Value Signaling And Other Modern Monsters

Brilliantly Better

The post Value Signaling And Other Modern Monsters appeared first on Dragos Roua. Yesterday I wrote about a weird, twisted way in which, we, humans, are complicating our lives, by giving prevalence to signals over facts.

Bob Chandler and Bigfoot: A Monster Example of “Niche Creation”

The Solopreneur Life

When Chandler began smashing cars as part of Bigfoot’s routine, the monster-truck phenomenon was born. In the early 1980s, a fledgling sports television network in search of programming — ESPN — began broadcasting monster-truck events. Monster-truck competitions quickly grew into a multimillion-dollar industry. And Chandler’s legend will live on, as he was inducted into the Monster Truck Hall of Fame’s first class of honorees, in 2011.


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Taming the Email Monster

Office Dynamics

Taming the Email Monster. Check out More Tips for Taming the Email Monster for the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’t’s’ to help you understand how to develop your own system for preventing email overwhelm. I would like to introduce a new guest blogger to the Office Dynamics family! Alita Marlowe Bluford is an expert in efficiency and she plans to share some of her greatest tips with you here at The Joan Burge Blog! By Alita Marlowe Bluford, CPO®, PTAC®.

Monday Motivator – Fear Can Become a Monster If We Let It

Office Dynamics

It has a way of becoming a “monster” if you let it fester because the more you think about the thing you fear doing, the worse it seems. The post Monday Motivator – Fear Can Become a Monster If We Let It appeared first on Office Dynamics. Welcome to Halloween week. Halloween is such an interesting holiday and is becoming almost as popular as the other major holidays.

Taming the Email Monster

Office Dynamics

Taming the Email Monster. Check out More Tips for Taming the Email Monster for the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’t’s’ to help you understand how to develop your own system for preventing email overwhelm. I would like to introduce a new guest blogger to the Office Dynamics family! Alita Marlowe Bluford is an expert in efficiency and she plans to share some of her greatest tips with you here at The Joan Burge Blog! By Alita Marlowe Bluford, CPO®, PTAC®.

Fear Can Become a Monster If We Let It

Office Dynamics

The FEAR Monster. Welcome to Halloween week. Halloween is such an interesting holiday and is becoming almost as popular as the other major holidays. The stores, boutique shops, and online businesses sell everything to decorate your home, prepare for parties, and offer all kinds of paraphernalia. For decades October has been the month of scary movies and costumes. People love to decorate their yard like graveyards and display spooky creatures and goblins.

More Tips for Taming the Email Monster

Office Dynamics

Guest blogger, Alita Marlow Bluford continues her tips on taming the email monster. Taming the Email Monster (Continued). Focus and discipline is necessary to conquer the email monster. By Alita Marlowe Bluford, CPO®, PTAC®. Marlowe & Associates, Inc Efficiency Consultants. Farmington Hills MI 48333. 800-852-9050. to order The Ultimate Guide to being Efficient@email click here: [link].

Five Ways to Battle the Little Green Monster

On The Job

I try to keep that in mind every time I feel that little green monster try to sit on my shoulder. What kind of car do you drive? What does your lawn look like? How much did that suit cost you? If you're a typical American, at least one of these things brings out your competitive side. Go on, admit it. Your car was chosen because it was something you could show off to your friends. Your lawn could qualify for the PGA, and any weed that dares show up is considered an enemy of the state.

2008 100

Is the Green-Eyed Monster in Your Cubicle?

45 Things

The green-eyed monster now rears itself not on the playground, but in the cubicle. When I was in grade school, every year I had to put up with someone I'll call "Mary" in my classes. I never liked her, because her hair was longer than mine, she dressed better than I did and she was much prettier. Yet, every year -- from kindergarten until sixth grade -- I had her in every class. Some day the jealousy I felt when she showed up in a new hair bow with a pretty dress made me seethe.

Focus On Achieving Your Goals And Defeat Your Need For Perfectionism By Using The Completionist Mindset

Dumb Little Man

Nobody's exempt from falling into ineffective thought patterns, so really consider whether or not you've fallen prey to the monster known as perfectionism. How many of you out there are perfectionists? You know, those people who spend all their time and energy fine-tuning the details to death. Are you guilty? While some of you may not completely identify as a perfectionist, I'll bet you've done it on more than one occasion.

2013 219

3 Signs You’re Losing Hope

Dumb Little Man

Without this trait, we run the risk of be swallowed whole by the monster of despair. On the subject of hope, civil rights hero Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.” This would suggest to me that life will surly deal us all plenty of opportunities to embraced the darkness of hopelessness, but we have to learn to dig deeper to lay hold of an expectation that we are always progressing.

