Don’t Eat That! 10 of the Worst Restaurant Meals

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In these lean economic times, many of us have cut back on eating out, and when we do treat ourselves to a meal in a restaurant, it’s likely to be in one of the “casual dining” chains. Health Recipe While the quality of the food served in these establishments is generally better than what you get in the burger or taco chains, that doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Here are ten of the meals and sides packing the most in calories, fat and salt.

Digital Transformation Leading to Ghost Restaurants

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Ghost restaurants are delivery only, online restaurants that skip storefronts and deliver food straight to the customer. Think Amazon for restaurants.    Fast Company's Hold The Storefront: How Delivery-Only "Ghost" Restaurants Are Changing Takeout  describes the growing number of delivery only eateries that are popping up all over the country. Ghosts are much cheaper to operate than traditional restaurants.

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The Shift to Defined Contribution Health Care Plans

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Like the defined benefit pension plan before it, the defined benefit health plan seems likely to be replaced by most employers with defined contribution plans.   A similar shift is happening with health care plans. Firms are increasingly dropping their traditional health insurance plans and replacing them with fixed payments to employees.   Recent examples include Walgreens, Sears, Darden Restaurants and others.

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5 Tips for Aging Men And Women to Improve Memory and Focus

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This includes memory loss, decreased independence, physical health problems, and serious mental issues like depression and suicidal thoughts. Here we have outlined 5 tips for aging men and women to keep their focus and memory strong and ultimately avoid the physical and mental health issues that often accompany memory loss. See Also: Importance Of Sleep: How It Can Put Your Health In Serious Jeopardy. After all, there’s nothing more important than mental health.

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Innovative Ways to Be Greener in Any Industry

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Business owners, whether they are part of the restaurant, hospitality or retail industries, are always looking for ways to save money, especially during tough economic times. You can take green cleaning further by using various products that will lead to a healthful indoor environment. Restaurants: Organic Growing, Composting to Follow. One of the easiest ways to go green in the restaurant industry is to serve organic food that has avoided chemicals.

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How to Create A Healthy Nutrition Plan for Weight Loss

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Recent health statistics show that over 70% of all adults in the US are either overweight or obese. This convenience culture is evident from the 170,000 fast food restaurants across the country! Cutting all fats out of your diet can hurt your overall health and energy levels. According to health experts, unsaturated fats such as olive oil and safflower oil are good for us as they can help reduce the risk of heart disease. Food Health

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Eating Healthy: When you absolutely must eat fast food are there any healthy options?

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Many of us find it fairly easy to eat healthy when we’re at home and can cook, but what about when you’re traveling by plane or car and all you can find is one fast food restaurant after another? Alas, the healthiest item at any restaurant is never going to be the double cheeseburger with large fries! Health Food Summer is the time for traveling and enjoying the great outdoors.

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How To Make 2019 Your Year For Fitness

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Now, are you planning on turning your health and physique around this 2019? Take a moment to acknowledge your successes and, if you wish, celebrate them by treating yourself to a meal in a restaurant or a new item of clothing. Goals HealthI’m not the biggest believer in New Year’s resolutions because I feel self-improvement should be a year-long affair.

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Staying Healthy on the Road

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Hotels, restaurants, and hours spent in planes or cars take a toll on your pledge to have a healthier new year. Business Happiness Health How To Lifehacks The beginning of a new year marks the beginning of a new set of resolutions, and many people commit to making healthier choices in diet and a new exercise regimen.

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Cuisines of the World: Best Choice for Gluten-Free Eaters

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This way, you’ll be able to enjoy your trip without putting your health at risk. This variety is probably one of the reasons behind the success stories of the best restaurants in South America , which are all creating their own signature modern menus based on great traditional gluten-free cuisine. North Italian-styled restaurants, especially the ones promoting Emilia Romagna, Lombardy and Piedmont, use polenta as a side dish and Arborio rice in risottos.

