Most Small Businesses Started by Investing Less than $30,000

Small Business Labs

Most small businesses in the U.S. were started or acquired with less than $30,000 in invested capital. To be more precise, the median small business was started with about $27,000.    The chart below is based on data from the U.S. Census 2014 Survey of Entrepreneurs.

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The Industry Snapshot: The influence of Personal Assistants

Practically Perfect PA

Nobody needs to tell you how influential you are in the office – it kinda goes without saying over here at Practically Perfect PA. However, following our recent Industry Snapshot survey, we have a lot of interesting data that shows us the areas in which you have the most influence.

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How Anyone Can Be More Innovative Every Day

On The Job

When a study was released earlier this year noting that procrastination can make you more creative, many people probably rejoiced. Instead of being thought of as slackers by co-workers and bosses, they can now claim they’re not goofing off – they’re being “creative.” To a certain extent, that’s true.

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Bullet Point Reminders and Greek Delights

Business Writing

I've been away from this blog while I traveled Greece for five weeks. As a way to tell you about my trip and Greece on this blog about business writing, I'll share with you seven reminders about bullet points and. Writing Tips

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Case Study: 747 New Subscribers in 30 Days

Office Organization Success

… Over a 30-day period I was able to add 747 new subscribers to my list. … I collaborated with 14 other business owners and helped them build their lists in the process. … One business owner added 354 new subscribers to her list from this event alone.

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How Paperless Meetings Can Help the Environment and the Office

Eco-Office Gals

Paper-based meetings are becoming a major inconvenience at the office and in the environment. Offices spend a lot of resources on paper, while the environment suffers from the carbon that paper usage emits. Fortunately, paperless meetings have come to take those nuisances away.

Are there any Pitfalls in Cloud Computing

The Small Business Blog

Considering cloud computing but you’re concerned about the pitfalls, like security and flexibility? What is cloud computing?

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Email Isn’t Dead. Here’s Why You Should Be Using It to Market Your Business.

Tips From T. Marie

The business experts agree, when it comes to marketing, the most effective avenue you can use is email. An email list gets 10 times higher conversions than social media and receives a 4300 percent return on investment (ROI) for US based businesses according to the Direct Marketing Association.

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Opposites Attract: 3 Benefits of Having 2 Bosses In The Workplace

Office Dynamics

Having two bosses can sometimes feel like a good cop/bad cop situation if they’re not on the same page or if they employ different styles of leadership. That might be effective in accomplishing their goals, but it’s not always the best approach for keeping employees happy and productive.

2016 250

Does Office Design Really Affect Productivity?

Productivity Bits

As an active employee, you spend a significant part of your day at the office. During that time, you need to carry out tasks, meet deadlines, interact with co-workers, and still have complete insight into the impact of your work.

2016 233

Very Small Companies Create a Lot of Jobs

Small Business Labs

Over the past three decades companies less than 1 year old with 1 to 4 employees have averaged creating more than 1 million jobs per year.    That's a lot of jobs.    Less surprisingly, 86% of all new employer companies have between 1-4 employees.

2016 283

40 Outlook hacks for assistants

Practically Perfect PA

In the next series of posts on tech hacks for assistants we are going to look at MS Outlook. Outlook is the absolute key piece of software for assistant and all of us should be advanced users on this one. As an assistant juggling a number of diaries and inboxes I was practically on Outlook all day.

2016 254

Why You Need to Practice Saying "No"

On The Job

Not a big word, is it? Yet for many workers, saying "no" has become very difficult. Whether it's because they fear looking like a non-team player or worry about backlash from a boss, saying "no" has become a very big problem.

2016 217

Great Book for Copyeditors and Others: The African Svelte

Business Writing

I love it when a book on language teaches me a lesson. The African Svelte: Ingenious Misspellings That Make Surprising Sense, a guide by Daniel Menaker filled with humorous, elegant word errors, taught me that I’d better slow down and. Best Picks Books Gems of Language Proofreading

2016 194

Why I Ditched My Newsletter … And What I Do Instead

Office Organization Success

About 18 months ago I decided to ditch my weekly newsletter (a.k.a. ezine). I’d been publishing it for about 10 years and realized it really was no longer an effective marketing tool.

2016 204

The Problem With Plastics

Eco-Office Gals

Since its invention in 1907, a giant environmental problem has been staring the world in the face, but we’ve done little about it. Plastic can be cheap to produce, so it is manufactured in high volumes. However, plastic is also usually discarded as litter.

2016 200

10 Steps to Survive a Business Disaster

The Small Business Blog

In business, it sometimes pays to take a risk. But in the face of natural disasters, like floods and fires, or criminal activity like cyber hacking, your Recovery Procedure Plan needs to be as safe as houses. After all, everything is on the line.

2016 204

10 Stretches To Do Right Now For Back Pain Relief

Dumb Little Man

Let me guess. You have a niggling pain in your lower back. It’s not painful enough for you to seek medical help, yet it is irritating enough to frustrate you every day. All you want is for it to go away and stop bothering you. The thing is, there is no lack of solutions out there.

