Performance Reviews for Assistants

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One area that seems to change notably from job to job is remuneration and performance reviews for Assistants. In my first full-time job, I had quarterly performance reviews with my manager, half-yearly appraisals and at the end of every year a full review and 360° feedback with my team.

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Reviewing performance reviews

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I must admit I’m not a big fan of this time of year or as I like to call it ‘performance review season’ For an assistant most of the next few weeks are filled organising meetings for our manager and their direct reports to review the last year. Can you tell I don’t think much of performance reviews? My first performance review was a tick box exercise and all of the administrators received the same pay increase.

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10 questions to ask during your mid-year review

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We are halfway through the year, and it is likely that at some point soon you will have a mid-year review with your manager. If you don’t have anything in the diary or your Executive hasn’t mentioned getting together for a review, I would highly recommend you do something about it. Mid-year reviews are an […].

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Reviewing Your Administrative Career

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One personal detail I started to focus on was my career review, which I see as an extension of the career portfolio; not only reviewing my past year or two at my current position but looking back on my entire career. Questions to ask when reviewing your career: What top three tasks or responsibilities did I most enjoy about each career choice? You were hired for a reason…remind them (and yourself) why with a career portfolio and by reviewing your career.

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CleanWell: Review and Giveaway

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I was sent the following products for review: Foaming Hand Sanitizer (8-oz. I have received free products to facilitate this review, but all opinions are my own. Post from: Eco-Office Gals CleanWell: Review and Giveaway. Eco-Office Gals Giveaways Green Product Reviews antibacterial Biodegradable Clean CleanWell Giveaway harmful germs harmful organisms harsh chemicals microbiology lab soaps thyme

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How to Turn Negative Reviews Into Opportunities

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Negative reviews are part of doing business. Instead of worrying that you got such an undesirable review, you can use it to improve your business and work on a strategy to engage your customers once again. There are many ways to do that online, including the use of negative reviews. Why Negative Reviews are Beneficial to Your Business. If you look at it from a different perspective, negative reviews can be beneficial to your company.

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Questions for Your Weekly Review

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Far too often what is termed a "weekly review" is actually a planning session for the next week. A true review takes a look at what already has happened, as well as what is coming. The definition of review from []([link] says that review means "a viewing of the past". I have found that a series of questions designed to review the past week is crucial. The post Questions for Your Weekly Review appeared first on Laura Earnest.

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Mid year reviews

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I’m afraid mid-year review season is back in town or otherwise know as the time when you have to dust off your objectives from the start of the year and have a look at how you have been getting on for the last 6 months. Talking to your manager about your progress and job performance can be quite nerve racking (although I do know some people that love reviews, but they are also the type that love job interviews…) so it is well worth being prepared.

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Influenster: Green VoxBox Review

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Twitter is a game changer for new blogs. By far, it is the easiest and cheapest way to get readers to your blog. However, effectively using twitter to get noticed is more art than science. When I started, I made some embarrassing goofs.

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Reviewing performance reviews

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I must admit I’m not a big fan of this time of year or as I like to call it ‘performance review season’ For an assistant most of the next few weeks are filled organising meetings for our manager and their direct reports to review the last year. Can you tell I don’t think much of performance reviews? My first performance review was a tick box exercise and all of the administrators received the same pay increase.

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Reviewing performance reviews

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I must admit I’m not a big fan of this time of year or as I like to call it ‘performance review season’ For an assistant most of the next few weeks are filled organising meetings for our manager and their direct reports to review the last year. Can you tell I don’t think much of performance reviews? My first performance review was a tick box exercise and all of the administrators received the same pay increase.

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ZeroWater Review & Giveaway {2 Winners}

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Now funny enough just before starting this review I was staging the pictures in this post and the reading was 094, we had rain all day yesterday so I am assuming it must have stirred up the well water a good bit. I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of ZeroWater and received a water pitcher to facilitate my review, two pitchers to giveaway, and extra filters to thank me for taking the time to participate.”.

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Book Review: Baby Bust

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  Book Reviews Demographics Baby Bust: New Choices for Men and Women in Work and Family is a short (88 pages), easy read. But it fully covers a very important topic - declining birth rates  - and the growing numbers of young adults choosing not to have children.   The book is based on several studies of students from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

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Review – Casual.PM


The post Review – Casual.PM General Reviews Casual.PM Project Management tools can be unwieldy beasts, that’s for sure. In some ways, this can be understandable. I mean, managing a project is supposed to be complicated, isn’t it? So many things to track, people to monitor, vendors to liaise with, stakeholders to keep happy.

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Yuval Noah Harari – Sapiens – Book Review

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In a culture dominated by Instagram celebrities and teenage Youtubers, he stands out as a solid professional, astute thinker and prolific writer, with best-sellers like “Sapiens” or… The post Yuval Noah Harari – Sapiens – Book Review appeared first on Dragos Roua. Book ReviewsYuval Noah Harari is an interesting phenomenon. For a historian, he’s extremely popular.

