign my rental contract for my new flat in Edinburgh, which saved me sending paperwork back and forth via email and international post. What is DocuSign? DocuSign lets you sign documents electronically and easily send documents for electronic signature in just minutes. It’s safe, secure, and legally binding.

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The Accelerated Assistant Webinar Replay and Conference for Assistants

Office Dynamics

Download the Webinar Handout: The Accelerated Assistant Webinar Handout. Download the Webinar Chat Archive: Chat Archive January 2017 Webinar. Once you have completed the program, Download Your Webinar Certificate of Attendance: Certificate-Of-Attendance-The Accelerated Assistant. The Accelerated Assistant, a conference for assistants being hosted by Office Dynamics International in 2017.

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Why Good Writing Matters – And How You Can Improve Yours

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Internal memos or reports for colleagues. The list includes being searchable, very easy to produce and edit, easy to scan, and quick to download. In today’s world, being able to write well is of vital importance whatever your industry is.

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Is job hopping the only way up the career ladder for assistants?

Practically Perfect PA

For many assistants trying to negotiate a pay rise is extremely difficult and many are turned down because of their organisation’s internal structures. Both were internal positions and my experience within the organisation really helped me during the interviews. The Practically Perfect PA Guide to: Preparing for the perfect job Download our free eBook! Download the eBook. Hi, I’m Nicky Christmas and I am a job hopper. There, I’ve admitted it.

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Happy Labor Day Weekend

Office Dynamics

Office Dynamics International has made it easy for you to enjoy your Labor Day weekend and get the sales benefits that come along with the holiday. FUN LABOR DAY DOWNLOAD. All of our Online Learning programs are available at 50% off through 9/1/14. Buy now , learn later! Use code: LABORDAY at checkout. This is the perfect time to consider your continued learning plan for the remainder of the year!

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Webinar Replay Helping Your Executive Maintain a Competitive Edge

Office Dynamics

Simple strategies to engage your mind, think ahead and manage perceptions both internally and externally. Download/Access Webinar Handout. Transformative Strategic Business Partnerships with Your Leader ($39.95) – MP3 Download. The Gatekeeper’s Guide – Downloadable PDF. Comprehensive Travel Planning Guide – Downloadable PDF. Our webinar replay for Helping Your Executive Maintain a Competitive Edge is now available for viewing.

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10 Questions and a Selfie: Carol-Ann Martins

The Persistent Assistant

I then set-up my desk and download my emails. When I’m looking for a specific item, I will make use of Google as they show local and international options. What is your full name? Carol-Ann Theresa Martins. What is your professional job title? Executive Personal Assistant & Office Manager. What does a typical day in your life look like? I generally get up at 4h00 to get ready for work. I leave home around 4h30 so I’m at the office by 5h00.

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Free Chapters From Joan’s Book: Who Took My Pen…Again?

Office Dynamics

So, once again, thank you from the entire Office Dynamics International team and we hope you enjoy reading these chapters. DOWNLOAD PDF TO READ MORE. DOWNLOAD PDF TO READ MORE. DOWNLOAD PDF TO READ MORE. Thank You! It’s not very often that Office Dynamics can celebrate another book release by Joan but when we do, the amount of support shown is truly amazing.

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5 Ways Recruiters Can Make Use Of The Clubhouse App To Grow Their Business

Recruit CRM

You can obviously still download the app on your device and sign up with a username, but since it's still in a private beta mode, there's no guarantee you'll end up on the app.

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5 Top Cyber Security Training Tips For Employees

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Most businesses depend on emails daily for both external and internal communications. A quick way for viruses to infect your computers is by downloading software from sources that are unknown. Such links might download malicious software that could potentially infect your computers and put them at risk. Most people believe that the most sophisticated cyber attacks are the biggest threats to any organization.

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How to Stargaze: A Guide for Novices

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If you want to get the best use out of technology, another thing that you could do is to download a special stargazing app. If you like to take a breather from time to time and marvel at the beautiful night sky, stargazing is a very fun activity that can bring a lot of joy into your life.