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Pretty Planning

Tips From T. Marie

The Following is a Guest Post By: Sydnee Yates is a content writer for PDF Supply. She studied Literature (with a specialization in creative writing) in undergraduate school. She received her Bachelor’s degree at the University of North Carolina Asheville.

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Do you have what it takes to be Revolutionary? Admin Conference Recap

Office Dynamics

Do you have what it takes to be Revolutionary? Well, I have finally recuperated from hosting our big conference. It was a huge success and was worth all our time and energy.

2016 232

Career Success A to Z: E is for Etiquette

Eat Your Career

This article is part of a series. Learn more about it and access links to other articles in the series here. Before we talk about etiquette, let’s first consider another e-word: Elevator. Next time you’re in one, I want you to observe normal elevator behavior.

"As a Freelancer My Career is a Constant Classroom."

Small Business Labs

One of the more interesting findings from the Intuit On-Demand Economy (ODE) study is the large number of people who say learning new skills is a key reason they work in the ODE.    Across the entire sector, 17% of ODE workers listed this as a reason.

2016 279

How to have an end of year detox in the office

Practically Perfect PA

With the end of the year fast approaching, it’s a good time to focus on your surroundings and think about clearing any clutter that may have built up over the year. Taking the time for an end of year detox will mean you’re ready for a fresh start in the New Year.

2016 236

Is Depression Affecting Your Career Success?

On The Job

I remember the first time I wrote about depression in the workplace. It was more than 20 years ago, and the response was immediate and surprising. So many people responded with: "I thought I was the only one going through this" or "I don't know how I'm going to make it."

2016 205

Knowing the Parts of Speech--and Why You Should

Business Writing

In a recent business writing class, a participant confessed that she didn't know a pronoun from a preposition--and she wanted to learn the difference. So she could feel confident about using language correctly. Knowing the parts of speech can. Frequently Asked Questions Grammar and Usage

2016 193

Hosting Your Own Teleclass? 6 Dos and Don’ts for a Successful Outcome

Office Organization Success

Hosting teleclasses is one of my absolute favorite list building strategies. . Apart from being easy to do, it’s a great way to interact with my audience and get to know them, and also let them get to know me. But as with anything new there’s always a learning curve involved.

2016 202

How to Make Going Green Easier on Employees

Eco-Office Gals

Deciding to go green in your business is a great thing to do. However, everyone may not be on board. Many times, employees hesitate because change isn’t always easy to deal with. They may feel like these changes are forcing them to do things that make no sense or make their jobs harder.

2016 176

Benefits of corporate hospitality for small businesses.

The Small Business Blog

For some small businesses corporate hospitality can often be overlooked as an unneeded jolly. In this article we will be examining how in fact this can be an easy preconception and that corporate hospitality can actually bring a wealth of benefits to any small business.

2016 175

10 Wonderful Benefits of Traveling

Dumb Little Man

There are plenty of things one can gain from exploring different places such as new friends, new experiences and new stories. When you start exploring new places, you get a better understanding of the people living there including their culture, history and background.

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5 Options for Setting Appointments that Don’t Require a Phone

Tips From T. Marie

If you’re someone who has done business the traditional way for years you may not be able to fathom the idea of an office that doesn’t rely on the phone to do business.

2016 162

9 Ways To Choose Where You Place Your Attention

Office Dynamics

I hope your September is off to a good start. We are quite busy here at Office Dynamics getting ready for our big administrative conference in Las Vegas starting October 10. It’s always a lot of work but we love hosting more than 400 assistants from around the world.

2016 229

13 Ideas for How to use Halloween in Marketing

Andrea Kalli

Using holidays as inspiration for marketing campaigns is a great idea. For Halloween, there is no shortage of marketing concepts that can be conjured up (see what I did there?) that play off of each other quite well. Here are 13 Marketing Concept Starter Ideas – How to use Halloween in your business content marketing: — Don’t be scared by xxx. — Cleaning out cobwebs. — It’s frightening how xxx. — Ghouls disrupting your xxx.

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Most Small Businesses Have Less Than $400,000 in Annual Revenue

Small Business Labs

According to data from the  2014 U.S. Annual Survey of Entrepreneur s, the median U.S. employer small business (those with paid traditional employees) generates less than $400k in revenue.

2016 264

The productivity killers

Practically Perfect PA

At our recent regional events we discussed some of the issues that are facing assistants today. Lots of challenges came up, but one that struck me as typical across all industries was the actual amount of work that the assistants had to do.

2016 226

How to Negotiate Successfully With Anyone

On The Job

There are often complaints that technology isolates people, but anyone working in IT may have a different opinion. If anything, IT is being asked to work more and more with other departments, rather it’s marketing, customer experience or business strategy.

How Thinking Small Can Improve Your Writing

Business Writing

On the job, we strive to think big. We try to see the big picture and the long view. But thinking big can weaken our writing. This post explains how to avoid that problem. Yes, big ideas are important. Organizations. Email Presentations Teaching Business Writing

2016 191

5 Ways to Effectively Manage Your Business for Successful Business Growth

Office Organization Success

If you feel like your’re constantly running on the proverbial hamster wheel when it comes to growing your business… It could be because you’re doing things in the WRONG order!

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