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Review – Momentum


I needed help, so when I was asked to review Momentum , I jumped at the chance. The post Review – Momentum appeared first on Productivityist. Reviews daily habits iOS momentum productivity review ritual routineLast month, I had the most amazing family vacation in Florida. For the first time in several years, I was able to kick back, relax with my loved ones and forget about the daily grind that would await me on my return home.

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Green Gift Giving: Soda Stream Review & Giveaway!

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I was sent the Fountain Jet Starter Kit in black and silver to review. The first and only problem with the product I had: when asked which flavors I wanted to try I mentioned that I am a Diet Coke Gal, so since I was the main reviewer be sure to include that.

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Book Review: Sharing is Good

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  Small Business Book Reviews trends The sharing economy is all the rage these days. Sharing companies like Airbnb, Uber and Task Rabbit are regularly in the press and the number of sharing startups seems to grow each day. But most of the coverage focuses on the industry and relatively little has been written for people who want to start personally benefiting from sharing.

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Book Review: Work Women Want

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She found that she was often asked by mothers she met about how they could start working… Read the full article here: Book Review: Work Women Want on: THE SMALL BUSINESS BLOG. Book Review book review Business Books women work women want Recently I read a business book that I really enjoyed. The author, small business owner Jennifer Forest, worked from home following the birth of her children and set out to make that the topic of her latest book.

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Book Review: The Future of Work

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I'm more than a bit behind on my book reviews, which is why it's taken me so long to get to Jacob Morgan's excellent book, The Future of Work. Book Reviews trends Morgan is one of the leading futurists examining work, so it comes as no surprise he does a great job of describing the forces that are changing work and explaining how organizations and their leaders can successfully respond to these changes.

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App Review: Reflect


Reflect lets you review your Evernote notes on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. There are book reviews, podcast notes, articles, and long quotes from interviews, stand-up, and more. Reflect is a web-based review system. A filter is where you choose what notebook to review notes from, what tags you want, and the frequency. For my Common Place folder, I review five notes a day and it’s been a great help. Apps app Evernote reflect review

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Review: Timeless You

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The post Review: Timeless You appeared first on Reviews I was recently contacted to take a look at Dr. Deepak Chopra''s new online course: "Timeless You." After looking over the course, I decided to look closer, because I think this seminar might be a good fit for those of my readers who are struggling with the effects of chronic stress, including unhealthy and over-eating and lack of exercise. Including myself.

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2014 In Review

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Since I started to blog, at the end of each year, I stop for a while to look back and review. Was this a good … The post 2014 In Review appeared first on Dragos Roua. Personal Development 2014 review

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Review: Train Reaction

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Disclosure: Train Reaction provided me with a free device to enable me to write this review. The post Review: Train Reaction appeared first on Reviews SimplificationFridays are tip days at SimpleProductivity blog. Have you ever gone anywhere juggling multiple bags? When we travel, it is inevitable that my daughter cannot manage her suitcase, leaving me to juggle her luggage as well as mine.

The Power of Review

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Reviewing isn''t just to keep you on track. Reviewing is also about seeing where you have been so you can appreciate where you have come from. The power of review lies in both looking forward and looking back. The post The Power of Review appeared first on Simple Productivity Blog. Today we will look at how looking back is essential to your direction. More great content can be found on the site at Simple Productivity Blog.,

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Book Review: Gig Mindset

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Gig Mindset is a different kind of book on the gig economy.    Almost all gig economy books focus on how to become a freelancer or some form of independent worker. But Gig Mindset is about how companies and workers can use freelancers and other gig workers to save time, access needed skills and increase productivity.    In other words, instead of focusing on how to become part of the supply of gig workers, it covers the advantages of using gig workers. 

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Review: Wonderful Day

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Disclosure: Tenmiles Technology provided me with a free copy of the software to enable me to write this review. The post Review: Wonderful Day appeared first on Reviews SoftwareBuilding a new habit, or doing something consistently can be hard. One method to help is the Seinfeld method ( Follow Seinfeld’s Advice at Don’t Break the Chain ), where you have a visible reminder of your winning streaks.

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Reviewing Insurance

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Soon afterward, we received a call that the new agent wanted to review our policies with us. The lesson to all of this is that we need to review our insurance regularly to make sure that mistakes don’t happen that could cost us a bunch in the long run. The post Reviewing Insurance appeared first on Our insurance agent retired, and a new man took his place.

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Book Review: Essentialism


Mike offers up book reviews here at Productivityist , and he writes about other things he''s learned at People Smarter Than Me. I found that McKeown leaned too heavily on reporting from the Harvard Business Review (where he is a contributor) in this book. To read all of my book reviews at Productivityist, click here. Related Stories Book Review: Give and Take Book Review: The Up Side of Down Book Review: The Five Elements of Effective Thinking.

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Book Review: With Charity for All

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You may ask why I'm reviewing this book. Small Business Book Reviews trends Charity for All: Why Charities are Failing and a Better Way to Give is a fascinating book.  It covers - warts and all - the many problems with the U.S. charities.   As we've described in the past , the non-profit/charity sector is primarily made up of small organizations. About 82% of all non-profits spend less than $1 million per year and 44% spend less than $100,000.

