7 Surprising Things You Do Every Day That Damage The Environment

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You might think that as they’re made of paper, the 23 billion coffee cups that are used in the US every year would not be harmful to the environment, but you’d be wrong. We’re often told about how damaging plastic is for the environment. Climate change has reached crisis levels.

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Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year 2018

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The Oxford Dictionaries has announced that its Word of the Year for 2018 is toxic , which visitors to its websites searched for not only in isolation but as an element in multiple phrases. Original post: Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year 2018.

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Job Growth Slowed in 2017; Implications for the Economy in 2018

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It's also looking good for 2018.  We also start 2018 with a very low unemployment rate of 4.1%. economic growth in 2018 of around 2.8% While we agree 2018 will see another of moderate economic growth, we think the economy will do a bit better than the consensus.

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Launching the Future Assistant 2018

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I thought I would start the day by launching the Future Assistant 2018! So what can I tell you about the Future Assistant 2018? The Future Assistant will take place on Thursday 8th and Friday 9th February 2018 in London. Launching the Future Assistant 2018.

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Joan’s Naughty and Nice List for Assistants

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Copyright Office Dynamics International 2018. Copyright Office Dynamics International 2018. Attitude Communication Skills Professional Image Self Development Work Environment

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A Title Does Not Define You

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Attitude Self Development Work EnvironmentAs one of my recent Star Achievement students wrote me. Too many administrative assistants at our organization believe that their title defines who they are.”. Executives have also brought this to my attention over the past few years.

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Live Life to Its Fullest: 39 Ways to Live and Not Merely Exist

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Break free from the cubicle environment, and do your work on a laptop in a coffee shop, on a boat or in a log cabin. “The proper function of man is to live – not to exist.” ” – Jack London.

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International Business Trends to Look Out for Throughout 2018

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Indeed, most industries are in such competitive environments nowadays that not keeping up with the current technologies, trends and innovative business models might put you out of business. … Economy & Environment business trends international business

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Being Comfortable In Your Company Working Environment

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So you need to go through each one and ensure that you’re doing as much as possible to create the best environment in your workplace. … Management office environmentOne thing that you have to do to run a successful business is to make sure that the idea of comfort is handled properly. Your employees need to be comfortable. Your clients need to be comfortable. Also, there are different kinds of happiness you need to look into. Physical comfort is one.

4 Unexpected Ways Playing Board Games Can Improve Your Well-Being

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Board games allow us to deal with conflict in a controlled environment. Have you ever heard that you need to exercise your mind as well as your body? Play is an important part of human development, but adults are notoriously bad at making time for it.

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16 Great Reasons to Meditate That’ll Convince You to Start Now

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The general impression of meditation is attributed to early mornings, closed eyes, natural environment, cross folded legs, and focusing on one object or deep breaths. We are living in a stressful environment where competition begins at home.

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Productivity Secrets Top-Level CEOs Would Rather Keep to Themselves

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Your environment cannot always be controlled, but you can control what you get accomplished. See Also: 5 Top Technology Trends That Will Shape 2018. Ice freezing offices. Social media. YouTube. Fantasy football leagues.

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Things Assistants Do That Executives Appreciate

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Executive And Assistant Partnership Self Development Uncategorized Work Environment

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Creating Great Habits Through Self-Improvement

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Turn your bedroom into a sanctuary for sleep with a cool, dark, quiet environment. If your environment is too noisy, then think about investing in earplugs. When you realize you’re not happy in the situation you find yourself in, it’s time to take action.

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5 Features to Achieve a Peaceful Home

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In particular, researchers have found that people who spend time near plants are happier and calmer than those who do not have any links to a natural environment. Your home should be a serene and peaceful place, but getting to that point is often easier said than done.

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Office Design Ideas for a Productive Workspace

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As an admin or office professional, you are in charge of keeping the office running smoothly and ensuring a productive work environment for your team, which can extend to making design decisions for the workplace. productivity environment office workspace

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Conference for Administrative Assistants and Executive Assistants – Opening Session

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October 24, 2018. Being an admin means constantly growing and learning new technologies, new tools, new methodologies, and changing environments and demands. We enjoyed a fabulous breakfast buffet (so much food!) at TBones upscale restaurant.

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Career Advancement is a Privilege, Not a Right

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But in today’s competitive working environment, you have to do things differently. I’ve encountered a number of counterproductive attitudes in the workplace, but one in particular really bothers me. Too many people out there think they deserve career advancement for all the wrong reasons.

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9 Sleep Hacks to Elevate Your Mood and Improve Your Health

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Wearing a comfortable eye mask and hanging up blackout curtains are two strategies for keeping your sleep environment darker. Lack of sleep is hazardous to your physical and mental health.

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10 Tips for Better Work-Life Balance

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It can be difficult to obtain better work-life balance if your commute eats up a significant part of your day or your office environment is stressful.

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22 Secrets to Discovering Your Dream and Living It

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What environment do you enjoy working in? One of the most important rules of happiness in life is to do what you love. You’ve probably heard that advice a lot of times already. Unfortunately, discovering that dream job and what you are meant to do in life isn’t always so easy.