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Living A Sustainable Lifestyle: 10 Simple Tips On Going Green

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While saving the planet is certainly the most important, saving money and improving health are not bad, either. Give your partner an experience (a dinner in a special restaurant, a day in a beauty farm, a small trip somewhere) rather than a common object. Simple walking is good for the environment and for your health, too. Find the best farm-to-table restaurants in your city or the buying groups in your neighborhood. Green Health Money

7 Tips To Lead A Healthier Life As An Entrepreneur

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Proper sleep helps enhances your overall health. However, it’s critical that you should realize the inspirational power and effect of body health and fitness. To make fitness and physical health your priority, you need to list down all the benefits associated with it. Try to take control by doing the following: Choose a healthier restaurant so that you can have low-calorie options. Your health is one of your greatest blessings. Entrepreneur Goals Health

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How to Stop Smoking For Good

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Whether this is a new restaurant, park or a new street, the change in environment can do a lot for your brain. Goals Health SuccessEveryone knows that smoking’s a bad habit. It costs a lot of money and it’s unhealthy for those around you. It’s also one of the leading causes of cancer. It’s safe to say that there are plenty of reasons you want to quit. But, to actually tackle such a feat is as difficult as you imagine.

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Foods That Will Help You Keep Your Family Healthy

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Fast food restaurants in the United States serve roughly 50 million customers every day. You see, even small, seemingly insignificant changes to your daily routine can have a huge effect on your family’s overall health. Food Health HomeLet’s face it – keeping your family healthy is a full time job. Even when we want our spouse and children to eat healthy meals, we struggle due to lack of time, tempting food commercials, and the downright convenience of processed meals.

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The Plant-Based Truth

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Scientifically, incorporating this diet into people’s lifestyles can benefit both human health and the environment. Previously implied, most Americans pick up dieting to improve their health. With plant-based eating on the rise, restaurants and fast-food chains are changing their menus to adapt. Although there are many benefits to eating plants, it is always important to consult your doctor or healthcare provider with your diet and health-related matters.

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How To Maintain Healthy Habits When Traveling

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Although there are great health tips on this awesome blog, I’m sure that for those of you who travel on business and even for everyone else who has gone somewhere on vacations, you will agree that it’s often quite a challenge to maintain healthy habits while away from home. But don’t worry about what others are doing as it is your own health that matters. Health Travel

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When Reality Threatens To Kill Your Dream, Turn Reality Into Your Dream

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But then today’s global health crisis happened. I could not remember details like the names of restaurants, hotels, or tourist shops. “All men dream: but not equally.

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How I Lost More Than 150 Pounds

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The good news is that whatever you bring to work should be better than what most restaurants have to offer. Health SuccessThe picture to the right summarizes what my thoughts were one day, but of course the weight didn't just melt off after that, it took work. What started the journey was the DECISION to make a lifestyle change which entailed a major diet change and adding exercise to my life. I also had to STOP making excuses.

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Will your business insurance cover you in the event of a riot?

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Approximately 48,404 shops, restaurants pubs and clubs have been directly or indirectly affected over the past four days. Nick Starling, director of general insurance and health,… The recent riots, looting and arson attacks have badly affected one in ten retail businesses across England. Many have been looted, destroyed and some even burnt to the ground.

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Some of first CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) pick-up.

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At least a week’s worth of fresh organic produce from small California family farms in our local region, for the cost of one restaurant meal out. shop local organic CSA community supported agriculture california personal health foodSome of first CSA ( Community Supported Agriculture ) pick-up yesterday. There’s also red chard, Mei Quin choy, big fat carrots, and dark purple Autumn Royal grapes.

Top 15 Small Business Ideas for 2020 You Should Consider

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Those who enjoy cooking or experimenting with delicacies usually dream of owning a restaurant. However, you need significant investment plans to build and nurture a restaurant. Yoga originated from India, but it is now an art of wellness followed by health enthusiasts all over the globe. There’s a long list of small business ideas for 2020. If you wish to become an entrepreneur, then all you need is to pick the right one for you.

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How to rid the world of bottled water

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There’s also the health risks. Look for restaurants that support the cause. Many restaurants now will only offer bottled water by request. Others, like, Mario Batali restaurants in New York and Las Vegas, have banned bottled water in its entirety. Take a minute to think about if you think you can make these simple changes for your wallet, your health, your coworkers, and your environment.