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Book Review: ABC Organization

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When I am asked to review books, they are generally involved and complicated. It was truly delightful to be asked to review ABC Organization by Marie Calder Ricks. Disclosure: Marie Calder Ricks provided me with a copy of the electronic book proofs to enable me to write this review. I have received no books, nor will receive any affiliation fees for this review. Book Organization Review

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What’s In Your Trash? A Review

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I was given these products to test and review free of charge. However, I was not paid for the review and the opinions are my own. A Review. Over a year ago I posted about starting a compost pile in my back yard.

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Review: Good Todo


The post Review: Good Todo appeared first on Productivityist. Apps Reviews Good Todo inbox productivity task app to-do list For the last year, I’ve been an avid OmniFocus user. If I was being honest, I would have to say that the time spent configuring that particular application to date could be measured in days rather than hours. For myself, that is not a problem, because my personality and life-style crave the level of detail and flexibility that OmniFocus provides.

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Top 5 POS Systems Reviewed

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Here are a few of the top POS systems on the market reviewed: VendHQ. … The post Top 5 POS Systems Reviewed appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO. A POS system can make a tremendous difference in your business.

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Review of Gretchen Rubin’s new book

Clutter Coach

I’m excited to announce that I got to interview Gretchen Rubin for my podcast! I’ll be publishing that episode on March 14. Gretchen’s new book is called Outer Order, Inner Calm and it came out last Friday. The subtitle is “declutter and organize to make more room for happiness.” Right up my alley! In fact, a lot of the ideas in this book are ones I use with my clients and ones I put in my own book, 52 Simple Ways to Get Organized. Great minds think alike, right?

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Review – Critical Tactics In OmniFocus


The post Review – Critical Tactics In OmniFocus appeared first on Productivityist. Books Reviews omnifocusEvernote Essentials , by Brett Kelly is without doubt one of the finest software guides I have ever read. I was able to read it as an Evernote ‘newbie’ and found myself taken on a voyage of organizational discovery with a remarkably balanced mix of expert guidance and child-like humor. It remains one of the easiest books I’ve consumed because it was so much fun.

2015 83

Book Review: Get Smarter


It might not seem like it considering the number of book reviews I do, but sometimes I get in a reading rut. The post Book Review: Get Smarter appeared first on Productivityist. Books Reviews three ways to get smarterDays will go by when I haven’t read a book and despite my best attempts to try tactics that have worked in the past I can’t seem to start a new book.

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Book Review: Switch


While the ideas in this review are personal, the book also addresses how organizations can make changes stick. The post Book Review: Switch appeared first on Productivityist. Book Review changes habits switch Until now I had never read the Heath brothers, which is a shame. Their books are good. Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard is a mix of business experience, academic research, and productivity tools that anyone can apply.

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Book Review: The End of the Suburbs

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The End of Suburbs was released released last summer (OK, I admit I'm a bit behind on my book reviews), but I was reminded of it today while running errands in my suburban town.    Economic Decentralization Economic Gardening Small Business Book Reviews trends   The key theme of this book is the near universal desire for the a big suburban house with a big yard is receding.   Instead, a growing number of Americans (the book is about the U.S.)

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Book Review: The New Geography of Jobs

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 It was not widely reviewed, which is too bad because I think it's a very important book. There's too much good material to cover in a review.   You can also read a book excerpt in Salon Magazine , and Brookings has a pretty good review. Book ReviewsThe New Geography of Jobs , written by UC Berkeley economics professor Enrico Moretti, was released last spring.

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Review: Shifts for iOS


The post Review: Shifts for iOS appeared first on Productivityist. Apps Reviews calendar productivity shift shift worker shifts work If you’ve ever put your work calendar into your Google Calendar (or equivalent) and you are an iPhone user then Shifts is an app that will allow you to “shift” away from that and enter your work schedule into it instead. Seem redundant or solving a problem that doesn’t need solving? Think again.

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MIT Technology Review's 10 Breakthrough Technologies

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Each year MIT Technology Review releases their list of 10 Breakthrough Technologies. They describe these as: "advances from the past year all solve thorny problems or create powerful new ways of using technology. They are breakthroughs that will matter for years to come." " Their 10 are: Agricultural Drones. Relatively cheap drones with advanced sensors and imaging capabilities are giving farmers new ways to increase yields and reduce crop damage. Ultraprivate Smartphones.

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Review: The Dalai Lama’s Cat

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Disclosure: Hay House provided me with a free copy of the book to enable me to write this review. The post Review: The Dalai Lama’s Cat appeared first on Reviews SimplificationWednesdays are simplicity days at SimpleProductivity blog. I have a hard time reading non-fiction. But put the concepts in a novel, and I am right there! The Dalai Lama’s Cat is a book that teaches the concepts of Buddhism through a work of fiction.

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