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Insights from a “Rock Star”: A Conversation with Joan Burge

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Ohio State University Administrative Professionals Group hosted Joan Burge April 23, 2018, in an informal session called Insights From a Rock Star: A Conversation with Joan Burge. Attitude Problem Solving Productivity Professional Image Self Development Work Environment

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Can Humans Reverse Climate Change With Dietary Changes?

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High CO2 environments reduce the levels of iron, zinc, and protein in food crops. From urban American food deserts to developing countries, global hunger hits over 820 million people. Additionally, another two billion face nutrient deficiencies.

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Six Ways to Stay Motivated during Hideously Boring Tasks

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If you’re not a music fan or if you’re working in an environment where loud music isn’t appropriate, try audio books. Staying motivated is difficult. Finding motivation to do something you don’t really like is even harder. And when the task is boring, it gets more challenging.

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Office Dynamics Top 10 Blogs For Administrative Professionals

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Happy Administrative Professionals’ Day!

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Administrative Professionals Day Administrative Professionals Week Attitude Career Management Communication Skills Conference Executive And Assistant Partnership Executive Blog Motivators Professional Image Self Development Uncategorized Work Environment

How to Cope with The First 90 Days of Addiction Recovery

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The first few days of addiction recovery are also quite challenging because the individual is now far from the sympathetic and familiar environment of his alcohol rehab facility. Though it is important to create a temptation-free environment, it is just one of the many steps toward sobriety.

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5 Things That Can Bring More Satisfaction In Your Life

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However, when you recombine your true inner, peaceful self with the natural environment, you’ll be better with whatever you choose to be. Life in an urban settlement can be hectic. There is that traffic you need to traverse through in order to reach the office on time.

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Creating A Friendly Work Atmosphere

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Assess what kind of environment you work in. You form your own emotional “environment,” and in so doing, you work better and have more peacefulness. Difficult People Problem Solving Teamwork Uncategorized Work EnvironmentCreate a Friendly and Approachable Atmosphere.

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Why Job Shadowing Can Give You an Advantage

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You’re given a chance to ask job shadowing questions, observe a “day in the life of,” and just absorb and reflect on whether the environment and the workers are something that appeal to you.

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How to Plan Events Your Team Will Love (Without the Stress)

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Because events amplify your workplace culture, ensuring they are inclusive is essential to creating an environment where your coworkers can thrive. This is a guest post contributed by Eleanor Whitney, editor of All Hands , a publication about life at work from Managed by Q.

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Snuff Out the Burnout

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If you can’t take a few days off, even just one day, in a relaxing environment with no computers, faxes, e-mails, phone calls or any thoughts of work, can help renew you. If you feel you are on the verge of stressing too much because of your job or even home life, take a step back.

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How Depression is Changing Internet Culture

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This creates an environment that allows people to outwardly share what they’re experiencing through videos and images. A relationship with a therapist can provide a way for a client with mental issues to share in an environment where they can receive ways to improve their overall well being.

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Innovative Ways to Renovate Your Office Building

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Move away from common plants and search for something a little more exciting or unusual, taking care to select species that won’t wither in an office environment. You don’t want your office building to look like a stereotype.

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How to Tell Someone You’re a Recovering Addict

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In a social environment that’s not so nice to people facing issues like addiction and recovery, it can be difficult to open up to others and tell them you’re a recovering addict. The workplace is a challenging environment when it comes to sharing personal information like your recovery.

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Why You Don't Want to Rely on Gut Instinct

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But can you really rely on that compass when you're in a fast-paced environment where there is constant pressure to produce results and beat the competition -- or else? As you rise through the ranks and become a manager, you may be faced with ethical dilemmas.

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How To Learn To Trust Your Gut Again

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Not to be confused with the influence of instinct, intuition is formed by our personal environments rather than biological triggers. Plainly, intuition is a high level of thought. It is a natural, seemingly thoughtless process that requires no analysis or deep thinking.

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Even More Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint in the Office

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As a way to combat or prolong the issue, many organizations have opted to go green by creating more eco-friendly working environments. Not only does reducing their carbon footprint helps the environment, but it also helps business.

5 Ways to Fix Workplace Drama

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Such an environment hurts productivity, teamwork and creativity, and can eventually lead to employees leaving.

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How Personal Counseling Helps Mental Health and Addiction

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It’s set in an environment where the person feels most secure and comfortable. Personal or individual counseling is a process wherein an individual works with a licensed and highly-trained therapist on a one-on-one basis.

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Is Workplace Drug Testing Changing?

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Instead, it works only to cultivate and maintain a healthy and safe work environment. Back in 2012, positive drug test rates among American employees were just under 5%, hitting a 30-year low. Today, 88% of employers conduct drug testing at any point in the tenure of their employees.

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5 Ways to Take Charge of Your Career

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Learn to take responsibility and be accountable for your work environment. In the new work environment, you have to tackle problems inside and outside your immediate area. 5 Ways to Take Charge of Your Career. Think like an entrepreneur. See yourself as President of You, Inc.

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4 Ways to Handle a Passive-Aggressive Colleague

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Such personalities can emerge when an individual "feels powerless and lacks a strong voice in a challenging environment," Ni explains. There are always different personalities at work, and that's what can make your day strange, fun, interesting -- and maddening.

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