2015 210

5 Ways to Calm Down Before You Shoot Ballistic Missiles at Everyone

Dumb Little Man

Though, credit card is not affected, but it is quite irrational way of holding the shopping monster within any person. I came across the term “Ice Glass Method” while reading the wonderful book “Predictably Irrational” by Dan Ariely. It is used for control the craving for excess shopping. In this method, the person has to put the credit card in a glass of water and then place it in the freezer.

2015 219

Get Things Done With A Productivity Sprint

Simple Productivity Blog

At the time that I am peering down the throat of this monster that is about to swallow me, I know I have to quickly bring that list down in size. Sometimes, no matter my best intentions and diligent working, my task list seems to take on a life of its own. But when you are faced with a massive task list, what is the best way to get things done? The answer is a productivity sprint. The post Get Things Done With A Productivity Sprint appeared first on Simple Productivity Blog.

Sprint 168

Millennial Myths

Small Business Labs

Good article on Monster's blog called Millennial Myths and the Truth About Gen Y Workers.  It covers 5 of the bigger misconceptions about the Millennial generation (born 1980 to 2000).   The 5 Myths are: Gen Y is lazy. Gen Y is apathetic. Gen Y lacks morals. Gen Y has trouble finding jobs. Gen Y thinks they are smarter than you were at their age. I will refer you to the article for the Gen Y "truths", which I agree with.

2012 140

Bee Thinking: a Niche Business That Helps the Planet

The Solopreneur Life

Bob Chandler and Bigfoot: A Monster Example of “Niche Creation” “What’s the Best Thing You Did When Starting Your Solo Business?” If you’re like me, you’d love to create a sustainable business that helps the planet. Matt and Jill Reed of Portland, Oregon, have done it. Matt caught “bee fever” in 2008 when he came home and found a struggling bee on a windowsill.[1] 1] He gave it heated honey on a plate. The bee devoured the […].

2014 139

A Map Of Mythical Creatures And Where To Find Them

Dumb Little Man

With our monster map, you’ll finally know where they live, what they do, and where they are from. The Loch Ness Monster. Travel firm Expedia , who have put together a fantastic online map showing you places around the world where mythical creatures are said to live, explains that early sightings of the Loch Ness Monster compared the aquatic creature to a dragon. Have you always dreamed of seeing a yeti? Maybe you’d love to have a beer with ol’ Bigfoot?

2017 161

Famous Cryptids: Are They Real?

Dumb Little Man

Do you believe in monsters, fairies or supernatural creatures? Whether it’s the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot or the Chupacabra, there’s little evidence to prove whether these famous cryptids do or do not exist. Many searched the Pine Barrens of southern New Jersey, looking for the legendary monster. In the forests of the Great Lakes region, from central Canada to Minnesota, First Nations and Native American tribes tell stories of the same monster.

2018 147

13 Ideas for How to use Halloween in Marketing

Andrea Kalli

— Unleash your inner monster. Using holidays as inspiration for marketing campaigns is a great idea. For Halloween, there is no shortage of marketing concepts that can be conjured up (see what I did there?) that play off of each other quite well. Here are 13 Marketing Concept Starter Ideas – How to use Halloween in your business content marketing: — Don’t be scared by xxx. — Cleaning out cobwebs. — It’s frightening how xxx.

2016 153

Happy (belated) New Year!

ProAssisting Blog

ProAssisting came into being last year and this year our goal is to expand upon the great successes we’ve had so far… Just to re-cap, in addition to becoming a featured writer for Monster’s AdminSecret , we had a very robust beta testing period thanks to their community of assistants who put our training through its paces. Home Blog About Us Who we are About the Program Program Specifics Execs, HR Depts.

2010 500


Daily Writing Tips

Wall in a publication of the International Society of Cryptozoology , as a word “to replace sensational and often misleading terms like monster.”. Fouke Monster. Loch Ness monster. The lovely word cryptid came to my attention in reference to the ivory-billed woodpecker. One of these birds, long believed to be extinct, was sighted in eastern Arkansas in 2004. As no subsequent sightings have been reported, the survival of the species is still disputed.

2015 74

Why We Need More Warriors (And How to Become One)

Dumb Little Man

The monsters arise from within and without, seeking to consume us, craving violence. A man discovers his Warrior nature facing such monsters guided by his principles and strengthened by his resolve. In mythic terms, each time we slay the monster, face the ordeal, or choose principle over comfort, we discover and deepen our Warrior self. In today’s world, many aspects of masculinity have been called into question.

