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Book Review: The Gig Economy

Small Business Labs

The book provides a wealth of excellent "how to" advice on succeeding at independent work. See the book for details. 

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Book Review: Baby Bust

Small Business Labs

  The book is based on several studies of students from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

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Book Review: The Sharing Economy by Arun Sundararajan

Small Business Labs

We follow Sundararajan's work closely and consider him one the top experts in this field, so were excited to get a copy of his new book.

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Book Review: Work Women Want

The Small Business Blog

Recently I read a business book that I really enjoyed. Book Review book review Business Books women work women want

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2013 28

Book Review: Better Business Writing

Business Writing

A book I can recommend to executives and to the human resource managers whose responsibility it is to develop executives: HBR Guide to Better Business Writing, by Bryan A. Best Picks Books Teaching Business WritingAt last! Garner. Garner is one of my favorite experts on.

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Book Review: The Obstacle is The Way


The following review is written by Mike Dariano. It’s a philosophy book for people who want to act. Book Review Perception.

Book Review: Essentialism


Mike offers up book reviews here at Productivityist , and he writes about other things he''s learned at People Smarter Than Me.

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Book Review: Small Town Rules

Small Business Labs

Although very different, this book reminded me of E.F. Shumacher's 1970s classic Small is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered.

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Book Review: Get Smarter


It might not seem like it considering the number of book reviews I do, but sometimes I get in a reading rut. When they ask “Really?”

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Tips for booking entertainment at your events

Practically Perfect PA

Over the years I have booked many different types of entertainment for events I have been asked to organise. Budget. What do the audience want?

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How to Write a Book Review

Daily Writing Tips

Just like any other piece of writing, a book review requires a lead paragraph that will attract the reader’s attention. Business Writin

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Book Review: Smartcuts


Smartcuts: How Hackers, Innovators, and Icons Accelerate Success by Shane Snow is a book that proposes a new best way.

2015 14

Book Review: “Bird by Bird”

Daily Writing Tips

Lamott, author of several novels, writer of columns and reviews, and a writing teacher, shares her offbeat wisdom in this book (laced with f-bombs and sh-grenades) whose title is a nod to her writer father, who once told Lamott’s brother, paralyzed with writer’s block on the eve of a deadline for a science report, to take it “bird by bird.”.

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Book Review: May I Quote You On That?

Daily Writing Tips

It has been quite a while since I reviewed a book about usage and grammar on this site. The book is May I Quote You on That?

2015 17

Book Review: Ten Steps Ahead – What Separates Successful Business Visionaries From The Rest Of Us

Productivity Bits

His new book (Penguin Portfolio) is Ten Steps Ahead: What Separate Successful Business Visionaries from the Rest of Us. Elements Of Vision.

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Book Review: “Garner’s Modern American Usage”

Daily Writing Tips

Pick up any newspaper, magazine, or book, or look at a website, an email message, or a tweet, or examine a newsletter, a brochure, or a report. This nearly 1,000-page book by esteemed wordsmith Bryan A. Original Post: Book Review: “Garner’s Modern American Usage”. Book Reviews

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Book Review: “The Dictionary of Worthless Words”

Daily Writing Tips

Original Post: Book Review: “The Dictionary of Worthless Words”. Book ReviewsThe entries, listed alphabetically, can also be categorized in other ways. Some words, including intensifiers like absolutely , are often extraneous. The fellow adverb currently , and the adjectival form, current , are almost never necessary.)

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Book Review: The Five Elements of Effective Thinking


The following review is written by Mike Dariano. But as the book went on, I realized that the size is its strength rather than weakness.

2014 30

Book Review: The Customer Service Survival Kit

Service Untitled

The books recreates some interesting examples of customer angst in different situations and then asks how any of us might handle the situation.

Book Review: Hand to Mouth - Living in Bootstrap America

Small Business Labs

It was picked up by the Huffington Post and other publications and after a few million page views, Tirado got a book deal.

2015 30

Announcing my first book: The Hidden Power of Your Customers

Customers Rock!

I am so excited to share the news with all of you that I have a book coming out in July! The Book. The book was off and running!

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Book Review: “The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation”

Daily Writing Tips

No one writing handbook or grammar guide should suffice for careful writers, and though Jane Straus’s The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation is less comprehensive than some other resources, its large-format workbook approach provides a reader-friendly introduction to the intricacies of proper prose. Book Reviews

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A review of Assist Travel 2015

Practically Perfect PA

I thought the exhibitors were interesting and really relevant for those that book a lot of business travel. We also had a PA panel session.

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Book Review: Give and Take


Mike offers up book reviews here at Productivityist , and he writes about other things he''s learned at People Smarter Than Me.

Book Review: “Spunk and Bite”

Daily Writing Tips

Time magazine listed it as one of the one hundred most influential books written in English since 1923. Plotnik, author of several acclaimed books on writing, offers Spunk and Bite as a refreshing alternative to the dry, rigid edicts of the book known informally as Strunk & White. Book Reviewsand E. Shred it.

2012 15

App Review: Reflect


Reflect lets you review your Evernote notes on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Reflect is a web-based review system. Enter Reflect.

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Book Review: Zero to One


To truly understand the book, you first must understand the title, which gives a lot of insight to Thiel’s thoughts. Do you have the right team?

2015 11

Book Review: How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big


The following review is written by Mike Dariano. It''s a book about the race of life and the hurdles you need to jump. Book Review

2014 32

Book Review: Sharing is Good

Small Business Labs

  My favorite part of the book is chapter 6, What to Share. It has about 80 pages (almost half the book!) for the hard copy ).

Book Review: What The Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast


The following review is written by Mike Dariano. Here are the four takeaways from this book: 1. Reviews Book Review

2014 19

Book Review: How Will You Measure Your Life

Small Business Labs

  But his new book, How Will You Measure Your Life , is a big departure from his past work. The reviews of this book have been mixed.

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Verb Review #10: Forming Questions

Daily Writing Tips

How many books have you read on the subject of the Middle Ages? Usage ReviewQuestions do not follow usual subject-verb order.

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Punctuation Review #6: The Despised Semicolon

Daily Writing Tips

Usage ReviewA friend whose novel is in the works for publication has been told by her editor that “publishers hate semicolons.”. Kurt Vonnegut.

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Book Review: How To Invest Your Time Like Money


Elizabeth Grace Saunders has written a time management book that values your time. Time management may be the wrong category for what this is.

Book Review: Switch


Their books are good. This helpful analogy in the book is a nice triad for us to frame how to change and where we may miss a switch.

Book Review: With Charity for All

Small Business Labs

Charity for All: Why Charities are Failing and a Better Way to Give is a fascinating book. According to the book, there are about 1.4 million

Eventual Book Review: Surviving Your Serengeti


Surviving Your Serengeti is a book that does just that — and does it very well. The first book in [.]

2011 20
2011 20

Book Review: The End of the Suburbs

Small Business Labs

  The key theme of this book is the near universal desire for the a big suburban house with a big yard is receding.

Book Review: “Writing Down the Bones”

Daily Writing Tips

Writing Down the Bones is not a book to be absorbed in one sitting, or even sequentially in a handful of reading sessions. Each of those dozens of distinct chapters should be experienced discretely — this is a book for snacking on over a period of time, not gorged on in one or a few meals. Book Reviews

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Book Review: “Help! for Writers”

Daily Writing Tips

Original Post: Book Review: “Help! Book ReviewsWriters stymied by challenges can too easily while away their time seeking solace in writing guides, looking for tips to help them overcome obstacles rather than actually, you know, overcoming obstacles. You can easily spend the rest of your life reading rather than writing.