17 Worst Resume Mistakes

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Whether you are a college student, a recent graduate or a job seeker, you must have, at least once in your lifetime, written a resume. Resume writing is tricky for everyone. A resume has to be perfect because it marks the starting point of one’s professional career. However, there are several common mistakes that people make while writing a resume. Here are 17 common resume mistakes that you must avoid making 2017 the year of your employment.

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How to Market Yourself During A Career Search

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Once you know your USP, it needs to be highlighted throughout your resume and interviews. There are several online tools you can use to discover the average salary for the type of position you seek. You cannot just count on scattering a few resumes through email. In addition, you need to take care of the details, such as sprucing up your LinkedIn profile, updating the job boards with your resume , and putting yourself out there through recruiting agencies.

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Two-for-One Sale: Get Your Interview Tips Now!

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I sent out a HARO request the other day asking for input on resume do's and dont's. I was flooded with so many good suggestions I couldn't use them all for my Gannett News Service and USAToday.com column, so I'm offering you a great deal today: Super resume advice at no cost to you! (I Anyway, I'll let these people tell you in their own words what you can do to help you in your job search: "One of my pet peeves is extremely vague objective (resume)statements.

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Is it ever OK to tell someone how much you make?

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Someone asked me the other day what my salary was. Years ago we were taught never to reveal our salary. I was so excited about getting a steady salary that I wrote the amount in my calendar on each payday. When my boss noticed what I had written, he took me aside and told me that I should never write my salary down for others to see. I think it is to the employer's benefit that we don't discuss salary. revealing your salary How much do you make?

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Don't Forget That Even in This Job Market, You Can Still Negotiate a Job Offer

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But if they have gone to the trouble to wade through the resumes they're being bombarded with, if you've risen to the top with all that tough competition out there, then they want you. if you know from your research that the salary is not competitive.

Uh-Oh: You May Not Be Worth What You Thought

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According to a JobFox survey, some median annual salary ranges dropped $10,000, compared to a month ago. This helps set the groundwork for a salary bump before your annual review. If an employer isn't offering you the salary you desire, ask for training opportunities -- either in another department, or to attend an industry event where you'll not only learn something, but make valuable professional contacts.

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Résumé + Interview = A Job

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My resume is a disaster, I have spent countless hours tweaking and rewriting to no avail. My search has shown that there are hundreds of so-called resume writing services out there, but when I look at the samples, I am not that impressed.

Is Job Hopping Losing Its Stigma?

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” Driscoll added, “Professionals considering job moves should evaluate not only salary but also where they will have the greatest opportunity to build skills and advance their careers.” If money is your primary concern, and your employer can’t offer a higher salary, look at the entire compensation package before heading out the door. Looks better on a resume to have multiple employers. MENLO PARK, Calif.,

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5 Job Search Red Flags to Watch Out For

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They’ll offer exorbitant salaries or incredible paths for growth or unbelievable perks…but you’ll always find there’s a catch. This happens when an organization uses one job posting to get resumes in the door, but then tells the candidate, “Sorry, that role is actually filled…but we have another job you’d be perfect for!”. If you’re told you’ve been “hired” because someone saw your resume on CareerBuilder, it’s not legitimate.

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The Laws of Khaki Revealed

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Make sure the spinach is out of your teeth: The growing popularity of video resumes, coupled with the desire to network directly with employers, has been put into a new product called VisualCV. The Web site allows job seekers to build online resumes with videos, work samples, reference letters and other media, in addition to the standard work and education information. Tags: video resumes Robert Half International casual dress job seekers VisualCV health insurance Esquire

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How Long Should a Job Search Take?

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Therefore, if you’re expecting to earn an annual salary of $60,000, you should plan for a 6-month job search. However, if you have a strong resume, a robust network, and good interview skills, you could land something sooner. Perhaps a slight tweak to your resume, or a minor adjustment in your search strategy, or a different approach to interviewing is all you need to get some positive results.

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10 Answers You Should Know Before Your Job Interview

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You need to prepare a dynamic application letter and resume and research the company. What salary do you want for this job? She helps her business students with job application letters, resumes, and interview questions and is working on a book on the therapeutic aspects of journaling. Passing a job interview is not as easy as before. Today, you need to do more than just offer a firm handshake to your interviewer, make eye contact, and nod pleasantly now and then.

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Is Your Job Title Hurting Your Career?

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Some of your criteria may be based on salary, location, company culture or perks. Or, they think the title doesn't really matter -- they just want a better salary and more vacation time. Specifically, in a look at tech jobs, it shows that "sales representative" and "sales engineer" garner bigger jumps in salary over time. The jump in salary over a decade can be as high as 55.9% -- that is a much bigger increase than the 3% annual bump you might receive in other jobs.