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The Booming Business Of Dogs

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79% said they’d quit eating at restaurants while 67% said they’d put off taking a vacation. By 2022, the pet health insurance business is predicted to reach a value of $2 billion – that’s $2 billion worth of backup funds to pay medical bills in case of emergency. For breeds of dogs and cats that are predisposed to certain health concerns from joint pain to vision issues, care and treatment can soar into thousands and even tens of thousands.

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10 Most Popular Coupon Websites You Should Know For Shopping on a Budget

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The list includes fashion, travel, beauty and health, books, entertainment, home and garden, baby and kids, food and grocery and others. You can avail fantastic discounts on your most favorite products and restaurants, hotels and resorts, spas and beauty salons and much more. You can shop across a variety of product categories including beauty, clothing, food and wine, grocery, health, home and garden and much more.

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5 Women Entrepreneurs Who Failed Before Becoming Millionaires

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With a tight budget and without any know-how about food business, Ruth Fertel bought a local restaurant named Chris’s Steakhouse after seeing an advertisement of it in the newspaper. After buying the restaurant, it experienced a huge loss due to frequent power outages. However, not long after it was able to recover from its initial loss, a fire incident brought the restaurant down. Instead, she found a new restaurant which she named Ruth’s Chris Steak House.

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3 Fail-Proof Approaches For Meeting Women (Even During A Pandemic)

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More businesses crippled by the current health emergency, and more uncertainty about how the economy will fare. I don’t know about you, but 2020 easily ranks #1 Strangest Year of My Life.

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Small Steps to Cut Down Your Meat Consumption

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Netflix is full of documentaries about the benefits of eating less meat , be it for environmental, health or animal welfare reasons, and once you’ve seen a couple of these docs, you might have decided you’d like to attempt to cut down on eating meat, but aren’t sure where to start. As a meat-eater, you may not have given much thought to veggie options, but they can be quite limited and even non-existent in many restaurants.

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Company Cafeterias Foster Healthy Eating Habits

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By implementing health-focused cafeterias in their workplaces, many employers could see a rise in productivity and overall well-being among their staff members. Picture the typical lunch break for the typical office worker: it most likely involves someone ducking out for an hour and stopping at any number of fast food restaurants or microwaving a frozen meal for a quick, cheap, and satisfying bite. You are what you eat.

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9 Unconventional Ways to Save Money

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This isn’t just expensive, but also bad for your health. Do you go out to have drinks, pay tickets to see a movie at the cinema or perhaps dine in a fine restaurant? DIY cleaners aren’t only cost-effective, but also good for your home and your health. Are you looking for ways to save some money? Most of us do, but only a few people know how to really achieve this.

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5 Tips for Staying Healthy on the Job

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Another expert who takes her own advice is Melinda Hemmelgarn , a registered dietician known as the " Food Sleuth ," who advises it's critical that workers take their own health seriously if they want to stay functional at work and perform well. "I Drive by fast food restaurants. The social interaction that's likely to take place with a call is more beneficial for your emotional health. eat well healthy on job depression stress health career advice Anita Bruzzese

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Practically Perfect PA visits: Royal Sonesta Houston Texas

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There is a large mall near by with restaurants and bars that your executive would enjoy if they are the type to venture outside of their hotel. The amenities include: ARA restaurant. 24 hour health club. They say that everything is bigger in Texas and that is certainly true of the hotels in Houston. The Royal Sonesta is huge.

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Backpackers vs. Glampackers: What Kind of Traveler Are You?

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For instance, they may offer to help a restaurant or their host in exchange for a free meal or grab a local’s offer to have dinner with their family. Meaning, they don’t mind shelling out some cash at a 5-star restaurant or go on a food trip as long as they get what they paid for—a fantastic meal. It offers potential health benefits , too. Staycation, voluntourism, set-jetting—these are just some of the many travel buzzwords going around.