2020 222

The Virtual Summit Hubs

Practically Perfect PA

Well, a Hub is the opportunity for your PA network (whether that is a regional network, internal network or group of PA colleagues in your organisation) to get together to watch and interact with the main Virtual Summit. We believe our Hubs offer an excellent opportunity for internal PA networks to get together for the day, and to use the content to develop their careers. The Summit programme has now been finalised and can be downloaded here.

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The Star Performer’s Secret Sauce Free Webinar Replay [assistant training for 25 years and counting]

Office Dynamics

Check out the program, download the handouts below along with the added bonus downloads. If you’re ready to watch now, scroll to the bottom of this post for the video replay link and downloads. In celebration of the 25 th Anniversary of Office Dynamics International, Joan Burge is pulling back the curtain and revealing the 25 critical attitudes, behaviors, habits, characteristics, and skills required for excellence in the administrative profession.

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10 Positive Ways How Recruit CRM Has Been Changing The Recruiting World

Recruit CRM

All you've got to do is download our chrome extension and run it. To measure internal processes with pinpoint accuracy, you need advanced reports.

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The Practically Perfect Business Traveller’s Guide to Cannes

Practically Perfect PA

Situated in the breathtaking surrounds of the coastal paradise on the French Riviera, the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, running from June 18th-25th attracts a global audience of the biggest players in the communications, advertising and marketing industries. Or if you’re booking for a colleague, download it here to pass on the tips. Cannes is easily reached by two nearby airports – Nice International Airport and the smaller Cannes-Mandelieu Airport.

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Create Your Professional Development Plan Free Webinar

Office Dynamics

Helpful Handouts & Downloads: Download Handout: Build-Your-Professional-Development-Plan-Webinar-Handout. DOWNLOAD Professional Development Plan Sample Template: (a simple template for your use) Professional Development Plan Template. Upcoming professional development events at little to no cost: As Office Dynamics International celebrates our 25th Anniversary in 2015 we will offer a free webinar each month.

2015 103

The Practically Perfect Business Traveller’s Guide to San Francisco

Practically Perfect PA

San Francisco has two major airports – SFO (San Francisco International) and Oakland International (OAK). SFO has more international flights, but OAK is not as far away as you may think. Trains arrive at the SFO International Terminal every 15 minutes and it’s just 30 minutes to downtown San Francisco. You generally need to download the app first, so if you are interested in ride sharing, check out their web sites: Uber and Lyft.

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Consider Yourself A Leader

Office Dynamics

Joan Burge, Founder and CEO, Office Dynamics International recently shared her take on the administrative professionals role as leaders in Executive Secretary Magazine. Download the full article for free right now! Download. This question is for you if you’re in an administrative role. Doyou consider yourself a leader? Administrative professionals and executiveassistants often see themselves in their supportroles as being non-leaders.

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Creating Your Personalized Productivity Tool Kit: Top 10 Tools to Consider

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File sharing and internal commenting to discuss particular tasks or projects. You can share your saved files with your colleagues and friends so that they can view, download, and edit them. Wouldn’t it be great if you complete a task that usually takes 20 minutes, within a fraction of seconds? It would surely save your time, which further can be utilized for other important tasks.

2020 162

The Practically Perfect Business Traveller’s guide to New York City

Practically Perfect PA

Newark International (EWR) , is in Newark, New Jersey and you can travel by train between Newark International Airport and Manhattan for as little as $12.50 You generally need to download the app first, so if you are interested in ride sharing, check out their web sites: Uber and Lyft. Download the free app today because it covers just about anywhere your trainers will take you! Download our Ultimate US City Guide for Business Travellers.

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Enterprise networks drive productivity gains: New Research


A recent research report by University of Queensland Business School (Australia) academics Tim Kastelle and John Steen suggests that large enterprises can make major gains in productivity by investing in their internal communication networks. To download The Bioteaming Manifesto (free).