2017 179

5 Marketing Ideas for Food Trucks

Small Business CEO

Marketing can be a difficult monster to tame no matter what industry you are in. But in the fast paced lifestyle of food trucks, strong marketing is more important than ever. Owning a mobile eatery removes the ability for customers to associate your brand with a location. That’s the mobile part. Because of this, many people are only able to get information about the business through previous customers word of mouth or seeing the truck on the street.

2018 64

How To Make Your Website More Mobile-Friendly

Dumb Little Man

You can check out theme directories like Tesla Themes, Theme Forest or Template Monster to see if you find one you like better than the above. I could start by bombarding you with statistics on how many people now use smartphones vs. desktops, but you’ve probably heard them. I could talk about the importance of making your website usable and readable on mobile, but you’re doubtless already aware of that. At this point, there’s really only one thing left to say.

2019 168

Soulmates: Truth or Fiction?

Dumb Little Man

It’s like when your 4-year-old kid asks: “Do monsters exist?” The idea of having a perfect partner has been skimming around since the dawn of time. Most of us are affected by this thought, either consciously or subconsciously.

2020 215

What I Needed to Know About Life I Learned by Playing Dungeons and Dragons

Dumb Little Man

You probably sucked at fighting monsters, and your one spell made loud noises. As a child, I was a loner. I was an only child, and my mother was a single parent raising her son in the 1980s. I grew up pretty isolated, especially from other children.

2020 211

Genspace - A Biotech Coworking Community

Small Business Labs

As this video from PSFK shows , the lab looks very cool and there's no sign of monsters. Genspace is a community biotech laboratory in Brooklyn, New York.  According to their website, they. " " offer hands-on courses to the public, provide extracurricular experiences for students, and encourage scientific entrepreneurship, particularly in the fields of molecular and synthetic biology."

2012 138

How to Use Job Boards to Get a Job

45 Things

It can be frustrating to use the big job boards such as Monster, Indeed or LinkedIn if you feel like your resume is being dumped into a black hole, never to be seen by a human recruiter.

2020 56

The Most Common Fears in America and How You Can Overcome Them

Dumb Little Man

As children, 50% of people said were afraid of the dark and many more feared being home alone or seeing ghosts and a terrifying monster lurking under the bed. The word “fear” often bears a very negative connotation. It’s seen as an emotional response that holds us back, puts us on edge, and breeds discomfort. At its core, though, fear is actually a force of good. It’s a biological response that keeps us safe whenever we perceive danger.

2019 164

Eco-friendly green ideas to staying cool this summer

Eco-Office Gals

everyone got a bug up their rear about air conditioning, and soon enough, our house, too, was playing host to a giant, refrigerated monster of a thing. Staying cool in the 80’s summers of my childhood was a pretty simple affair. Mountains of frozen Primas, a hose, and a makeshift bed in the laundry. Naturally, we all thought it was the bees knees. Instead of destroying our milky skin in the blistering Aussie sun, we would settle in front of the television, crank the air.

2013 131

Diaper Genie Belongs in the Niche Product Hall of Fame

The Solopreneur Life

Bob Chandler and Bigfoot: A Monster Example of “Niche Creation” Sometimes You Choose Your Niche. N iche businesses can be described in four words: See need. Meet need. Consider diapers. The Need? A convenient way to dispose of diapers. The Business? Diaper Genie. Last week I went in for a haircut. The woman who cuts my hair just returned from maternity leave, and I asked: “How do you like your Diaper Genie?” ” “I love it. I can’t live without it.”

2013 109

4 Signs That You’re Making Positive Progress in Life

Dumb Little Man

Mistakes aren’t the monsters that we make them out to be. Whether you’re hoping to start a successful business or simply looking to live a fulfilling life, progress is an important indicator of current and future success. But what’s progress to one person may not be progress to the next, so how can you know for sure that you’re making true progress in your life? Fortunately, there are a few solid indicators that you’re making progress. Outlined below are five of them.

2016 219

Clean Your Home Office, Not Your Bank Account

Small Business CEO

I don’t want to hurt my dog; I’m not some kind of monster. Home office cleaning is no one’s idea of a fun weekend. There are so many ways to procrastinate and just avoid it entirely. Hey, the vacuum cleaner is making funny noises! Guess I better not use it; I”ll just have to save up to buy another one. Should I really mop the floor today? Last time I did that, the dog kept slipping on it. And so on and so forth.

“Please don’t think me a fool, uncaring or cruel but.

Denise Aday

Oh but the hypocrisy SCREAMS when I think of these monsters pretending to care. “Please don’t think me a fool, uncaring or cruel but I have to ask questions where questions have grown. Who are these ones with their official big guns and how dare the complain about the violence they have sown? My heart is undone for these friends and relations whose lives have gone hollow and may never repair. And the silence will roar in this country of war, the silence will roar.

