Employees of Large Corporation Not Happy at Work; The Self-Employed Are

Small Business Labs

PwC's  Work-life 3.0: Understanding how we'll work next  is a fascinating look at how workforce dynamics are changing.    The study covers a lot of ground, but what really jumped out at us was their their findings on worker happiness. 

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10 Steps to Survive a Business Disaster

The Small Business Blog

In business, it sometimes pays to take a risk. But in the face of natural disasters, like floods and fires, or criminal activity like cyber hacking, your Recovery Procedure Plan needs to be as safe as houses. After all, everything is on the line.

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40 Outlook hacks for assistants

Practically Perfect PA

In the next series of posts on tech hacks for assistants we are going to look at MS Outlook. Outlook is the absolute key piece of software for assistant and all of us should be advanced users on this one. As an assistant juggling a number of diaries and inboxes I was practically on Outlook all day.

2016 117

3 Keys to Getting a Job When You're Overqualified

On The Job

When you're out of work, it's tempting to apply for anything just to be able to get a job and pay your bills. But when you apply for jobs where employers believe you are overqualified, you greatly diminish your chances of getting a call for an interview.

2016 112

4 Simple Productivity Hacks to Always Wake Up Productive

Dumb Little Man

Your time is precious. In fact, it’s your most valuable asset. Yet, you probably don’t make the most of it.

2016 155

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Great Book for Copyeditors and Others: The African Svelte

Business Writing

I love it when a book on language teaches me a lesson. The African Svelte: Ingenious Misspellings That Make Surprising Sense, a guide by Daniel Menaker filled with humorous, elegant word errors, taught me that I’d better slow down and. Best Picks Books Gems of Language Proofreading

2016 80

Top Reasons A Staffing Agency Can Boost Your Career

Small Business CEO

A Temp Or Staffing Agency Can Simplify Your Job Search. If you are looking for employment, it can be extremely time consuming and stressful to sift through the numerous online job search sites in order to find gainful employment.

10 Types of Apostrophe Errors You Should Avoid

Daily Writing Tips

Even considering how many ways the apostrophe can be employed, erroneous use of punctuation mark is endemic. Here are brief discussions of ten categories of apostrophe abuse (including one writers and editors must let stand, even though it may pain them to do so). With Plurals.

2016 59

Coworking Forecast - 26,000 Spaces and 3.8 Million Members by 2020

Small Business Labs

Coworking is booming. The industry is growing and hybridizing so fast , we're having a hard time keeping up with it. 

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Are there any Pitfalls in Cloud Computing

The Small Business Blog

Considering cloud computing but you’re concerned about the pitfalls, like security and flexibility? What is cloud computing?

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5 things PAs should consider before accepting a new role

Practically Perfect PA

So you’ve aced your interview and you’ve been offered the job. How exciting! There are, however, a few things you should consider before accepting a new role. Here are my top 5 considerations… 1. On a scale of 1-10 how excited are you really?

2016 112

FCC's CIO: Change Agents Need Employer Support

On The Job

David Bray says the world is experiencing more turbulence, and he isn’t talking about a rough airplane ride or a nasty nor’easter.

2016 89

5 effective ways to reduce your stress levels

Dumb Little Man

The 21st century has led to our lives being exposed to the constant stress. It is attributed to the different issues that we deal with on a daily basis. It includes the health issues, the financial freedom, issues in relationships, a bossy boss, and so forth.

2016 153

9 Ways to Improve Your Organization Skills

Office Dynamics

Organization skills is the one thing most successful business owners have in common. Without the ability to organize your work and your resources, you could be twisting in the wind in no time.

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The Art of the Phone Interview

Job Advice Blog

What comes to mind when you think about a phone interview? For most people, the image of just a guy at home sitting at his desk, with his top half wearing a nice suit and tie, bottom half covered only by a pair of American Eagle boxers comes to mind.

3 Simple and Low Cost Marketing Ideas to Create Visibility

Office Organization Success

When it comes to building your list, it is not a one-and-done activity. Marketing your business is one of the biggest challenges for any solopreneur – it’s a task we all find quite daunting, and are simply overwhelmed by all the information that’s available.

2016 73

How to Change Your Writing Style

Business Writing

My friend John has a graceful, sophisticated writing style in which paragraph follows elegant paragraph. John wants to change his style so that it takes him less time to communicate in letters, emails, and other pieces. He also wants his.

2016 84

Should A Small Business Outsource Their Digital Marketing?

