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How to Live the Jim Valvano Life in 10 Minutes Each Day

Dumb Little Man

Every year ESPN dedicates a week to the late Jim Valvano. If you’re not a sports fan, bear with me because the lessons from Valvano transcend sports. And they transcend religion. And they transcend nationality. But before I can share with you his life plan, you have to understand his life.

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How to organise your office and keep it that way!

Practically Perfect PA

Pin It. A few years ago I worked in a department with a dozen or so Project Managers who were all highly qualified Six Sigma professionals. They were a great bunch to be a round and during my time there I did learn a lot about the dark art of project management!

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Quiz: Are You a Workplace Bully?

Eat Your Career

Sometimes, the office can feel like high school. There are all kinds of cliques and gossip. Occasionally, you even run into a workplace bully—someone who constantly criticizes, aggressively points out mistakes, and refuses to be part of your team.

2012 243

WordPress 3.5 is here and the happy dance holiday sale!

Eco-Office Gals

Just in time for the holidays WordPress has rolled out a shiny new version to unwrap. Named “Elvin” in honor of drummer Elvin Jones , who played with John Coltrane in addition to many others, this version has some exciting features including: New Media Manager.

2012 204

3 Facts About Life Every Grown-Up Should Know And Live By

Dumb Little Man

Have you ever looked at one of those optical illusions where there were two pictures in the same image, and once someone told you what they were it became so obvious? This is what you are about to experience right now.

2012 286

Top 5 Tips for Surviving the Next 12 Months

The Small Business Blog

Top 5 Tips posts from the SME Blog are always full of hints and tips for small, home & micro business owners. Take a close look at your current relationship with suppliers. Is there anything that can be done to sweeten the deal for both of you? Perhaps entering some kind of agreement with…

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How to Handle (and Relieve) Boredom at Work

Eat Your Career

For some of you, the title of this article may cause a double take. Boredom?! Are you kidding? I have way too much to do and not enough time to do it.”. If that’s you, cool. Head on over and read, “ How to Manage an Overwhelming Workload ” instead.

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How to Fall in Love with Negative Feedback

Dumb Little Man

You have been working hard to create a sales report to give to your boss. As soon as you return the report to her, she calls you and wants you to visit her room for a couple of minutes. The topic of the meeting is your report and why your boss is not happy about it.

2012 285

Together We’ll Level The Playing Field

The Small Business Blog

Proud to be Micro Some of you know that I’m the co-founder of the Enterprise Rockers movement – a massive free-to-join-in, global, self help community to make life better and fairer for micro (0-9 employees) enterprise owners. We launched in January so we’re coming up to our first anniversary. The Enterprise Rockers movement is unlike…

2012 218

How to Conduct an End-of-Year Career Review

Eat Your Career

Click on the video below to watch my most recent interview from Fox 31′s Good Day Colorado. It’s all about reflecting on where you’ve been this year and where you’re going next. It’s a nice complement to my article last week in U.S. News & World Report.

2012 159

How to Find Employees That Are on Board With Your Green Work Practices

Eco-Office Gals

Managing a green enterprise, or at least one that takes its social and environmental responsibilities seriously, is no easy feat.

2012 164

4 Success Secrets That Every Successful Person Knows

Dumb Little Man

Are you someone who’s striving to achieve success in work, love, or life? Do you crave more than your current lot? Maybe you want a better career. Maybe you want to start up your own business but you’re not quite sure how.

2012 286

Europe's Young, Contingent, "Floating Generation"

Small Business Labs

We spend a lot time studying jobs and workforce data. But even though I'm familiar with the labor situation in Europe, I was still stunned by the data in the New York Times article Young, Educated and Jobless in France.   The key quote is on France's current labor market: 82 percent of people hired today are on temporary contracts, said Michel Sapin, the labor minister. The trend they are describing is Europe's shift to a contingent workforce.

2012 151

Preparing Your Business to Weather the Storms and Survive the Unexpected

Step It Up VA Coaching

by Donna Toothaker. When your business is hit by fluctuations in the economy, you probably have ways of adjusting to help you ride out the storm. You cut back on expenses, bump up your marketing, whatever it takes to keep that revenue coming in, right?