Is Your Education Useless? | Men With Pens

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Many freelancers don’t have to send their resumes to people anymore, so those degrees don’t see a lot of action, but they’re there, collecting dust on our walls. Sonya – I do have to admit that most people who email me their resume and quote an English degree tend to have some of the worst writing in the world… Not sure why that is, actually.

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7 Mobile Applications To Help You Find A Job

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Depending on the industry, salary, location and date, you can apply directly through the app. Before starting the job search, make sure to create a profile and import your resume. It also offers a list of resumes that can help you in creating your own. You do not have to create a profile; just import your resume and start the search. Thanks to today’s technology, there are now countless job search apps that can greatly improve your job hunting experience.

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6 Ways to Add Value to Your Organization & Advance Your Career

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Your company pays you a salary and they expect a return. Imagine a resume full of value-add accomplishments like this. The information you gather will be critically important in future performance reviews or when writing your next resume. Over the past few months, I’ve talked about this concept at length in numerous webinars, speeches and presentations. Career Academy members are already familiar with this, as are those who have attended my live training programs.

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Incorporating Green Practices Into Self-Employment

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Two pairs of fictitious resumes were sent off to job listings found around the web, and researchers found that individuals who listed self-employment as their last position were 63% less likely to receive what they requested for salary, or even land an interview at all. You should take your contract work seriously and use self-employment to boost your resume with real examples of your work.

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How to Save Your Startup by Hiring the Right People

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Job applicants are skilled at wearing masks (covering their shortcomings with perfect resumes and decorated titles) to lure the CEO into hiring them. Hiring a candidate who doesn’t fit your company culture can cost your business between 50-60% of the person’s annual salary, according to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). Your startup is as fragile as a newborn baby.

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A Story of Inspiration for all Administrative Professionals

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We also talk about resumes and a unique tri-fold marketing piece. Thank goodness Gillie had her career portfolio, resume and tri-fold marketing piece done. Before the day ended, the CEO offered her the job with a six-figure salary plus stock options, plus, plus! The Gillie Watson Story. May 21, 2018. I will never forget Gillie Watson. Gillie attended my World Class Assistant certification and designation course in Las Vegas many years ago.

Tasty Tidbits: Professional Development News & Views January 6, 2017

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If you missed them, take a peek here: 3 Reasons to Never Skip Salary Negotiation When Accepting a New Job. Resume Tips for a Portfolio Career. Resume writing is an arduous task. This post is part of a series in which I share some of my favorite Internet finds (related to career advancement and professional development) from the past week. Enjoy! From Yours Truly. I wrote a few new articles for various outlets including U.S.

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The War On Grad School

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Some students don’t see the increased student loan debt as a big deal when their potential salary options nearly double after completing their graduate degree. Those holding Graduate degrees in the following fields can see a high difference in their wages: Financial services sales agents have an $80,000 increase in salary. Physicians assistants have a $29,000 increase in salary. Education administrators have a $23,000 increase in salary.

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Endear Yourself to the Buyer

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The resume reader’s objective is to eliminate résumés that clearly seem to lack something.

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First Day at Work? How to Make a Good Impression

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– Faster promotion to higher positions and salary rise. You already succeeded when your resume passed a stringent screening process and when you aced your job interview. Your job interview is over and you are confidently getting ready for your first day at work. But now it’s time to make sure you can make a good impression on everyone – your management, co-workers, and other team members you are going to work with. Why does it even matter, you might ask.

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So, How about a Career Coach?

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Home Founder Resume Writing Career Coaching Marketing Yourself Selling Yourself Job Stress General Advice Interview Skills "The Relocated Spouse [link] — jobconnection So, How about a Career Coach?

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Want to Change Career? What Does It Take?

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Home Founder Resume Writing Career Coaching Marketing Yourself Selling Yourself Job Stress General Advice Interview Skills "The Relocated Spouse [link] — jobconnection Want to Change Career?

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the fisher price concept

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She’s seen over 600,000 resumes and knows how hiring authorities think and how they hire. Sign up for her free newsletter and receive a comprehensive resume report in return!

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While in Transition, Are You Keeping Pace with Technology?

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Home Founder Resume Writing Career Coaching Marketing Yourself Selling Yourself Job Stress General Advice Interview Skills "The Relocated Spouse [link] — jobconnection While in Transition, Are You Keeping Pace with Technology?

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Why People Complain and What We Can Do About It

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When you wish you had the new car, or the new job or the high salary there is a tendency to complain, either that the other people are getting this or that you're not. You can brush up your resume and start applying to new jobs. Know any chronic complainers?