Small Business CEO

While it might seem like the best way to handle a digital marketing campaign is through an in-house team already integrated into your business, this method is actually more limiting and often less successful.

2016 61

5 Types of Parallel-Structure Errors

Daily Writing Tips

Writers often have difficulty constructing sentences so that comparisons, contrasts, and lists, as well as parenthetical elements, are logically arranged. The following five sentences demonstrate various syntactical miscalculations; discussions and revisions follow each example.

2016 51

Top 10 Small Business Trends for 2017

Small Business Labs

This year we release our 10 th annual Top 10 Small Business Trends list.    A quick review of the lists illustrates an important forecasting point. While change appears to happen very quickly, trends generally take a long time to become mainstream.

2017 117

Does Office Design Really Affect Productivity?

Productivity Bits

As an active employee, you spend a significant part of your day at the office. During that time, you need to carry out tasks, meet deadlines, interact with co-workers, and still have complete insight into the impact of your work.

2016 50

The Industry Snapshot: The Office of the Future

Practically Perfect PA

Thanks again to everyone who completed the Practically Perfect PA Industry Snapshot survey. We had some really interesting feedback and I want to share some of that with you today.

2016 110

Why You're Not Getting Hired -- and How to Fix It

On The Job

In the days leading up to the Oscars, many movie critics ran articles about "who should win" and "who will win," which is sort of an attempt to hedge their bets and say, "Who knows what Hollywood will do?" That's sort of the same case with employers when it comes to hiring new workers.

2016 92

5 Ways Video Games Can be Good For You

Dumb Little Man

Growing up, a lot of us heard our parents, teachers and other authority figures telling us that all that video gaming was going to hurt our eyesight, give us headaches and ruin our lives.

2016 148

12 Days of Christmas Webinar: Goal Setting & Branding for 2017

Office Dynamics

In this brief webinar with Office Dynamics, we cover quick and impactful tips on goal setting and branding. This video will help prepare you for 2017 and it can’t help but put you in the holiday spirit, too. Watch the webinar replay, Goal Setting and Branding for 2017.

2017 142

Salary Negotiation 101

Job Advice Blog

Yesterday, my managing partner/mom Tara LeFevre and I went on a trip about an hour and a half down the road to visit two of our clients.

4 Simple “Set It and Forget It” List Building Strategies

Office Organization Success

There are many, many ways to build your build list. But the best list building strategies are the ones you don’t have to think about! These become the mainstay of your List Building System. Set them up once and they continue to work for you again and again.

2016 55

Take Control of Your Jargon

Business Writing

If you are an expert in your field or industry, you have probably learned a lot of jargon--and you've earned the right to use it. But you don't want runaway jargon to get in the way of successful communication. Gems of Language Positive Language Teaching Business Writing Writing Tips

2016 83

Money: Increasing The Value Of Your Home

Small Business CEO

CEOs – are you going to sell your home sometime in the near future? If so, you need to take the necessary steps to increase the value of your home. One way to do that is by renovating your home.

2016 59

5 Resources That Help You Answer “What’s That Word?”

Daily Writing Tips

You’re trying to think of a word, but it stubbornly refuses to materialize. Oh, well. You’ll think of it—when it’s too late. What do you do in the meantime? Plenty of books and websites are available to bridge the gap between your brain and the word it seeks.

2016 48

Very Small Companies Create a Lot of Jobs

Small Business Labs

Over the past three decades companies less than 1 year old with 1 to 4 employees have averaged creating more than 1 million jobs per year.    That's a lot of jobs.    Less surprisingly, 86% of all new employer companies have between 1-4 employees.

2016 115

11 Top Tips for Time Management

Productivity Bits

Wake Up Early Are you a morning or a night person? When you’re busy all the time, waking up early essentially adds an extra hour or two to your day. Although it can be difficult at first, waking up early can boost your time management skills, simply because you have more time to get things done. It is also reported that waking up early can leave you feeling more refreshed and energised for the day (providing you get enough sleep).

2016 47

The Industry Snapshot: The influence of Personal Assistants

Practically Perfect PA

Nobody needs to tell you how influential you are in the office – it kinda goes without saying over here at Practically Perfect PA. However, following our recent Industry Snapshot survey, we have a lot of interesting data that shows us the areas in which you have the most influence.

2016 106

How to Work with Colleagues You Don't Understand

On The Job

What happens when you ask a bunch of left-brain thinkers to work with a bunch of right-brain thinkers? If you answered chaos, mayhem and a whole lot of frustration, you might be right.

2016 87