2012 151

Drop the adjectives and the froth

The Small Business Blog

Marketing, telling the story, decking out your online shop window for Christmas or any season, is essential and can be a real buzz for your business and your feelgood factor. Be sure to do it, to keep it alive and interesting, but keep your feet on the ground.

2012 210

Bullying Continues to Infect the Workplace

On The Job

Do you know anyone who has not been bullied? I sure don't. Even people I know who are bullies have told me about physical or emotional abuse they've experienced in their lives, which is often what led to them becoming bullies. They simply mimicked the behavior they were being shown.

2012 209

I’ve Met Your Competition

The Solopreneur Life

A t this very moment, there’s a person plotting to win your future customers. I’ve met your competition, and I can tell you this: • They’re just has smart as you, perhaps smarter. They worked harder in school than you did. They’re willing to work for less money than you are. Their skills are more up-to-date than yours. They want what you have. How will you beat your competition in 2013 — and beyond? What’s your plan to win? No related posts. Business Plan

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Jim Demint and the Rise of Thought Leadership

Small Business Labs

South Carolina Republican U.S. Senator Jim Damint surprised Washington by announcing he's leaving the Senate to become the President of the Heritage Foundation. For those not familiar with Heritage, it's one of the leading conservative Washington D.C. think tanks.   I was watching CNN's Wolf Blitzer interview Demint on his decision and Blitzer was clearly stunned that a sitting U.S. Senator would choose to go to a think tank. But it didn't surprise me.

2012 144

Balancing the unwritten needs of employees with the needs of the company make good business sense.

The Small Business Blog

The factors that contribute to the ultimate success of a business are well known to most entrepreneurs and Business Advisors. However Psychology introduces the importance of the need to balance the the unwritten needs of employees with the needs of the company.

2012 203

The Cat Guide To Productivity

Simple Productivity Blog

Mondays are productivity days at SimpleProductivity blog. I am lucky to share my house with two cats. Felines are independent creatures who do exactly what they want. Mine tolerate my presence as a means to fill the food bowl and turn on the heated mattress pad for their lounging pleasure. I was recently trying to get some work done, and there was one cat on my lap and the other one on the desk draping her legs over my forearm as I tried to type.

2012 199

Get Your New Client System In Place In Just 30 Days

Office Organization Success

This week I have been busy, busy, busy creating content and mapping out my 2013 private client programs! I also launched a new module for the Business Planning Success program: How To Get 3 (Or More) New Clients In 30 Days. You can get all the details here. And I’m really excited to be working with a new client over the next 12 months.

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Ford's 2013 Consumer Trends Forecast

Small Business Labs

Ford (yes, that Ford) released their first ever trends report.  It's called Looking Further with Ford; 13 Trends for 2013. According to their press release , it reveals "predictions about consumer habits and behaviors expected to shape 2013 and beyond." " The report is very glossy and nicely written. The 13 trends are solid if not surprising.

2013 140

How Print Media is helping to Drive Mobile Commerce

The Small Business Blog

Much has been written in the press and by bloggers about the impending death of print advertising but is this really the case or is it simply an evolving format?

2012 202

12 Days of Christmas Sale Day 8

Office Dynamics

On the eighth day of Christmas my true love gave to me eight maids a milking and a great offer on the new book, Who Took My Pen … Again? This book was written by assistants for assistants! The content in this book is rich and you’ll enjoy every bit of it.

2012 169

You Don't Need to Brag to Talk About Your Biz (But You Can if You Want!)

Virtual Moxie

So many women I work with struggle to share themselves and their businesses with others. They say things to me like, “But Anastacia, it’s so hard to brag about myself!”. I think talking about oneself is difficult for many people, especially those who were taught as kids to be “seen and not heard,” or that “nobody likes a braggart,” or that it’s simply not polite to brag, or that bragging is prideful—which is a sin, and a deadly one at that!