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51 Ways to Break a Limiting Belief

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Workbooks Stress Management Workbook Time Management Magic Reinvent Your Career Workbook More Tasty Goodness Career Management Consulting Job Interview Coaching Resume Revision Group Training & Public Speaking Eat My WHAT?!

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Are You a Job Hopper? 3 Reasons Why You Can't Stick It Out

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Workbooks Stress Management Workbook Time Management Magic Reinvent Your Career Workbook More Tasty Goodness Career Management Consulting Job Interview Coaching Resume Revision Group Training & Public Speaking Eat My WHAT?!

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Career Management: Defining the Process and Purpose

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Workbooks Stress Management Workbook Time Management Magic Reinvent Your Career Workbook More Tasty Goodness Career Management Consulting Job Interview Coaching Resume Revision Group Training & Public Speaking Eat My WHAT?!

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Announcement: The Shrink for Entrepreneurs is hiring

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Here are some things that would be super amazing if they happened to be on your resume, but are not hard requirements: You have experience with WordPress blog software. It potentially expand to a full time salaried position based on your long term results and ability to grow with the company. You read it right. This is a job advertisement. Of course it isn’t for you. You’re one of those kicks-ass-and-takes-no-names entrepreneurs. You’re proudly unemployable.

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You Hate Your New Job -- Now What?

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With a low unemployment rate, some employers are pulling out all the stops when it comes to recruiting workers, such as offering perks and higher salaries. Are you learning new skills to add to your resume? But sometimes the hiring manager goes a bit further -- and doesn't present a realistic picture of what you'll really be doing if you take the job.

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Should I stay or should I go?

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It is always good to do an evaluation of your job and you may come away from the exercise deciding to put your resume out and look for something else or you may come away encouraged in your present job. Other things you need to evaluate as well is the salary, career advancement, company benefits, etc.,

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Thoughts On Finding A New Job

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It all comes down to the overall compensation package – On top of the Salary, the employee must take into consideration the Medical, Dental, Vision, 401K, Profit-Sharing, Stock Options, and other benefits. Opportunities such as these are the perfect real-world training ground, and you can usually reference them in your resume. Copyright © 2011 Marlon Ribunal. Visit the original article at [link]. Post written by Marlon Ribunal. Follow me on t witte r.

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You're Always Being Watched

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His resume showed that he took on some dirty jobs, but kept building his skills and responsibilities for various employers as he worked his way through school. The office manager who one day builds a successful software company is going to remember that you were a hard worker and hire you away from your current job at three times your salary.

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Do You Have What it Takes to Work in a Non-Profit?

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Further, many non-profits can’t offer as much in salary, but other benefits may balance that out for many job seekers. Krasna points out that working for a non-profit organization shouldn’t be discounted just because salaries are sometimes lower. It’s something you should highlight in your resume and cover letter.”

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How to Survive When Your Company's Ship Sinks

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Brainstorm about people they know who might be able to help you submit a resume or get an interview. Be realistic about what you can accept as a salary, and don't get caught up in a job title.

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My Job Changed, Why Not My Title

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By making sure that all persons who do a similar job are making similar salaries, companies can protect themselves against complaints that they are treating disparate groups of employees differently when it comes to pay. First of all, changing job descriptions and titles can mean changing pay scales and requiring higher salaries. It’s a benefit for you even if you don’t qualify for a higher salary at that point.

Dealing With A Job Loss: Starting the Job Hunt

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It may be that you prefer a smaller salary in a more stable company to a big salary in an industry that is shaky. Most of the services will also allow employers to search resumes.

On the Outside Looking In

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A Job is Waiting to Happen to You Long gone are the days of scouring the newspaper want ads and pounding the pavement going from office to office submitting your resume. There are sites that are specifically for job hunters where you can submit your resume and a profile about yourself for any employer to see. Employers may get to see a side of you other than what you put on your resume or present at the interview. Click here for an article on preparing your resume.

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3 Reasons Automated Hiring Will Rock Your World – And Your Bottom Line

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Consequently, decision-makers are forced to weed through hundreds of candidates without exposing themselves to compliance risks or succumbing to “false positives,” or people who seem like the real deal, but turn out be as over-exaggerated as their resume. The benefits are simple: No more subjective, time-consuming resume scanning. It only takes one hiring – especially a bad one – to realize that identifying and retaining new employee costs much more than just their offered salary.

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4 Ways to Increase Your Chances of Finding Remote Work

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Salaries sometimes run 10 percent to 20 percent less than working on site. Your LinkedIn profile or resume should note experience working remotely or independently on projects. An early indicator is your resume. Your resume has got to be free of typos, and you need to avoid a form cover letter. Many people think they want to work from home until they do it.

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