Set Healthy Boundaries at Work

Office Dynamics

I told her, “You created the monster.” An important component to self-management versus stress-management is to set healthy boundaries in the workplace. In this article what kind of boundaries and with whom. As administrative assistants and executive assistants, you can often feel like setting boundaries might get you fired or your leader will think you are not a team player. Some people think when I’m talking about setting boundaries, it has to do with sexual harassment in the workplace.

2019 169

Sometimes You Choose Your Niche. Sometimes Your Niche Chooses You.

The Solopreneur Life

Bob Chandler and Bigfoot: A Monster Example of “Niche Creation” Marketing Starting Out niche purpose-drivenI ’ve never claimed to be a fast learner. Here’s the latest example: it took me 18 years to identify my niche. For quite some time, I’ve been mystified by my clients. In our initial conversation, they invariably say they have a reason for wanting to build a business that goes beyond a profit motive. Some clients have an education-related purpose.

2012 148

Words with the -ster Suffix

Daily Writing Tips

Monster , for example, is based on the Latin term monstrum , meaning “monster” or “omen.”. The suffix -ster originated in Old English as -ister , serving to turn a verb into an agent noun, one describing a person who (or thing that) performs an action. Beginning its linguistic life as the feminine equivalent of -er , it survives in the specifically feminine noun spinster —originally, “a woman who spins,” but now a label for an older unmarried woman.

2016 50

Why You Should Never Tell Your Kids To Say Thank You

Dumb Little Man

None of us need a bunch of rude little monsters roaming through our days. Polite kids are a joy, aren’t they? Welcomed anywhere. Praised and held up as role models for their less polite peers. “Please” and “thank you” rolling off their well-behaved tongues. Like learning the alphabet and counting, saying thank you and please are embedded in most children’s vocabulary very early on. What a shame! Now, hear me out…. The Politest Little Girl in the World.

2017 164

Smart Phones: Master or Servant?

Simple Productivity Blog

Taming The Monster. And here are ways that I can tame the monster. Mondays are productivity days at SimpleProductivity blog. I was sitting at dinner with my family while on vacation and watched as a family of six next to us spent their entire dinner in unnerving silence. They were all glued to their smart phones, only looking up from the tiny screens when their waitress would come by and ask a question. I could be extra generous and assume they were all texting each other.

Phones 175

How NOT To Breathe When You Feel Anxious

Dumb Little Man

In 2012, they released ‘Belly Breathe’, featuring a rabid ‘monster’ Elmo assisted by Common and Colbie Caillat. ‘If you feel nervous, just take a few deep breaths. In, then out. In, then out.’. This feels like an obvious advice. Everyone knows that slow, deep breathing can calm the heart rate and lower feelings of anxiety. You may have tried this breathing technique to calm your nerves at a job interview, a presentation or a date. It’s also obvious how to breathe.

2017 167


Daily Writing Tips

Says the poet, “[The monster] did not mourn for it.”. --> Get access to 300+ interactive grammar exercises! A rhetorical term for understatement is litotes : litotes [LY-tuh-teez] (noun): understatement in which an affirmative is expressed by the negative of the contrary (as in “He’s not a bad ballplayer”)—Merriam-Webster. Litotes can be used to express a variety of meanings.

2015 79

A Quick Guide In Designing Your Children’s Room

Dumb Little Man

Children grow up listening to stories of monsters, centaurs, and unicorns. Adding fun to your children’s room is no different from any renovation project you have for your home. However, in choosing the right child room design, you have to make sure that it can adapt to the changing moods of your children while allowing them to develop some really cool memories. If you are not sure where to start, here are some ideas you can consider. Clocking The Cool Color: The Basics.

2017 158

Room Mate Hotel, Barcelona

Practically Perfect PA

From its day-glow assortment of complementary sweets to its toiletries – which include a “Showcap for Brilliant Minds” and “Dental Kit for Monster’s Teeth!” The invite to stay and review a Room Mate hotel in the centre of Barcelona really did arrive at the most fortuitous of times. Never was a private, outdoor sunken mini pool and vista of a wonderful city scape so welcome!

2014 140

Admonitions and Premonitions

Daily Writing Tips

Finally, monster derives from a sense of “something that warns”: The word describes an abnormal, strange, or terrifying living thing; something cruel, threatening, or ugly; or something especially large or successful. Monster is employed as an adjective as well in the last sense, while monstrous applies for the other meanings and monstrously serves as an adverb. Admonition and premonition are two members of a small word family based on a root pertaining to scolding or warning.

2018 49