5 Books for Executive Assistants

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Five great books about verbal communication

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Core Competencies admin administrators assistants Books Communication EA Executive Assistant Office manager PA Personal AssistantIf you look at any job application for an Assistant role, you will find something about communication skills. It is a must-have in our profession.

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Recommended Book: Unleash the Power of Storytelling

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I expect a book on communication—which is what storytelling is—to teach me something new or remind me of truths I had better not forget. Rob Biesenbach’s Unleash the Power of Storytelling: Win Hearts, Change Minds, Get Results surpassed my expectations, Best Picks Books

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Book Review: The Gig Economy

Small Business Labs

The book provides a wealth of excellent "how to" advice on succeeding at independent work. Mulcahy packages up the information from her MBA course in this book, and at only $16 ($11 if you buy the Kindle version), it's a a whole lot cheaper than taking her class at Babson. 

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Assistants Worldwide Who Contributed to a Gratitude Book

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I am overwhelmed by the hundreds of assistants worldwide who contributed to a Gratitude Book that was presented to me by my son, Brian, on my birthday (August 16). If you contributed to my Gratitude Book, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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Book Review: Thriving in the Gig Economy

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"How to capitalize and compete in the new world of work" is the tagline for the book Thriving in the Gig Economy.   The book starts with an excellent overview of the gig economy.   But anyone interested in the gig economy will learn much from this book.

2017 175

Book Review: The Million-Dollar One-Person Business

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We really like the tagline for the book The Million-Dollar One-Person Business.   But this book is not just about being self-employed. The book is written by the well-known and highly respected small business expert Elaine Pofeldt. 

2018 197

Book Review: Work Women Want

The Small Business Blog

Recently I read a business book that I really enjoyed. The author, small business owner Jennifer Forest, worked from home following the birth of her children and set out to make that the topic of her latest book. Book Review book review Business Books women work women want

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12 Must-Know Things While Designing A Book Cover

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Authors pour their heart and soul when they write a book. When the manuscript is finalized, the next critical task of designing a compelling and appealing book cover comes. Some authors outsource the designing of their book cover, while some take the DIY route.

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Book Review: Baby Bust

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  The book is based on several studies of students from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. There's also good news in the book, especially in the area of gender equality.   Book Reviews Demographics

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Book Review: The Manufacturer's Book of Lists

Small Business Labs

Because there are so many new and small manufacturing firms, I was very excited to read the  The Manufacturer's Book of Lists  by small business expert Gene Marks.   I found Chapter 3 on human resource issues to be one of the most important in the book.

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Great Book for Copyeditors and Others: The African Svelte

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I love it when a book on language teaches me a lesson. Best Picks Books Gems of Language ProofreadingThe African Svelte: Ingenious Misspellings That Make Surprising Sense, a guide by Daniel Menaker filled with humorous, elegant word errors, taught me that I’d better slow down and.

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Book Review: ABC Organization

Simple Productivity Blog

When I am asked to review books, they are generally involved and complicated. Her latest book, ABC Organization , is aimed at the preschool age child and goes over the basics of organization. This book was a light and fun read. Book Information. Book: ABC Organization.

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Book Review: Gigged - The End of the Job and the Future of Work

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  The book profiles a mix of gig workers, including an Uber driver, a computer programmer, someone working via Mechanical Turk and a few others. Book ReviewsWe're behind on our reading, but did manage to get to Gigged - The End of the Job and The Future of Work.

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Book Review: Sharing is Good

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  The book also makes a strong case why we should share more - think sustainability and money savings - and provides the information needed to get started in the sharing economy.   My favorite part of the book is chapter 6, What to Share.

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Five Inspirational Must Read Books for 2015

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Here’s the good news: anybody who wants to become healthier, better organized, happier in their relationships, more effective at work, or more financially secure can look for inspiration and guidance in inspirational books.

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Declutter your book shelves

Clutter Coach

by Books are sacred. The first line of attack is: don’t buy a book until you’re ready to read it. I recently talked to a client about the books on his shelf, most of which he hasn’t read, and he no longer remembers when or why he acquired them. Now he’s face with hundreds of books he feels he should read, someday. Even a budget scanning service would cost hundreds of dollars given how many books he had. They’re emblems of culture.

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How to Organize Books

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by I like an organic approach to organizing books. By that I mean that I suggest paying attention to how you use your books and what works well with your current set up before rearranging them. You may find that books you use a lot are already on the most convenient shelf. It doesn't matter if those books are on different subjects and are different sizes, keeping them as handy as possible is a good idea. your books on the shelves horizontally.

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Book Review: Confessions of a Comma Queen

Business Writing

Best Picks Books Gems of Language Punctuation Pointers Teaching Business WritingThere is a lot to like in Mary Norris’s Between You & Me: Confessions of a Comma Queen.

2015 176

Book Review: The Future of Work

Small Business Labs

I'm more than a bit behind on my book reviews, which is why it's taken me so long to get to Jacob Morgan's excellent book, The Future of Work.   The strength of this book is how well it synthesizes the wide range of trends driving the future of work.

2015 183

3 Management Books Every Upcoming Entrepreneur Must Read

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Some books can linger in your memory for a long time. There are books that can shake you from within while others can make you a better human being. The books in this list did all those things to me. 1)The Decision Book: 50 Models for Strategic Thinking.

2016 281

Simplifying My Books

Simple Productivity Blog

There are many, many areas where things are going away, but the place I always start is my books because I can go through them rapidly. Getting rid of books has always been painful, particularly if I haven’t read the book yet. What The Books Represent.

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5 Business Books Recommended By Top Entrepreneurs

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In case you’re looking for a great place to start, here are the 5 most recommended business books by today’s entrepreneurs as well as the best tips you can learn from each of them. Rework is not your traditional business book.