2012 167

Support Shareable

Small Business Labs

Shareable i s an online magazine reporting on the sharing economy. They cover the people and projects bringing a shareable world to life. And the companies making it happen. They also share how-tos so you can make sharing real in your life.    It's definitely our favorite site on this very important topic and trend.    They are in fund raising mode  and need our support.

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Fund-raising and brand awareness – the basics

The Small Business Blog

Fundraising is a fun and excellent way to invest some of your success back into the community that supports you. Company giving is also a superb approach to growing your business and raising its profile through partnerships, sponsorship, donations, and employee fundraising initiatives. Employee-driven efforts are often great motivation and team-building exercises for staff, too …

2012 164

The Beagle Guide To Simplicity

Simple Productivity Blog

Wednesdays are simplicity days at SimpleProductivity blog. While I was writing the article about cat productivity , I caught my dog looking at me sadly. A beagle, she has mastered the whole “puppy dog sorrowful look.” ” That’s actually why I have a dog right now, but that’s another story for another time. Our dog is an older beagle, adopted as an adult from a rescue, we think about 9 or 10. She is sweet, loving, and generally happy. My dog looked at me for inclusion.

2012 160

Get Some Skin In The Game!

Office Dynamics

Today in our (sneak peak) huddle we are talking about failure and listening to a track from Robin Sharma's audio book, The Greatness Guide. How do you personally feel about failure? Do you play poor me? Are you a victim? Do you agonize over your failures?

2012 159

America, the Land of Marketing and Selling

Job Advice Blog

Every morning when I get to my computer, I’m amazed at how many companies have targeted me as someone in need of their products or services. I take it in stride, though, because in 99 percent of the cases, I’m of course not interested, and I know that the e-mail has been sent to a [.].

2012 158

4 simple ways to promote yourself as a contractor

The Small Business Blog

One of the issues many independent contractors struggle with is self-promotion. If you’re one of those, the time for being shy is over. Here we share four business-boosting ways to promote yourself and your services. Have an impressive CV Does your CV do an excellent job of showing who you are and, more importantly,…

Happiness is an Empty Inbox

Laughing all the Way to Work

I have mentioned it a few times that when my desk is cluttered then I feel cluttered. I like to put everything in its place so I will find it easily. Is it any wonder if my Outlook is messy and cluttered that I feel the same way? I was at a recent IAAP Chapter meeting and we were discussing best practices for organizing our Inboxes and there were a lot of good ideas. The bottom line is to keep it simple. I've been meaning to tackle my Inbox so decided I would try that theory and is it ever nice.

2012 145

12 Days of Christmas Sale Day 10

Office Dynamics

On the tenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me ten lords-a-leaping. These lords were leaping for joy because they just heard about our FREE Shipping Friday offer! Now is the time to stock up on all you need for holiday gifting and pay zilch for shipping!

2012 156

Social Media: Simply a Distraction, or an Actual Tool for Productivity?

Simple Productivity Blog

This post was written by a guest author. If you want to guest post on this blog, check out the guest post guidelines. One of the most significant trends thus far in the 21st century is the emergence of social media. Even though the first social media site, SixDegrees, was created in 1997, it wasn’t until companies like MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter launched their portals that the phenomenon became a milestone of Internet communications.

Moxie Tip 290: Preparing Yourself for a Storm

Virtual Moxie

I believe it’s better to have and not need than to need and not have. And I don’t believe in screwing around with my life. I’m 48 now and know I’m not invincible.

2012 144

The Hammer Effect

Brilliantly Better

If you want to hit a nail, you use a hammer. You don’t use your fist, but a good old hammer. As simple as that. Tens of thousands of years of human evolution brought us to this point. We created, refined and now we’re constantly using one of the most ubiquitous tool of all times: [.].

2012 85

12 Days of Christmas Sale Day 6

Office Dynamics

Register for the 20th Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence during this special and receive $50 off your registration and a bonus $25 Boutique Coupon valued for $25 off a Conference Boutique purchase of $50 or more. Day 6 of 12 Days of Christmas Deals.

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