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10 Wonderful Benefits of Traveling

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Studies show that travelling can improve your overall health and enhance your creativity. It could be communicating to find the way to your next destination or asking for the nearest restaurant. Travelling is good for the health so decide a place now and pack your bags. There are plenty of things one can gain from exploring different places such as new friends, new experiences and new stories.

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10 Wonderful Benefits of Traveling

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Studies show that travelling can improve your overall health and enhance your creativity. It could be communicating to find the way to your next destination or asking for the nearest restaurant. Travelling is good for the health so decide a place now and pack your bags. There are plenty of things one can gain from exploring different places such as new friends, new experiences and new stories.

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10 Things That Are Essential For A Great Office Environment

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Constantly sitting for hours can result in health complications. Since the health issues can worsen over time, you should offer alternatives to sitting. Even if you do not have the budget for this, you can still energize your employees by holding outdoor meetings or arranging lunches in affordable restaurants. A great workplace does not happen by accident.

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One Aldwych, London

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Walking into the Lobby Bar at One Aldwych will always evoke some powerful memories but yet I have never stayed in the hotel or eaten in one of the restaurants. Tucked away in the lower levelsof the hotel, Axis at One Aldwych is a striking restaurant. The excellent service I had so far continued with the restaurant staff. One Aldwych has a great health club and spa. I’ve spent many eveningsenjoying cocktails in the Lobby Bar at One Aldwych.

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The 7 Biggest Mistakes That College Students Make

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Restaurants, movie theaters, clothing stores- there’s a good chance that you can receive a pretty nice discount from those places. Ignoring Your Health And Wellness. Poor health doesn’t happen overnight. So many great things can happen in college. It’s essentially your launching pad. This is the time and place where you meet people, have your ideas and perceptions challenged, and get prepared for your next steps in life.

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Food Trucks Going to the Dogs - And Big Brands

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 Those pesky health code rules make it hard to bring pets into restaurants. Regular readers know one of our favorite trends is pet humanization.  This is the trend towards pet owners seeing their pets as full fledged family members - and themselves as "pet parents." "   One big issue for pet parents is dining out with their dogs.   So it comes as no surprise that food trucks are starting to serve dog food.

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How to Deal with Business Pests

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Not only can it lead to a ruined reputation and the loss of good customers, but it could also result in health risks and law suits. Do you own a restaurant? Just like a home, businesses are prone to having “uninvited guests” on the premises. Ants, mice, roaches, termites, water bugs, spiders, and the like can wreak havoc on your establishment without a moment’s notice. As the presence of these pests grow, infestations begin which can lead to serious problems.

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4 Stress-Free Networking Opportunities for Women

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And of course, there are also health benefits. Naturally, the exercise you’ll get will be great for your physical health, but it’s also a great mental health booster. This is a great option for women who may feel unsafe attending other networking events, especially those at bars or restaurants, on their own. If you’re religious, church services and events are excellent places to network and are additional safe alternatives to events at bars and restaurants.

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A day in the life: Rebecca-Monique Williams, Adaptive Lab

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On days where I’ve been too knackered after work to cook, for lunch the next day, I’d pop to one of many great restaurants near the office. There are some fab vietnamese restaurants – I’m partial to a kimchi banh mi. What are the main aspects of your role? I have a dual role: my primary responsibility is being the PA to the managing director.

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How To Get Started With Your Own Food Truck Business

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More people are frequenting food trucks than ever before, and even restaurant chains such as Starbuck’s, Chick-Fil-A, and White Castle are jumping on the food truck bandwagon for the same exact reason. Are there regulations about how far you need to be from other trucks or restaurants? Make sure all your equipment works and you are meeting health and safety standards. Food trucks can be a great way to test the waters to see if opening a restaurant is for you.

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The Practically Perfect Business Traveller’s guide to Boston

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This sleek restaurant also features a lively bar scene serving lavish cocktails and mouth watering appetizers to the downtown business crowd. Don’t miss legendary The Middle East , one of the country’s leading rock clubs and middle eastern restaurants. In the restaurant, musicians play the Corner without a cover charge, and in keeping with the Middle Eastern theme, there are also belly dancers. For the Health and Fitness Conscious.

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