2016 207

Book Review: The Mindful Manifesto

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And this book gives a road map of how to do it. The book is about meditation. Starting with breathing, the book teaches us how to pay attention to our breath. The last part of the book is a short manifesto. This book has actually had an impact. Book Information.

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Pic of the Day: Read a Book

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Reading a book is likely to be a lot more valuable use of your time than spending the equivalent amount of hours on social media or watching television. Picture of the Day Business Books Facebook picture of the day

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Book Promotion and Marketing Testimonial Video

Andrea Kalli

Book Promotion and Marketing Testimonial Video. The post Book Promotion and Marketing Testimonial Video appeared first on Video Design, Editing, and Marketing Virtual Assistant. Designed and edited by Andrea Kalli – Video Design. Video Editing Services. Video Marketing.

Book Review: Fresh Thoughts on Clichés

Business Writing

Before you discount all clichés as weak, lazy writing, consider a few ideas from Orin Hargraves'' new book, It''s Been Said Before: A Guide to the Use and Abuse of Clichés (Oxford University Press, 229 pages, $24.95 Best Picks Books Gems of Language Teaching Business Writing

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Book Review: With Charity for All

Small Business Labs

Charity for All: Why Charities are Failing and a Better Way to Give is a fascinating book. According to the book, there are about 1.4 million The book chronicles a number of high profile examples of failed charities. You may ask why I'm reviewing this book.

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5 Tips to Learn Languages by Reading Foreign Books

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Through reading, foreign language book learners not only learn a new language, but also get to explore a new culture. In case you want to learn a new language by reading foreign books, there are a few simple rules to follow. Also, you can use bilingual books. Adapted books.

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Free Chapters From Joan’s Book: Who Took My Pen…Again?

Office Dynamics

It’s not very often that Office Dynamics can celebrate another book release by Joan but when we do, the amount of support shown is truly amazing. Joan’s new book, Joan’s Greatest Administrative Secrets Revealed , is set to be released in Septemeber, 2018. Thank You!

2018 192

Great Books For Beginner Investors?

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Those who are new to the world of investing should take the time to read at least one of the books listed below. Ideally, beginner investors should take the time to read two of these books before moving on to research and practice, and they should later come back and pick up the remaining titles as bedtime reading. The post Great Books For Beginner Investors?

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Book Review: A Good Laugh at Other People’s Mistakes

Business Writing

As I read the book last night, I caught myself repeatedly snickering at the errors proofreaders had missed and feeling. Best Picks Books Proofreading Just My Typo: From “Sinning With the Choir” to “The Untied States,” by Drummond Moir, provides lots of hearty laughs.

2014 198

Top 10 Websites for Book Lovers

Daily Writing Tips

There is something magical about reading books. Whether you like fiction or non-fiction, fantasy or sci-fi, there are many books out there. Still, it isn’t always easy to make a trip to the bookstore or library to find that specific book that you are looking for. Book Reviews

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Booking a chartered flight for your boss

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Many will skip the gauntlet that is busy airports and scheduled flights preferring to arrange their own private transportation, which means that assistants will be asked to book, chartered flights for their boss (and potentially their entire family and staff).

2014 239

Booking a flight for the boss

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For any assistant booking a flight for the boss can be a daunting task. Here are my top tips on booking a flight for your boss… . Once you have the flight booked there are a few more aspects of the trip you should consider before your boss boards the flight.

2014 248

Book Review: The End of the Suburbs

Small Business Labs

The End of Suburbs was released released last summer (OK, I admit I'm a bit behind on my book reviews), but I was reminded of it today while running errands in my suburban town.    Instead, a growing number of Americans (the book is about the U.S.)

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Top 10 Online Tools for Book Authors

Daily Writing Tips

Writing and publishing a book is a huge (and wonderful) undertaking – and you’ll want all the help you can get. There are loads of great downloadable tools out there for book authors, like Scrivener (for writing), Calibre (for producing ebooks) and KDP Rocket (for finding good keywords to use on Amazon). Tools for Publishing Your Book. However your book is published, though, you’ll find the “Tools for Marketing Your Book” list useful.). #3:

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Tips for booking entertainment at your events

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Over the years I have booked many different types of entertainment for events I have been asked to organise. I once booked a caricaturist that pretty much offended everyone he drew. The amount of space you have will definitely have an impact on the type of entertainment you book.

2014 231

7 Reasons To Start Reading Books? Here’s why!

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Ask a voracious reader why he or she makes time out of their busy schedule for reading a book. Have you ever wondered why they even read books? What’s the importance of reading books for these bibliophiles? You can bank on the information given in books.

2016 207

Book Review: The Fifth Age of Work

Small Business Labs

  He's a cultural anthropologist, partner in a coworking facility, business professor at Texas State and the co-author of one of the first books on coworking - I'm Outta Here.    I do have one required disclosure since I just suggested you read this book.

2013 247

Announcing my first book: The Hidden Power of Your Customers

Customers Rock!

I am so excited to share the news with all of you that I have a book coming out in July! The book is called The Hidden Power of Your Customers: Four Keys to Growing Your Business Through Existing Customers , being published by John Wiley & Sons. The Book. Pre-order the book.

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How to solve those hotel booking ‘facepalm’ moments

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Office Managers and PA’s across the world are using Roomex to save time and money on their work-related hotel bookings. This innovative tool comes at no cost and with no contract but saves on average 21% on hotel bookings.

2017 180

How the Best Hotels Win Repeat Bookings

The Small Business Blog

Follow these golden rules to build a reputation as a caring bed and breakfast, boutique hotel or national chain, to win repeat bookings. Create a sense of urgency to encourage bookings, by setting a deadline to claim the offer.

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