The Launch of PA Insiders – for PA to PA Recommendations

Practically Perfect PA

This is often the way with us PAs – we have banks of knowledge which sometimes we only need to use once – a big office move, a one-off international conference. Do go and have a look – you can download the brochure on the home page before signing up. Hi, I’m Merryl Futerman and I am one of the founders of PA Insiders. Having worked as a celebrity PA for nearly 20 years, one of the things I love most about the job i[link] never knowing what task is coming my way next.

2016 162

Breaking down Minutes: The Art of Minute Taking

Who's the Real Boss?

If you can get your hands on different types of minutes internally in your business (whether they be Board minutes, Steer Co minutes or team meeting minutes), start reading them and see what others do, what they capture and how they structure it.

2020 56

How to Prepare for an Employee?s Absence

Office Dynamics

Feel free to download this infographic created by Office Dynamics International. To download right click then choose the save image as option. Have you ever been in a situation when a co-worker had to take a leave of absence or they parted ways with the company and everyone, including yourself, was clueless about some of their procedures or tasks they were in charge of? Here is how to prepare for an employee’s absence.

2018 122

Is it time to bust your comfort zone?

Office Dynamics

Download Companion Handout: Comfort Zone Webinar Handout. How to break through the internal and external barriers that prevent you from taking on challenges—and the benefits you’ll experience personally and professionally when you do. We’re all familiar with the comfort zone: That risk free place of ease and certainty with no surprises. It’s always the same in the comfort zone—nothing bad happens, but nothing particularly good either.

2015 147

End of Year Reflection and Celebration Webinar Replay

Office Dynamics

Catch the replay here and download all the resources available that partner with this program. Chat Archive: Unfortunately there was an error with the program and we are unable to download a chat history. Did you take part in this or another free webinar for administrative professionals offered by Office Dynamics International in 2015? Did you miss our last free webinar for administrative professionals of the year?

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12 Desk Hacks To Make You More Productive At Work

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If you get too cold at work, your internal system scrambles around to adjust and this can affect your concentration and productivity. Downloading a timer such as Be Focused can help you to regulate your workflow, stay fresh and energized. If you’re worried you don’t have the discipline to leave them alone by sheer willpower, download a notification-blocking app to do the hard work for you.

2017 164

Honorary vs. Honourary

Daily Writing Tips

I don’t want to spark an international incident, but because my principal authorities for British English usage are the OED and its offshoot the Oxford Dictionaries site, my advice to writers is that honourary , humourous , and glamourous are nonstandard spellings of honorary , humorous , and glamorous. Click here to try the Pro subscription and you''ll be able to download it immediately!

2014 87

5 Compound-Word Corrections

Daily Writing Tips

International organizations continue their pull out as rebels attack a train.”. But pulling out is an action, so it’s a pullout: “International organizations continue their pullout as rebels attack a train.”. Your eBook : Click here to download the Basic English Grammar ebook. Writers sometimes confuse a two-word phrase for a closed compound noun consisting of those two words, or vice versa.

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Top 10 Reasons For Learning R Programming For Beginners

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Anything that is used by famous international organizations is likely to gain attraction from the general public. They like to surf the web, download software and tools, and, if possible, toy with them. Planning on learning R programming for beginners? Well, that’s not surprising. The R programming language is one of the most popular programming languages right now.

2019 163

BLACK FRIDAY CAME EARLY! Get a front row seat in life. starting today!

Office Dynamics

In addition we’re offering the following specials during this holiday weekend: Free audio download Gain Recognition and Achieve Your Worth with any purchase over $50. Office Dynamics International. Do you ever feel like you’re living life with “obstructed view” seating? Would you like to take your career to the next level? I’d like to offer YOU a front row seat. and with our Conference on Demand, you can begin right away, from the comfort of your own home or office!

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3 Facts About Life Every Grown-Up Should Know And Live By

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Look inside for the internal solution to the internal problem. To find out more, go to her blog at A Life on Your Terms and download her exclusive members-only Life Lovers Guide to the Galaxy. Have you ever looked at one of those optical illusions where there were two pictures in the same image, and once someone told you what they were it became so obvious? This is what you are about to experience right now.

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