Stick to Your 2019 New Year’s Resolutions with These Tech Gadgets

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The post Stick to Your 2019 New Year’s Resolutions with These Tech Gadgets appeared first on Dumb Little Man. Goals Health TechnologyNew Year is considered as the start of a whole new journey. It’s the time when all of us make new resolutions.

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Why Drinking Soda Is Bad for Your Health

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Guzzling down one can of soda over another might be great for your taste buds but it can severely damage your health. Who wants to live the rest of his life avoiding delicious foods only because his health is at constant risk? Food Health

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Will CBD Change Modern Pain Management?

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Health MS IBS AEAToday, CBD is used to treat a myriad of conditions and its effects are reflected in both controlled scientific studies and personal accounts.

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6 Signs You’ve Fallen Into The Employee Mentality Pit

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It’s also important for the health and growth of your own business, behaving as an employee will not allow you to build your business and can leave you dissatisfied and wondering why you started your own business in the first place.

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12 Surprising Uses for Vicks VapoRub

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Written by DivineCaroline, a place where people come together to learn from experts in the fields of health, spending, and parenting. There are two scents that remind me of being a sick kid: brandy and Vicks VapoRub. Whenever I had a cold, those were my mom’s go-to remedies.

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5 Ways to Overcome Mental Blocks

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It also has positive effects to our health and outlook in life. We’ve all been there- staring at a blank screen, throwing endless drafts in the trash, pulling out hair, scrolling through Facebook photos, re-ordering music libraries and even wiping the computer clean.

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How to Overcome Emotional Abuse

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Just accept that it has happened and that you are now on the road to emotional health. She wants to be rich, not only monetarily, but in life, love, health, etc. Emotional abuse isn’t the easiest thing to deal with.

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How To Keep Mold Out of Your Basement

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Sometimes, members of the household don’t even notice it growing until they start experiencing health symptoms or unpleasant “musty” odors emanating from the basement. The adverse effects of mold are hard to overlook.

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Overcoming Work Fatigue: What You Need to Know

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Our career, livelihood, and passion shouldn’t cost us our mental health — take control of your work fatigue and get your energy back. Focus HealthWondering why your job makes you feel so tired at the end of the day? It could be a sign of work fatigue.

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How Toys Can Boost Your Child’s Development

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Make sure you have adequate toys that would develop their mental health. How a child views their world starts from the arms of their caretakers. Their views are closely guarded with what you put in front of them.

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How to Remove Skin Tags with Duct Tape

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If you are in the same health as you were when they grew, they may return. Skin tags can be quite embarrassing. Also known as acrochordons , they are the small flaps of skin that appear on the body. People who are very young, very old, pregnant, and diabetic are more prone to developing them.

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5 Simple Tweaks to Make Your Home More Attractive

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Natural things are always health-friendly. Designing or furnishing a home is never an easy task. In fact, it can get taxing most of the time, particularly for people who have no idea how to make a house beautiful and attractive.

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5 Quick Ways to Deal With the Confusion and Conflict Within You

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See Also: How Personal Counseling Helps Mental Health and Addiction. If you are going through a transition, you’d know how it feels. You may be confused, disorganized or even frustrated. You don’t know what’s what anymore and life doesn’t make sense.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Fitness Tracker

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Health TechnologyFitness tracker has bagged in immense popularity these days. These wearable technologies help you lead a fitter and healthier life, as they easily track your fitness level.

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Essential Tips for People Who Want to Enjoy Ketogenic Diet-Friendly Fast Food

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Many health benefits await. As such, you can prevent health conditions like heart attack, obesity, and stroke. Featured Food HealthSometimes, you don’t have enough time to prepare a keto-friendly meal.

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Study Says Over Half of Older Workers Suffer Involuntary Job Loss

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The study used data from the University of Michigan Health and Retirement Study. ProPublica's If You’re Over 50, Chances Are the Decision to Leave a Job Won’t be Yours covers a fascinating study looking at the job paths of workers aged 50 or older.

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How To Make 2019 Your Year For Fitness

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Now, are you planning on turning your health and physique around this 2019? If you want to make a real impact on your fitness level in 2019, though, you need to get more specific. The post How To Make 2019 Your Year For Fitness appeared first on Dumb Little Man.

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JWT Intelligence's Top 100 Trends for 2019

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The 2019 edition of one of our favorite trend reports - JWT Intelligence's annual forecast of 100 trends to watch in the coming year - is out.  trend 44) is an example: “Carb” was a dirty term in the health and wellness world for a long time.

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The 1 Thing That Could Lead to a Healthier, Happier 2019

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That's why I like this suggestion from mental health expert Koorosh Rassekh: Choose something you already do every day, and then set an intention around that particular practice. I distinctly remember one vacation where I sat alone on a beach, with only some birds for company.

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